Inspiring Social Change On Your Channel

My name’s Leena, my
channel is justkissmyfrog. I make videos about feminism,
poetry, politics and anything I feel like. My name’s Subhi Taha,
my channel name’s subhitaha. I basically try to talk from the
perspective of an average Muslim American and how that’s shaped my identity. My name is Niharika Nm, my
channel’s name is also niharikanm. I make comedy skits, sketches and rants and anything I see around me,
I make fun of it and exaggerate it and try to make
everyone laugh; that’s what I do. I grew up in a small town in
Texas, a small suburban town. There were, like, four of us,
and I was related to them. I think 9/11, I was in fourth
grade when that happened and I grew up in this mindset
of having to keep my identity quiet. So now that I have
this platform, I’m like: “Yo, I’m Muslim. What’s good?” I’ve been bullied for everything: the way I look, the way I speak the size I am, my skin tone, everything. So, I try to look at
things in a fun way now. And I just want to inspire young
girls, because I’ve been through that and I want to make other people
who’ve been through that relate to it and be like: “You’re not
alone, we’re all in this together.” I didn’t see that much of my
age group talking about politics online; It was often commissioned journalists,
or of a certain class, of a certain age. I was really inspired
to start talking about issues that I worried
about and cared about in a more approachable
way, in an honest way that said: “Hey, I don’t understand
it all, but it does worry me”. I get a lot of messages off people from like, a small town in Iowa just saying: “I always struggled with
trying to find my identity with my Muslim identity and
then this western society that I live in. But watching your
videos has helped me be, like: it’s cool, it’s not that serious,
there are other people like me.” I almost feel like YouTubers
are on par with celebrities now because I feel like YouTubers have
the level of craze that celebrities do. And when you have such a
huge influence on young minds if you can shape minds,
you can, of course, shape the world. We’re the next generation, so
I think we have a huge part to play. When I started making videos about my body about how I felt about being a woman how I felt about Britain, and the place
I lived, and how my community was going I started to get a lot of comments like: “I’ve started thinking
about things differently” “I’ve started having more conversations
with the people in my life because of it.” That can inspire change in other people. I think the great thing about
YouTube is that you can live by example. It’s a lot less like
traditional media, because you can share exactly what you’ve
decided to do with your life, and why. You can be really honest, and
take it from a more personal stance. It’s pretty important for me
that this content exists, because personally, as a Muslim,
it’s a big part of my identity to speak about issues that are going
on, and fight for those who can’t fight. I feel like everybody should understand you have to talk about things
in order for them to change. My perspective isn’t that unique. I think lots of people want
to share because they’re like: “I have this really crazy perspective!” But, actually, what is revolutionary is your opinions aren’t that
unique, a lot of people feel like you. And having somebody else
voice it for you is often really useful. You need to embrace
the fact you have this platform you have this opportunity where
people want to hear what you have to say. You have to take advantage
of that, take it as a blessing. You have the
responsibility to use it for good. Thanks for watching, and don’t forget to
subscribe to the Creator Academy channel.

  1. So a typical obese feminist with why can't I get a date issues, a guy who looks and sounds like he's one sermon away from going full on jihad and mowing down children in a truck and a non white female to pack out the diversity, wonder what happened to the statistically normal white christian male or white christian female.

  2. why do you have to pick people with different race and religion? you clearly went out of your way to find certain people with "unusual" or "different" beliefs. ridiculous. such blatant racial bias

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  6. YouTube aapko aap ki Kala ko battery banane ka mauka deta hai aur apne career ko build karne ka bahut accha अच्छा है

  7. I am a beginner youtuber and my recent video was speaking against cyber bullying! Please check it out and support! @Youtube Creator Academy

  8. Of course me and my team always want to make video on social work to give a positive message to viewers..

  9. For the last two years my videos have been throttled by YT's algorithms. Video's detail the USA's many war crimes, and civil rights abuses against it's own people. In a just world, that would be considered Aiding and Abetting.

  10. None of the channels I watch were featured! Oh, I watch conservative channels, well I used to! Most of my favs have been deleted by YouTube and their unfair censorship! Luckily, there are other venues one can go to. The more they try so desperately to direct the narrative and only allow their views to be shown, the more people are listening to conservative commentators. They want to see what all the fuss is about! So actually YouTube is having the opposite effect that they want to have LOL the more people who are talking about the censorship on other social media forums the more my friends have sought out conservative media. It's making me smile from ear-to-ear! Thanks YouTube! You're making yourself look like a big douche bag and you are redpilling people left and right!

  11. Our voices will be heard STOP CENSORING conservatives so you guys can fit some kind of sick fantacy of yours

  12. That is one of the few things I believe in for sure. If we shape young minds, we can shape the world. The world is much bigger than the one I live in, so we must see ourselves to the greatest degree possible as citizens of this world rather than one place. We can hold onto our culture, and shine as unique beings comprised of races and genders, but we must ultimately become a world of cultures believing and moving towards that one banner that reflects every single one of us on this planet. You creators bring our world together so keep creating!!

  13. sou educadora trabalho com crianças especiais, mais especiais ainda por que demonstram o sentimento verdadeiro que existe dentro delas, sem falsidade ou hipocrisia……são crianças especiais por que nasceram com algum diferencial em seus corpos ou na dificuldade de aprendizado…..mas eu amo o que faço…..e tenho todos os dias a recompensa de ver uma evolução em cada rostinho uma alegre maneira de se expressar.

  14. I love this video! It's so inspiring. Thanks for sharing! I'm grateful to be a part of the YouTube Creators. 🙂 All the best, A u r o r a

  15. In not trying to exclude and be racist.. the very people you now exclude is the very definition of racist.. where are the christians in your main JPG image? Where are the conservatives.. libertarians? You people are the very thing you self project on everyone else.. how about getting your head out of your own A** and allowing ALL people to have a point of view.. how closed minded to only allow opinions that mirror your own.. your agenda disgusts me.

  16. I was posting clips of open congressional videos on YouTube… 20M views and got demonetized for 'copyright infringement'.

  17. Sorry, but the idea that YouTube supports channels that "inspire social change" is a bunch of hooey. Now, I have nothing against these people having a channel to inspire the social change they want to see in our world. I'm all for them to have the opportunity to do that. But this is not at all what we Conservatives are experiencing. (And there was not one Conservative in the video, sadly. So much for diversity…) I've done some videos where I give my Conservative (female) views on social change and steps people can take to solve major issues like HUMAN TRAFFICKING, and yet YouTube demonetizes them. EVERY. TIME. So it's time to come clean, YouTube. You ONLY support SOME videos on social change, and if it contradicts what YOU want, you demonetize us and it appears you don't promote our videos like you do the monetized ones. I think the whole "not suitable for most advertisers" is just one big lie that you use to excuse yourself for not promoting videos that disagree with your politics. Are you really AGAINST STOPPING Human Trafficking? What advertiser of yours doesn't want to see Human Trafficking stopped?

  18. This looks like A bunch of pansey snowflakes to me who believe everything the globalist and corporate media spoon feeds them!!!! It is sad that they are so far from reality!!!

  19. Give me a break This should be Titled SOCIAL ENGINEERING. The other views that are allowed on Youtube are RADICAL LEFT ones.

  20. When I was young, I heard a preacher say, "When in doubt, send them all to Heaven and let God sort it out." Do you mean that sort of social change?

  21. So conservatives like me are useless and need to be silenced? How does this have more likes than dislikes? Probably got more likes from the bots put in their by Google. Kind of obvious

  22. Why do I get the feeling that if I did as this video asked of me, a youtuber, I would get demonetized and probably a strike for "haaaaate speeeeech"? I feel my country is losing its identity due to multiculturalism, feminism is a cancer on society, the more Islamic a country becomes the more dangerous it becomes, chopping off your junk doesn't make you a woman, obesity is disgusting, and the nuclear family is healthy. So youtube, I can make that video you wanted from me. Will you promote it as you did these token minorities here? You believe in equality, right?

  23. My channel is related to automotive painting ,but it is too big name ,can I change?give me ideas plz

  24. First priority, Stop "Protect young" stupid algorithm !!

    YouTube should care many people can't post comment

    bcuz of your stupid algorithm block comment
    without checking about that videos.

    You should resolve many channels can't allow comment !!

  25. Собрали каких то фриков. Только Девушка из Индии – нормальная.
    А насчет видео – кусок дерьма, чья информативная составляющая равна – НУЛЮ.

  26. 日本人出演の、日本語による、日本人向けのわかりやすい説明動画を作っていただけませんか?

  27. Mudança social… verdadeira piada. O foco é criar canais de homossexualismo, narco-ativismo e feminazismo, além de outras mazelas, com o intuito de destruir valores sociais e morais. Uma verdadeira piada.

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