Insane NeoCon: People Having the Right to Vote Makes America Communist!

wife’s just get a lotta this this is Frank
Gaffney the guy who sees I am muslims a everywhere harm everywhere in the administration perhaps in his bedroom they have
infiltrated and here he is explaining to you this
scariest thing you could imagine about Obamacare the striker minute for some time it’s been it’s the
secure freedom minute continue apparent that the Obama
presidency is promoted creeping socialism Obamacare’s
intervention in and substantial takeover of 16 our
economy is a particularly ominous manifestation the
administration’s agenda and evidence of its progress that
content with creeping bill teenyboppers socialist a broken and
offered gallup that’s the practical implication a newly
revealed facet Obamacare posit what do you think this could be he’s going to make your freedom insecure that Obamacare its tentacles reaching in jack-booted thugs showing up to your
door because they know your heart rate continue I whatever its other
shortcomings and ok right from the likes the
healthcare registration process is being used effectively to compel
Americans to register to from the process lends itself to abuse and
fraud and hour so the president said the goal is to register $68 million mostly
low-income voters successful expect a permanent majority
demanding government handouts and the and america’s we’ve known it oh
my god you see freedom does not include making sure that people vote and decide
what they want from their government that’s not what freedom is particularly
up their low-income any of their the ball people all up there you have it frank gaffney is freedom moment in lives and deaths and I
had constant and that and out at the
handouts you know here’s the thing they keep saying the government’s got
bankrupt we can sustain this why don’t they just
allow for the and how could they hand out three and

  1. There seems to be so many dark little corners in the USA that the Age of Reason skipped. 

  2. American fascist right wingers: making you believe that only by freakin away your freedom will you truly be free. Propaganda down to a science.

  3. Voter registration is a left wing conspiracy? Though we hear it as it is the sheep still believes that what he says harbor truth.

  4. Yes of course! It all makes sense now!  The left want EVERYONE to vote for a handout society, where EVERYONE live off the government and dont pay taxes. Thank Jeebus there are still a few hardworking, tax paying Republicans that can support the rest of our lazy asses!

  5. Liberalism = democratic capitalism.
    Conservatism = non-democratic capitalism (wants kings and royalty based on hereditary wealth)

  6. Anything that doesn't benefit the GOP/NeoCon party is "Socialism".  Its a buzzword they use to play on peoples fears and get them riled up. 

  7. What's wrong w/ America? I'm serious. I mean, aside from, classism, racism, sexism — ha ha ha!
    America is a very strange country. It's also a very fearful country.
    And, according to the late Gore Vidal, a very stupid country…. Meaning: a very uneducated populace. Well, look at our poor education system.
    America is indeed a very strange country.

  8. For conservcunts, freedom and rights only extend to white rich males, especially those who pretend they are deeply religious and straight.

  9. the Republican party's goal in the last 60 years were clearly stated by Paul Weyrich: “I don’t want everybody to vote. Elections are not won by a majority of people. They never have been from the beginning of our country. Our leverage quite candidly goes up, as voting populus goes down”. The ballot box crushes them every time, just vote!


    Maybe MAKE THE MARKET 'BETTER', FRANK GAFFNEY, so that people WON'T need those programs as much?  Much-higher minimum wage would be FANTASTIC for that.  Corporations (i.e. private money) would pay out of their own pockets for workers' wages, and you could afford to spend less on the welfare state since workers ACTUALLY COULD AFFORD shit like health insurance. 
    By NOT requiring corporations to treat workers better and offer more opportunities, as well as many other remedies, conservatives and libertarians are, in effect, AIDING AND 'ABETTING' THE VERY WELFARE-STATE THEY HATE! 

    fucking morons

  11. Keep in mind that a large percentage of the TeaBaggers are KKK, Neo Nazis and Evangelical extremists. None of them like Democracy and Freedom for ALL.

  12. This country has been dismantled over the last 30 years, It's first major set-up and decent began under Reagan/Bush and then it's been a series of baton passes by democrats and republican to undo America.  Urban decay and shifting jobs overseas has come home to roost.  Now we have the handout lines and endangered  middle class heading for extinction. 

    Neo-feudalism is just around the corner.  Obamacare is unsustainable.  I originally gave it 3 to 5 years good years before imploding because the government would throw tuns of money at it to make it work.  But this lack luster opening leaves me skeptical thinking it's not going to get off the ground but cost nothing but money and strife by election time.

    The US middle class is toast.

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