Individualist Anarchism

when I first encountered free market anarchists here on YouTube it was unusual to find anyone even remotely familiar with traditional anarchist voices one of my early mentions a Mikhail Bakunin garnered this rather funny response check out the view as a tendency to think of things from a socialist perspective gee I wonder why he lived in Soviet Russia he was looking to make the system he lived under worked without to grandeur to change without causing bloody revolutions okay that's funny I don't care who you are but it highlights something I've seen again and again and it's his propensity to fake the funk to pretend to know to pretend you know about a subject you really don't know much about and more recently YouTube user Thor's miter saw falls into this category let's let's go ahead and roll the clip the Benjamin Tucker finds the anti prophet Aryan strands of anarchists to be the usurpers of the doctrine and not the other way around it seems clear as a Colorado sky that he considers them to be the corruption of anarchist thought the foreign invasion of ideas and unwanted by an American individualist seriously now I can only conclude that Thor's miter saw has never read the anarchists he claims to descend from I'm not gonna try to be exhaustive here but let me make a few general claims before I dive into this and our kiss have always been opposed to capitalism being anti statist is not sufficient to be an anarchist as we have always been opposed to hierarchy we're not Marxist we've always tend to look at society as whole on the numerous forms of exploitation and oppression that take place and we seek to end those forms of tyranny not an individualist but I do count them squarely in the camp of the libertarian Left they were categorically opposed to non labor forms of income rent interest and profits nearly all of them saw themselves as socialists they opposed capitalism and it's hierarchical and exploitative nature and like libertarian socialist individuals anarchists believed in possession not property and that said possession would be marked by occupancy in use or in that a minute there was general although not unanimous opposition to wage slavery and since Thor's miter saw quotes Tucker at length let me just remind my audience that Benjamin Tucker was a firm adherent to the labor theory of value I'll begin by pointing out that Tucker certainly never saw himself as a proper terian the term was only coined about 35 years ago he did however refer to himself numerous times as a socialist he also held against socialism at times and to someone unfamiliar with the times in the history in the works of individualist anarchists anarchism in general this can be confusing to understand this recall the socialism covers a lot of ground as Tucker put it and I quote the two principles referred to our Authority and liberty and the names of the two schools of socialistic thought which fully and unreservedly represent one or the other of them respectively state socialism and anarchism who so knows that these two schools want and how they propose to get it understands the socialistic movement for just as it has been said that there is no halfway house between Rome and reason so it may be said there is no halfway house between state socialism and anarchism note that Tucker is using anarchism as a synonym for socialism as Adolf Fisher one of the Haymarket martyrs and contemporaries of Tucker pointed it out every anarchist is a socialist but every socialist is not necessarily an anarchist anarchists are socialists I'll let Thor's mitre saw make my point as he continues to quote Benjamin Tucker defining anarchism roll the clip always confining the word 'anarchist so as to include none but those who deny all external authority over the individual whether that is the present state or that of some industrial collected collectivity or commune which the future may produce confining the word anarchist so as to include none but those who deny all external authority over the individual all external Authority you really can't believe in that and believe in boxes another word for master you can't concur with Tucker's definition of anarchism and believe in landlords another form of master another form of external authority over the individual individualist anarchy would be a market system it would but it would not be a capitalist one it would be form of market socialism although a non-state variety as Tucker argued the anarchist realized the fact that one class of men are dependent for their living upon their sale of their labor while another class of men are relieved of the necessity of labor by being legally privileged to sell something that is not labor and to such a state of things I am as much opposed as anyone but the minute you remove privilege every man will be a laborer exchanging with fellow laborers what anarchistic socialism aims to abolish is Ussery and aims to deprive capital of its reward i should point out that the term Ussery for Tucker was a synonym for the exploitation of labor and included capitalist profit as well as interest rent and royalty little wonder that Tucker translated food owns what is property and subscribed to its conclusion that property is theft attended to focus here on Benjamin Tucker but let me briefly turn to the father of individualist anarchism Josiah Warren and his take on wage slavery as James J Martin points out in men against the state we find that two men like him chattel slavery was merely one side of a brutal situation and although sympathetic with its opponents refused to take part in the struggle against slavery unless it was extended to a wholesale attack on what they termed wage slavery in the states were Negro slavery no longer existed in fact opposition to wage slavery is another common thing theme among individual anarchists although not unanimous as I pointed out now this isn't about excluding anybody from the anarchist movement or you know you can't use the term anarchism let me just briefly return to Thor's miter saw seeking to purge individuals proper terian anarchists from the title as if they own it or proceed us well fuck you assholes we predate you motherfuckers with Warren and Pradhan and if you keep insisting on drawing lines it's awesome person's out of your usurped words and I would do the fucking same or that he just had the damn thing I have no need of special titles to prove my case this seems so childish really how could one get so worked up over a subject he knows so little about he wants to turn history completely on its head and pretend that anarcho-capitalist predate left libertarian anarchists really as I pointed out the only way that one can possibly do this it's from ignorance in conclusion individualist anarchists from Josiah Warren to Benjamin Tucker and the rest are firmly in the left libertarian camp they were opposed to capitalism saw themselves as socialists and opposed non labor forms of income far from conceiving themselves as proper Terry uns a term hardly 35 years old individuals like Tucker believe that occupancy in use were the only deeds to property that is they believed in possession the tension that Thor's miter saw ludes to in his video is not between proper terry uns and nonprofit Aryans but between libertarian socialists and non libertarian or authoritarian socialists I don't believe Thor's miter saw has ever read any of the individualist anarchists he claims to descend from and his videos are evidence of that what's more disturbing is that almost none of his audience is able to discern this fact as usual I have lots of great links in sidebar or you can learn more about this subject and familiarize yourself with the works of individuals like Benjamin Tucker and others and I hope you'll take the time to learn about these thinkers and what it is they've really stood for thank you are you with me have a whole imaginary civilization in my head that I like to daydream about are you with me I have a friend who thinks he's a dolphin are you with me sitting right there in the chair you're probably an anarchist you just don't

  1. Wow thanks for letting me know I'm a fucking libertarian NOT. Theory is a bunch of poo unless it's Situ slogans, if you can't write it on the wall it's probably not fucking true. Collectivism is stupid

  2. Yes Ben Tucker adhered to the labor theory of value but not in the same way marxists do. He saw it more as an observation that when something is created it is created by labor and give value by labor; however he also did recognize that value could be subjective (because he was an individualist egoist)

  3. 5:00 Wait wait wait a sec… Landlords would not be ruling over anyone except by agreement. So are you saying bondage sex would be illegal or against the "rules" in an anarchist community? Because you know, one person has consensually agreed to be a "slave" and the other a "master" like wtf? If two people agree to something then why the fuck is it anyone elses business?

  4. Anarchist are against capitalism? So they're against the idea that "Hey, I have this thing, would you like to buy or trade it from me?" Other anarchists are like "HEY THATS AGAINST THE RULES THAT WE SET IN OUR ANARCHIST COMMUNITY!" and the proceed to govern over you and prevent you from doing that! Yeah that sounds like anarchy alright! Makes so much sense!

  5. I'm trying to figure out what kind of anarchist I am. I think I might be an individualist because I hate authority, corporations, and unoriginality. But, I'm not a socialist because I also hate working and sharing.

  6. As I see it, anarchism and collectivism are mutually exclusive. By forcing people into collectives, you simply replace an old state with a new one. Because of the iron law of oligarchy, any collective (even if it calls itself anarchist) will unavoidably become corrupted. You have to be an idiot not to see that anarcho-communism will inevitably evolve into an oppressive Soviet-style state.

  7. Individualist anarchists were not socialists. Ragnar Readbeard not a socialist for one of many examples. Socialism is collectivist, Tucker not a socialist. Etc

  8. What staggers me a lot with these 'radical-capitalists'  (especially those from the US), is their anti-socialism. This because the origin of this anti-socialism seems to have its origin exactly in the institute they say to reject. I think most of the anti-socialism people have comes from the red-scare (if you don't know what it is, check it out) that has made a deep impact on the believes of people and their anxiety for the word socialism/communism.

    Next to that I think its strange that among these capitalists (who often pretend to be real philosophers) there is no coherency in the distrust of the conditioned stance towards communism compared to any other relation the state tries to disrupt.

    Next to that I would like to add that anarchism does not only mean the absence of the/a state and thus the same economic system can just continue. It means the absence (or equal distribution of – its just how you look at it) of power in its totality.

  9. Thanks again Budagem, its been a long time since you made this but it still hits the nail and is very relevant today still (sadly enough). It seems these radical capitalists (as I like to refer to them) still are working hard to get there place in the anarchist tradition witch in my opinion is completely absurd.

  10. If a group of workers work on private property (owned by someone other than the people who's livelihoods depend on it it) then it's not a cooperative of free people. We're back to square one. Try again.

  11. Cooperatives are private property too. They need a private property to work on and produce.

  12. "Capitalism is at least tolerable, which cannot be said of Socialism or Communism" and went on to observe that, "under any of these regimes a sufficiently shrewd man can feather his nest.".
    -Benjamin Tucker to James J. Martin

  13. Also, instead of making fun of youtube idiots, why don't you try to debate with real anarcho-capitalist like Stefan Molyneux?

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