Inside NYC Antifa Communist March - Part 1

what's up guys Taylor here from become of light I am going down to Times Square today where the organization refused fascism org has organized a march where antifa is supposed to be heavily prevalent say that five times fast but they're marching from time squared on to Washington Square Park so I'm gonna go check that out see if I can do some interviews catch the action there there are counting their doughnuts Elmo's got bills motherfucking almost got bills all right over here we got the strip club rejects it looks like when you can't get a job all the in the process are you guys New Yorkers yeah cool what do you guys think about the gathering over here think they're ill and misinformed how so like what uh what do you think settled out of court they hate cops so hit copy and the cops are protecting us read their advertising communist regimes in those countries how they're doing Graham this'll make you have the right to be a bitchy complain about how much I hate to say this guy's but you guys are brown I mean aren't you supposed to fax yeah they don't know that we know what's going on yeah we know yeah I think there's a lot of young people who hear about and I was one of them when I was younger maybe like yourself you hear about socialism and communism anything oh sharing well that's not good on paper yeah human emotion to care for each other that they don't get the money is the people this country has the food supply the paper this deficit or the water you drink the food you eat the new she heard one guy say I heard one guy say that he was a an anarchic communist so he so anarchy is little to no government but communist is like completions all and in the Steve bird guy because of victims it's a paradox yeah I appreciate your time thank you guys diversity another fucking March and ask your opinion about the March today what's the what are some of your grievances right what are some of the the policies of the Trump pence presidency regime is the worse that works being used that that you want to pinpoint specifically in draw attention to not only done tremendous odds here in New York as here in the United States but to all nations around the world so what about you you mentioned as a woman what do you think are some of the policies that are being that are impeding on women's rights so what so what would exactly I have an international audience I'm trying to laughs I might know the answer to a lot of these things but some of my audience might what are some of the a trying to have a conversation what are some of the acts the policies that are being implemented specifically that are so I see the connection between I was thinking I wish I could hear a bit better but I appreciate your time have a great day may be able to ask for you guys is any like specific grievances or opinions today why why the guys sorry sorry he's the guy who serves and I'm sorry damaged my hearing can't even fucking hear myself so I was trying to have a conversation with a couple of people and this guy with this megaphone just blasting in my ear can't think dialogue dialogue is clearly not something many of those people want to promote at least not the guy with the megaphone by 9% the window you can tell me now I have the way to take it did you give me one example may I ask what you think is what you disagree with Trump on but like what we want to tell I want to talk about the issues what human rights is like like what's the one policy well it's easy to come out here and wave a flag but don't you want to talk about the issues there's all this it's also commotion out here it's also commotion out here we're all marching well like what's the what's the first thing you think of that you disagree with from a policy standpoint art anywhere immigrants what is it yeah about immigrants what is he gonna do to immigrants he's not against illegal immigration his wife is illegal for me it's not about science for me it's about talking to each other because we're all human I'm on the human side I want everyone to win and I think that I can just agree with you respectfully seems pretty orderly do you think that if he was a fascist that we'd be allowed out be out here yelling and complaining that he's conscious if we if we actually live if anyone here that claims that trumps a fascist met someone who lived under Mussolini or Hitler and he's the boss he's hiring and firing people right but like I wanted to ask right that's why we have the electoral college but what do you so that people who live in an echo chamber can control the fate of the country because that because I would say that if the if let's say California and New York overwhelmingly voted Republican I would say that we should have the Electoral College in place so that groups of people are you know that think all think alike that it live in enclaves of echo chambers well it helps to have a reason why

  1. Clinton and Obama deports illegal immigrants and its ok,Trump deports illegal immigrants and he is an racist and fascist? Hahaha

  2. Women have rights in the USA ,i have never See those feminist protest for women rights in Sauodi arabie,why is that i wonder?

  3. LOL!!
    Fuck ANTIFAS !!!
    And all those good fair pale White folks victims of Black Supremacy… not a word on it.

  4. Those two guys towards the start are a prime example of why the truth will always be clear to those who actually have a brain

  5. They complain about climate change but these ill informed idiots never mention chem trailing or fukushima, maybe they should spend some time at the Olympic games that will soon be held not thirty miles from fukushima, white people be trippin.

  6. USA Is a poor country….why people want more poor people in this country? No have brain…! Trump no worst than Obama ..!
    LGBT is a language of the devil….better staying , brainless and sodomites freaking…

  7. Eyes of the….if these scum were in any other country they be beaten arrested and jailed..Trump is the most tolerant President in usa …

  8. And the electoral college either needs a complete revamp or it needs to go. If you disagree, let's "discuss the issues."

  9. Come on, man. Both sides do this and it's pretty disingenuous.
    1. Go to a rally.
    2. Interview multiple people.
    3. Edit out anyone with half a brain that you talk to and make the case that "their side" is a bunch of clueless morons.

    Don't pretend to be an intellectual who is just wanting to discuss the issues and then turn around and pull a page from"Political Propaganda 101."

  10. Trump will get a 2nd term, Trump will drain the swamp. This has been in the works for almost 30 yrs.
    #MAGA #WWG1WGA #Q 🇺🇸

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