Intro and Training – Choosing your path – A noob plays System Shock 2 – part 1

all right hello my name is Horizon
Game On. Welcome to my channel. This is my first ever video. This channel will be
focused primarily on gaming, a lot of collaboration, and competitions,
challenges issued between myself and a friend of mine who has a channel called
Zpherex Gaming. You can find him listed under my featured channels from my channel page. If you have any suggestions, comments, ideas, about any kinds of
challenges for us directly, or that we can issue to each other please feel free
to let us know in the comments. And yes Let’s begin. Today’s game is System Shock
2. Now let’s go ahead and begin a new game. L-L-Look at you hacker. A p-p-pathetic creature of meat and bone. Panting and sweating as you r-run through my corridors. H-How can you challenge a perfect immortal machine. Horizen: Gasps in 2072 a rogue artificial intelligence
known as Shodan, lost her mind in her limitless imagination,
Shodan saw herself as a goddess, destined to inherit the earth. That image
was snuffed out by the hacker who created her. 42 Years Later Horizen: Let me guess, I am that hacker. Science Consumer Trioptimum February 3rd is the day the magic
happens. The Von Braun, the first starship in history capable of traveling at
faster than light speed, will undertake her maiden voyage. This incredible
journey is the result of teamwork between the UNN Protectorate and the
incredible scientific minds that a newly relicensed trioptimum corporation.
Imagine, being able to travel to distant star systems in a period of weeks. It’s
all part of triops commitment to the future. The Von Braun is packed with over
one point eight million flight scientific and security systems. Nearly
all developed by trioptimum and its wholly owned subsidiaries. Providing
security for the Von Braun as she ploughs through the heavens will be the
UNN Rickenbacker. At her helm will be no less than Captain William Bedford
Diego himself, hero of the Battle of Boston Harbor during the eastern states
police action. This incredible union of government and corporation is made
possible by an intricate series of docking mechanisms that will allow the
Rickenbacker to piggyback its way in the jump space. Sleek! Fast! Revolutionary!
Who knows what wonders await our cruise in the bosom of
the cosmos, all we do know is that it’s a great day for mankind.
Horizen: I don’t know what you but I saw a whole lot more than four levels on those
ships. This is Doctor Delecroix of the UNN Von Braun. We have been hijacked by an unknown force. Ships security has been compromised. Do not allow the ship to (electrical interference), I repeat, do not allow the ship to leave under any circumstances. I don’t know what presence is here. ~electrical interference~ okay Well then. So I think we’re four years in
the past here. Welcome to the Ramsey Center UNN
recruitment facility. Please watch your step when leaving the train. The grav
shafts at the end of the hall will take you to the street level training and
recruitment center. Please proceed to the grav shafts. Horizen: Help! Help! I’m being chased. I’m being mugged. Help. They’re really good at ignoring me. So what’s the purpose of
having this giant fishbowl window for us to stare at them. Anyway, yes four
years earlier let’s get on with it. Oh look trash everywhere. Good detail for
20 years ago, a 20 year old game. So, in just a moment I’ll explain why… Announcer: Step into the grav shaft to proceed to the street-level recruitment. So this is System Shock 2. I
actually wanted to play System Shock 1. Preferably the enhanced edition but
unfortunately it won’t run on my computer right now. Not sure why. I need
to do some digging into that. Alternatively I tried System Shock 1
classic but fraps won’t record it. It just crashes immediately. Later maybe
I’ll get a better a better setup and go back to that revisit that. I know there’s
a way but for now to continue with things to get videos out there system
sharp 2 is where it’s at. Now the reason I chose the System Shock series is
because there are about to be three new System Shock games released. New ish.
System Shock 1 is going to be remade. This will be the third version of System
Shock 1. We already have the original. we have the enhanced edition, and now there
will be a remake. 3 version of System Shock 1. Alright.
We have System Shock 2, which we will now soon have an enhanced edition of
System Shock 2. And we are about to have a brand new System Shock 3. I think
this is a good time to do a System Shock videos. Don’t you agree? Let me know in
the comments. Kitty cat agrees! Let’s head on in.
Announcer: Before you choose your career you’ll want to learn some basic
abilities. First you should go into the basic training center. When you’re done
with basic training proceed to the advanced training area. Horizen: okay, basic training it is. Announcer: To pick up some basic skills you’ll need to get by in the
service, enter this CyberLink booth. Inside you’ll learn the basic skills
you’ll need to get started. Welcome trainee while you’re in our virtual
training courses, we provide you with a simulated cyber interface. This training
interface is identical to an actual military-grade Cyber interface. Now
let’s try it out. Move the mouse. See how it changes where you look. That means
you’re in shoot mode. Hit the tab key, this puts you in use mode, where you can
use your mouse to interact with items in the world. Open your primary MFD or
multi-function display by clicking on the MFD button near the bottom of the
screen. This display shows your strengths in various areas. When you’re ready to
continue, press the tab key to go back to shoot mode. Try changing between modes
until you get the hang of it. Follow the red path along the ground to the next training station. Horizen: Done! Announcer: to pick up items, Center them on your screen and
right click. This will automatically place that item into your inventory. To
view your inventory, press the tab key. You can move items around your inventory
by left clicking and dragging them around. To drop an item drag it from your
inventory into the 3D, view and release the mouse button. Horizen: Yeah let’s just drop it here. Let’s drop that as well. Announcer: To use items like buttons and computers, center them in your view, and
click the right mouse button. All usable items will have brackets around them.
Highlight the button on the pillar and right click. This will activate the lift. Try it
out. If you can still see your inventory display it means you’re in use mode. Hit
tab to return to shoot mode. The object before you is a med hypo. Pick it up and
then press tab to go into use mode. Right-clicking on the med hypo will use
it and restore some needed hit points. Your hit points are displayed by a bar
in the lower left corner of your screen. Many objects in your inventory can be
used by right-clicking on them. Thank you. Horizen: Next station please. Announcer: See the crate in front of you? To search it, center it on your screen and right click. If you
are in use mode simply move the pointer to the crate and right-click. To take an
item from that container simply left-click on it. This will automatically
place that item in your inventory. To close the container window and return to
shoot mode, press the tab key. Well Fermium, what am I supposed to do with
Fermium? One of the most important tools you have
as a soldier is your PDA. This device stores audio logs emails and other
useful information. Click on the disk icon near the bottom of your screen to
bring up the PDA display. Currently, the contents of your PDA are empty. Now pick
up the audio log in front of you. This message is coming from the audio log
you’ve just picked up. You can use your PDA at any time to play any audio log or
email you’ve received. In the field the PDA is also used for keeping track of
your current mission objectives and obtaining help information. Go, moving on!!
Now it’s time to learn about jumping and mantling. To jump,
simply press the spacebar. Some surfaces can be mantled onto by holding down the
spacebar. Mantling lets you pull yourself up to ledges and other high places in
front of you. Give it a try. Seems easy enough let’s move on. You’ve
done well. Remember, if you’re unclear on any aspect of what you’ve just learned
you can repeat the training as often as you wish. All right. Let’s take a look at
advanced training. If you have completed basic training you’re ready for the
advanced lessons provided here. Advanced training will familiarize you with the
three key areas of military service. Weapons training, technical training, and
psionics training. Approach the CyberLink booth of your choice to train in that
area. When you finish training in the three areas proceed directly to the
recruitment center, to choose and start your military career. All right. All right
wannabe. If you want to learn the weapons skills it takes to even think about
joining the Marines come on in. We’re looking for a few good men. Good to have you on board’ You’ll notice when you’re in the CyberLink booth, the UNN has kindly
provided you with a virtual Cyber interface, and all the simulated skill
levels you’ll need for the training tasks. But don’t get too cocky. They’ll
disappear once you leave the booth. Good to know. Now we’ll teach you how to
handle a firearm. Pick up the pistol and the clip from the table. You can equip
the weapon in one of two ways, bring up your inventory, and drag the
pistol to your weapons equipped slot near the right hand side of your
inventory. If that’s too slow for you, you can use the hotkeys on the keyboard.
Press 2. If the pistol was in your inventory, it will equip for you
automatically. To lock and load the ammo clip, hit the R key or hit the reload
button on the lower right corner of your screen. Once you’ve loaded the firearm
take a shot at the dummy robot by pressing your left mouse button when in
shoot mode. Notice how its healt bar gets shorter as you chip away at it. Some items need to be charged with
energy before they can be used. Pick up the laser pistol, now use the recharging
station nearby. The recharge station will juice up all of your energy based items,
weapons, batteries, you name it. All right. Done and done. Horizen: Anything else, one more? Announcer: Weapons are not fine wines, They do not get better with age.
The colored dot on the lower right corner of the screen tells you what kind
of shape your firearm is in. Green is good, red is bad. To fight the effects
of wear and tear, a soldier with maintenance skill and use a maintenance
tool, to improve the condition of his weapon. Just pick up the tool, open your
inventory and drag the tool onto your pistol. Remember that maintenance tools
are only good for a single use. Good to know. And done. Good work now you’re ready for the Marines, take a look at the other training areas first before you enlist.
They might just come in handy. Technical, all right. Inside we’ll teach
you the basics of some technical skills you’ll need in the Navy Welcome. You’ll notice when you’re in the
CyberLink booth, we’ll provide you with a temporary cyber interface, and the skills
you need to accomplish the training tasks. But they’ll only last so long as
you’re in the booth. The object in front of you is a container of nanites. Nanites
are consumed whenever you perform technical tasks, such as hacking or
repairing. When you pick up the container of nanites, they do not go in your
general inventory, but are instead displayed in the use mode on the bottom left of your screen. Walk over to the keypad by the door, and try out hacking. Alright
let’s give it a shot. Use the keypad by right-clicking on it. To the right of the
number pad you’ll see an orange tab labeled hack. Left click on the tab. Text
will appear indicating the difficulty of the hack and any bonuses that apply.
Click on the start button to begin handing. You’ll see a grid of nodes,
clicking on the note will either turn it bright or dark. To successfully hack you
must connect three bright nodes in a straight line. Beware of the ice nodes
with the red outlines. If one of these turns dark you fail the hack, and you might
break the item you’re working on or worse. You can restart your hack attempt
at any time by hitting the reset button. Though you’ll have to pay the nanite
cost again. You can use nanites to buy items from
replicators. To use a replicator, right-click on it, then let click on the
item you wish to purchase. The item you purchased will drop into the slot below,
Make sure you pick up your purchases before you leave. Replicator: Hi there, please make your selection. Horizen: Right now I see three items, bag of chips, bottle of juice, and six
standard bullets, but if I were to hack? Let’s give it a shot. Replicator: Hi There. Xerxes: Replicator database reinitialized. Now I have anti-personnel bullets, standard
bullets, and a medical hypo. Much better stuff. You’ve learned the basics of the
technical skills. There are several other technical skills you’ll learn throughout
the course of your career, such as repairing items, and modifying weapons.
The cyber interfaces for these tasks are similar to the hacking interface. Before
you enlist in the Navy, try out the other training courses. They’ll be useful. All
right. One more. Psi skills. Inside you will learn how to reach out with your
mind. Do not let fear block your path. We’ve provided you with a virtual
interface and the temporary ability to project simulated psionic powers. Once
you leave this area, these powers will be lost to you. The red bar at the lower left of your
screen tells you how many psi points you have. Psi points symbolize the
current ability to use your psi powers. Psi hypos replenish your psi points.
Try using a psi hypo and watch your psi points increase. When you’ve reached your
maximum in psi points, move to the next station. done! moving on! This psi
amp amplifies your psi powers and lets you project them into the real world. To
equip it pick it up, and then hit, the tilde key. Firing the psi amp activates
your currently selected psi discipline. You currently have access to two
disciplines, cryo Kinesis, and kinetic redirection. Go into use mode, and click
on the arrows on the bottom right of the screen. This will cycle through your
available psi disciplines. Later, clicking on the arrows above the number
to the left, will allow you to select psi disciplines from higher tiers. Use
cryo Kinesis to destroy the robot, and kinetic redirection, to pull that nanite
container towards you. Be careful! Holding down the mouse button can
augment the power, but holding it down for too long, will cause burnout which will damage you. If you run out of psi points, use
another psi hypo. Building it up does make it a little
more powerful, but not a lot. Okay, okay, maybe a fair bit more.. I
should try that again. Why last time it, bounced off the wall and came back to me. Too Much! It’s moving slow, last time it was fast. Alright enough of that. Moving on moving
on moving on. Where are we, here we go. Mastery of the mind is a slow but
rewarding process. Return to this area if you need more guidance. Horizen: Thank you. Announcer: Before you enlist in the
OSA it would e useful to experiment in the other training courses. Horizen: I did thank you. I already did. All right. Announcer: Here’s where you make your choice soldier. Here’s where you
enlist in one of the three branches of the military. Once you decide on your
branch of service, there’s no going back. A shuttle will take you to a UNN
orbital space station where you’ll receive a briefing regarding your yearly
postings. Good luck! Horizen : I yiy, yiy. I think I want to go with technical, pretty sure that’s what’s most useful. Pretty sure! Pretty sure!! All right I think we’ll
finish up with our first videos recording here. We just finished our
basic and advanced training and next up is to go into our first three years of
our new career with trioptimum. So if you really didn’t like the video
feel free to give it a thumbs down. On the other hand if you loved the video
give it a thumbs up and consider subscribing and clicking that Bell icon.
We’ll see you in the next video. See you next time.

  1. This is a new channel. I am happy to hear from anyone about what you like about this video/playlist and about what you would like to see me change. Are there any specific videos you would like to see me make?

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