India vs China : Detailed Comparison GDP, Defense, Economy, Growth rate 2019

today there is only one superpower in the world that is United States but if we see in the ancient history the economic and military might of the world was centered in Asian continent and two of the most powerful countries of that time were India and China which was considered as the most influential countries because of their superiority in trade connectivity and technological fields for a long time but in the last centuries these country faced various problems like under development poverty and illiteracy mainly due to the negative impact of long years of colonization and become one of the poorest in the world but in 21st century India and China are again climbing the ladder developing so fast that they are considered as the two main contenders for the next superpower in the world so in this video you are going to see detailed comparison between India and China [Applause] [Applause]

  1. Meaningless comparison. Also, there were no India per se in history. India is a new noun after 1947, by the Brits.

  2. Lot of comments about China is better !! Yeah it is but there is a reason and history behind it. India was sucked for 200 years and then 70 years. China was never ruled and started its market in 80s. But India failed to do so And we open our market in 2000. That's why we are 15 years behind.

    India will reclaim its position soon. Best of luck to China too !!

  3. 这样的比较只能看到目前的差距,两个国家都在发展,只是发展阶段不同而已,印度相对中国外部的发展环境是非常优越的,中国要困难太多。中国要进一步开放金融市场了,对于现代金融业不过只有几十年的历史,不知道拥有几个世纪发展历史的西方国家金融大鳄会对中国做什么,很忧虑…,转型会不会成功,经济改革会不会彻底,普通的百姓有没有更加多元化的发展出路。

  4. As an Indian I think we have more issues to deal with than becoming the super power yet. Like the money they pay me for working as a network engineer isn't enough to pay even my rent so I'm moving out.😂

  5. 我是中国人,印度和中国都是伟大的古老国家,希望有一天可以抛弃纷争,和平崛起。🇨🇳🇮🇳👍

  6. we Chinese love India. Asia long life. indian own democracy,we have money,let's just work together. make the world more beautiful. fuck usa

  7. China is evil,satanic and cruel Dictatorship in the name of communism.Fuck Chinese Dictator Xijinping(習近平)and stupid Chinese who believe evil Dictatorship

  8. Democracy is not good for developing country, but India which is democracy can develop so fast, I respect india!

  9. Wrong information India Has 6400Tanks , 6700 armored fighting vehicle. And towed Artillery 5500+ Above. And Indian Millatry Has 2nd Largest Army after China Now. If you Agree with me hit the like button.

  10. Guess Russia missed the boat. While today you become a superpower and dominate with a strong economy like China and India, Russia still thinks its through nuclear weapons.

  11. India is nothing compared to China. I hope this video was just you running out of ideas. Any sane man wouldn't compare india to china.

  12. It's a good idea to refer to India and China since they both have a huge population , will never fail to gain views 😂😂😂

  13. 6:08 success rate wrong,I just check the wiki India success rate was 79.66%(2017) China success rate is 95.38%(2018) 2017 is 95.19%

  14. चीन कई क्षेत्रों में भारत जितना अच्छा नहीं है, और चीन को कड़ी मेहनत करनी है

  15. Recently IMF point out the fake GDP problem of India.Indeed India is growing and.becoming.better to some degree.but after it includes cow poos.into GDP,it adds up plenty of fake data about industry into GDP.Now the.highest unemployment rate and serious inflation occur in india.Many outdated technology and industries in China choose southeast next factory but not india.Indians don't modi destroyed the investment environment of India.To a small economy with a lot of unemployed people,you know the significance of investment to it.

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