India's Lower Class Struggles for Equality

protests in India are causing major upheaval after demonstrators from the Gaja Community blocked roadways in and around New Delhi the god jars are an underprivileged tribe and they want to be reclassified lower down on India's caste system to benefit from the country's affirmative action plan in 2007 88 percent of Indians did say they did not experience caste based religious or gender discrimination but God jars live mainly in the Western and central areas of India in those regions there is a higher percentage of people who say they have experienced discrimination the protestors are demanding that along with being reclassified they have access to more jobs and university programs when we look at the job situation in India overall only 1/3 of citizens are satisfied with the increase in the number and quality of jobs broken down by socio-economic class there is a 12-point difference between those the highest rung and those in the lowest rung looking at satisfaction with the private education system 79 percent of those in the upper class are satisfied compared to 63 percent in the lowest class according to the World Bank's latest statistics 29 percent of India's population is below the poverty line I'm Yasmin sugan join us again to hear more voices from around the world

  1. ALL HUMANS ARE EQUAL!. This video does not by any means brings a bad name to India as a country itself. Its just a bunch of people and not the whole country.
    Cheers from Pakistan,

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