Inside Brooklyn Historical Society at 128 Pierrepont St.

you you Brooklyn Historical Society is the only institution that is solely dedicated to the history and the exploration of the history of Brooklyn Brooklyn is constantly changing one of its most distinct and wonderful characteristics is that nothing is the same from one decade to the next we're interested in understanding 400 years of history and were interested in the idea that history continues in many ways it is what Brooklyn is all about a place where everybody can kind of come and be themselves be a little bit nerdy be little bit quirky love maps and be welcomed and celebrated the thing i always get every time i walk in here is the physical structure i am very much in love I like coming into this space more than other places you go so I love walking in those doors and seeing these ceilings it just makes you feel like I haha yeah good things are gonna happen today it's a very welcoming organization we're putting a lot of effort into developing programs that are interesting and engaging for people who live in Brooklyn now we have a program for children on the weekends we renovated our first floor and our lower levels to create more gallery space and this is allowing us to have multiple programs going on at the same time covering different aspects of Brooklyn's history and also things that are happening in Brooklyn today so it's not only a place where you come to study and learn about history it's also a place where you can engage with today's history makers we're always excited by the possibility of a real conversation between an audience and an expert or a panel of people or a musical performance related to the history of Brooklyn what I like about it is you can kind of come in here and almost depend on the programming Department that this is gonna be some interesting stuff just drop in and see someone yeah I don't know if you're gonna see so casually in such a great place anywhere else in Brooklyn the Brooklyn Historical Society was founded in 1863 as the Long Island Historical Society and it became the Brooklyn Historical Society in 1985 George Post built an exquisite building in the style of Queen Anne 19th century is a very elaborate building it has beautiful terracotta decoration on the outside gorgeous wood fittings and details on the inside and architecture that was considered very bold and experimental at the time it was built central to our goal here at Brooklyn Historical Society is education and education on every level really we're particularly committed to making our collections in our resources available to many different kinds of teachers and professors and so we offer professional development for K through 12 teachers we offer partnerships with college faculty you are interested in bringing in college students of many different levels into our library to learn document analysis and research skills right here in one of the most beautiful libraries in the city the off more library is really at the heart and soul of the Brooklyn Historical Society it's an interior landmark which is a very unusual designation in New York City a great reading room and a mezzanine above that houses many of our rare library collections one of the most important roles that our professional staff plays at the Brooklyn Historical Society is to preserve the collections we have and make them accessible to the public we collect photographs maps paintings oral histories one of the really neat things about oral history collections is that they really fit with the mission that BHS has to connect the past and the present and really bring brooklyn's dynamic history alive and we see that happening today when we let visitors and students and teachers listen to these voices from the past and that the voices that we're documenting today the people of the future are going to have that really direct connection to understanding what our lives were like today we at Brooklyn Historical Society are very proud of our in pursuit of freedom exhibit it tells the story of a group of abolitionists who lived here in Brooklyn who fought slavery both here when Brooklyn was a slave owned in capital and up till its abolition 1865 and it's a great example of the kind of history we do here Brooklyn Historical Society is interested in telling the story of Brooklynites we have to tell our own story all of us from all different corners of the barrel city of the world whether that be Russian brothers down in Coney Island you know down in South Brooklyn or west indians and Crown Heights or southern great migration black folks from Fort Greene it's for all of us you just want to keep the doors open to let everybody know that

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