International online conference FOR CREATIVE SOCIETY! June 22, Atlanta, USA

good morning my name is olga Schmidt and I'm a participant of allatra international public movement we welcome everyone present here today and those connected to us online for the conference for creative society today we have over a hundred countries connected to us online and you can see them all on the screens here you can read there on the country everyone and we would ask to that please everyone turn off their cell phones just so we do not distract anyone's speech and I would also like to thank everyone for driving here this morning and whoever came from far away places thank you for joining us and now let's welcome our first speaker mr. Ravi wells US presidential candidate 2020 an ambassador for the International Human Rights peace commission mr. wells will speak to people's United commitment to build a constructive world society by peaceful means as expressed at the International Conference Society the last chance on May 11th 2019 voicing his proposal for concrete steps and transformations in this direction of human dignity such a division of American citizens be present in a free country why is an example like this the example of the world or do we have freedom that exists only in the image of our dreams but in reality it is a fake this is a tragedy not only in America I have seen the same situation in other countries if we are a civilized people then why is the level of depression every year why are suicides drug addiction domestic and social violence growing exponentially this is a fake picture of success in happiness behind which is the suffering pain and destruction of our lives aren't we all tired of living like this aren't we tired of the existing in such a society where fear and hatred of each other is imposed on us where we have to survive but not truly live I saw that something was wrong with humanity I was searching for the root of evil I have stood against evil and always strive for peace and for good I wanted to make this world a better place a better place for everyone I saw and understood what problems exist in our world but did not understand how to solve them globally until by the will of fate I came into contact with a lot ROH international public movement that's what I've been dreaming about my whole life already exist next to us and I realized that all of this can be done for everyone people can live in peace and in harmony people can truly be happy people can change the consumer format of society to a constructive and creative one there is an example for this an example of this is allatra people are uniting all over the world as you can see people are acting all together regardless of their country of residence religion or social status people are uniting only on the best of humanity that qualities that distinguish humans from the animals I believe it is time for all of humanity to join the allatra movement and once and for all get rid of what is not human in all of us let us all together unite on the highest human qualities today this task is extremely urgent and critical for each of us we all face the most serious vital challenges in the history of mankind ever we are on the threshold of climate catastrophe which can happen in the coming decade what will it lead to if the consumer format of relations in our society continues to dominate the economies of all the countries will collapse and massive wars for territories and food will begin it will be the most terrifying war in the history of mankind the war for survival the self-destruction of human civilization will begin if we do not die from climate change then we will die from nuclear war this means that with the dominance of the consumer format of relations between countries and between people we are already inevitably dead but we want to live is it possible to change the future now it is and it must be changed by all of us together without wasting any time Oh then will we survive but we will be able to survive as a United human family apart we will die we have to come together in fact in a global sense we have nothing to divide after all we all have one nationality humanity one place of residence the earth the rapid change of the vector of societies developments from the consumer format to the creative and constructed format is the only chance of all of us to survive there is no room for populism and speculation on this topic here we need real concrete actions from each person the future of humanity depends on us the ones that are living we must do everything to ensure that the nations like humanity will survive it is time to base the truth the modern consumer society has come to a dead end think about that we have reached the final point of development of the consumer format we are not even standing over a cliff but we are standing over our own graves and we have one last step to take the only question is whether we take it towards dead or whether we take it towards life development of the consumer format of our civilization began with the Sumerians 6000 years ago and the meaning of it is the immeasurable wealth of a few and the impoverishment of the masses all the history of humankind No to us is built on wars and conquests which gave rise to many big and loud names but history is silenced about the global enslavement of the masses about how for the benefit of a few millions of people were killed so I want you to think about it masses of people were destroyed in order to satisfy the animal appetites of a small bunch of evil individuals animals this history of consumer society is a history of murder and enslavement of mankind and the division of society into rich and poor into those who are free and to those who are slaves is this the light worthy of the title of a human being no it is not look at the world with open eyes everywhere there is a lack of respect for human life irrepressible corporate greed that continues to sell each of us selfishness the desire for power by any means unlimited capital capitalization which leads to the fact that a few get drastically rich due to the impoverishment of the world's entire population and from this we have conflicts Wars inflation debts unemployment and other disasters for all of our people and each of us feels these consequences of the consumer format of our society modern humanity has experienced two world wars tens of millions of people were killed this affected the lives of almost all people except for a very small bunch of nonhumans that earn capital in these wars even today this small group and their descendants are striving for more power they are insatiable if this madness is not stopped now then given the drastic climate change it will end in a huge disaster for Humanity if we do not stop the race of empty bragging between multi-billionaires who want to see who is cooler and who is richer they're insane enrichment by imposing on us people a mindset of excessive consumption destruction of Wars will very quickly lead not only to even greater impoverishment but also to complete destruction of people across our entire planet either all of us together will stop this insane greed in a human or we are all going to die when the inevitable collapse of consumer civilization comes it will be impossible to keep peace on planet earth in modern nuclear war no one will survive think about that there is only one way to resolve this issue we must change the rigid 6,000 year old consumer format of society to a constructive and creative one while there is still a little time to solve this only a few steps just a few need to be taken together with the whole world we must create a united planned economy of a creative constructive world society the beginning of this is the complete cancellation of all debts between countries this includes private loans for citizens of the United States in the entire world sounds pretty good thank you go ahead it will be impossible for one single nation to do this no matter how powerful it might be it takes all the countries to start a new economy from a blank page for people not to lose but only to win and to earn this is possible and we the people we can do this but we can only do it together with the entire world in fact everything can be solved and we all together can solve it it is not difficult to gather the whole world and reach an agreement the most important issue is that we all are alive and living in peace if we do not do this then the insatiable 'ti and greed of the few will push all of mankind against each other in war for the remaining resources in which no one will survive and no one will win all together let's make this decision to build a new relationship between nations and between world economies let us make a planned and unified economy without inflation without lies without the empty profit to those who do absolutely nothing this economy that I speak of is not for the groups it is not for individual corporations it is not for individuals who think they are the rulers of the world it is for the people that are around the world literally everyone you see I am for capitalism but honest ilysm capitalism to enrich all people let's stop living and stealing from each other let's live as one family it is not the rich who should become poor but it is the poor who should become rich then people will live not survive as it is happening today we will not admire those who kill and Rob us but those who create for all of society thank you all together we must and we can create the conditions for a normal and prosperous life for everyone in our large human family a person must work to live but not live to work the United States like other countries in recent years has turned into a debt prison we must remove economic slavery in order to have true freedom a person should enjoy life not live in problems and worries when he is forced to work out his loans with the banks so he has somewhere to go and a roof over his head a person should live not worry what to live on for tomorrow he should wake up in joy not in fear and worries about how to feed his family but yet that's where we are right now a person should have time for spiritual and moral self-development time to engage in sports which I love time to educate children time for their personal life there should be guaranteed jobs and high salaries around the world that will be able to provide all needs of all humans then people will not have to leave their homes in search of a better life this will eliminate the problem of labor migration human life should be worthy everywhere stable prices in fifty and a hundred years the cost of goods and services should be firmly fixed and should be the same everywhere this wins your stood stability throughout the entire world no inflation after all inflation and crisis are created artificially there's created by bankers it is a small banking game to make a few rich and billions of people poor in reality it is stealing from the poor people get into debt and then spend their whole life paying off loans in a constructive society there should not even be the concept of inflation a creative society is for the people and beneficial to all the people this will give a worthy standard of living transparency and openness people should openly control the banking system no offshore banking any more honest taxation there should be no taxes on purchased property it is the property of that person that has already been paid for so why should you continue to have to pay taxes free health care medicine must be free and available worldwide for everyone the United States is the only Western industrialized nation that does not have free health care this will change under my administration there there should be high salaries for doctors and equally high quality of services all over the entire world the doctor should be interested in a healthy lifestyle and prevention of diseases for the entire population not in deceiving the patient and earning money on expensive drugs and unjustified surgeries free education I was an educator for 20 years I know the problems with education training of specialists even in private institution institutions should be paid by the state paid by the government free education from early childhood all the way through college constructed knowledge for literally everyone for all science must get off the rails of the destruction of mankind and stand on the rails of improving the quality of people's lives on the creative rails technology at the service of humanity the modern IT technologies should give freedom to people and serve all of humanity it should not enslave people's minds and make them like controlled robots we've seen this freedom of travel around the world for all people after all in a creative society a single state is part of the large human family it is part of the world with the preservation of its cultural values and historical heritage with the United States leading the way under my leadership we will bring all the nations together to defend humanity from all threats caused by climatic elements and any sort of aggression but we've got to do this together the creative format of society is already beginning to be widely and actively discussed by the international community I am proud that on May the 11th 2019 a historic event took place in the United States right here in Atlanta Georgia it was the first international online conference of the new format society the last chance this was done on the platform of allatra international public movement were people from around the world as you can see openly and honestly spoke about the politicians and the world press that remain silent people voice not only problems but most importantly ways to solve those problems around the world I had the honor of attending and speaking at this conference I got to see in practice that people of different nationalities different religions and social status really just want one thing to live in peace and friendship with each other to live in a creative society we have more in common with each other than we realize in our nation of humanity will achieve greatness for the first time when we stand with a perfect vision in 2020 to erase the lines of division between people around the entire world I hold the tasks set by the international community at this conference on made the 11th 2019 in Atlanta Georgia deep within my heart we truly can do this but only if we do it together it depends on each one of us so my first step is to announce to you today that in 2020 I will be seeking the Democratic party's nomination for president of the United States I am running for president in order to do everything I can to help people around the world transform from that consumer society into a creative society I am running for president to stop this crazy power struggle that has been perverting the world for basically 6,000 years the power which led to many Wars millions of people being killed and slavery of humanity he today the consumer slave system is camouflaged under various high sounding titles and political promises that have become more and more complex freedom must be practiced not written on a piece of paper and I am not running for any kind of power I'm taking responsibility responsibility for the people of America and the free world and literally all the world I want to serve the people because I feel responsible for all of humanity if you only knew I am running to be the president of the United States to feel fulfilled the will of the people and to ensure a worthy future for the citizens of America and for every citizen around the lashes of a divided world and into the glorified glory of a unified people thank you very much our next speaker is miss marina of Cinnabon participant of allatra international public movement and the main speaker at the event Society the last chance Marina will speak about the importance of changing the vector of society's development from a consumer format to your creative good morning thank you so much Olga today indeed there are many people around the world who have woken up those who see and feel the truth and are not being silent those who heal this inner connection this unity with with other and are already acting for the sake of uniting people and building a creative society this was proven by the conference of a new format society the last chance the conference played on may 11th 2019 on the platform of allatra international public movement people themselves in the united states and around the world have felt the need for this global changes in the world society through the online video conference many people from different countries gathered all together as one united family in order to discuss our common to all mankind while vital issues which are happening our large planetary home the main topic of this pattern was the question what threat to the near future brings the consumer format of modern society and how can people themselves all together peacefully reformat the welter of society's development from consumer to creative one while taking into account the existing and impending global problems and challenges of climatic and geopolitical nature all clear minded people of the world understand the definition will create the format of society is the only I repeat the only chance for all of us to survive as humanity the conference created an unprecedented resonance on society a huge support in real actions of people around the world are just the beginning of the growing wave which was generated by the important topics raised during the conference and where its results every day in different countries of the world the number of reasonable people people of goodwill who are involved in the active implementation of this vitally important for all tasks is growing exponentially they unite share ideas knowledge experience and implement your initiative on practice thanks to shared opportunities they all understand that humanity is now at a dead end we are on the verge of global economic and geopolitical collapse during the period of drastic global climate change on the planet which will inevitably affect the lives of every person and all humanity the reality is that like never before we as humanity are very close to the point of self-destruction either through the use of nuclear weapon or as a result of climatic cataclysms but who prevents us the people to make a decision and change everything we begin living like humans as it should be in the civilized world after all only we ourselves with our real actions can help each other in the world why because it is people those who create those who build hard-working people of the world world should make the global decisions about their fate and not a bunch of ego is who live only for their personal interests if they're worth your political games when people would truly know what awaits them in the near future they would know the whole truth about the climate situation and prospects for upcoming years for example as honestly as it is described in the climate report published by electrolyte p.m. on the problems and consequences of global climate change on earth effective ways to solve these problems but this is not public knowledge is it not beneficial for someone to talk about it then I have a questions question for them will it be beneficial for people to leave their homes my great urgency to other areas during climate disaster while the consumer way of thinking will continue to dominate in the global society what can we expect destruction of each other why did we come to the dead end because there is a global game for the public falsehood concealment of actual information the question is who is playing with our lives for us it is life and for them it is a game after all only a few people play big politics if Newton eople played big business but the price for their games with our lives and how can you play with people's lives for the sake of imaginary ambitions and is it allowed on behalf of more than 300 million Americans to say that we want to kill this about people who are supposedly our enemy and who appointed these peoples as our enemies a few politician play to benefit the businessman we could not deviate up a wallet belonging to the people with the same players in those countries but whoever allowed the politician to play with people's lives war is the shame of mankind it is the grief of mothers there are no winners or losers worst carry death that destroys our children but wait in the world there is no such thing as other people's children all children in this world are our children what is the modern consumer format it is the format of the game played by a few with destinies of billions people from all over the world under and that these players got caught up in the game we have had enough enough of your game people all over the world understand that word politicians are messengers to the big businesses in the interest of small groups of people this is wrong this game of divide and conquer has lasted for six thousand years six thousand years we exist under the dictation of this format which is only being improved as a sophisticated form of slavery humanity no longer remembers how it should be how to live human-like accordingly to the conscience although each of us dreams of fair treatment for work ourselves and for people to treat each other with love dignity and respect consumer format kills the most important thing humanists then what is the point of such a humanity in which pride and the darkest and beast divides would stimulate all the negative that is present in human it's bit the life of a civilized society it is a fake game imposed by the system which places in called slavery under human conditions the existence of all those who play and those who get played it's time for everyone to grow up human life is not a game today the technology is used for manipulation and control are failing the system all over the world people are waking up and all those people were silent for many years and beginning to speak out now good decent citizen have always stood aside from revolutions because they understood but behind all this hype has always been someone's desire for power they were smart enough to stand aside from paid political shows but the time has come for them to say a few words enough fighting with consequences it is necessary to eliminate the cause we the people together with the world can make our lives worth him would you all people around the world want to live honestly rightly safely in prosperity to work a little and to earn a lot this is how it should be in a creative highly technologically advanced civilized society let's honestly look at the modern history not only of the United States but of the whole world all the presidents in all countries hiding behind the needs of the people and execute the will of either rich family clans or multi billionaires many of them are good speakers but they only play the role of a free man in public while essentially remaining as the executors of someone's will someone's but not the people isn't that a paradox how can this be happening in a civilized countries aren't they themselves suffer from it all people the president and businessman they're people the same as us they also suffer from their own games but cannot break away from the vicious circle the time has come to break this circle and to start if people who are not members of the clans are not billionaires who are not cut off from society their responsibility for the American people those who are like us those who are one of us who in practice knows the needs of the people invited by the principle of humanists who can break this vicious circle and make sure that the power really belongs to the people so that from now on we no longer have representative of the authorities by executive services those people who fulfill the will of the people and do not strive for power those whose aspiration and desires coincide with the will of people all over the world those who are full of Honor dignity and determination should run for the president in their country who fulfill the aspiration of millions of people so that this humanity has a chance for the future the ones who run for president need to take responsibility and not size power to serve the people not to exploit one if each of us people around the world in their places right now do everything possible to change the consumer format of existence of our world community to a creative one then our descendants will have a future this is our common future this is our adjoint life our planet Earth is too small and fragile during the period of severe challenges we can survive only together as the universal creative harmonious United family this is what people around the world want if people in the whole world say yes then it will be so if people decide then the world will change if the world changes then the future will King on the second Saturday of May 2020 we invite all good and kind people to the universe International Conference Society the last chance where citizens from different countries of the world all together will decide how we all will live in the future this will be a time when all of us jointly all together will be able to approve and adopt the creative and constructive format of society's development we the people of the world ourself with our own hands will create conditions for the development of a creative society in which will flourish stability and abundance in everything there will be no place for hatred between humans and love and friendship will prevail on earth everything depends on society but society is each of us let's change the world together may God bless each of us in this difficult time and Mike may God bless the United States of America and the whole world [Applause] I am happy to introduce our next guest speaker mr. candor Gambier mr. Gambia retired as Indian diplomat he served in India and nine diplomatic missions including Switzerland Brazil Cuba from Washington DC mr. Gambhir now lives in Atlanta and is involved in working with and for many NGOs and NPOs and various social and cultural organizations Georgia Virginia in Washington DC metropolis he has achieved emt Toastmasters award and today he will be sharing his knowledge on how to peacefully change your relationships within world society as a response to the challenges of the global climate of new political issues thank you thank you very much and good morning to all of you and before I start my speech I would like to convey my as well as on behalf of everyone here and in the United States good luck and best wishes for your presidential run I will be speaking today on life is beautiful as it should be and for all at the outside if I may ask all of you what is the precious thing in life what is the precious thing in life diamonds palatial mansion in Hollywood Manhattan or a farmhouse on the green hush Hills absolute the land I don't think so and I think you will all agree with me the most important thing for a man in life is freedom is freedom yes freedom and freedom as a whole even the parrot written will not like to be in the cage even if it is made of gold he also wants to flutter and fly away in the open sky that is what we all human beings also want freedom so I am very strong believer of freedom for all all these possessions what I mentioned above they may be important in their own way I don't mean that they are not important to have a mansion or money or something but most important is freedom and we are going to work with allatra to get that freedom and unity for all the people of the world [Applause] many people's many countries may have gone of course through their own freedom struggle but no one like India knows the value of freedom or how valuable is the human life because we had gained independence freedom through total non-violence and peaceful means championed by the father of our nation Mahatma Gandhi it was all peaceful means we believe in coexistence of all people and all countries and this is also our strong conviction that if we allow the freedom and the light for every country to exist with respect I think there are no issues which we cannot resolve peacefully everything we can resolve peacefully only we have to respect others that is what is very important especially in this time of the life as just advocated by Robbie wells and also Illustrated and spoken at length by marina if we all join together we can bring a big change in the society that is what even Mahatma Gandhi said we can bring the change whatever we wish being together being united and that's what our aim and objective however as well as of allatra is the same let us get united and let us work for unity and harmony in the entire world I had attended the conference on 11th May here in Atlanta society the last chance held under the species of allatra I was very impressed as you all were well whoever had attended I was very impressed with the aims and objectives of allatra and to learn of the sincere efforts dreams and endeavors for uniting all the people of the world to achieve new freedom and dignity for all that's a very great objective and a very good ideal we should respect all of us and be with them as per my own experiences at the last conference the highest values that allatra attaches to overall freedom and dignity are as a matter of fact very much identical to the principles and ideas which India holds for centuries we are for all for that India is for that and with it we believe that God made us all alike we believe that God made us all alike then I am very happy to note that allatra professes the same objective of working towards making the life of all human beings in the world happy free and beautiful allatra has really noble cause and noble objectives we have to work with them and for them fundamentally we are all human beings and we are love peace humanity and harmony to be able to live as brothers and sisters India is a perfect example of unity in diversity as you may all know India has so many languages in there are so many cultures India has so many languages if you go about 50 miles from one place to another you find another dialect I am from Delhi New Delhi the north of India if I go to South I don't understand even a world when I go to South of course wind we interconnect with English a bit of Hindi techno otherwise I am more in a foreign country when I go to south of India then I come to any other any other country I have been in so many countries I have served in nine countries and had traveled to almost sixty to sixty seventy countries but when I go to south of India there I find myself as a foreigner more than anywhere else in my opinion but at the same time we have so many religions as I said and regions different cultures in different parts of the country but we are I'm so proud we are still ever unified and United I in my opinion the power belongs to people in my opinion the power belongs to people and should belong to people and who deserve to live in dignity not in death in love not in hatred anymore anywhere that is the values which we attach and proud again a lot attached is the same thing principles people need to be allowed to have equal rights and opportunities to be free to choose employment affordable health insurance housing and independent living with self-respect of course no country alone can get rid of or can come out of vicious circle of poverty and deprivation but if we all join together we can one day I deeply believe also that we the people together are able to overcome any struggles or any difficulties which may come on this path we can overcome the only need will be to unite and work together I have no doubt that with our potential energy with our spiritual fire in our minds in our hearts we can find a path we can find a means to overcome all those difficulties if at all they come we should be easily able to build a society of cohesion and cordiality there is there is no difficulty they demand the human beings we are capable of winning anything and I believe that if you win yourself you can win the world everything is the willpower to win yourself this is very important and that we have to try to work together to break the shackles of poverty and problems together forever and also we need to move away those people who are indulging into such a thing that they should move away from unnecessary and sorry unnecessary and endless aggression and destruction conquest and enslavement imposed on us from outside how do we do this again the problem in the question in everybody's mind will be how do we do it the greatest victory of victory is first over oneself as I said before if you are able to win yourself you can will win the entire world and there is what the means to do that and this is the truth this is the truth and the means to achieve true freedom of men this also is the spirit of allatra this also is the spirit of allatra and with such an unexplainable such an unexplainable spiritual fire as I said earlier among us we will sincerely and seriously work together from a standpoint of humanity unity and respect for all keeping in view the spirit of humanity and unity and equality I like to invite and request you all to follow on the universal need of the hour and come along to standby allatra to help propagate its virtues ideals and principles which are also india's as well as contained in Mahatma Gandhi's legacy we are following that at least I'm very happy and proud too I should use the world announced I'll be very happy to work with and for allatra 4 times to come because I love and I respect their ideas and the virtues and the values keeping in view before I end please therefore let us join together to spread a world of love and friendship in every part of the world and strengthen allatra in its journey to achieve freedom and unity of all we must do everything possible also to bring the representations of our entire huge world family for 2020 keep in mind keep in my pay attention to this that a lot Roz preamble a lot Roz preamble in the true sense is the soul of Gandhi's dreams which is to strive for peace freedom unity and love among all the human beings of the entire world thank you very much brothers and sisters good luck for 2020 and again best wishes to you thank you very very much for our closing speech this morning we are pleased to welcome mr. Robert Kennedy mr. Chen mr. Kennedy is the president of the Atlanta Council on international relations and professor emeritus at the some non School of International Affairs Georgia Institute of Technology of Georgia his previous positions include director of George C Marshall European Center for Security Studies in Germany deputy commanding NATO Defense College in Italy Dwight D Eisenhower professor of national security studies US Army War College and foreign affairs officer u.s. arms control and disarmament agency he has also served as an enlisted man in the US Army and has and was a command pilot in the US Air Force today he will be sharing his expert opinion on building strong relationships based on mutual friendship and partnership between different countries and cultures please join me in welcoming mr. Robert Kennedy well I'd like to thank the organizers for inviting me here today to talk and I'd also consider it an honor and a privilege not only to speak to you but to speak to the audience that you have worldwide for your programs ladies and gentlemen today we are confronted with an unprecedented opportunity a change the essential conflictual nature of man's existence on earth never before in the history of mankind have we been more connected to each other the airplane the internet the smartphone have nearly eliminated all barriers of time and space we can chat with someone halfway around the world by simply dialing a number on the telephone we can learn about other people's other cultures other religions simply by typing a few words on our computer we have FaceTime we have facebook we have Twitter and so on as a further means of communication yet none of this may matter as long as we continue to pursue our personal desires and interests without consideration of the interest and needs of the greater community man will continue to live in a permanent state of conflict with fellow man this pertains as much if not more to nations as it does to individuals as long as nations focus only on their own self-interest you can call this nationalism without consideration of the interests of others mankind will continue to live in a state of war war and it's terrible consequences in terms of loss of human life national treasure and human depredation will continue to characterize man's existence on earth it's a quote the nobleman Casius in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar The Fault dear Brutus is not in Our Stars but in ourselves the question we must therefore ask ourselves is how can we move beyond this outrageous yet enduring state of existence indeed is it even possible does the very nature of mankind doing humanity to a perpetual state of conflict it is my personal belief that indeed we can I believe we can move beyond history where war has been not just as louis xiv inscribed on on his cannons the final resort of kings but has become the final resort of nations and sub-national groups by this i do not mean that all conflict violence Wars can be avoided I do however mean that as a rather common phenomenon in history conflict among peoples and nations can be and must be greatly circumscribed there are no winners in war violence begets violence hatred begets hatred selfishness and arrogance are communicable diseases that too often lead to conflict but the world will not change on its own differing points of view will remain a permanent feature of the domestic and international landscape difference of view exist at every level of human endeavor within families among friends within and among organizations clans tribes and of course nations indeed differing points of view are a natural feature of human existence I cannot imagine a less creative environment than one in which we all shared the same background the same experiences same culture the same beliefs the same traditions how terribly boring that would be so it is quite natural that differing points of view will continue to emerge among people as well as among different communities and Nations the differences are the essential essence of human existence the spice of life the foundation indeed of all created me and the fuel of human progress differences however can often lead to violence and war it is in our ability to reconcile differences that mankind moves beyond what Thomas Hobbes called the state of war so what will it take as a minimum I would like to briefly mention what I consider to be five essential requirements to move from where we are today essentially in in a conflict conflictual world first knowledge as we look toward building a better world for the future we need knowledge knowledge of ourselves knowledge of others knowledge of history of peoples of cultures and traditions of interests and among other things an understanding of the objectives and concerns of others and we will need the wisdom to recognize that no one person no one group no one nation has all of the answers all of the time a recognition that no man is an island that we are all as you have heard today so often dependent on each other for our well-being we live in a world of individual and national globalization thus what each of us does and more importantly how we go about doing that can and will in fact determine the future of mankind working together we can forge a more promising future this does not mean compromising our values out of weakness or a temporary amnesty borne of feelings of disappointment and revenge it means distilling out of our differing truths a larger and more just truth second we will need to have a vision we must have a vision of the kind of future domestic environment and international order that we seek you never get on the train without buying a ticket knowing where you're going that vision includes a future in which differences of interests and objectives among peoples and nations is recognized but also a vision that includes a means of overcoming those differences and finding common ground in order to advance the common good and to open opportunities or the creativity of man to flourish let us not make enemies of those with whom we differ rather let us inspired to work together to find common ground let ideas not violence and war be our weapons third a determination to invest in the well-being of all mankind all mankind particularly I might add in health and education as you know in these fields there is so much more to be said than plant permits morning fourth a commitment to a norms based domestic and international community founded on universal principles those who have read allatra look you know what I'm speaking rather than one based on individual group or national self-interest as well as a clear and overwhelming commitment with a common good to this end we need to establish better mechanisms for dialogue and in turn grow norms of behavior where it is not mite that makes right but rather right and truth that make might nearly twenty years ago a colleague of mine Yosef Yaffa editor and publisher of German weekly did cite wrote an article titled who's afraid of mr. big of course meaning the United States the sole surviving superpower at the end of the Cold War his conclusion was that despite all its flaws and he noted many in this article since the United States had invested in the public good and here he mentioned such efforts as United States efforts to establish the United Nations the International Monetary Fund the general agreement on tariffs and trade trade the World Trade Organization the United States had advanced its interest by serving the interests of others therefore he concluded the world was not afraid of mr. big this is indeed a model for individual as well as international behavior do unto others as you wish done unto you all of this will require leadership not just at the top but at the bottom is I used to tell people not just a leader at the front of the table the leader can be the least noticeable person in the rear of a room a new breed of leaders we will be required men and women of Cree of all Creed's races ethnicity sexual orientation and so on who are prepared to listen before they speak engage in dialogue to acquire the requisite knowledge leaders who seek to truly understand and analyze before they decide who have the moral courage to do what is right not what is expedient the humility to recognize that they are not always right and the integrity to slavish ly commit themselves to speak truth this morning you have heard Robby Wells announced that he is running for the presidency of the United States of America we are now entering a period where we will have to choose leaders at the national and local level how will they measure up to the terms of advancing the cause of humanity ladies and gentlemen the choice is yours choose wisely thank you so much [Applause] thank you everyone for joining us today I would like to thank everybody here thank you to all the speakers to all the people that have joined us online they are in different time zones in some countries it is night but they still are joining us today and we would like to say thank you on today the future of our society depends on each of us please share your ideas and visions as to how on May 9th 2020 the whole of humanity can come together in order to decide the future of our civilization please pick up a brochure the information our contact information email and phone number are inside you can send us an email or give us a call please share your thoughts and feedback today with our video crew thank you very much [Applause] you

  1. Огромная Благодарность!!! Я за построение созидательного общества! я за АЛЛАТРА!!! Очень чувствуется что Робби говорит искренне!!! Спасибо!

  2. Сознание не верит, но я верю, что мы все вместе сможем построить созидательное общество! Благодарность всем, кто действует.

  3. Спасибо! Да в такое трудно было поверить, а это уже есть.

  4. Recalling words from well known Scorpions song:


    If you don't catch me now

    I can't stop falling down

    Just one more night and the devil's got my soul

    I need your love babe don't treat me this way

    Cause I miss you so much more than words can say…

  5. I am proud to be part of AllatRa and I am happy to live in this glorious time when we all together create a new constructive society based on the best human values. I am so greatful to these decent people, the speakers, for they are not silent and shared their opinion, and support for AllatRa, and they are ready to work together to create a new world! It will be unprecedented in the history of humankind and we can do it! All together!

  6. Today was a special day for me, I would say, a holiday. Grateful to all the speakers for the truth they voiced to the whole world. Thanks to the speakers for expressing their attitude about everything that concerns me, us all. I agree 100 percent that AllatRa is the Unity of people and the path to building a creative society. Let's hurry to create and increase the good. Everything that I heard from the speeches of the speakers inspiring me. Thank you

  7. Как здорово, что открыто подымаются вопросы единения людей по всему земному шару на основе внутренней АЛЛАТРЫ.

  8. The slogan of the last presidential campaign was "make America great again". Next one must be "make Humanity great again". Robby's speech was very inspiring!

  9. As he mentionned Sumerians, as those, from whom it all started, the consumerism format of society, I was really shocked. Did he see the film Atlantis?

  10. Спасибо, смотрел с радостью и пониманием глобальности и важности данного мероприятия. Это как полететь в космос и обратно. Это большой шаг для всего человечества ❤️👌😉☀️👍⭐️🙏🥳🥰🤩👍👍👍

  11. Вот уж не ожидал, моё сознание отказывалось верить, что это возможно!

  12. Замечательная конференция! Сколько у нас замечательных людей по всему Миру, взявших на себя миссию по спасению цивилизации, в созидательном и мирном ключе, на основе Исконных Знаний, на основе настоящей Любви, с АллатРа в сердце!

  13. this was so so good! I loved it so so much! Thank you speakers and Allatra TV for so many positive vibes, voices, and memories.

  14. Thank you very much guys. This was the next step after 11 May 2019, when people from all over the world first time in history of civilization met together. I watched this conference and it was beatiful to see presidential candidate speaking about Love, Soul and God. AllatRa unites! 🙂 The true heroes are people who help the whole society to unite on the basis of spiritual nature, which we all have the same. This conference was a great Call for everyone, for all the beautiful people, who felt (more precisely, consciousness was telling them) that they are alone and that we can not change the world. But guys, we can see that the process has already begun, and it will be possible only if we put our own effort into that. We don't have to be afraid, because ALLATRA is our reliance, I mean the inner AllatRa – the Love of God, we can (and should) accept and be the light for other people.

  15. Благодарю за искренность и смелость. За понимание губительности потребительского формата развития общества и за готовность взять на себя ответственность вести свой народ к созидательному обществу и показать пример всему миру. Люди могут объединяться. АллатРа – это пример единения людей независимо от места проживания, религии и национальности.

  16. Это было впечатляюще. Очень правильные слова и люди с Аллатра внутри. Всем огромная благодарность.

  17. Graite speach.👏 I agree with every word. Thank you for truth, for courage. With all my heart I support ALLATRA.

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