Inside Seattle’s Mermaid Community

CAITLIN NIELSEN: I’m a mermaid.
I’m literally a real-life mermaid. COMM: You may think that mermaids are only seen in fairy tales or Disney films, but there
is a secret community of mer-folk growing. THOR RADFORD: At first it looked like, I was, I thought I was seeing things, you know, I
was like, “What was that?” You know, “Is that a dolphin that got into the lake?”
Because every once in a while we get seals and what not. They will come into the lake.
And here comes this giant tail and up pops Ed, and I was like…it shocked me. It was
really, it was crazy. ED BROWN: It’s a bit of lifestyle for me because I live on a boat. I always like to
be around the water. I work on a boat. My mer-name is Mahtlinnie. I think it can be
like a hobby and a passion and a way of life for a lot of people, like it’s all three
wrapped into one. People are into it for conservation reasons, because they want to try and promote
conservation of ocean life. COMM: Ed, Tessie and Caitlin are all part of an emerging community of mer-people in
Seattle. CAITLIN NIELSEN: My mermaid name is Cyanea. A little while back I did quit my day job,
so that I could focus full time on being a mermaid, so now, I currently work out of my
home, in this little studio that I have set up in our spare room and I make prosthetic-quality
silicon tails out of dragon skin, platinum silicon. I also make accessories and I make little sea creatures as well. This is my sea serpent tail. CAITLIN NIELSEN: The inspiration for this was part biology and part fantasy, obviously.
It took me an entire year to make. CAITLIN NIELSEN: When I was kindergarten and the teacher asked everyone to go around and
say what they want to be when they grew up, I said a mermaid. Everyone laughed at me and
now here I am, I’m a mermaid. ED BROWN: As a mer-person, I’m not that different from the way I am on land. But I
feel like, I’m a lot, it’s a lot easier to talk to people. If I’m in street clothes
and I’m out on the town, I really don’t like it when people talk to me, l get really
nervous. But when I’m in my tail, it’s a lot easier to talk to people. TESSIE LAMOUREA: My mermaid name is Mermaid Essie, I have a lot of body insecurities.
I think a lot of people do. But when I’m in my tail, I don’t feel insecure anymore.
Because suddenly, it doesn’t matter what size I am, because I’m a mermaid and that’s
what people really focus on. When I take my tail off, it almost feels like a piece of
me has come off. CAITLIN NIELSEN: I’ve always felt a little bit of, kind of an outsider or a loner and
a little bit eccentric. So, discovering that there was a mermaid community and that I could
actually wear a mermaid tail and outwardly express what I always felt that I was inside,
it was really freeing and so, I do, I do feel like I’m showing my true self to the world. TESSIE LAMOUREA: I think a lot of people do get into it because putting on a tail is probably
one of the greatest feelings in the world. CAITLIN NIELSEN: It really is. COMM: And having a beautiful fish tail is absolutely imperative to being a dedicated
mer-person. CAITLIN NIELSEN: I do feel like my tail is a part of me. And I do actually feel like
it is a prosthetic limb. I sometimes joke that I wear a prosthetic, because I was born
with a terrible birth defect, which is legs. ED BROWN: I like it because, I personally think it is fun. Like I can never have a bad
day swimming, no matter what happens. When I’m in the water with my tail on, it’s
just, it’s like magic. I just automatically feel less like an awkward person swimming and more like a creature that belongs in the water. TESSIE LAMOUREA: When I put it on, it’s like nothing else matters and I’m a mermaid and I can do whatever it is that I feel like doing. COMM: But being a mermaid is not something that’s easy for everyone to understand. TESSIE LAMOUREA: When I told my mother I wanted to be a mermaid, she just kept laughing at me. CORA LAMOUREA: I thought it was a stupid idea at first. I thought it will just be a waste
of money and a waste of time. I thought her time can best be used studying her lessons
as a graduate student, rather than swimming with a tail in the ocean or swimming pool
or some place. And I said, “Forget it. That’s a lot of money invested in tails” and she
said, ‘I’ll save every money that I have and I’m gonna get my first tail.” TESSIE LAMOUREA: My mother has been incredible despite the fact that she thinks that this
is an absolute ludicrous thing to do. ED BROWN: The best part of being a mer-person is I think the chance to sort of live out
a dream or a fantasy, to be something other than who you are for a little while. CAITLIN NIELSEN: I’ve always felt really at one with the water and the ocean. TESSIE LAMOUREA: I love how children’s eyes light up. I love the way that, when they look
at you as a mermaid, suddenly everything is possible again and that magic is real. There
is no rules involved. You can do whatever it is that you want to do and no one can tell
you that it’s wrong.

  1. I want a mermaid tale too ! Just not in that way. I think that they are a little more connected to it but I just want it cuz it looks cool. I always wanted to try on a mermaid tale sense I was a little kid IT LOOKS SO FUN TO BE IN A MERMAID TALE.

  2. Does anyone know a store or legit website where you can purchase a mermaid tale? Because when I look for mermaid tales I just find those cloth mermaid tales but I want an actual legit latex mermaid tale like there's!!

  3. Ahh! Ed!!
    I remember seeing him when he had just recently gotten his first mer-stuff, swimming in the bay after a big meet for a band in Seattle. He looks so great now!! I haven't heard from him in ages!!

  4. UGH! why are there so many haters in this comment section?? I am a mermaid like these guys so stop saying that they are fakes! It makes us HAPPY to be mermaids so please STOP HATING!!

  5. This seems odd to me, I wouldn't do it personally but whatever makes them happy. They shouldn't let anyone tell them otherwise

  6. I was swimming with my flippers in a lake after kayaking. I popped up out of the water to surprise some kids that were playing and they asked if I was a mermaid, I said yes and then turned around and disappeared into the dark water.

  7. This is what I'd love to do, I've loved the ocean and the water all my life and just want to be a part of a mermaid community

  8. I will belief that you are a mermaid when I can drop you six hours off the coast of Florida and you swim back without a Scubba tank and a shark doesn't eat your @ss.

  9. 1. That looks hella fun
    2. Thats a good workout
    3. How heavy are those tails?? :0 good god that probably takes a lot of ab strength
    4. Thank you for this 👍 very inspiring

  10. Omg I live in Seattle I love mermaids I am always begging to get a mermaid tail and swimming and my room is beach theam and mermaids theam and I have so many mermaid clothes and pillows and I'm just all about mermaid and I'm coming there I love water mermaid and everything and all of this is going to get me somewhere big

  11. (awaits hate but says anyway..)

    How come this is smiled upon but furries doing what they wish to is frowned upon, and in some areas a serious danger for the people doing it?
    this is just liked fursuit makers and performers but in the water..
    I see thoughsands of furries who get harrased everyday for their hobby of performing, drawing or crafting and their "it helps me be social and be able to talk to people" reasoning is always shut down. but here no one's kicking up a fuss over 2:00

    and I love these people, their truely wonderful, and making something that will be probably be huge later down the line,
    but I fear the current possitivity around them will fade..
    and they will become the next generations furries..
    and furries are only just coming out of the hate (barely..)

    I wish everyone good luck however, I intended no hate towards anyone I am just stating my veiw on the "hate people cause they wanna do something unique" social thing..

    have a good day

  12. Just a bunch of losers in this video. People who believe they're Mermaids, with people that film other people who believe that they're Mermaids. Then you have the commenters which are people that wannabe Mermaids, just perfect.

  13. I want a tail….they look so beautiful and always wanted to be a mermaid scince I was just a little one 😀

  14. you go guys feel the water im 14 i grow up near water i loved swimming i can breathe under water and swim like a mermaid i love it do what your heart is telling you

  15. I have no words. Humans are the weirdest creatures ever. You don’t see a dolphin dressing as a human and going to the shops.

  16. My goal is actually to be part of this group, but I’m not going to buy a fancy tail until I stop growing

  17. I think they all look beautiful, I couldn’t stop smiling throughout this video ☺️☺️☺️
    I would looove to join and swim with them – I feel like among them i‘d finally feel accepted and welcome.
    I have a costume made self designed mermaid tail and blue hair.
    I‘ve dreamed about being a mermaid for 19 years now and I always had this love for the ocean 🌊.
    I can totally relate to them.
    I have always been the odd one out in school.
    I love to do Cosplay as well.
    So many people just don’t understand this or laugh at me, but I don’t give a damn, i‘m try my tail tomorrow afternoon in a nearby lake.

    #spreadthelove 💞💗💖

  18. This should be a hobby, not an occupation. You're not a mermaid just because you say you're a mermaid. If this was as large as the transgender community, it would affect everyone. Just don't call them by the wrong pronoun, or they'll get feisty too.

  19. Lmao insecure fat girl plays mermaid to forget about her insecurities? She's not even fat! Wow. (Talking about "mermaid Essie")

  20. I wanna move now….. I have always wanted to be a mermaid. I only have a sleeping mermaid tail. It's soft and you put it on to sleep. So I'm a sleeping mermaid I guess. 5:23 there is a girl that was taking mermaid pics and we literally just stumbles up on to her and the photo guy. She was at a river we all go to. My 2 girls freaked out. So did I.. I got to take pics of her and my two girls. It was awesome.

  21. Sometimes I wonder how these vampires and mermaids would "identify" if these fictional characters had never been invented

  22. Beautiful mermaids enjoying the ocean & feeling joy.
    I think it's wonderful!🐳🐋🐟🐠🐡🐙🐚🐚

  23. I didn't like this idea at first but then they told me they were trying to conserve the ocean and our planet. I'm glad they can use their hobbies to help the environment in some way

  24. I want to be a mermaid too but not those type of mermaids the one with the fish head and human leg sticking out

  25. Supporting my friend!!

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