Interview with S. Gurumurthy Part 1: The Rise and Fall of Western Development Models

Namaste! Today I have an amazing
guest, with a whole lot to say, a dear friend, Shri Gurumurthyji.
-Namaskar! -Namaste! I have known Gurumurthyji for a long time,
followed him, followed his work. And all of you, most of you probably know about him. By
profession, officially a CA, but actually a passionate, discussant of Economy, Pro Politics,
Culture, Civilizations, many, many areas. He’s a great economist, and I have
no claim to being an expert in Economics, but where we have a common
interest is culture, and how culture plays a role, in different
aspects of life, including Economics. So, my discussion is going to focus on
Indian culture, civilization, distinctiveness, vis-a-vis others, like the
West, And how it relates to economics. How the culture affects economics,
how the economics affects culture. And we’ll talk about his perspective on what’s
distinct about an Indian model of economics, his diagnosis of what is right in the economy what
is wrong in the economy, what we are to do now, So, it’s going to be a very interesting show full of good
insights, which I can promise you. So, let’s start. – So, Gurumurthyji, as an observer
and scholar of Indian culture and also economics, how would you
characterize sort of the distinct signature qualities of Indian economics, that
you would say ‘these are the important points’? Actually, economics as a discipline, an independent
standalone discipline is a much later development. Economics was one dimension of polity. One dimension of human life.
But somewhere towards the end of the 19th century sociological theorization developed
in the West which tended to move towards
acute and automizing individualism. This theory was rooted
in Max Weber’s work and this is again rooted in
Protestant Christianity. The tussle between the State
and the Church, also led to a tussle between the
Church and the followers of the Church, through the Protestant movement. And Max
Weber said that on an empirical study he found that
Protestant society which focused on the individual
not on the collective church. it is able to throw up
individual thinkers it was able to throw up
entrepreneurs so he found on a comparative study of
the Catholic and Protestant societies that the Protestant societies
surged forward like America, Canada, New Zealand,
England, Australia and comparatively all the
Catholic societies lagged behind though there was virtually
no other great differences between the two in terms of
infrastructure or knowledge or whatever. So, he theorized that
Protestant Christianity which promotes individualism and enterprise
is more in tune with modern Capitalism. So, in a capitalist society,
protestant societies will emerge are those with those characteristics
will emerge as the winner. He extended it to say that
this individualism will accentuate more and more and more.
So, the individualism as a movement, which evolved out of
Protestant christianity, it transcended sociology into Economics.
via Max Weber. Max Weber theorized it later
as ‘methodological individualism’ though he did not use the words but what he said was
later on given a name ‘methodological individualism’ that you deconstruct the society through an individual and you can’t
identify an individual through the society there is no collective identity. This is alone a chart of
the Western approach When this movement picked up the Homo Economicus theory,
that Rationalism will define the movement of an individual So,
this automization process will be the process of rational approach to
life Rationalism became the basis and rational economic
theory evolved out of it ‘efficient market hypothesis’:
everything is rooted in this so, this became the foundation of what
is known as the neo-classical economics. where they said everybody is
ultimately a materialist individual and this was assisted
on the other side by the Western movement
of the polity and statecraft Western polity originally rested
on the Divine Right Theory where the king is supposed to be
the very mirror reflection of God. and so God had the
world dedicated to him. and the King had the rule over people, resources
everything dedicated to him, like in the Bible everything belongs to God here on the
earth, everything belongs to the King – So he is a representative of God in a sense.
– Representative, mirror-reflection of God. So, he had the divine right to do
everything. in this three thing flew out One, ‘the king can do no wrong’ principle.
Two, that everything belongs to the king and so he has only given you
the right to temporary use you can use it, but if he wants
he can resume it back This is called the principle of
eminent domain in constitutional law. The third thing is: he had
control over you life also only he has given you the lease of life
but if he wants he can take the life back These three principles inform the
constitutional law even today. so much so, during The Emergency
in India, when Narendra argued that during The Emergency
there is no fundamental right to live. – Oh, boy, wow!
– Yes! When the judges asked, is it all
fundamental rights are suspended because fourteen high courts decided that the
Habeas Corpus petition should be admitted because suddenly a man has
disappeared from your family The wife or the son says, go on,
let us take this to find out So, they allowed the Habeas Corpus petition, the
Supreme Court, the matter went to the Supreme court. So, it is the right to life. Then judges asked, do
you, there’s no right to life, during emergency, He said it may shock your conscious if a police
inspector takes a pistol and shoots on somebody you will have no other
remedy than to look at it. – My God.
– This rests on this principle. You know, prior to the British arrival in India the
principle of eminent domain was not applicable because the king had no right
to take over others’ property. It is in Magna Carta, this was modified into
“pay the compensation and take the property.” But in India, by paying
compensation also you cannot take over another person’s property, this
was the position, that is where they had to enact the Land Acquisition Act in India.
Before that kings could not take over with people’s land, compulsorily, they had to go through
the Panchayat and actually buy the land. this is settled. Supreme Council has said, in India the king had
no right to acquire the property compulsorily. The question of right to life
was a divine right, and so there was no question of anybody taking away your
right to life. So, these are two different paradigms. – Yes, very clear and very well
stated. Very clearly stated. So, the constitutional paradigm, and economic
paradigm aligned and rested on the individual. So, how the democratic movement
changed the divine right theory? into what is known as
“Social Contract” theory, by Hobbes? Hobbes said we are basically an anarchic kind of people,
we cannot live together, we will only kill each other. so we need a Leviathan
state to make us behave, and so the State has
all the powers, all the rights. So, he secularized the
divine right theory. – Into state.
– Into state. Only one modification was brought over by
Locke, he said that has to be an elected state. Once we elect the state, the state
has the same power. It can declare emergency, it can
acquire our property, it can… So, the character of the state did not change. it is
only that the people give consent every five years to the state to do the things which are divine
right, King could do. So, this is one paradigm. But in India, this was not there,
so after the emergency, – Because a king had to obey, the king had to follow his Dharma.
– Absolutely. Because no one was absolute. So, in India, following our way
of looking at things, after The Emergency,
the government said that the state has no right to touch the life
of an individual. this is our original vision. Why am I mentioning this is,
so Max Weber and the entire economics, relationship between
the state and the individual were shaped basically by
the Christian discipline. – So God as authoritarian, absolute,
to king becoming the absolute, to a State becoming the absolute
especially democratically elected, this is the ruler-ruled relationship which has
been consistent, quite different from ours. – Correct. So what happened?
Christianity basically destroyed all of the relationship and substituted
the Church in place of everything. So, it really prepared the ground
for Max Weber’s theorization. – Actually, even for Karl Marx, because
Bertrand Russell argues that this Marxism is also Christianity
substituting state for Church. -Absolutely. See, substitution of State
for the Church was the function of the secular socialist movement.
-Yes. Now come to Max Weber. So, Max Weber said that
unless a society conforms to this individualism,
it will never develop. This, he coupled it with the book on the
religion of Hinduism and Buddhism where he said, two societies
will never come up under modern capitalist conditions, that is China
and India, because of Buddhism and Hinduism, which believe in karma and rebirth, which has
no role for an individual’s advancement. There is no individual initiative left, so there is no
question of entrepreneurship developing, there’s no question of market economy developing
in these two societies. This became the basis of
the Indian thinking. That you have to demolish
the Indian philosophy, way of life, in order to automize your
society, produce dominant individualism, conforming to the Weberian model, or
Marxian model. Then only you can develop. This was the educational model
in economics, in sociology, in politics in public discourse. All these things were pushed.
Don’t think it was only a colonial moment. In the year 1951, the United
Nations issued a document “Measures for the Development
of Underdeveloped Economies” in which they said, you cannot
develop just like that. It calls for lot of sacrifices.
The sacrifice you are to make is, you have to give up your philosophy,
you have to give up your way of life, you have to give up your caste,
community, all relationships. This was a mandate given by
the United Nations. This was rooted in a speech which
Truman had delivered a year back, exactly in the same terms: America
has the responsibility to ensure that the world is prepared for development.
And these are just at this model. And this was common to both Communism and Capitalism. Because
between Communism and Capitalism there’s no great difference. – There was also, before nations
started getting independence, there was also a whole movement,
to define the qualifications, the credentials you need to be
ready for independence. And that had to be the concept of a state
as per the Western model of a state. So, nations had to prove that
“I’m ready, I’m capable of self-rule”. – Because, I’m getting into that, either I qualify or I’ll be able to qualify.
– And you’ill decide whether, I’m qualified or not. – So, this whole idea of “are you fit to
rule” fitness to self-rule, became an issue. – So, the idea of state, nation, people,
the relationship between the two, all this became defined by
the Western notion of divine right theory, modified by the Social Contract
Theory, modified by democraticaly elected State. Otherwise, in substance, the idea of state remains the
same. But what I’m saying, I’m more coming to Economics. In Economics they say: you rule in
whatever manner you want to rule, but you say, no, you cannot develop unless you
give up your philosophy, in stated terms. This became common to both Communism and
Capitalism because Karl Marx basically believed, unless the Capitalist boom
takes place, wealth is built, there is a huge
amount of exploitation, takes place, there is no way Communist revolution will come. But
that communist revolution never came because all communist revolutions became
social revolutions and not economic. So, the full-blown Capitalism
is what Karl Marx wanted, and full-blown Capitalism
and Communism rested on the same approach to life: there
should be no prayer, all the past is wrong. So, we should give up our
philosophy, way of life, relationships. So, we should pursue only
happiness, and money – and whatever in life, it is purely body-related.
– A material world. There is absolutely no difference between Capitalism and Communism on this.
Both have no place for religion, both have no place for spiritualism, both have no place for morality,
other than financial morality. Both have no place for social
relationship, both have no place even for human relationship like
parents, husband, wife. In fact, Communism went to the extreme
of saying women should be nationalized. There should be no husband, a woman should
become a common property of everybody. So, this was a chaotic model
which they developed. Only thing is, Capitalism
aligned to Democracy. So, to that extent it was not
as suppressive as Communism. – Because you could, there was a way to release the pressure once in a while.
– Once in a while people could say OK, get out of here. So, except these differences, there was no
difference. I used to call it, a property dispute, I told you the other day. Communism says it should be owned by
the state, Capitalism says it should owned by the individual, the purpose for which it is to be
put to use is the same. These became the driving
force between 1951 and 1989, and both interpreted it
in their favour. The same UN formulation which was Western
anthropological modernity, I call it WAM. Because in this people are to be
contracted out of tradition, and made into pure contract-based society. Individual contract will relate
the individuals sans relationship, social contract will relate
the individual to the state, there are only two types of contract,
there’s a collective contract – there is an individual contract. There is no relationship.
– Very, very interesting. So, this went into economics through
both Capitalism and Communism, In 1989, when Communism collapsed,
and Capitalism became, without alternative, the only
model for development. Francis Fukuyama even said that,
he theorized how the world will have no conflicts hereafter
because all in theories are over. Western liberal democracy and market capitalism have won
once and for all. End of history. And so everybody
will have to join this paradigm. But within three years he changed
his mind and wrote called The Trust Where he recalled Emile Durkheim, who differed from both
Adam Smith and Karl Marx. He said that you have to have
a relation-based society, even in a a contract-based
economy, to be efficient. And he built a whole lot of
argument within Christendom. Because none of these people had any
experience outside Christendom. – Neither Karl Marx.
– Yeah, they were just internal disputes among Christians – Their whole idea was defined
by the internal forces operating within Christianity. – Yes, fight within Christianity. – In fact, Karl Marx never came to India.
He never met any Indian. He never read any Indian literature, but he said Indian society is a backward society,
even though in economic terms it is a good society. He wrote
a couple of articles in 1853, in New York Herald Tribune which is
now the International Herald Tribune, in which he said, the Indian
society is a very peculiar society. It has some kind of a common identity
and there are several kings and all that, but everybody builds common infrastructure
waterways, roadways, people move from one place to the other,
but the economy is rooted as small village republics, and every
village republic is self-sufficient, and they are able to produce and consume it
within themselves, so, the exploitation is less. But for two thousand years the society hasn’t changed at
all. So, this society will never be prepared for revolution. And they are semi-barbaric because
they are worshiping monkeys and cow. – And so the British are doing the right thing.
– So he supported colonialism. – British are doing the right thing by demolishing the society and economy.
– They’re preparing them for revolution. He even quoted Goethe to say that painful
destruction, but there’s pleasure in this destruction also. Other than saying it that between Colonialism
and Communism, there was no difference. Between Capitalism and Communism there is no difference because
all are moving towards a destination which is biblical. – The Communist utopia
is similar to that. – And Hegel’s idea of a perfect society,
-It’s similar to this. – It’s similar to this. In fact, both Capitalism and
Communism drew inspiration out of Hegel. – Hegel, yes. Now coming to that, all this
resulted in Globalization. But Francis Fukuyama warned that
there’s something wrong in this economics. It is only 80% right. There is a 20%
missing element. That is culture. He put it beautifully. He wrote the first book
in 1992, he wrote the second book in 1994. So, The Economist magazine wrote
on the second book: ‘he wrote the first book as End of History,
the second book is the end of Economics.’ You see the threat they see in culture? if
you look at culture, it’s end of economics. But Fukuyama is right, because
the subsequent developments proved that you cannot have one-size-fits-all
model for development, which is what Communism said, which is what Capitalism said,
which is what Karl Marx said, which is what Max Weber said, because they all theorized only the Christian society. Even
within the Christian society they could not bring it about. – They tried to universalize it to all humans.
– Universalize it. But the one thing in the West is, they also know where they are going wrong, but
they’ll never admit they’re going wrong. So, in the year 2005, there was
a stunning development. The G20 nations, finance ministers
and central bank governors met, And they issued a statement in Beijing, that this
one-size-fits-all model for development is not working. Each nation will have to work out
its own model of development, consistent with its specific
characteristics. – I tell you, nobody even noticed it at all. And such a powerful forum as G20.
– Yes, that’s a huge statement to make. Well before 2008 crisis, the western
economists, institutions market operators knew that
2008 crisis, but the moment they mentioned it the crisis would be there
on hand. So, they wanted to postpone it as long as possible. Then, in 2008 the World Bank who had just
been canvassing for the last 50 years for this one-size-fits-all model, in fact, they used
the word one-size-fits-all model, it won’t work. World Bank said, we’ve learned in the hard way
in our working in the last several decades, that this one-size-fits-all model is not working. For
an institution like us to say it, is very painful. But still we say, it is not working. Not a single article
was written in India about this by any Economist. – Because we were too much invested in that model.
– Except me. I only kept writing about it. I said, the world is no giving up, the West is giving
up that its the model for all. They are giving it up. Begin thinking about it.
No one even noticed it. The 2008 crisis did shake up.
Because this World Bank statement was made in June 2008. In 2008,
October, November, this crisis came. Even then, nobody noticed it.
But in 2010 the United Nations said that
what we have done is wrong, this one-size-fits-all model is no good, we should
drop it. Completely reversing 1951’s statement. In 2013 in the general assembly debate of United Nations,
you must see that debate, country after country, saying, what is our identity
without our culture? Without our traditions, without
our value systems? So, we cannot have an economic
model nor development nor satisfaction – Nor happiness, without that being linked to our culture.
– Wonderful. So, the United Nations they said the Millennium
Goal, they said it is development with culture. This still to inform the national debates
anywhere in the world, but this is the position. To help me, you can go to the
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  27. Yes, the western one size fit model really went wrong in India during demonetisation as rightly pointed by Sri Gurumurthyji in his earlier videos and even IMF was quick to respond in favour of it. However, economists/intellectuals hardly gave any importance to it. Pranam to both stalwarts

  28. I listened to the illuminating and inspiring speech Rajiv Malhotra gave in the British Parliament. I suppose that he can do a great favor to India by creating a platform for debates and brainstorming about how to improve the governance of Indian democracy. The present framework of the Constitution of India was written around late 1940's following the British parliamentary system. In last 70 years, India has grown in population by 4 times, number of political parties has increased by almost two orders of magnitude, there is an erosion of intellectualism among politicians (in comparison to Nehru era), India is competing against China and other far-East Asian countries that are extremely well-managed, politicians generally lack education and training, and so on. The concept of western democracy was founded in smaller European countries having one-tenth of India's population. This model fails in larger countries with huge diversity, staggering poverty, limited literacy, and so on. An unrestrained democracy with multiple combating political parties lead to the formation of coalition governments that struggle to survive and cannot undertake long-term constructive projects to forge the country forward.

    Modernization of Indian democracy can be mooted through concerted discourses and deliberations by Indian intellectuals both in India and abroad providing the parliamentarians to upgrade the constitutional framework. Such open discussions will promote numerous questions that warrant reviewing.

    Should the central government be strengthened by holding the national election once in 10 years?
    Should the state elections remain once in 5 years to foster new political ideologies?
    Should politicians be required to attend special administration institutes to improve effectiveness in their executive role?
    Should there be a threshold requirement in terms of the number of parliament seats for a party to have the national status? Should there be multiple (4 or 5) autonomous zones in India being led by separate deputy prime ministers?

    Many such important issues need to be publicly debated to enable Indian democracy for the future viability in terms of political stability, sustained economic growth, effective governance, utilization of human capital, and so on.

    Pinaki Mazumder
    Ann Arbor, Michigan

  29. Can a reference be given where Communism postulates women should be nationalised stated : @ 16:40 mnts in this discussion??!

  30. can anyone please provide me a entire playlist link of "financial modeling lectures by gurumurthy ji in IIT Mumbai".

  31. S Gurumurthy's argument for a Desi Economics rests entirely on his belief of Calvinistic origin of capitalism as stated by Max Weber.
    Well, here is Nobel Laureate economist F A Hayek, interviewed by another Nobel Laureate economist James Buchanan, and watch this video from 20 minutes and 8 second mark where Hayek explicitly says that Max Weber was COMPLETELY WRONG in his thesis of Calvinistic origins of Capitalism.

  32. We r relation based society, an aggrerian society , emotional – cultural bonded human beings……….we shud have our own system of solving our problem rather than just coping the west……….
    Westenres dont hv family concept, they found us an emotional and family beings….they did not like this and tried to intellectually make us feel that we r inferior ………………we started thinking as they wanted…………..WE shud understand that humans r not machines, we have emotions n bonding…………..every sucess in any field has emotions and loved ones attached ………..they are inseperable………….a joint family is a boon………..we shud not think it as a burden…………our concept of joint family makes us so tolerable beings on this planet…………………..i dont agree with the so called modern slogan as "do whatever makes u happy n dont bother about others, bcaz others will hv anyway to say someting…………just be yourself, I, Me, Mine………"———————its very wrong……………we are brought up the philosphy of "Sarva sukhinav bhuvantu"—-meaning let everybody become happy……………bcaz we are also part of everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! c the philosophical difference………………..

  33. Rajivji i can't express my feelings for you in words, you are silently doing great service to the cause of Bharat. Your sacrifices will definitely turn in sweet fruits in coming years. Jai Santana Dharma

  34. Who are the idiots who believe that you are free in India? If I get killed today, I will get justice in Canada way-way faster than anyone in India! I don't know what these guys are smoking. Our politicians won't make CBI independent. Police system is corrupt to the core…Visa queue for immigrating out of India is growing every day…

  35. These discussions have to come on mainstream media…we must de-colonize our social and economic theories..and create our own models of development…

  36. अगर हिंदी में भी वीडियो बनायें; तो अधिक लोग लाभान्वित होंगे।

  37. i am just in awe with this guys. Every video of his is an eye opener for me and i believe for every Indian who wants to know their roots. He is empowering average Indian with the Grand India Narrative which was distorted deliberately by colonial rulers Nehru, leftist authors like Romila Thappr , westerners and more importantly their implanted sepoys for years. The govt still has a herculean task to correct the history books which treats our freedom fighters like Veer Sawarkar, Bhagat Singh and many more as terrorist. Each Hindus should do more research on our ancient scriptures to be enlightened and be able to stand firm and not be apologetic to western world. #LearnSanskrit #BelieveInYourHeritage #ReintroduceHinduismToHindu

  38. It is a pity that there are very few to tell the truth. Strange that daily
    Like The Hindu never open its pages to thinker like gurumurhthy

  39. I hate Christianity. Most destructive man made fake religion after muslim religion.
    Let me make it clear, I don't hate white people (or any colour people) who follow this fake religion. They are not at fault. Their system is at fault. I hate this system.

  40. The real culprit was nehru who made our education system as one who are leftism alone brilliant. It is the critical time to throw his non Indian family to Italy.

  41. S Gurumurthy is the person who has understood the complex layers of Hinduism beautifully. I wonder people should listen him much more to understand its nuances instead of intellectually hollow gibberish of Tharoor's 'Why i am a Hindu'…

  42. I have a question for ur specialist gurumurthyji . I recently read UN CENSUS PREDICTATION for 2050 . IT is available online for public . IT says HINDUISM IS GOING TO BE EXTINCT by 2050 ! Can ur specialist explain this ?urgent please

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