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Intersectional feminism. It’s all the rage
on campus and on social media, but what is it? And is its new popularity a welcome development?
Coming up next on the Factual Feminist. Suddenly intersectionality is on the boards.
News stories are turning up everywhere. Intersectional theory was first developed in the 1970s and
1980s by a group of African American feminist scholars and activists. They accused the women’s
movement of neglecting black women and of misunderstanding oppression. Pathologies like
and racism and sexism, they said, are not separate systems—they connect and overlap—and
create a complex arrangement of advantages and burdens. White women, for example, are
penalized for their gender—but privileged by their race. Black men, suffer from their
race, but garner advantage from their gender. Black women—are in double-jeopardy—they
are disadvantaged by both race and gender. Patricia Hill Collins, professor at the University
of Maryland and former president of the American Sociological Association, is one of the chief
architects of intersectionality theory. The textbook she co-authored describes the United
States as a “matrix of oppression.” Beneath a veneer of freedom and opportunity, there
lies a rigid system of privilege and domination. Now most Americans don’t see it, but Collins
and her co-author alert students to the fact that the true nature of their society has
been hidden from them. “Dominant forms of knowledge have been constructed largely from
the experiences of the most powerful.” The text promises to introduce students to deeper
“subordinated truths” by avoiding what it calls “Western” and “masculine”
styles of thinking which could obscure these truths. According to the theory, those who are most
oppressed have access to deeper, more authentic knowledge about life and society. In short:
members of privileged groups (especially white males) should not only check their privilege,
but listen to those they have oppressed—because those groups possess a superior understanding
of the world. Initially, the primary focus of intersectional
feminism was on black women. But the number of victims quickly multiplied. This graphic
from a popular Women’s Studies textbook includes 14 or 15 marginalized identities. The Factual Feminist is concerned. Now there
are social scientists who use a sensible, non-politicized version of intersectionality
to understand complex social identities—I have no quarrel with them. But what concerns
me is how intersectional feminism is taught and practiced on the college campus. I have
many objections—I will limit myself to three.   Problem 1: It’s a Conspiracy theory: If
intersectionality theory were merely a reminder to be sensitive to different kinds of social
advantages and disadvantages, that would be fine. But it is much more than that. It is
an all-encompassing theory of human reality– constructed to be immune to criticism. If
you question it, that only proves you don’t understand it—or are just part of the problem
it seeks to correct. That is why articles by skeptics almost never
appear in textbooks like these. And certain groups—men, for example—are sinners who
are marked with a capital P. If they dare to question the theory they will be told to
check their privilege. Their job is to atone for their unearned advantages and learn from
those they have oppressed. Some men are really taking this to heart. Consider this tweet: @arthur_affect–As a dude who cares about
feminism sometimes I want to join all men arm-in-arm & then run off a cliff and drag
the whole gender into the sea Problem 2: Victim creep: According to this
theory, victimization confers wisdom, moral authority, and prestige. So—in places where
intersectionalists gather—on campus and on social media—there is now a mad scramble
for victim status. I first saw this theory in action in 1992
at the annual meeting of the National Women’s Studies Association in Austin, Texas. The
conference organizers had imbibed the lessons of intersectional feminism and were struggling
to honor all identities. Participants were told to assemble in small groups based on
their healing needs—Asian-American Women, African-American Women, Old Women, Jewish
lesbians, Disabled Women, Fat Women. But none of these groups proved stable. The fat group
polarized into gay and straight factions. Members of the black lesbian group could not
get along—those who had white partners were called out for their privilege and had to
form a separate group. And new identities emerged: A group of  “Women with Allergies,”
formed a caucus and issued a set of demands about not wearing dry-cleaned clothing or
hairspray. It was a conference of scholars—but we did
not resolve all the anger through rational discussion. Instead, intersectionality created
new reasons for anger and devoured itself. The conference ended with songs and healing
rituals. Problem 3: Bullying: Intersectionality tells
us that white males are in charge of the “capitalist, white supremacist, patriarchy” and enjoy
the most “unearned privilege.” On many campuses, that has given marginalized victims
permission to treat them badly. Ironically,members of the insider victim class now routinely
do to others what they accuse the privileged class of doing to them: they stereotype, demonize,
shame, and silence people. But, as often happens with morally inflamed
groups, they soon turn on one another. In 2014, the Nation magazine ran a story about
a conference at Barnard College for feminist bloggers. Now the participants were immediately
denounced by a Twitter mob as “a cabal of white opportunists,” even though it included
several women of color. The very act of holding the conference was considered discriminatory:
it privileged people who lived in New York City and excluded indigenous women, mothers,
veterans. women who are not on-line. The Nation quotes a participant who compared it to a
“Maoist hazing.” Such hazings are now the norm in the feminist blogospheres. If you have wondered why there are so many
millennials on campus are telling people to check their privilege, demanding trigger warnings,
calling people out for micro aggressions, and retreating to safe spaces, here is my
theory: They are in the grips of a conspiracy theory
and have succumbed to the cult of intersectionality. There are human rights catastrophes that bear
directly on race and gender. Black male incarceration in the United States comes to mind, as does
gender apartheid in many Muslim societies. But intersectional theory isn’t uniting
people around urgent humanitarian crises. It is dividing rather than uniting. It is
leading large numbers of talented, idealistic students at the highly privileged intersections
of American colleges to focus on themselves and to enact psychodramas. It’s turning
them inward—away from a world that needs them. Please let me know  your thoughts on intersectional
feminism in the comments section. Do you agree with my analysis? Am I missing something?
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  1. But it's so introspective and self-focused and doesn't look outward for the most part, at the serious issues facing women around the globe.

    Can you do videos about more global feminism? I never hear about that. Does it even exist on a large scale? The media is just overrun with feminism focused mainly on the West.

  2. "Dominant forms of knowledge have been constructed largely from the experiences of the most powerful"
    The winner writes history. What's wrong with that?

    "Dominant narratives can try to justify the oppression of different groups, but the unwritten, untold, subordinated truth can be a source for knowledge in pursuit of social justice"
    That, to me, reads "Listen to all sides, for no one can see the whole by oneself". That's a smart thing. We should question everything and hear people's point of views, no?

    I can't quite grasp exactly what they mean about rationality, but what the text shown DOES NOT say is that "the most oppressed have access to a MORE DEEP, MORE AUTHENTIC knowledge", and the fact that nothing is shown to substantiate that claim makes me very suspicious.

    The basic principle of intersectionalism seems obvious to me. We are the product of genetics and our natural and cultural environment. That means being bullied if we're fat or ugly. Being target of prejudice if we're not white in a mostly white society, etc. That shapes who we are and how other people treat us. To deny that is to absolutely deny the existence of any kind of prejudice, which seems very arrogant, dishonest and stupid.

  3. Intersectionality doesn't make any sense as Black Men are punished for being Black and punished for being Men.

  4. When one checks the reading lists of these people who embrace intersectional 'feminism' will not see any single classical philosophical work there. It is only Foucault, Deridda, Butler, Lacan, and all the post-modern junkbonds they sell in universities. I have never seen any SJW citing Locke, Mill, Emerson, Hobbes… well, not even Marx counts among them! Political philosophy starts from 1960 and on… before that there is nothing but 'male oppression' and 'white supremacy'. Even people like Martin Luther King are regarded as 'not all inclusive', and they are frowned upon for simply admiring the great works of white men, including ancient Greek thinkers. Because it is easy to read Foucault and Butler; you absorb them within a month and you pretend you are a philosopher. But it takes time and a lot of effort to focus on Locke and Kant!

  5. Thank you for this explanation. Up until now I thought intersectional feminism was what those grainy 70's videos that makes the rounds at frat parties featured

  6. Wow, in the end fear and hate are very powerful. Especially when your goal or agenda is not genuine and meant to subjugate and harm others who are not like you. There's room for everyone at the table whether you believe it or not.

  7. I'm not sure if this is a fair representation of intersectional theory, but after looking at the mire of nonsense on wikipedia…..I'm perfectly willing to just take Sommers at her word. Of all the videos I have ever seen this one is certainly the most enlightening. It explains so much, and with such a simple concept. It reminds me of the movie Inception in that regard, but, unlike Inception, I actually understood this video. This is borderline Orwellian IMO. Why are we teaching this?

  8. I feel that everyone should be heard and represented but, this movement is divisive and scapegoats and labels specific groups, ie white feminism, while not seeking practical solutions. Your videos are always very informative and helpful. Thank you.

  9. My earthly name is Arthur. It shall be Arthur until I die.
    I shall not be caged in a box, nor labeled by my inferiors.
    For I am Arthur.

  10. It makes sense to learn about a thing from someone who has lived it. I would lecture a cancer survivor on taking enough anti oxidants or an old person to just move faster or a poorer person to value freedom more than bread… I should shut up until I'am asked for my opinion. Experience wins over opinion, 10/10. Academics is a whole other thing. But I personally would check thrice before taking a white man's word over a black woman's essay on black feminism and oprression.

  11. I especially don't like the end of the speech. Inward as opposed to outwards. Both matter, and intellectual discussions always switch between the two and when new ideas are ripe become the new standard and worldview. It is like a wave and every once in a while the inward thinking gets pretty intense and a new social norm is born of it. It happened during enlightenment, start of the twentieth century. It doesn't always lead to good. like communism or Übermensch but it is inevitable for progress.

  12. Intersectionality is awesome it created its own divisive ideology leaving feminists divided. When will the conquering begin?

  13. My thinking is that the world is way too developed. If all we have is this ridiculous infighting over who is more oppressed than who. Obviously these people don't have enough to do with their time and energy. If they were fighting just to put food on the table and clothe their children. This would be a non-event. When did this start? Think about it. It started with the industrial revolution when machines took over the bulk of the work and the population suddenly had time to sit back and look at their neighbours. They have more than us. If that's so, then they must be oppressing us.. Race or gender doesn't come into it. Someone will, for one reason or other be better off than another.

    I'm not religious, was once but not anymore. Whoever it reminds me of a saying…. Idle minds are the devils playground. Or the other … Idle hands are the devils tools. Stop blaming others for your own situation. Take steps to improve yourself and own your decisions. Be responsible for your actions. You have to take a certain amount of responsibility for what happens in your life.

    If you constantly walk across the road without looking then there's a fair chance someone in a car will run you over. It isn't totally the car drivers fault, although the culture theses days is, IT IS ALWAYS SOMEONE ELSES FAULT THAT I'M WHERE I AM.

    Take responsibility for your own actions first, then you can look elsewhere.

    People who have nothing better to do than to cause this stupid ruckus need to check their reality.

    Privilege is a line and there is always someone in front of you in that line. Radical Feminist will have you believe that ALL white men are up front, shoulder to shoulder across the line stopping anyone from getting past. Well from where I stand in the line, there are a hell of a lot of females white, black and brindle that are up in front of me. What feminism is saying that it is OK for women to be able to jump the queue to be equal, and these women are in front of me. I'm a retired plumber and these women are professors, lawyers, politicians or radical university student with not enough work load to keep them busy. Just how much more equal do they want to be from me a mere white male breaking his back to feed his children then because the wife decides she want to trade up and jump the line, I'm left in debt and to struggle to put food on my table and a roof over my head. I have no time for these PRIVILEGED parasites. I'm too busy just surviving this world.

  14. This was just a major rant criticizing intersectional feminism. I feel I know less about it than i did before now. Misleading title to say the least.

  15. this white woman is extremely problematic. She needs to understand her hateful attitudes to non white women people.

  16. Thank you Factual Feminist. Your conclusion sums up the problem with feminism and all "fights" for the rights of "marginalised" factions…

    The concept of positive rights is the core problem. It places all "activists" in a bidding war for a share of the zero-sum pie of big government. Like beggars all trying to look more pitiful and deserving than the next.

    Let the victim olympics commence!

    This also provides the logical explanation for them all supporting the interminable enlargement of government, taxation and its powers… Make the pie bigger, so we can claim a larger share!

  17. "The idea that objectivity is best reached only through rational thought is a specifically Western and masculine way of thinking—-one that we challenge throughout this book."
    Stop right there, and give me my money back. Rational thought, critical thinking, the ability to categorise, connect, and critique ideas is here portrayed as a thing not to be trusted…when it is literally the best system for open enquiry…if you don't use that…then it's just whatever anyone says it is, and all explanations, including patently false ones are equally valid. Painful. I can't believe this is even in a textbook! I am sure many people agree that the idea of intersectionality has some valid points to make but if you claim that rational thought itself is oppressive and inherently bad or not to be followed then you're arguing for intellectual anarchy…which is just the opposite of learning, it's mental decay.

  18. This video is actually more problematical than explanatory, the analysis and theories in my opinion are untrue. Intersectional feminism aims to bring to light many issues that womyn face specifically those of colour as a result of historic discrimination on the basis of race and gender. it does not seek victims nor does it unnecessarily critics. Today's society overlooks how race and gender has disadvantaged womyn of color through the illusion of "equality". Intersectional feminism arises awareness on the errors of equality and promotes equity instead, also it does educates those who speak feminism in the broad sense without taking into consideration the reality of an average working class black womyn that does not have the privilege some of us have in society. Its worth noting that intersectionality speaks for the unheard voices of the average womyn and it does not cause divisions based on race or class despite popular belief

  19. Generally a great summary and analysis of intersectionality. I would add one more problem to your list (because I think it is a BIG one), and that is that intersectional theorists deny rational discourse and logical thinking as some sort of vestige of the patriarchy. As a result you can't talk with them or reason with them. Absolute insanity.

  20. First of all, the concept of intersectionality was introduced by Kimberle Crenshaw. She is an African American legal scholar. Patricia Hill Collins came way later. Secondly, Intersectional feminism gives us an opening to challenge white liberal feminism. Being a white, upper-middle class liberal feminist, you won't understand or relate to the challenges faced by women of different races and classes and ethnicities. Intersectional Feminism effectively points out the uniqueness and differences among women all around the world; instead of homogenizing all women with a monochromatic shade, intersectionality highlights the polychromatic shades of women.

  21. Terms like "toxic masculinity" or "Microaggression" sound an awful lot like Thought Crime from George Orwell's 1984. Social Justice Warrior is just a fancy term for Thought Police.

  22. Social Dominance Theory makes sense but Intersectionality makes no sense at all based on historical facts and data.

  23. These days its something used by white girls to play minorities as pawns in their little games..and if I here one more basic white girl who acts like feminists were a huge supporter in the gay rights in the early days imma lose my shit

  24. As a hard anti-feminist a appreciate this informed and elaborated talk. I hope you do not feel offended to hear that I as a white heterosexual male, as human trash, am grateful for a calm voice the times of irrationality.


  26. People talk a lot about the hiring policies of various companies. But I want to know more about the proportions of people who are applying in the first place. If the majority of people applying for a job are white men, wouldn't that mean you will naturally be more likely to end up with a black man in the job?

  27. wow, white feminism at its greatest! Exactly the feminist appropriation and making black women "the problem" that exclude themselves from the movement that bell hooks is raising in her first book.

  28. White Feminism that doesn't help other women = Bad
    Intersectional feminism that encourages groups of people to support positive change for all = Good
    When Feminism seems to only benefit white women and not all other women. I can see why the term Intersectionality would come around.
    I would have to say extreamist of all types exist across the board. This woman is extremely manipulative by her tone and what she highlights and or under highlights.
    I disagree with your view point is largely skewed.

  29. People watching this video do not get what intersectional feminism is. It is about creating equal opportunities for people, regardless of gender, race, ability, sexuality, and such. It is NOT about hating white men, men, or people who have privilege. It is about helping those who ARE disprivileged by helping raise them up to equality. This movement was about helping the oppressed, so why does it get so confused to the point where it's still about the privileged?
    And no, this woman is not a feminist. She doesn't care about the rights of certain groups that are oppressed, because this doesn't wholly affect her. This is, sadly, the case with a lot of people.
    And no, women hating men is not feminism. This is sexism as well. It's not that hard to understand.
    For those of you who understand that this is an issue:
    "I'm inviting you to step forward, to be seen, and ask yourself,
    If not me, who?
    If not now, when?"-Emma Watson
    Thank you.

  30. As soon as anyone mentions intersectionality, white privilege, white guilt, white supremacy, check your privilege or any of those egregious SJWisms I know instantly they are an NPC and can therefore be ignored!

  31. You know, I googled this term, and I still don't know what the
    hell it is.
    This is such crap.
    I'm sick to mot*e*r fu*k*n death
    of hearing about how priviledged
    the white male is supposed to be.
    You imbeciles have your lives on
    ass backwards for one thing.
    Why don't you brainiacs first investigate the phrase –

  32. If an individual must "identify" with an oppressed group to have knowledge or understanding of that particular oppression, then true human empathy would be impossible. Isn't the point of Intersectionalism to foster and increase empathy in society? If straight, white males have "blinders" on simply in lieu of their gender, race and sexual orientation then why even bother trying to reach them at all? As a straight, white male, I don't need to be an African-American woman to understand that racial and sexual oppression exists for her and to learn about that oppression, historically, and be able to study it and research it, etc. I don't need direct personal experience to know about oppression. True, I don't know what it FEELS like to be an oppressed African-American woman, but I believe Intersectionalists mistake direct, personal feeling for knowledge and understanding.

  33. Thank you so much for your balanced and hopeful feminism. I am a grad student in Anthropology and feel gaslighted by the intersectionality argument! all this new wave of social theory accomplishes is a fractured, self involved, ocean of victims. The only logical conclusion of intersectional theory reductio ad absurdium is the individual! Logical feminism and race conversations are silenced by an ever growing sea ideologues unwilling to call a spade a spade. Do race and gender dictate our interactions in the world, of course, does putting our differences on a pedestal create an environment of acceptance and understanding, of course not.

  34. thanks so much for this video. I have lost one of my oldest female friends to this cult. The amount that she used to police my language whilst we were just sitting at home due to it being "very problematic" – i.e the problem being my unearned privileged position as a cis white male who was speaking – it just got too much. Ironically, she completely shut down my means of expressing myself as an individual as I was always seen as 'part of a larger oppressive group' and my words were consistently taken out of context. Another irony is that she completely disregarded the cultural nuance of how we folk from Liverpool speak. We are very loose and expressive when having casual conversations, which is exactly what these were, yet she tried to apply academic scrutiny to me whilst I was cooking in the kitchen. This is because of how readily and constantly she self-identified as a victim whilst identifying me as part of the oppressive privileged group, thus setting us up as constant foes.

  35. ALL oppression is self induced. Just as a person who calls him or her self a Christian is self-oppressed by Christian doctrine the feminist is self-oppressed by feminist doctrine. ALL IDEOLOGIES are held by the ideologue as true, defends them and therefore has ended their inquiry, they have stopped learning, they believe they know. Why they/we do this may not be obvious; most likely it is out of fear, notoriety, self hate, sex hate, confusion, fatigue, mental emotional exhaustion, conditioning of the child's mind, or perhaps all of the above. Inquiring, through observing ones way of thinking is perhaps one way of finding out which may lead one to ending ones own self-oppression simply through self-awareness.

  36. Ha ha… Ha ha.
    The black lesbians called out the other black lesbians, that had white partners.
    What happened to accepting people just the way they are?

  37. I know it kind of buys into the concept and you might just be baiting me. But don't actually understand why as someone heavily educated and reflective of the ways in which people are and aren't generalised bothers making this distinction: "If you have wondered why there are so many 'millenials' on campus telling people to check their privilege etc etc" – makes me wonder if you're drinking the anti-millenial coolade yourself. If you're aware of a problem with bullying when describing people you consider to be creating a problem, why single out people born from this year to that year. As as a champion-er of fact, Do I treat your age group as a reason your analysis should be more or less valuable? No. So when you generalise that a pretty arbitrarily distinguished denomination of academics are particularly culprits of a behaviour without at all backing it up with a fact, it just kind of contradicts the point of your analysis IMO. But maybe I'm just another triggered idiot right?

  38. just sitting here like ah this is cool just an unbiased woman giving an instructional vid about inters- AH SHIT SHES A CONSERVATIVE

  39. By the sound of it, it seems intersectional feminism will implode on itself via the race to the bottom of victimhood status.

  40. We are all individuals with individual responsibilities. We earn rights/privilege by being individually responsible. Anything else is tribalism.

  41. I ended up here looking for the other side of the argument. (I don't want to end up in my own echo-chamber). I can't find any. Is it possible that all those people are getting only one side of the argument too, the other side?

  42. She is obviously the victim of a western white male patriarchal structure. Using antiquated tools such as reason and logic. She is in deep need of an Iowaska experience to open her mind to the unspeakable wisdom of the universe. Once she rejects the constructs of human language and embraces the rainbow of transcendental splendor, then she to will be enlightened. LMFAO !!! Wheres the hemlock !!! I'd rather die then embrace their Intersectional bullshit.

  43. I took a girl out the other night who started talking about white privilege and male privilege, and that I should get on board with intersectional feminism. She then started defending Islam and saying that Christianity is racist, sexist and homophobic.

    I did my best to not even engage.

    As the night when on, and we had more drinks, she literally got out of control. Started immediately telling me never to tell her what to do (even when just talking), became very confrontational, and was just completely unreasonable and argumentative for no reason.

    She eventually flipped out over nothing and stormed off into the darkness. I found out later she’s a stripper and had websites where she posts naked videos and pics of herself for money.

    Moral of the story – intersectional feminists, or 3rd and 4th wave feminist… early warning sign.

  44. A brilliantly thought out, informative and intelligent video. How can you fight past hate with more future hatred and demonisation? The lecturers teaching this have a responsibility to the Young minds that rely on them to not manipulate facts in this way.

  45. This video says NOTHING substantial about intersectional feminism, it's just straw-manning and complaining about a form of the ideology that doesn't exist.

    The ideology of insectional feminism does not actually rationally produce the consequences you critique, but the people who claim to be intersectional feminists happen to be somewhat aligned with those consequences. Thus the ideology must be wrong, despite not being the cause of the problem.

    It's an oversimplification of intersectionality to claim it constructs a binary system of "privilege" and "disadvantage" when the point is that traditional feminism is prone to oversimplification and fails to recognize the complexity of identity. You are accusing intersectionality of being just race politics and gender politics at the same time, but that would actually be just that: race and gender simultaneously. Intersectionality is saying that there's a much more complex web behind prejudice, and thusly the way prejudice affects power in society.

    Also, the idea is that those who are oppressed in a different way gives them a more authentic knowledge of the oppressive forces acting on them. Not just that being quantitatively "more oppressed" gives them more knowledge about "society", again your vagueness obscures that actually underlying philosophy. What is being "more oppressed" mean? What is a "greater understanding of the world"? The point is that oppressors should listen to the oppressed because, obviously, the pressure benefits from the oppression, and as such cannot be objective. You're subtly strawmaning a complex ideology into "white man bad" which it is not.

    Again look at the graph you presented closer. The point of that graph is not "look at all these oppressed groups!" Its "look how society creates binaries that privilege one side over another, yet no single one of these binaries exclusively belongs to one person." It's right there in front of you and you're ignoring it because it's easier to argue against a non-existent stupid ideology than a real one.

    And then you literally say that there are social scientists who use it effectively to understand complex social identities! WTF? you're not actually criticizing an ideology in a video that claims to be criticizing an ideology!

    I give up here at the 3-minute mark, I just assume it gets worse from here. The point is you can't just pretend an ideology is something it isn't because you don't like the types of people who tend to believe it. You say the problem is "how it's taught", but that has nothing to actually do with the concept now does it?

  46. It's amazing that in the 21st century, after we've been telling ourselves and our children that it doesn't matter what your gender is or what color your skin is, what matters is your ideas and your actions, that the left has made a 180 and is now preaching the opposite, that group identity is the defining aspect of your humanity. Scary shit.

  47. An academic, financially stable, white lady saying that intersectional Feminism is bad… wow… ground breaking…

  48. So explain to me how come in the U.K the head of the commission for racial equality in the u.k. Trevor Phillips said the most underperforming group in the u.k. is white, working class boys. He’s black by the way. Kind of blows out intersectionality. He’s a black man by the way.

  49. This lady is a breath of reason! Wish there's more recent videos of her take on these issues since it's 2019 now.

  50. I can't believe you just criticized intersectional feminism defining it a conspiracy theory. Who are you? How can you define yourself as a feminist?

  51. The intersectionality among illegal aliens, sanctuary cities, and child rape — a case study

    Illegal Immigrants Drive Child Sex Crime Charges in North Carolina
    North Carolina data indicates massive hidden problem nationwide
    By Charlotte Cuthbertson July 17, 2019

  52. Is that why Christianity has become toxic to the progressives? What happened to the golden rule? Real women who care about their families should bring up their children to be fair-minded, hard-working, and responsible citizens, not fragile, self-centered snowflakes.Let's start with dusting of the Ten Commandments.

  53. I just watched a video about this in India, but its not Christians its Hindus that they say are the oppressors. This is insanity!

  54. Once there's a SHIT HIT THE FENCE (SHTF!) scenario all this gender stuff will go out the window..IT WILL BE SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST!.Universal Law or Reality will hit your face…

  55. Got to call B.S. here. Focus on acquiring skills and good things will come regardless of were one fits socially. For example, there is a reason we don't hear about affirmative action in professional sports.

  56. It's disturbing to me that you would classify someone as oppressor or oppressed based purely on a part of their identity instead of on behavior and specific situations.

    If a man wants to become a nanny, do you think he's advantaged or disadvantaged compared to a woman?
    If a man encounters a cop, do you think he is advantaged or disadvantaged compared to a woman?
    If a man is on a sinking ship, do you think he is advantaged or disadvantaged compared to a woman?
    If a man goes on a date with a woman, do you think he is advantaged or disadvantaged financially?
    If a man wants to speak about women's issues with feminists, do you think he is advantaged or disadvantaged?
    If a man needs shelter from abuse, do you think he is advantaged or disadvantaged compared to a woman?

    What I think happens when you identify as 'oppressed' is that you start to see discrimination everywhere and that you become blind to your own discrimination. You will feel attacked all the time and you will attack because of that and because of your own presumed innocence.

    Yes discrimination exists, but it is so complex. You have to look at the specific situation and even then you can often not be sure if there is discrimination at play. Often you can only see it when looking at the bigger picture (data).

  57. I'm autistic. I deal with plenty of challenges of my own. Some personal, some societal. After highschool, I believed that if you weren't autistic, you were a bully, and basically wanted domination over others. I began to rationalize my situation, turning to psychology and philosophy as a coping mechanism. Eventually, I chilled out. I realized that just because you went through shit doesn't mean you can do no wrong. You can still be greedy if you're poor, just as an example. Whatever "oppression" you went through doesn't make you entitled to special treatment or special passes on your own behavior. And this includes me. However, Autism is still technically a disability and I'm trying to figure out a balance between special needs and equal accountability. I try to apply what I learned about equality to the subject of feminism as I believe feminism goes by the same toxic ideology I went through, us vs them. However, I believe there are differences between just being female and being autistic. So I apply the rule that whatever ideal you wish to see being genuinely acted upon means you must hold yourself to higher standards of behavior and action.

  58. Intersectionality is simply a war on western values. It only seeks to destroy not make the world a better place. There’s a reason it ignores the actual problems occurring in the world.

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