Internet Heroes of Genius: Corporate Social Media Manager

Bud Light Presents: Internet Heroes of Genius ♪ Internet Heroes of Genius! ♪ Today we salute you, Corporate Social Media Manager. ♪ Corporate Social Media Manager! ♪ When corporate execs can't handle the online bullying anymore, they hire you to clap back at the haters. ♪ Shutting down those mean trolls! ♪ Shakespeare. Tolstoy. Hemingway. Of history's greatest writers, only you have mastered the brand voice of a Twitter account for almond milk. ♪ Sassy, but not too mean! ♪ It's tough when everyone online thinks that if they complain in "all caps," you'll give them a free shirt. ♪ Sorry, that's not how it works, Dad! ♪ So, crack open an ice cold Bud Light, oh Manager of Mentions. You're the thankless artist of a 280-character canvas. ♪ Corporate Social Media Manager! ♪

  1. When I was in 8th grade I made a CD with all the Real Men of Genius clips. I am so happy you brought it back Bud Light!

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