Inside Japan Ep 01: Soul of Tokyo | Travel series in association with Wego | Cinematic Vlog

Walking around in Singapore We are at the Changi airport So where are we headed? We are going to see the Jewel Its technically outside the airport so you will need to immigrate We have a long layover ahead of us But this place is totally worth visiting as its the latest attraction of Changi airport and look at this Kon’ni chiwa! We are in Japan today A long layover at Singapore and we finally reached Tokyo last night And decided to stay at the airport as the conveyances that you have to take For eg. the train, bus everything starts about five o’clock the morning So we took a train and came to our hostel in Asakusa So this is how you withdraw an Omikuji which is basically fortune-telling You put in money and then you politely
shake the box and then you get A stick which gives you an alphabet
that you have to match with one of these boxes and then you draw your fortune If you get a good fortune you take it home If you don’t, just leave it here We are taking a stroll at the Ueno Park And while you’re seeing just the greens and blues here This is a very
popular location for cherry blossom spotting Since we are here in October in
a few days all these leaves will turn yellow and red and Koya will be here A regular Monday morning here

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