Influences on Design -  Culture

broadly speaking culture is the set of shared attitudes values behaviors beliefs and traditions that characterizes a group of people and distinguishes them from other groups culture can be a source of both inspiration and constraint designers try to provide consumers with what they want while trying to avoid offending people from different cultures there are many factors to consider for example color is an important design tool that has different meanings across different cultures red represents danger love and passion in Western culture in India it symbolizes purity in China a sign of good luck but in South Africa red is the colour of mourning and death designers need to consider the impact of color on different markets in Thailand purple is the color of mourning but in the West it is associated with wealth luxury and loyalty research is valuable in identifying cultural norms and helping designers to meet consumers needs for example mobile phones have been designed with cultural differences in mind Americans tend to prefer blackberry style smartphones as they like to use two hands to type messages but in Japan smaller clam or flip phones are popular because people prefer to text with one hand this allows them to have the other hand free to hold on to handrails while commuting by train it's important to consider cultural differences when designing products research can help designers to both meet consumers needs and avoid offending large groups of people

  1. I always hear architects speak about cultural influences and i thought it was bullshit. But now i realize its the architect's humble way of recognizing that he is not the only one involve in the design but rahter the people around him.

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