1. Hi! Chris here. Here's a question I had during the shooting of this episode: Is the Democratic primary fight going to be between someone who wants to lean into the Democratic Socialism ideas within the party and someone who rejects that leaning?

  2. She literally said she wants to tax the upper class 70%, wants universal healthcare, and universal income. How the fuck is she NOT a communist????!

  3. It seems Americans have never read a history book, if they believe that Bernie and Alexandria are socialist.
    They are social democrats: they want a capitalist system with some Basic human rights like free healtcare.
    In Europe, Canada or Australia the Conservatives dont even think about abolishing it

  4. Americans (on both left and right) are so confused about the term socialism. All you have to do is look to social democracies, which are not socialist or democratic socialist, but do fix some of these problems whilst also having economies based on free market capitalism and private ownership.

  5. The DSA is actually socialist however the candidates they have fielded are mostly introducing social democratic reforms.

  6. I think that this video could have done a better job differentiating between democratic socialism and social democracy… two radically different ideas. I definitely encourage those who do not know the difference to look it up!

  7. Caracas Cortez is a nobody that got elected by scumbag New Yorkers that could care less about the principals this country was founded on. She will not be around long as well as the other nut in Minnesota.

  8. Question: Will we have to give up the Rule of Law ( The Constitution) if we go along with Democratic Socialism? What if it doesn't work, can we return it to the sellers?

  9. Chris, you start the video right by trying to define the roles and differences between socialism and democratic socialism. But as the video goes on you go back to using the word socialism where you are referring to democratic socialism thus still mis informing misleading and passive aggressively dis ingenuine to the truth. As you know americans from both sides are allergic to the word venezuela. Even Venezuelans who are residents or citizens of the USA are very afraid of the “new socialist american take over” and they should very much know the difference since they lived both Chavez and maduros corrupt version of governing with the socialist tag slapped on top.
    My point is its ok to disagree or side with capitalism over democratic socialism. But the media has to start reporting facts and not bending truths. You could easily do the same thing with capitalism. The platform of the oligarchs, where behemoth corporations monopolize markets and then don’t pay a penny in taxes. A platform that. Still thinks trickle down economics works.. a platform where the unprivileged sick are left to die. Im just saying. You started right, but then you F’d it up!

  10. As a Canadian I believe that a democracy that embraces capitalism should also include social systems or programs that make society more equitable….if everyone pays their fair share of taxes you can have universal heAlth care, strong public schools, safe neighbourhoods etc…..

  11. If you shoot for the stars, you just might hit the moon. That's why we need to aggressively advocate for Democratic socialism even just to tip the system ever so slightly in the left direction. Remember in '08 Obama advocated for universal healthcare & ending the wars. We got the moderate/centrist affordable care act & a partial withdraw of troops.


    What does National Socialist German Worker’s Party mean? Is it different from “Democratic socialism”? Only in semantics. A Democracy is mob rule, which is why America is actually a constitutional, representative republic, not a democracy. A representative republic protects the minority from the majority, whereas a democracy is the rule of the majority. Leftists get caught up in words, getting tripped up over “National Socialism” as opposed to “Democrat Socialism.” But it’s just that. Semantics. So when Hitler ginned up hatred for the Jews, he could get the mob to agree with him. He could get the mob to believe him. There were no representatives to stop Hitler. He was one man helming the desperation of a majority of people. See the difference?

    A lesson history has repeatedly taught us: Capitalism produces prosperity and lifts people out of poverty while socialism inevitably results in privation and misery.

  13. She's not. She is a supporter of social democracy. I am consistently baffled on why she calls herself a socialist, because she just isn't. She has even admitted that her ideal economy is a cohesive mix of capitalism and socialism. AOC's policies would be considered right wing in an actual marx-socialist country like Venezuela or Cuba.

  14. After a trip to the Soviet Union in 1988, Sanders held a press conference said he was “extremely impressed” by the facets of USSR. Socialism is greed and socialists are immoral. They want what other people have earned. Some guy decides he has a great idea to provide a good or service at a price others are willing to pay, and he risks everything to build a business to make it work. He succeeds only if he has truly provided something that others believe is so valuable they are willing to pay for it. In the process he creates jobs and wealth for countless other individuals in the development, manufacturing, sales, and distribution of his product. People freely work for him at a salary they agree upon, and people freely buy from him at a price they agree to pay. Freedom. But the greedy socialist, who risks nothing, who spends his days providing no goods or services of any value that anyone is willing to pay for, demands the government go in and steal the business owner's wealth and give it to him. Evil. Immoral. Selfish. Greedy.

  15. Social democracy is a political, social and economic ideology that supports economic and social interventions to promote social justice within the framework of a liberal democratic polity and a capitalist economy

  16. CNN is fake news!!!!!!! I'm 50 years old always voted Democrat. Not no more make America great again Donald Trump 2020!!!!!!

  17. It's so disingenuous to describe the Democrats separately aside from the general public. And both sides are so guilty of this as we're always hearing references to "The American People" in terms of what they want, don't want and expect etc…. Let's be clear as I can't see why it's so important to purposely and improperly describe partisan groups. Let's be honest and open and say that when we describe Democrats, it literally speaks for many millions among the general public as well as Republicans. When certain interests want to refer to Republicans or Democrats, the honest way to do it without dishonestly including millions of people that don't belong in their projections, they need to refer them as "The Republican or Democratic leadership in Congress". Because what leadership in Congress is being projected to represent is usually in great contrast to the overall voice of the people. Take Limbaugh for instance. When he refers to what the 'American People' want, He's setting a narrative that hijacks those that do not agree with His policy objectives. What Rush is truly speaking about are the percentage of people that back His sentiments, not all the American people. This is absolutely dishonest, is done purposely to strengthen the narrative. I'm a lifelong Dem, but always cringe when I also hear the Democrats or Left leaning media do the same. With that kind of thing going on, how any of us ever get on the same page that is so needed? It all starts with honesty and so far I haven't seen one politician or media outlet coming forth with this level of honesty.

  18. Happiness is … putting your fist down the throat of a Commie loving Socialist when you see them wearing a T-shirt with the mass murderer Che Guevarra on it.

  19. For the idiots who think Socialism is "cool". American capitalism created and sustains the greatest nation the world has ever known. The USA is the envy of the world economically, socially, and militarily. Why would anyone change it? Answer: Pure stupidity and/or an agenda of anarchy & class envy. No large country has ever succeeded with a Socialists government. Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland have smaller populations than most large American cities – they don't suffer the problems of illegal immigration or Defending the free world – the only have to worry about a small population and ZERO self defense spending or military defense of any other country. If you think France is succeeding with Socialism. Think again. Average annual income in France is about $34K and more than 50% of that income goes to pay taxes. The French people are miserable stuck in a lower middle class with no upward mobility or opportunities to be anything but working poor people – or unworking poor people. Those are their only options. America is the world's beacon of hope and defender of freedom. The Democrats who espouse Socialism are fools and those who support their ideology are a mob of fools. Mobs can and will cause problems. It will be a painful lesson but Capitalism and the American Republic will withstand the assault from Socialist fools. But many radicalized Socialist fools will cause unnecessary damage to the social fabric and economic strength of our Republic and it will embolden our enemies and put our sovereign safety as risk for no reason.

  20. So you dumb fucks watch people like this guy ? All of your talking heads are incincere , condescending , and fake.

  21. You were half right and then went mostly wrong. Socialism is mostly about collective ownership of the means of production. It may have some government controlled industries. but it is more about things like co-ops and worker-owned businesses. Democratic socialism is just a regular socialist economy with a democratic government governing it. Most people who call themselves "democratic socialists" are not actually supporters of socialism, but instead social democracy. They favour Keynesian, demand-side economics and the Scandinavian welfare model, not worker control of the means of production. I love Bernie and AOC and I with they were actual socialists, but they are not, and they have furthered the mislabelling of socialism.

  22. You know the more I think about this tax rate she is talking about the more it makes me think. So if you are a movie star and you are paid 21 million to make a movie…You would pay 39.6 % on the first 10 million. Then on the next 11 million you would pay 70%. So out of the 21 million you would pay 11.5 million federal taxes… Then State taxes in California at 13.3 % so another 2.7 million on 21 million 14.2 million in taxes total..Right? Hollywood should pay…they make so much money…spread the wealth!

  23. Soooo why is this so scary? Social ownership of the means of production + Democracy. The system we have now is shit & most of us are living paycheck to paycheck. I'm ready to try something new, or at least tip legislation somewhere in this direction.

  24. Dont bullshit us CNN…. We know you are fake news… Socialism is what is….. Including that stupid Cortez and Sanders means..

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