Interact with your community | Master Class ft Meghan Tonjes

They feel like they’re part of something
bigger, and so it’s just nice to kind of get a little shout out every once in a
while. When I wake up in the morning, I check my phone I see what’s going on on
Twitter and Facebook. I check to see who’s commenting on what and what’s
happening in the world. There are plenty of creators who set time limits of when
they’re gonna post and make sure they only post like once or twice a day and
you know are very strategic about how they place things. But me, I just want to
talk about everything all of the time. I will usually send out a photo of me in
the morning kind of saying hi, maybe a rundown of what I’m doing that day to
kind of invite people that are watching me into the rest of my day and then I
will check in with them throughout the day. So even when I’m sitting down to
like drink my coffee eat my breakfast I’m checking in on how people are
receiving yesterday’s video, who’s sharing it, who has questions that I need
to answer, maybe that will influence the video I make that day. Once the video
goes live, I make sure to share it on all of my platforms, I make sure to start
responding to all the comments. I do what we call a BB Power Hour so I spend an
hour in the comments just responding and they know that that happens as soon as
the video goes up so they are commenting away like crazy. So, when I was younger
watching YouTube a lot of people would have like comments at the end of the
video and they would kind of shout out comments from the last video that they
liked. Whether they were reading those are not on the screen you know to each
their own. I just remembered that because it always made me want to leave
a comment hoping that I would get placed at the end of that video. I also do
this thing on my channel called BB of the day but your BB of the day.>From what I gather, it definitely has made people’s days better because they feel like they’re being recognized and so I think about that a lot when I do BB
of the day. I’m also using the community tab, which i think is a really brilliant
way of interacting with a community outside of just videos. So, I try to post
once a day at least. I’ll check in with polls, I’ll see how they’re doing, I’ll
share videos that I’ve been putting up I’ll ask for their feedback. I’ll also
share videos that I’ve been watching that I really like that I want to share
with them and so it kind of takes them out of just the video just the comments,
and they feel like they have a little bit more interaction with you and a
little bit more insight into things that you’re watching and the things that you
like. So when it comes to the community tab, I believe that consistency is one of
the most important things. If you’re posting every day, and people know you’re
posting every day they’re gonna show up. Eventually it’s gonna become second
nature, they just automatically go to your page because they know that you put
something up. So if you can set that expectation and then you can meet that
expectation, you’re gonna have people who are really kind of following everything
that you do and who expect that level of interactivity. Thank you guys so much for
tuning in! I hope that you enjoyed this Master Class and I hope that you enjoyed
a little bit more about growing an audience online, how to interact and engage with people that really support your content. You can find me at Tonjes
on YouTube. Don’t forget to subscribe by clicking the button below, and make sure
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  1. The sound on this was really weird. . . . It might just be my computer. . . but it almost sounded like it was recorded in a hallway.

  2. I don’t need to watch this video but I have YouTube red but I can’t watch Fight Of The Living Dead Season 2 But I can still watch other red series

  3. Pineapples😍 Oh yeah, and thanks for all of the helps!! I'm just getting started but loving everything about connecting with all the peeps!

  4. Meghan Tonjes, thanks for great advice. Testing. can you comment in one of my vids, or share them then I'll respond? Waiting…

  5. Meghan Tonjes, thanks for great advice. Testing. can you comment in one of my vids, or share them then I'll respond? Waiting…

  6. I never even knew I can have a community tab! Need to go check it out ASAP!

    Question to you and everyone – how did you guys set up those engagements early on? When you didn’t have that many viewers/subscribers to begin with?

  7. Outstanding! I think the community tab is a great point but many of us don't have it yet. I've been waiting for the community tab but I don't know when it's going to show up or if it has shown up how to activate it. Great episode and extremely useful.
    Thanks for sharing

  8. i wish most creators interact to their audience like you. a lot of them don't really answer (not even one) important questions on the comment section of their videos.

  9. I try to respond to all my comments, my Community tab isn't too active yet but I think that's because people don't know it's there!

  10. Does anyone know if the community Tab is something that will be available after your first 10k views?
    Great Video, I completely agree this is very important specially for starting channels like mine, going beyond that, interacting with other fellow you-tubers and providing and receiving feedback is very helpful to all of us in order to learn and improve. You guys rock keep getting better, learning and improving.

  11. Been using the community tab for a few months now. I like it, BUT not sure views understand it. With notifications they expect new videos, but when they see text post. etc, they feel cheated. Most have routine, and where they interact. Text = twitter, Insta= images, direct interaction = FB/messenger, Youtube=video. It seems inset in the psych, hard to change them.

  12. Does any of this advice sound like, "Just be fake!" to anyone else?
    Creating a schedule to force a certain amount of social networking and fan-base interaction on a per-day basis…
    Basing content creation on what's already trending…
    I'm not saying that these manipulative, shill tactics won't work… I'm just curious what you think you'll have at the end of the day for your efforts?
    A fake community built around vapid, trend-chasing content, full of people who think they're closer to you than they really are — because your replies have an agenda of "making them feel engaged."

    Is that something you want to work really hard to attain?

  13. Ok, so I have more than 10k subs. I've been told that means I should have the community tab? But I don't. It's still called discussion and I'm kinda frustrated and been googling it, but haven't gotten a proper answer. I'm pretty frustrated xD
    Also, I don't know if this is relevant to my problem, but I can see channels' posts, polls, pictures and so forth on my phone, but not on my computer. I don't know if those problems are related?

  14. Sangat membantu sekali untuk bisa menjadikan saya semangat dalam menjadi Youtuber, semua kegiatan saya bisa terkontrol dan terupdate bersama sapaan para Komunitas. Minta selalu supportnya karena saya masih Pemula di Youtuber

  15. The community tab. A great way to grow your channel. Only after you have 1k subs. YT please fix and give everyone a community tab, kk thx.

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  17. Thank's For the Tips I Now have to go Shoot A new Video Just Cause you told me to Great Jobs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you have A great Year

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