Is Andrew Yang a Socialist? We ask  a Trump Support, Jess Weber (Weberz Way)

all right welcome back to problem-solver politics we are live in the hot box studio with the two coolest people in the world we got Jess Weber right here and Cody the Oracle como and come on man you got to be more excited about that that is very very excited how you guys doing okay awesome so today we're gonna talk about a really interesting subject a New York Times video actually just came out about Andrew yang talking about who's this big Internet superstar Andrew yang and we want to analyze this a little bit because what's interesting is yes I understand you have to truncate certain arguments and you have to simplify things as a media person to fit them into these two or three minute videos that we make about somebody but I really think that the New York Times video did not do Andrew yang a service because it basically said here's an Asian guy that wants to give everybody $1,000 a month and it would cost 23 trillion dollars and they basically made him sound like he was a giver away in chief bigger than Bernie Sanders and I really don't think that's a fair representation as much as I do have my own questions about whether or not you VI could work in the exact theory that he thought it might work and some of his ideas are really a brave new world new territory there are precedents for them we did make the video the conservative case for the universal basic income based upon the theories of Milton Friedman and successes that the air is not the arizona the alaska oil pipeline has had with their smaller version of it but anyway um the new york times basically represented him as a bigger giveaway than even bernie sanders which i think i think was a disservice i'm curious what you think Jess do you think andrew yang is just a socialist how would you describe him and now that you've actually had a chance to interview the guy interface with him and interface with the yang gang all of his followers you know what I feel with the Andrew yang I think he's like in the middle I don't really think he's a Democrat I think he he technically should be running as an independent or even I don't know I want to say actually I really think he's running at the wrong time honestly and with his whole ubi thing I mean I think it's great to get the free house intelligent mind yeah but what is that gonna do to America and who's gonna pay for it well see this is you know he has all these other now this is what's so interesting though is because I said in my video as well the conservative case for the freedom dividend that I actually think he's kind of just a closeted Republican that doesn't like how uncool it is to be Republican he wants to build the moat man build the moat that's true his immigration policies include basically a moat on the southern border reinforcing the Rio Grande we call it but we called the moat but anyway um this was interesting about ubi is basically and correct me if I'm wrong Cody but you can be receiving up to sixteen hundred thirty two hundred three thousand dollars worth of social services from the US government in between wicks food stamps Section eight housing so on and so forth he's suggesting that you be given the opportunity to decide do you want a thousand dollars cash or do you want to keep receiving all of these benefits in their benefit form or would you just like the cash so you can do it yourself he's obviously both no no he's offering in lieu of I know yeah either our yeah it's it's either/or and what's interesting is he would pay for it through a value-added tax a VAT tax that is very common throughout Europe right and this is what's crazy is as socialist as it sounds and I've studied the crap out of this mm-hmm the math actually adds up and it would actually alleviate more poverty faster and generate more business from the hardest-hit communities by just giving them straight cash and the theory is that would go something like this the Alaskan pipeline was built in the early slate sixties early seventies and basically they had a republican government governor who said okay well I'm either gonna have to create a bureaucracy to manage all the taxation and the oil revenues from this big fat pipeline that we got going on which is just gonna be this big behemoth and increase the size of government or I could just take all these tax dollars from this newfound revenue stream and just dice first diverse it amongst the six hundred thousand the six hundred thousand citizens that we have and he allowed the state to vote on it and of course they said we'd rather get two thousand three dollars a year depending on what the tax revenue is they get about two thousand dollars a year and what's crazy is it doesn't lead to widespread drug abuse it doesn't lead to widespread unemployment in fact it didn't do anything other than well the people trying to make off payments got out in it faster the people that had hobbies invested in those more and people just had an extra $2,000 so in theory this is actually an old idea Milton Friedman had suggested when mechanization first started getting big in the 60s and that idea of socialist and socialist as it sounds actually could take off and the strange thing is since it makes so much fiscal sense and it doesn't seem to punish somebody I don't know I it's it surprises me I actually am surprised the Republicans haven't embraced this that's what I'm saying maybe trumple put it in place you know I mean I mean it's not a bad idea yeah and if it didn't cripple America or figure it out oh another way to pay for it or get rid of some other tax and replace it with this yeah because think about it if a robot if a robot like if an Amazon robot wipes out 500 jobs in a town retail town that robot is doing the work of a bunch of people but not generating any kind of tax revenue so it's okay if there's a value-added tax on that robot so that the people if you think about it just in pure theory like regardless of you know male-female Republican Democrat if you think about it wouldn't we all just be better off if robots could do the jobs that forced us to work beyond what is considered healthy for the average human you know what I'm saying yeah and and if robots got so good in our society that we actually all got some sort of dividend as long as nobody was getting screwed and was not unethical I think that's actually just a better life yeah well I mean we if only the robots to be kindness to just do all of our work for us for eternity and never a causing the problem so my mind is blown like my mind is blown about Andrew yang for two things I can't believe despite the prolific writings of Milton Friedman on this he called it the negative income tax and and and other economists why Republicans especially populist ones like Donald Trump okay why this hasn't become a big thing on the Republican side and also why Democrats aren't loving this guy he's literally saying we're gonna secure the bag and give a thousand bucks to every single person out there I mean this is the epitome of Benjamin Franklin's warning that we can vote ourselves money you'd think that the Democrats who've literally just proposed here in California we got a huge problem they just proposed a thousand appropriations bills in our California State Senate there's usually an average between 250 and 500 but now that there are no Republicans to fight the fiscal fight anymore they're literally tripping over themselves to see how they can tax us Californians and then wondering why 50,000 residents a month are hemorrhaging out of our state and going to the lower taxation states okay so you'd think that Democrats who are huge tax and spend gurus would be all about the free giveaway what was your impression you were at the rally like why not he not a bigger deal I really think cuz where did he come from I mean what I mean I don't I think if they were to get behind I don't think they can be able to control him at all I don't think he you know a Biden or Bernie or even a Hillary I think he's he's really level-headed I think he's a good guy don't get me wrong I just wish he was you know you know going 20 28 or something or 2030 to go run run another time but not now what do you think it's a bad time for him now because no one knows oh man no and they're not gonna get behind him ie for sure I mean you got bite it in right now and you got Bernie in right now they got huge fan base okay I might have great policies it doesn't matter he's he's not he's got no spunk do you think that do you think there's anything that he could do because what's crazy is yeah if you started attacking people like Hillary Clinton had no spunk and that she lost she was an Tyson she lost and she cheated primary she cheated the primary let's get that straight okay well that's why ultimately you have to think like even let's say somehow the miracle happens and for whatever reason millions of people flood the streets about for Andrew yang they probably would still say yeah you know what but we'd rather have Joe Biden here bring Sanders or Kamala Harris because I don't think they can control him I don't think he's gonna be a puppet or establishment at all speak the language at all it isn't like he stays away from my pointless stuff he seems like a regular business guy that just says listen if we do this so give everybody money we'll take it from here he seems pretty smart about everything yeah that's true you know he dodged my you dodged my difficult question well he's dodged any of yours I don't think so would you ask him you know what I don't know cuz I kept thinking how am I gonna prank this guy what can I say ridiculously you know those of you that are just tuning in we actually met Jess Weber at the Andrew yang rally in Los Angeles and he was dressed as a Fox News host if this guy is real fake news he actually dresses at Republican rallies as a CNN anchor and asked them a bunch of hyper liberal questions to see if they'll say something stupid and then he also goes to very liberal rallies dressed as a completely believable Fox News anchor and then gets these interviews with these presidential candidates and these celebrities asking them all kinds of crazy questions like what do you think about Obama's head being etched you know in Mount Rushmore and so on and so forth and it drives people wild and he gets the best impressions out there but he also has a chance to actually ask them legit questions and the people are breathing down your neck the campaign managers are looking at oh yeah you kidding last night I was with Tulsi Gabbard was that her name yeah her people were staring at me like what is he saying and even the same people at Andrew Yang's rally they were just staring at me trying to see what I'm trying to say if I'm gonna do something bad or whatever I don't know what they're listening for but that kind of holds me back in a way where I don't fully completely commit to my prank that I want to do so I've ended up asking like reals questions and then once we get friendly I'll ask the stupid questions and then usually I run out of time because they got to get going and that's what happened last night because they started talking to Tully about her hair and how where did that gray streak come from you know is it a clip-on just stupid just stupid stuff get anything crazy and on Andrew yang or is his fans cuz I gotta tell you you completely sold about 20 or 30 of them when I saw you behind me and you faked that you were talking into your earpiece and saying yeah yeah I'll ask him that question and no joke like they were completely sold yeah the real deal well I was asking them you know I told him we're live streaming around the world and you know I'm asking them about the thousand dollars what they would do with it you know some people are saying like oh I would spend it on was it cryptocurrency yeah or you know drugs or alcohol or whatever a good time or even some people were you know start my own business which I would do you know invest my own business or whatever which is probably the way I think most people would go but I also think it would increase a lot of drugs you think so well I mean I think more people on the streets you know are begging for money they just want that hit of heroin I would think yeah no I mean I had some friends if you gave him if you gave them a thousand dollars a month and they were like 20 years old out of school yeah well they a place to stay they would have probably overdosed in like eight months yeah I think there would be more death if we if everyone should start getting thousand dollars and they're homeless I don't think they would because a lot of these homeless people they can get off the street very easily with our government and we can help them out yeah but they choose to sleep I talk to Honus homeless people all the time well not all the time but you know yeah but they say you know they don't want they don't want be part of system well there's a psychology beyond that situation there mentally yeah often times people that are just observers saying I only need to give to the homeless don't realize that often times it's not a lack of beds or of monetary you know accessibility there's there's it's a much more multi-faceted problem you also wonder though if everyone these know a thousand dollars a month what are them what are the bad habits people might give up with that extra bit of money trying to think if there's any like come join tell see I feel like it exasperate most I don't feel like I would gamble last five thousand dollars and again yeah the premise of this videos do we think he's a socialist there's gonna be something right hey I mean that's part socialist isn't it giving everyone a thousand dollars all he does want universal health care yeah well let's see yeah but see the thing though is that all of this are free has a very specific way of getting paid for that is see to me socialism is let's face it based upon a hatred of the rich and I feel he does not have that no you know I and and that's what George Orwell wrote about he literally wrote about on road to cattle Catalunya Catalonia I can't remember the name of the book but he um and he was speaking about British socialist which I know are technically different than American socialist but at the end of the day he said what he noticed about his socialist comrades was more a common hatred for capitalists and wealth than a love for the poor man and his well being right of course I'm truncating that so I have to tell you I I don't think he is and I think he's a closeted Republican that just like you say he's down the middle yeah but not even down the middle well actually I think that a lot of his policies are a lot more conservative and or just like people say socially liberal just because he's not like you know anti-gay or something like that but the truth is I think he just doesn't care about a lot of the social issues and then really wants to prep society for a massive economic change but there's no way he could run on the Republican ticket because Trump would absolutely just trounce him right these presidents they all talk and they don't do anything and Obama did a lot of that and before the other presidents today or they they don't do a lot of what they say they're gonna do and then they screw up everything they didn't say they're gonna screw up like it's an easy way to put that also if I just control F for all there's seven results so he wants early childhood education for all he wants I believe he'll it's a trump medicare-for-all free marriage counseling for all free financial counseling for all met community college affordable for all and that is all of the for all's okay so I guess hey we'll end this one here cuz I want to get on to talking with Jess about his freakin comedy and how awesome it is but I did feel necessary to address the question because in all of our groups and all of our circles where some of the first people have actually talked about and/or addressed the whole Andrew yang phenomenon and and his piece of the pie is growing how do you put Andrew yang into the pre-existing understandable labels and to a certain extent I don't think you can and I for one would say I reject the term at least for and reing of socialists what would you say Kody no I mean he calls himself a capitalist I'll give him that you can call himself every wants right yeah I I totally agree with that I totally agree with both you guys but I also think he's running at the wrong time I think he should wait I've probably eight or sixteen more years and run Republican okay cool awesome hey well like subscribe share this video is problem-solver politics we'll see you in a bit

  1. one of the things that should come with UBI is the duty to keep an abode, if you live with your parents, own a trailer, rent an apartment, hell rent a house between 3 or 4 of you.

  2. vat in the UK and Europe is a nightmare for small business, if you have vat dont do it like the UK douse it small business spend so much time dealing with it, as opposed to running a business. if it was administered like a sales tax. it would be fine.

  3. Automation will have already crushed our economy by 2032….Now is the only time. He didn't want to do this, he is doing it for you!

  4. On the left here love and Andrew yang. The way I see it is most Republicans are way too bought out to support something like this, and them; like most politicians aren't forward thinking enough. Trump is a fake populist who will say what he needs to get elected but then quickly go back on his word. I normally vote Democrat and I contemplated weather or not to vote for trump till I realized he was lying so I just voted for Stein. EX: Trump said on the campaign trail that Saudi Arabia was the number one state sponsor of terrorism. He was right but now they're his friends and they made him a lot of money so now once again Iran in the number one enemy.

    Corporate Democrats are also bought out and none of them have any new ideas because of it.

    They're are no real socialist politicians in America. Bernie, AOC, and who ever else you want to name are better described as social Democrats; that just doesn't have as much of a punch as Democrats socialism.

    They use socialism as a buzz word to get their names out there which is acting as a double edged sword because while more people do pay attention it also gives some people the wrong idea and paints a perception of them and their polices.

    That said I'm am a bit disappointed in Bernie for not supporting some form of UBI because like many other politicians he doesn't understand the full impact of automation and the dangers of not playing for it.

  5. Running at the wrong time? He could all be dead in 8-16 yrs. Freak accident, who wtf knows! Why wait? 16 years could be way too late if everything Yang says is true regarding A.I. and Automation. 16 yrs in "technology years" is a long damn time. Imagine where the tech will be in 16 yrs for selfdriving trucks and cars, drone package delivery, the elimination of most brick and mortar retail. etc. we dont have time to wait 16 yrs. This needs to go into place now so that by the time that tsunami of job elimination hits people will be prepared to make smoother transitions. We have to make the case that the mainstream Dems running right now dont have any idea whats coming and all the multitude of ways its going to hurt. Yang does.

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