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The following subtitle was made by ROK-US Alliance TV The Taft–Katsura Agreement 2.0 Now, moving on to South Korean politics
Professor “Kim Jung Min” Not only there are Chinese-friendly (South Korean) politicians, there are many North Korea-Friendly (South Korean) politicians at the moment. like I said again, In the new Moon Jae-In regime, following the impeachment of Park regime, there are many politicians with Juchae Ideology. (주사파) One famous example of such a politician with Juchae Ideology is “Lim Jeong-Seok” who is serving as the secretary of Moon Jae-In. As you see, I took saved some images from his twitter. He is someone who exchanged letters with the North after the death of Kim Jung-Il in 2012. and I noticed that he proudly posted all these things on his twitter. I am not sure if these twitters are still online but, I had downloaded and saved these twitts because I found them so ridiculous. Anyway, if you look here, even in 2012 he was communicating with the North. And a very intimate communication Before he became the presidential secretary (in 2017),
What was his main job ? He was in charge of financing North Korea. (대북송금) and he financed (North Korea) by charging South Korean media and broadcast companies whenever they used video contents on North Korea. and this kind of person became the presidential secretary (of Moon Jae-In) Does it any make sense that someone who was sending money to North Korea and also communicating qualified to become the presidential secretary ? During the 2017 presidential election of South Korea, there were a lot of concerns from Japan. Because he is Pro-North Korean politician. (The Japense citiznes) knew that the relationship between South Korea and Japan is going to go down the drain. So, there were a lot of concerned voices. If you think about it, he is actually someone who made the concern of the Japanese citizens a reality. Like, I have been saying, there is a lot of suspicion that he used bitcoin to make payments to North Korea. Now, I am going to read you from a news article about what is about to happen in South Korea. It says “Under Moon’s regime, Japanese Koreans regardless of citizienship will be allowed to visit. (South Korea), legitimate entrance of Chongryon As you see, the Japanese Koreans being talked about here is actually “Chongryon”. Basucally during the PyeongChang Winter Olympics, (Moon’s regime) wants to let a lot of Chongryons to enter into South Korea. As you know, Chongryons are still supporting Pro-North Korean politics in Japan. In case you don’t know, When (Chongryons) come together for a meeting, They wave North Korean flags, with pictures of Kim Il-Sung and Kim Jung-Il and do all kinds of worshipping, salutations and political activities for North Korea. Chongryons are definitely a Pro-North Korean (Political) group. Then why is South Korea inviting such a group for the Olympics. When they arrive here, what do you think they will do ? In stead of watching the Olympics, I think they will get involved with spying activities. They will go all over South Korea and meet with other Pro-North Korean groups of people to communicate for 15 days. Who knows, some of them might launder money and send it to North Korea. There could be a lot of possibilities. It is very suspicious that (Moon’s regime) will allow this kind of people into South Korea. As you see, on the news paper here, this was something that has already started to happen. (August 15, 2017) Despite North Korea’s nuclear missile experiments and threats, (South Korea’s) Ministry of Unification wants to continue to support North Korea. But it doens’t make sense, why ? If South Korea sends money to support the starving citizens of North Korea, in stead of feeding them, North Korean leaders will use that money to develp nuclear weapons. You know, North Korea can actually feed North Korean citiznes if they stop developing their nuclear weapon. And yet, the ministry of unification still wants help out economomically claiming it is for North Korean citizens knowing that its financial support will only be used to futher develop nuclear weapons. This kind of action not only helps the current North Korea’s regime but also it accelerates development of nuclear weapon. You see, all of their actions are Pro-North Korean. Notice that since the regime of Moon Jae-in, all of Korean goverment’s actions are Pro-North Korea and Chinese friendly. And it is anti-government and anti-America. Despite all of this, even the media is supporting Moon Jae-In’s actions and policies. Surprisingly even at this moment, President Moon’s support rate is above 60%. This is really out of common sense. Another suspicious thing they are trying to do is, It reads, “the ministry of unification wants to make a budget for “North Korea’s talent for technologists””, when North Korea is trying to develop talent for nuclear weapons. This is non-sense. North Korea is using nuclear weapons as a threat whenever South Korea does not act the way they want. This message was also included in Kim Jung Un’s 2018 new years speech. So (Moon’s regime) wants to send money to this kind of brutal regime to develop talent for making nuclear weapons ? What kind of non-sense is this ? Do you think this kind of action will be allowed by international community. This is such a dangerous action. If they really go ahead and carry it out in action, South Korean economy will come under financial sactions, not only that but also it will be boycotted by international community. And unfortunately, that is already starting to happen. Now, in the grand scheme of things, I think the fundamental reason as to why we are seeing such things is because there is “Communist International”. (코민테른) What is Communist International ?, it is an international communist party which advocates for world communism. It was formed by people of labour class around the world to start an international communist revolution. If you look at here, Remember the “Candle Light Revolution” to impeach Park Geun-Hye ? The revolution’s slogan was “Park Gyuen-Hye must resign!, Candle light will not go out”. If you look bottom at the small writing here, it says “Korean Teachers and Education Workers Union (전교조)”. When there was “Candle Light Revolution” during the impeachment of President “Park Geun-Hye”, this slogan was found in Okinawa Japan. Why am I bringing this up ? During the Candle Light Revolution, not only were there Korean people, but also Japanese from JR labour Union, Chinese international students. And there were also Chinese nationals who looked like spies. So, all of these people gathered in front of “Gwanghwamun” for demonstration to impeach former president Park Gyuen-Hye. This is why I titled the video as International Communist 2.0 (제 2의 코민테른) Finnally, eveidence that supports what I have been saying is this: Around the time, when they were trying to impeach Park Gyeun-Hye. If you look at this news article from 뉴스천지, people from “Korean Teachers and Education Workers Union” were on a strike with the same slogan. At the same time, the same slogans were found in Okinawa Japan. What could that mean, there were also doing a strike in Japan with the same message. Now, how is the impeachment
of Park Gyeun-Hye and strikes in Okinawa
related together ? If you paid attention to dates for deployment of THAAD in South Korea and impeachment of Park Gyeun-Hye. They are very close. And this was time When Chinese government was expressing strong opposition to THAAD deployment. After President Park Gyeun-Hye was impeached, when a candiate from the democratic party said he opposes THAAD deployment during his election campaign, the Chinese government was overtly stating that China can have a good relation with South Korea So now, I want to ask you again, why did people from Korean Teachers and Education Workers Union (전교조) go on strike in Okinawa Japan. Don’t tell me they were there on strike for impeachment of President Park Gyeun-Hye. As of now, strikes in Okinawa Japan are for de-militartization of US military bases, Currently in Japan, there are several Leftist political figures who advate de-militarization of US military bases. And now why do people from Korean Teachers and Education Workers Union go to Okinawa’s de-militarization of US bases to strike for impeachment of Park with these slogans ? Hence, The fundamental purpose of Impeachment of Park Geun-hye was: Establishment of Chinese-Friendly regime (in South Korea) but also North Korea friendly regime Thirdly, to oppose deployment of THAAD, Finnally, to de-militarize US bases from South Korea. Therefore, In Okinawa’s anti-US military demonstrations which have nothing to do with impeachment of Park, you can find these slogans. Now in this region (Okinawa), What does “Korean Teachers and Education Workers Union” do with other leftist groups from South Korea do ? Notice the blanking space in red in the video ?
What do you think this means ? This means Juchae Ideology (주체 사상) and ShinChun seminar In Okinawa Japan, “Korean Teachers and Education Workers Union”, leftist groups from South Korea and Japan are studying Juchae Ideology. And this is a photo taken from one of these groups from 2017. Around the time of Park Geun-Hye’s impeachment. Even people from South Korea atteneded these seminars. People from progressive parties and groups also attended these meetings. Actually these progressive groups were one of the leading groups to impeach President Park. The leaders from the progressive groups attended these demonstrations. Now, this is a web page from “Korean Teachers and Education Workers Union” website. It says here ” Movie called “Love Okinawa” playing for free ” Now if you look down here, It is clearly written that people from Korean Teachers and Education Workers Union did these political activies in Okinawa Japan. Now if you look at this Tweet in Japanese language, it reads “At the entrance of US Military base, there are numerous young people from Korea, I guess there must be a lot of demonstrations in South Korea too. Meaning, many people from Korean Teachers and Education Workers Union and student activist groups attended these anti-US military demonstrations in Okinawa. Hence, the fundamental reason behind the impeachment of President Park Geun-Hye is not to impeach Presidment Park but in stead, to stop Park Geun-Hye’s policies such as anti-China, anti-North Korea, strengthing ROK-US military alliance, deployment of THAAD and etc. These policies of President Park was not in the political interests of these leftist groups. Therefore, they started many political activities against them. And, the participans of these demonstrations (Impeachment of President Park) are not only South Korean nationls, but also Chinese spies, Chinese international student, Chongryons, and leftist Japanese. This is why I am critical of Moon Jae-In regime. Now, please look at this, these are slogans in Korean language found in Okinawa. Look at the one at upper-left corner, “Opposition to (US) Navy” That same slogan can be found in
Gangjeong Village Jeju Island (제주 강정 마을). Remember the message written from “Korean Teachers and Education Workers Union”‘s website, “We are seeing Gangjeong Village in Okinawa”. Now, let’s think back for one second, these groups of people in Okinawa, Jeju Island and Gwanghwamun made the same movement in tandem. And finnally what is their common repetitive message from all of this propaganda ? De-militarization of US bases from South Korea and Japan. The impeachment of President Park was something that happened only as a result of these political activities. Why ?, because (President Park Geun-Hye) was in many way in the way of what they wanted to carry out. At the end, South Korean citizens who were decieved (by this propaganda) actually went on to impeach Presient Park. Now, let’s look at these messages in the slogan. “No need for US military”, “Let’s make Okinawa an island of peace”, Now, if you go to Okinawa Japan, there are so many of these slogans. Now, why do leftist groups from South Korea go all the way to Japan ?, does this make sense ? Like I have been saying, these groups are Chinese-Friendly and Pro-North Korean. I am not talking about Now, let’s look at who they are meeting up with. Look here at upper-left, It’s called “Socialist Demogratic Party”. (also know as 삼인당 In Korean) They met politicians from “Social Democratic Party”. Now look at upper-right, his name is “Yukio Hatoyama”. He is a Pro-North Korean politician. So they are meeting together. Now if you look at bottom-right, they are called “Japanese Communist Party”. They (Leftist groups from South Korea) went to meet up with these politians in Japan. I tell you again and again, they are Pro-North Koren groups. These people behind the impeachement of President Park are meet up with this kind of Pro-North Korean politians in Japan while studying Juchae ideology at the same time. And not only that, they also participated in demonstrations for de-militarization of US bases. Now, how are these people the political figures of demacracy ?
and how could they self-claim to have started a democratic movement ? The revolution they started is communist and socialist revolution not of democracy. In the name of “Candle Light Revolution”. Therefore this is a revolution of communism and not of democracy. And like I have been saying before, Now if you look here, you can see North Korean flags and photos of Kim Il-Sung and Kim Jung-Il. Now, this is happening in Tyoko Japan ! The group in these photos is called “Korea’s Democratic Worker’s Strike Union”. (한국 민주노총 총파어 연대행동) This group works together with Japanese workers in Japan to go on workers’ strike. And of course, these same groups of people also came to South Korea to participate demonstrations for impeachment of President Park Geun-Hye. But like I said, these are the people who study Juchae Ideology, shake North Korean flags and worship Kim’s dictator family. And now (referring to the news article about the Winter Olympics earlier in the video) They are coming in packs to the Olympics. The motive behind this kind of action is espionage.This is being led by current Moon’s regime Now let’s ask ourselves this question, do you think it would be possible to have a joint military alliance between South Korea, US, and Japan with such groups around ? President Moon Jae-In continues to say that he will strengthen ROK-US Alliance in the media, and that there was an agreement with the US on the Winter Olympics with North Korea. If there was such an agreement, why is South Korea still being economically sactioned by US ? Probably because, (Moon Jae-in) could not reach an agreeement with the US. I find it very unfortunate to see that South Korean citizens are being used by President Moon Jae-In’s lies. Why ? if they continue to support Moon, South Korea’s economy will be attacked. Do you really think, China could come to South Korea’s aid when that happens ? China itself is having a financial crisis. China can’t even manage itself. With this sscenario, China and South Korea can collapse together. Therefore, we must wake up and see Moon Jae-In’s propaganda as early as possible. For instance, Moon Jae-In’s “Rooting out corruption” policy, or “Rooting out Japanese friendly” policy are not actually rooting out corruption or Japanese friendly politicans. Rather, it is rooting out people against communism. Therefore, we must wake up and change our regime. In Feburary, Moon Jae-In’s presidency is supposed to end by the rules of By-election, (known as special election in America). Therefore, we must make him resign from his position. By worst case scenario, if Moon’s presidency gets extended for another five years, South Korea will have a big financial crisis and collapse completely, like the Philiphines’ economic collapse. The following video content was made by “JAYOOILBO” (더 자유일보), you can download its app from the link below. Go to our Facebook page from the link below in the description and press like.

  1. This is some scary shit! I knew from the beginning that Moon was suspicious, but I never knew it was going to be this bad! Thanks for your channel.

  2. I enjoy listening to your YouTube about the evil President of South Korea, Moon, Jong Un (Jai In) working very close to his brother Kim, Jong Un. I feel bad for the Korea people who do not realize the bad things coming their way. If Moon is allowed to continue to threaten S.Korea citizens into pouring money into the North, the North will only build small factories and the government will keep all the rest of the money. Also, If the border is opened too quickly, the north poor will flood the south and totally wreck the South economy. Is this all part of NK chairman's scheme to eventually take control of all Korea. Moon and his partner must stop their open resentment of SK people and learn to work for the people not his family still in NK.

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