Is a Worldwide 'Social Credit Score' Coming Soon?

how's it going everyone this is Benjamin Knight I've always believed that the Antichrist led New World Order is gonna feature a social credit rating system that's gonna monitor your activity on social media and then assign you a rating and that rating will determine whether or not you're eligible to use certain public services that's exactly what's being rolled out in communist China right now for those of you that think that's a far-fetched idea you see the headline on your screen China to ban citizens with bad social credit rating from taking flights or using trains for up to a year just as sure as you have a credit score right now that determines whether or not you can make certain purchases based on how good you are at paying your bills is just as sure as I think we're gonna see this social credit rating rolled out not just in communist China but worldwide under that corporate world government that's going to be established by the Antichrist in the end times and here's the subhead President Xi Jinping's plan based on principle once untrustworthy always restricted to come into effect on the 1st of May what's interesting about that is the Bible teaches once saved always saved well this communist Chinese censorship measure the slogan Ford is once untrustworthy always restricted I thought that was kind of an interesting parallel but you see they had the the lead rather China said it will begin applying its so-called Social Credit System to flights and trains and stop people who have committed misdeeds from taking such transport for up to a year those found to have committed financial wrongdoings let's see here such as employers who fail to pay social insurance or people who failed to pay fines would also face these restrictions and this move is in line with prep with President Xi Jinping's plan to construct a Social Credit system based on the principle of once untrustworthy always restricted said one of the notices which was signed by eight ministries including the country's aviation regulator and the Supreme People's Court this is straight out of the Marxist playbook for the globalist to you know control thoughts and ideas they have to employ censorship measures they have to make sure you don't have free speech they have to make sure you can't express yourself and for them to do that not only are they gonna have to start taking down videos and posts from Facebook Twitter YouTube and other social media platforms which they're already doing today they're gonna have to try and intimidate people into silence especially Bible believing Christians who stand on God's Word and who oppose the Satanic sodomite agenda who believe in biblical godly values and things like that that's enemy number one right there and so to intimidate them into silence I could see the Antichrist the global government you know using this social credit rating that right now is getting rolled out in communist China worldwide the UN might even endorse it one day and then we'll have to deal with it as Bible believing Christians we're gonna have to deal with having our rights stripped away from us based on our views based on you know what we believe in what we post on social media what we're caught saying the thought police are literally going to assign a social credit rating and if you're raining dips below a certain level your constitutional rights are gonna get ripped to shreds as if they aren't already so yeah it's happening in China and the point of this video is simple I could see it happening in the end times as well in addition to of course the mark of the beast system and and all that stuff so yes we should enjoy the little freedom we have now because I don't think it's gonna be it's not gonna be as easy to go out soul-winning whenever we want to as we inch closer and closer to the second coming of Christ thanks for watching make sure you subscribe to my youtube channel for more god bless you all and I'll talk to you guys again after a while

  1. I think it's a problem whether you believe or not. Even if you do believe in Jesus Christ, what if you're Methodist, and they think you should be Baptist, or Catholic, etc.? Personally I don't want to see such a system imposed on any citizen regardless of faith or non-faith. I don't think it will be limited to Christian, but anyone who isn't doing what society thinks they should be doing, or the inverse of this. I don't think religion really is the issue, but anything that society deems nonconformity that they particularly don't like.

  2. Our lives are already data-mined by Google, Facebook, Twitter, and their ilk. These companies know everything about you and the tone they have struck so far has been anything but balanced. They're among the first to label a traditional Christian viewpoint as "hate speech". It would be very easy for them to monetize their own causes while further minimizing anything that remotely sounds like morality.


    Godfree Roberts • March 2018

    "There are plans for a “social credit system” that would track and score citizens’ everyday behavior with a view to perks or punishment"

    That's not a fair description of the Social Credit program.

    Social Credit is a popular initiative: the Chinese are the most trusting society on earth yet don't have credit ratings so they're tired of being scammed online for billions each year.

    First, they trust the government–not private credit agencies like Equifax–to run projects that impact everyone because they trust their government far more than we trust ours: 86% of them say it works for everybody and not just for a fortunate few.

    Second, Social Credit doesn't just rate citizens. It rates everyone from government departments and individual officials to cops, corporations, Supreme Court justices, Congresspeople–absolutely everyone and every enterprise gets a social credit rating that arises naturally from their interactions with others.

    Third, doesn't this sound better than being secretly rated by private corporations who sell your information to other private corporations and secretly share it with government agencies–without your permission? And charge us for access to our own information? And offer no reciprocity? Ask TRW for a vendor's credit history and current rating and what it costs you.

    Fourth, Social Credit is 90% carrot and 10% stick: the higher your score the easier your life becomes. Japan and the Netherlands already offer expedited visa processing for tourists with scores above 750 and landlords and car rentals waive deposits if you're over 800. It's intended to be a magic carpet for those who play straight with everyone they encounter.

    Fifth: all the rules are public and anyone can play and all changes to your SC rating are transparent to you, in real time. For free.

    Sixth: China already has a prototype running, an online Social Credit Arbitration Court where, for a few dollars, you can have your case heard and receive a binding verdict that corrects mistakes. Millions of people use it and are refining it. It will go national in 2020.

    Seventh, There's an idealistic element: it's part of China's 2,000-year-old plan to create a 'datong' society in which (to be brief) everybody is taken care of and nobody needs to lock their doors at night: a goal every Chinese supports and which the government hopes to deliver by 2120. Imagine the effects of 100 years of Social Credit on the entire culture…

    Customers applying for visas for developed countries, like Luxembourg or Japan, with scores above 750 need not submit bank records and enjoy perks like expedited airport security checks: a consumers’ magic carpet that reduces transaction fees and credit losses and builds consumer confidence. By 2018, more than 1,100 government officials had been blacklisted.

    Corporations with strong social credit can expect government contracts and low-interest loans and raises small corporations’ credit if they observe consumer and product safety regulations, while debiting them for unreliability, dishonesty, excess emissions and even poor worker safety. Regulators say that, when the system becomes integrated it will generate corporate scorecards directly from sensor data, CCTV cameras, government and court records and consumer reviews.

    The program comes with a sting in its tail, as Oxford University’s Rogier Creemers says, “When rules are broken and not rectified in time you are entered in a list of ‘people subject to enforcement for trust breaking’ and denied access to things. Rules broken by corporations can lead to them being unable to issue corporate bonds and individuals being unable to become company directors. Trust-breakers can face penalties on subsidies, career progression, asset ownership and the ability to receive honorary titles from the Chinese government. Those who fail to repay debts are punished by travel restrictions”.

    A typical travel restriction made the news in 2017 when a real estate developed attempted to book a first class ticket to London and found that the system would only issue him a tourist seat. When he investigated he found that his restriction stemmed from several court judgements whose penalties he had not paid. By 2018, the People's Court had banned six million defaulters from traveling by air and was working with government departments to ensure that they would be ‘limited on multiple levels’. A local court got creative: when someone calls a delinquent debtor in Dengfeng, Henan Province, instead of a ringtone they hear, “The person you are calling is listed as dishonest by the Dengfeng People’s Court. Please urge them to fulfill their obligations”.

  4. Isn't this terrifying? Gosh, it's horrific!

    It's amazing how confident and brave the globalists are getting… That they're doing much of this without a huge uproar from the public. All that social engineering is paying off, and is, or will become, actually appealing to most.

    Bible believing Christians have their work cut out for them in the future…. That's for sure.

    Thanks for bringing this information to us, Ben.
    Always staying vigilant. God Bless †

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