Intolerant Antifa/ Brown Berets Get Triggered By MAGA Hat and American Flag Part 2/2

why are they fleeing their socialist
countries to a capitalist country which is like on the brink because of this
bullshit they just expect everyone else to pay
for their shit one as long as they agree as long as they follow “our”
socialist agenda their donations go to, is kitkats.
That’s progressive… A corporate company Bottle your own water. This shows America right
here you can yell “fuck the police” while police are standing here protecting your
rights I guess we’re the speaker.
We’re the center of attention They’re building a wall –a blubber
wall that guys getting antsy. He wants
to punch you… probably wants to punch me more tho cuz I’m a woman I won’t fight back that poor child though that poor child
right there, is it the child? I think it’s a child. She’s gonna
have a rough life she’s gonna think that the man is always
keeping her down and it’s always everyone else’s fault that she’s failing.
No personal responsibility. Can’t have that, can’t have that in a free country Do you wanna go? because we’ll be followed by the way
literally how intolerant they are is disgusting I think they feel very proud of
themselves for building a human wall right now? a second ago? where’d they go? the bicycle? maybe she’s just crazy– maybe “they’re”
just crazy it’s so funny that they don’t care that
hundred million people starve– starved to death and were executed it wasn’t even
like a war it was like literally the government killed them by starvation and
execution back of the head in a ditch but you know they want that for America people can’t even have a dialogue (cop asks us our plan because the communists are finishing their event) Are you guys going to stick around here? Because its easier to keep the peace… what do you recommend? – I recommend just hanging tight I have a feeling once you guys walk away yeah cuz their violent. Lets be honest, look at them they’re violent what do you think about
this? I mean they do have a right to say “fuck
the police” you know. I don’t know if they have a right to be violent towards other
citizens If its only verbal, I can deal with that okay cop: we’re just gonna
just kind of hang out. I’d rather you guys just hang out yeah it’s a interesting
yeah it is what it is (Cop tells us about the French couple sitting by us) I’m trying to talk to them in French but I’m a little rusty. I took French in high school. Yeah, we did too. they’re still making their wall so we have to stay here until
the wall of violent criminals goes away apparently they want to beat us didn’t she try to take the flag from you or
something? she tried to grab something Yeah but she was too slow oh look I found… we should have brought
bingo cards because it’s a Che Guevara whatever hah he’s only a mass murderer you only like genocided a bunch of
gay people… not uh! what’s he saying like against who what’s he saying? what is he saying? is you saying… is he on their side or
against this? you can just do that? That that’s the most freedom thing I’ve seen all day I wonder if we moved a little bit if the
wall would follow us Don’t they have jobs…or children to take care of? like a week ago or something was it a
couple weeks ago we were going to come but we didn’t come you guys lived here — yeah –downtown? — like 20
minutes away I guess about — yeah it triggered them real bad and then
they built a wall of people which was funny yeah and I think they were saying we are part of Proud Boys I don’t know they were they I don’t know when you got here but like
they yeah they surround all these guys in the masks surrounded us when we were
just trying to like hear what they’re talking about and since he had a MAGA hat capitalism is like evil to them you know
it doesn’t matter if you’re an anarchist yeah I’m a libertarian that’s why –yeah
he’s funny –a good troll he’s doing some good things too like I
mean you know yeah I mean no one’s totally bad it’s like a mile from
here officers came for you?– we walked up
they all surrounded us and everyone is looking at it’s like I we didn’t want to
make a scene like they thought I guess they thought we were trying to interrupt
or something but yeah you were walking by right yeah I actually live here some blocks away but you go to a lot of protest? –No, you? –Nah. –We did
back in the day like we were we used to be more active like in the anarchist
community you know so like we went to black lives matter stuff and walked in
solidarity with them –I didn’t. –Well, I was but yeah they’re so intolerant it was just
amazing how intolerant they are oh yeah they’re doing it again this year
–they are oh –we volunteered there five times
yeah that’s a kind of libertarian or ancap? though I’ve only heard of the Free State
Project and they have a fest yeah yeah we know people who I think they’re
part of the organization with that stuff yeah right here, get you guys out of here
–Am I allowed to film? — let’s take it off in the car maybe so you should sit up front cause
you know where we parked there I’m not really on it’s much I’ll go in the back because I
don’t know exactly…I’ve never been in a cop car before. Cool, we’re gettin’ a ride! Husband: I wasn’t expecting it to get so crazy Cop: Ohh, that’s the norm.

  1. You know that saying cops were kids who were bullied in high school??? Well that is definitely true for Antifa, maybe that's why cops help them so much

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