Industry Insider: Vape Bans Are Killing Hookah Culture

New Hampshire vape shop owners came out in
force Wednesday against a proposal to ban flavored products, arguing it would force them out
of business and harm the health of adult customers who will return to smoking. Find out more
on this edition of industry insider. Hello and welcome to another edition of industry
insider. New Hampshire Representative Jerry Knirk isn’t satisfied with the trump administration’s
announcement this month that prohibits fruit, candy, mint and dessert flavors from small
cart-based cigarettes. Knirk wants to go a step further and ban the sale of
all flavored vaping products except tobacco flavors on the basis that quote “We need
to place children’s health and public health over the profits of the vaping industry.”
House lawmakers also are considering a bill that would put a moratorium on the sale of
e-cigarettes quote “until the commissioner of the department of health and human services
determines that they are not a cause of illness or death.” A similar situation to what we
are seeing play out in many counties throughout California. A parade of vape advocates and
ex-smokers came out to speak on the issue at the recent hearing, explaining that quote
“anything that is opposing adults getting their hands on these flavors that help them
quit would be a tragedy for the state of New Hampshire” continuing on to say “Just
look at what it did to Massachusetts.” Some states continue to push the anti-flavor
narrative despite actions taken by the trump administration to address the so called youth
vaping epidemic at the end of last year, but to what end? Lawmakers efforts to enact prohibition
on flavored tobacco products like this is unprecedented, will they ever actually back
down or simply continue the crusade against harm reduction products until they get their
way? Please share your thoughts with us down below and as always don’t forget to like,
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content. This has been Nick with Industry Insider, and we’ll see you next time!

  1. It's truly mass hysteria!! Such a shame we didn't learn the lessons from Prohibition. 100 years later, we are treading the same path.

  2. These flavor bans will affect many adults but not the youths that they're claiming is their intention. MSA money and cigarette taxes and all the money made by the pharmaceutical industry is the only thing that interests those who are in favor of these flavor bans. Vaping threatens to eliminate the need for the MSA and the need for medical treatment for tobbaco related illnesses. Billions of dollars or billions of lives? That's the only true question? It's pretty obvious what our so called leaders have chosen. ($$$$$$)

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