Indian Community in Canada

What’s up guys?? How you doing there?? Welcome back to this YouTube channel It’s your guy Igor here Hit that like button and subscribe to this channel If you’re done so let’s get started In today’s video I want to show you the Indian community Where the majority of people from India lives stay.. to be honest majority of people from India in Calgary Specifically … are from Punjab. So “Sat Sri akal ji” and let’s get started. Let’s go there I’m right now in downtown Calgary Trying to get to my car and some crazy woman She’s not from India But she’s honking like crazy didn’t get that much of honking in Canada like for example when I went to Mumbai Oh, that was one of a place. I love that place Especially crossing the road was kind of scary, but let’s go there I’m gonna show you a place majority of Indians do live in that area however Indian people live everywhere in downtown in the rich neighborhoods and They live at Northeast because they like to save money, and it’s really important to spend less than you make So this area is where you get all the groceries and all tasty Indian food, and it’s actually real food It’s not like that in downtown that you get that is really mild not as spicy that Here you can get the traditional cuisine and more importantly. It’s not only Not only for Indians you get Pakistani shops here you get Srilankan restaurants you get Everything here so and everything anything and everything from that part of the world Where those countries are located.. That’s where you get all these shops Now.. It’s not considered to be an Indian village or anything it’s just … A place in Calgary and If I asked anyone they people might be even offended if I say for example something like that To them because it’s just a place in Calgary where most of people from India…they decided to settle and they build their businesses their community you have lots of senior people here Why people choose to live in these locations is? accessibility to the grocery stores.. to their community.. also Land here… is a little bit cheaper than it usually is in other locations So this neighborhood is not exactly in downtown yet Everything is close by you get all the groceries you get all the shops everything is here and at the same time it’s cheaper so you’re saving money and Yeah, that’s the main reason. Look at that… look at that… Briyani.. Chapli kabab Oh Tasty chicken biryani, I’m just walking in Falooda Tandoori… Fish.. You know what I might.. actually I might… I might actually go for the tandoori fish Because I won’ like it smells so good in this area that I just cannot stand it. It’s just so so good. I might that’s why I don’t like going here because there is so much of nice food in this location I’m feeling so hungry now!! I’m feeling so hungry.. because this area has all the food now. Yeah this This is the place where most of people live so there is no difference in the housing and anything The houses in this location are just as anywhere else. It’s beautiful nice place lots of different cultures living together And also you get lots of people for Let’s just go on a parking lot today So you can see everything in the distance you see their shops Lots of people from India now the best thing is it’s not only Indian neighborhood, so I cannot say that it is like The only people are people from India living here. Everyone is living here and also Canadian people who love eating Indian food come to this place Also.. to experience the culture and everything you get lots of senior people here you see not Every immigrant is young immigrant and it’s really important for For example for those guys who are young immigrants and their parents their parents.. They need the community It’s more than the young guys But it’s important that there is an Indian community here for the senior guys They can go they have people of their age of their culture. They have someone to talk to they it’s I mean, it’s So much of snow. There is no way to walk and see there’s no places to cross the road It’s trying to go on the sidewalk That’s what the sidewalk is right guys, so I’m here to get some samosas this video is not sponsored by this place And I think this place has one of the best samosas in Calgary… It’s my personal opinion On Google Maps it has like three stars but I personally would give like five stars because they have what I think really good ones.. Let me show you what it is Got some samosas.. I’m gonna show you and that’s what I’m talking about This is what I like, and I’m afraid But keep it like this because you might get some oil spill on everything look how they put it ooooo… This is so good see there is some What’s it called Chatni?? tamarind sauce inside ? There’s really really nice I’m going to keep it on my carpet right now because I might drop some stuff might drip oil… They’re deep fried after all but these are my favorite my favorite samosas in Calgary so far I.. I couldn’t get any better anywhere.. I don’t know maybe there are places And then I have this jalebi It’s I’m not going to open the box It’s inside this beautiful box almost like Julie jewelry Packaged as if it What’s it called Kohinoor? There is actually a jewelry shop Kohinoor as if it’s Kohinoor or it’s fact in the box I like this service. I like this food actually know what I was just recording. There was some lady from that place She came out and she was asking me if I have to ask her permission to record the place yeah, I’ll love to buy stuff from this.. Bikaner store…Bikaner sweet house get some gulab jamun.. from here and jalebi and samosas Oh Hi.. Hellooo… Hello you are taking pictures?? Yeah For what? For my youtube channel ohhh.. that’s nice.. Then like actually making a video about Indian community in Calgary Oh…That’s nice But do you think…that you need…like Approval… Approval for that..? Well only if I’m shooting from inside the building Yeah Aahh…okay… in reality In Canada as long as it’s publicly accessible, and it’s not private territory I can record whatever I want on the camera and anyone I want unless it is on a private property, then I have to ask for permission But if you..they don’t forgive forbid it I can still record it… So I don’t see the problem people are probably shy they’re probably thinking about negative publicity or something That’s strange That’s a free publicity guys what if some what if this video gets popular? What if there will be many people from India watching this?? and they would see your shop might be a good thing I don’t see a problem anyways guys It’s been awesome. I’m going I’m going to Try and find some grocery store Let’s go to Bangla Bazaar quickly. I’m going to show you a grocery store, and then I’m going home coz samosas are getting cold You know samosas are good when they are Crispy let’s go to Bangla bazaar. Just going to show you a little bit there are many many Grocery stores here. I just show you one of them So you’ve got all the oranges all of the fruits.. Mango.. interesting.. See you get all sorts of masalas here as well Niice.. So basically you can get any masala any kind of food that you’re used to In your home country Can get here in Canada prices a little bit higher of course because their labor and everything is more expensive The rent is more expensive and utilities and everything, but you can get everything here, and I love it about that I love this… this part of Canada So cool Visa… Visa?? yeah.. So this place is called Bangla Bazaar it’s at Northeast Calgary, and I think it has really nice Food you see the prices. Are yeah, I think Bangla Bazaar.. It’s not the cheapest place There are places where you can get cheaper masalas, but I think Bangla.. Bangla Bazaar has some stuff that other grocery stores don’t have in in this community, and that’s why it has so many customers still because Every shop here has to have something unique They have to stand down to be in business because there will always someone who has cheaper stuff than you do So in order for you to get people to buy that stuff that is more expensive from your place you have to have something that is more You have to have something that other people don’t have and Bangla Bazaar is obviously having something like that for example I’m just I don’t know what this is so I’m going to try this drink I… Really really want to try it. Oh my goodness the Sun is going straight into my eyes, and I want to try this drink Basil seed drink with mango, Basil seed. I’m gonna try it.. Holy moly it’s so sweet so nice action.. actually it’s really tasty hhmmm It has some You know some chunks of Fruit or whatever it is Really tastes a really nice drink.. All right guys Thank you so much for watching if you want to know more about Indian community in Calgary I would love to see your comments, and I’m going to answer as much as I can I know I’m not from India but you know “Bade bade desho mein” “Choti choti baatein” “hoti rehti hai” I’m involved a lot into this community, and.. I think I know.. a little bit more than another Caucasian person in this town right guys have a good one And thank you so much for watching hit that like button and subscribe and you’ll see me in the next video Ciao!

  1. I am from India and I'm trying to move to Canada. It's good to know they got Indian stuff there. Also, Bade Bade Deshon mein choti choti baate hoti reheti hein 😉

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    They are so cheap and for money they destroy any morality,
    They don’t wear good clothes and not shave and clean and they cheat a lot.

  5. All my life being fooled by calling Malaysia as multiracial country. We are not even come close to Canada in terms of diversity and tolerance. The word 'equal' is sensitive here. You are rocking Igor.

  6. Thank you so much for this video brother, I am from India and I have applied for Canadian PR. I will definitely visit this place.
    Love from India.

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    Bdw sorry for ur bad experience in the shop when asking permission.
    Thanks again for the video.

  10. Dear Igor,

    I love your videos, and have been able to see life of an immigrant in Canada through your eyes. I feel that you are great story teller, which is why I am hooked to your videos. Keep up the great work! God bless!

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  13. So many Indians in Canada brother! I must say the Canadians are very welcoming people… especially towards Indians from Punjab by the way I am an Indian and I am a Bengali form a small city called Siliguri in West Bengal.

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  17. "Bangla" or "bengali is a language of west Bengal state people in India and also Bangladesh people speaks bengali. There food habit is little bit different than north Indian people. (and" bazar" means market)

  18. Hi Igor what a YouTuber u r. I like your videos very much. I am a big fan of yours. If you don't mind can I talk to you. I am still waiting for your reply. I Know you are so busy… please give me only five from your valuable times. Thanks
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  19. I am Indian and would most probably visit this place. Love you Igor and thanks for soo much of information.

  20. I’m of African decent but my friend is Indian from Punjab. There are a lot of Indians in Southall and many parts of London UK. She taught me some Punjabi greetings. She is so friendly and welcoming. I’d love to visit India one day!

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