Increase By Association, Part 2

(Music) JERRY: Hello everyone. Welcome
to our broadcast. Thank you for joining me. My name is Jerry
Savelle and I have the privilege of sharing the Word of Godwith
you for the next 25 minutes or so. This week we’re going to
continue the lesson that we began last week and you
remember, those of you that were watching, I took you into a
service where Jesse Duplantis and myself were tag team
preaching. Now if you’ve never seen tag team preaching, you’re
in for a treat. Jesse Duplantis and myself, in fact we didn’t
know what each other was going to say, we just knew that the
Lord instructed us to talk about increase by association. We have
a covenant of increase. If you look in your covenant, if you
look in the Bible, and where it talks about covenant, then
you’re going to find that it is a covenant of increase. God
wants you to increase in every area of your life. He wants you
to increase spiritually. He wants you to increase mentally.
He wants you to increase physically. In other words,
enjoy divine health, but he also wants you to increase
financially. Jesse and I are talking about this in a tag team
preaching session along with all of our Chariots of Light, biker
ministry that was present that day. I’m telling you, we had an
exciting service, so this is part two of that service. I
want you to get ready to laugh, shout, rejoice and get excited
because God wants to bring increase into your life.
Watch closely now, and I’ll be back with some
closing remarks at the end. JESSE: It’s increase by
association. Think about that, ladies and gentlemen.
Every time I get to a plateau I say, “I’ve got to
go higher.” I do it every year in my giving. I do it every
year in my spirituality and my faith keeps pushing me. You know
I … Look at me, God is my witness, I’ll sit behind this
Holy Ghost, Harley Davidson pulpit, or whatever you call it.
I am so satisfied. You’re looking at a man totally
satisfied, completely in everything in my life. God has
said, “Come on. Come on.” He gives me more and more. You know
why it doesn’t turn my head? Why? It doesn’t turn my mind.
I’ve finally lost my mind. It’s the best thing that ever
happened to me, I lost my mind. Now I can understand the mind of
Christ. Do you all remember that time Brother Copeland called me
up and he was going to prophesy to me and I’m
listening and he goes, slapped me in the head, “Quit
thinking.” I’m a thinker. I’m thinking, “Well how am I going
to do this, yeah I can do that. Yeah, I can do this.” I’ll say
this and I’ll tag Jerry. Remember that the voice of God
should be heard more outside the church, not inside, because
outside is the wealth of the wicked. It needs to come inside.
Remember what I just said. Be very sensitive to the voice of
God as you walk outside. Whatever you do, and God will
lead you to places you never thought. If you miss God, you
can miss great blessings. One of them was, I don’t even drink
coffee, I love the way it smells, I hate the way it
tastes. Jerry been trying to get me to drink coffee since I first
met him. “Oh, Jesse you going to like this.” I’m like, “No I’m
not.” He’ll buy some really expensive coffee. “You’ll like
… “. (choking) “Jerry, I can’t do that. I just don’t like it.”
Guy said, “Come to the coffee shop.” I said, “Man, I don’t
drink coffee,” but I went. There was a friend of mine that said,
“Listen, I want to buy some property.” I said, “Property,
what do you want to buy … ” I knew the property he was talking
about. He said, “I can get it for three thousand dollars. You
want to go in with me?” I had a thousand dollars in my pocket.
His partner was named George. He had a thousand … We each had a
thousand dollars in our pocket. I said, “Leonard, do you know
anything about this property?” “Nah, nah. I don’t know nothing
about anything,” he said, “I just thought I’d buy …” I
said, “It’s a piece of junk. It’s nothing Leonard. It used to
be a dump.” He said, “Yeah, I just feel … “, he said, “We
can get it for three thousand dollars.” He said, “You got
a thousand dollars?” I said, “Yeah, I got it on me.” I said,
“George, are you going do this?” “Yeah, it’s junk …” Leonard
said, “Well, I’m going to just buy it.” I said, okay. We didn’t
buy it. Six months later, the state of Louisiana came in and
built overpasses and had to buy that property. Leonard made
three million dollars. I would have made a million dollars on a
thousand. That’s a thousand times, on a thousand dollar
investment. Leonard would call me and I all I’d hear was this,
(laughs). You see? A million dollars on a thousand dollar
investment, that’s good buddy. That’s when the Lord said, “Hear
my voice outside the church and I’ll bring the wealth of
sinner into the church and into you. Not only
will I bless the church, I’ll bless each and every one of
them.” So now I listen. When someone’s talking to me, they
don’t know I’m inside going, “What, God? Where? Hold this
Jesse.” Don’t let nobody know what you’re thinking.
We’ll discuss it later. When I go out and run like
a gazelle. What’s going through this thing?
But you see, you never let them know what
you’re thinking. God said, I’ll put increase in your hands,
beyond your wildest dreams. Now, I’m teaching that to my
grand-daughter and I’ve taught that to my daughter. I said,
“Listen, I want to be alive. Jesus tarries, I want to give
you your inheritance while I’m alive. I want to see you
blessed.” Meredith is like me. The other day man, we give her
so much, she says, “I’m saving it.” We give some to Jody,
hit the mall. Jody going to the mall. It’s just such a blessing.
Meredith goes, “I believe I’ll save it and I’ll get some more
later on.” I thought, hmm. Now she’s going around my house
looking at the curtains. She’s eight years old. These are …
what … I said, “Those are plantation curtains.” “Ooh.” I
said, “You like this house?” How independent she is. I said,
“I’ll give it to you Meredith.” It’s beautiful too. She says,
“I’ll build my own house.” Okay. She said, “But I will do tours
here, with a black dress on and my Mama can cook.” (Laughs)
Creflo Dollar told me, said, “Jesse, you could make so much
money.” There’s buses stopping at my house all the time because
they want to go in it, you know, because it’s a big plantation
home. Creflo said, “Man, charge them ten dollars a head, you’d
make a fortune.” No, this is my private home, I don’t want to do
… Carolyn gave me one of the best compliments I ever seen in
my life. It was real early in the morning, that was Carolyn.
I said, “You want anything?” “This is such a beautiful home.
Do you mind if I just look at the little things?” I said, “No,
look at whatever you want.” It’s just such a blessing. It’s not
to show off because they got a beautiful home. Lord, Jesus man.
I mean, I was in it a couple of nights here. It’s a blessing of
God. My point is that increase is coming. Remember this, when
somebody says, “No that’s that greedy man.” No, no. That’s
faith insisting on possessing possessions. JERRY: Amen,
Hallelujah. Glory to God. Genesis 26: “In the midst
of a famine, made absolutely no difference whatsoever
to the man on whom the blessing of God was upon.”
Isaac. “In a famine but the Lord said, you go where I tell you
to go and don’t run from this. Don’t go to Egypt. You sojourn
in this land and I will bless you, right in the middle of a
famine.” Everybody else, their crops are dying out, they’re not
growing any crops, their cattle are dying, there’s a famine. But
the man on whom the blessing of God was upon, and he was
obedient to God. Here’s the point I want to make, being in
the right place at the right time has everything to do with
it as well. If you living in Dallas and you’re supposed to be
in Minden Louisiana, you better get there as quick as you can.
Amen. Brother Copeland prophesied a number of years
ago, way back, over 25 years ago, there would come a time
where people will move and relocate based on what the
Spirit of God says and not what it looks like is a better job or
a better opportunity but they’ll start being obedient to God and
go where he tells them to go and where he plants them. That’s
where the blessing will operate for them. The reason so many
Christians are not blessed today, there’s too many church
hoppers. They’re not staying where God plants them. I’m
amazed every time I come into this church and I think, who are
all those people? Then I start looking for that faithful bunch.
Man, praise God. That just thrills my heart when I see that
faithful bunch. While I’m looking for George and Tilly,
“Oh yeah, George and Tilly are there, praise God.” You know and
that faithful bunch, I know. George, has there been any
increase come into your life since you got affiliated here?
GEORGE: Mm-hmm (affirmative). JERRY: You can testify to that?
GEORGE: Yes I can. JERRY: Praise God. How long you been here now?
GEORGE: Since it started. JERRY: Since it started, what’s that,
13, 14 years ago? 15 years ago? 16 years ago? Hallelujah. It
pays to be where God plants you. Amen. So the spirit of increase
can come on you. Amen. No matter what’s going on in that area, if
you’re where God wants you to be, he’s going to cause you rise
above it. He’s going to cause you to excel. If Isaac had gone
onto Egypt, we wouldn’t be reading these words, “And the
man waxed greatly and the man became extremely rich.” We
wouldn’t be reading those words about Isaac. Even though he was
the seed of Abraham. Why, even though the blessing was on him,
you got to be in the right place. Amen. You got to be in
the right place. Amen. That’s why it’s so important to be
sensitive to the Holy Spirit. Can you say Amen? While in the
right place, even though there was a famine there … You know,
for a lot of people, if God told them to go somewhere and they
got there and there was a famine, it would look like to
them, I’ve missed God. Amen. I must have missed God, there’s a
famine here. But Isaac was in the right place. This is where
God told him to be. God said, “I’ll be with you and I will
bless you in spite of what’s happening around you.” Amen.
Before I moved to Fort Worth, you know, I’ve surrendered my
life to preach and to serve the Lord and you know, nobody knows
who I am. I mean, I’m sitting in that bedroom in our home,
studying the Word of God eight hours a day for three months.
You know, people at home, they still see me as Jerry, the paint
and body man. They don’t see me as Jerry the Preacher man. I
hadn’t even preached a sermon yet. You know, I just obeyed
God, studied the Word no less than eight hours a day for three
months in my guest bedroom after I shut my business down and at
the end of three months, I come out of there with the fire of
God in my eyes, the Word of God in my heart, the power of God in
my hands and not a place to go. Nobody is inviting me to come
anywhere. Nobody seems to be interested in anything I have to
say, you know, so I hit the streets in my city. I didn’t
start my ministry in a church. I started in the streets of
Shreveport, Louisiana, preaching to drug addicts, alcoholics and
prostitutes and God blessed me. God blessed me. Brother Copeland
came back and preached another series of meetings and during
that meeting, he called me out and prophesied over me and said
God showed him he and I would be a team and we’d spend the rest
of our lives together, preaching the Word of God all over the
world. Then he said, it’d be your responsibility to believe
God for the perfect timing of the team. Then he left
town. It’s my responsibility to believe God for the
perfect timing of the team. I don’t know when
this is going to happen so I can’t just wait around.
I hit the streets. I started having such success in the
streets. That began to open the doors to other opportunities to
preach and youth meetings and youth revivals and so forth.
Then I went to Oklahoma City by invitation of a Pastor, had a
magnificent youth revival in that city, getting the kids out
on the streets and ministering and winning the lost. I’m
telling you, we were having phenomenal success, to such a
point that the Pastor said, “I want you to pray about coming
here and becoming the youth minister in our church. We want
this Spirit in our church among our youth.” We won 85 people to
the Lord, in less than three days, just off the streets and
brought them into the youth department there. Man we having
revival. He wants me to come and be the youth minister. Well, it
looked like a good opportunity. He going pay me a salary. You
know, I had no guaranteed money in the natural, since I’d shut
the paint body shop down. I don’t know if any of you have
ever started a ministry in the streets, the offerings are
terrible. Them drunks, them prostitutes, them hippies, they
didn’t have any money. You know, just stand on the corner and
say, “Okay, I’m finished preaching, let’s receive an
offering.” You just obey God. Just minister to them. God
supernaturally took care of me, you know. Enabled us to keep
food on the table and all that but we certainly weren’t
guaranteed any form of income. Now a Pastor is wanting me to
come, said I’ll pay you x amount of dollars. We have an apartment
here at the church that you and your family can live in, sounded
like a good deal. At least I’d be in the ministry full time,
enjoying a salary, looked like a good deal. I’m driving back from
Oklahoma City and praying about it and the Lord kept saying,
“What about the team? What about the team? What about the team?
What about the team?” I said, “Yeah Lord, what about the team?
What about the team, when is this team thing going to start?”
I didn’t have any idea but I’ve got an opportunity here. Then
I’m trying to rationalize it. “Lord, this would be a great
opportunity for more preparation for ministry so that when the
team begins …” See, I’m trying to talk God into this and he’s
having no part of it. Amen. Why? Because I wouldn’t have been in
the right place. Even though it looked like a good opportunity.
The Bible says, “There is a way that seems right.” That’s the
way that most Christians go, the way that seems right … but if
there is a way that seems right, there’s got to be a way that is
right. Even though that did seem right, it wasn’t right. I got
back home and shortly after that, Brother Copeland said,
“Meet me in Jacksonville Beach Florida.” We drove down to
Jacksonville Beach Florida, I hit the streets and hit the
beach down there, went in solo, it was while Brother Copeland
was preaching three services a day for the next three days. In
between services, I’m out in the streets. I’m winning people to
the Lord out there on the beach, won a hundred and fifty people,
by myself, to the Lord, in those three days we were down there.
Brother Copeland said, “You been praying about when the team will
begin.” I said, “Yes sir.” He said, “Well, what are you
hearing from God?” I said, “I’m ready.” He said, “When can I
expect you in Fort Worth?” I said, “Next week,” and we moved
here. When I walked through the door of Kenneth Copeland
Evangelistic Association, which was an office that wasn’t much
bigger than this platform, his opening remarks to me were this,
“In the natural, I can’t afford you. If you ever get paid, it
will be because you use your faith.” I said, “Greetings to
you too, sir.” I thought, well I’ve been using my faith before
I got here so we got this down. He said, “Just so you’ll have a
point of contact for your faith,” he said, “And I’m
stretching my faith to do this, I’m going to pay you $80.00 a
week.” I hadn’t made $80.00 a week since I was in high school
but that’s all his ministry could stretch and believe for at
that time. You got to understand, Brother Copeland had
only been in ministry for two years when I came to him. A
handful of people knew who Kenneth Copeland was. When I
came here and we’d go do a meeting, 75 people in an evening
service, look out Oral Roberts. This thing getting big, you
know? Three services a day and in the day services, 20 people,
you know. I’ll never forget, the first time we did a meeting
there was over 500 people in it. I thought, dear God, 500 people,
you know. He said, “I’ll pay you $80.00 a week to start, you’re
going to have to believe God for that.” I said, “All right,” but
I knew I was in the right place. Back in those days, when Brother
Copeland did a meeting, it was for a night, three nights, it
was three weeks. When I got my family settled in, in a little
dump of a house here with no refrigerator, no stove, nothing
and three dollars left to my name after I got the utilities
turned on. I gave Carolyn that three dollars and said,
“Sweetheart, I am sorry. I feel like a dog leaving you and the
kids for three weeks and all I place. This is where God wants
us.” God blessed her while I was gone, he blessed me while I was
gone because we were in the right place, even though it
looked like we in the middle of a famine, we were in the right
place and God kept bringing increase and increase. The story
of Jerry Savelle is just like the story of Isaac. I have waxed
strong, hallelujah. I have waxed strong. Praise God. Amen. You
know what waxed strong means? Increase greatly. Increase
greatly. Look at somebody and smile real big and say, I’m
waxing strong, thank you. Praise God. Amen. The blessing of God
is on your life and with it is the spirit of increase. Now do
some homework. Make sure you’re where God wants you to be. That
can cover a lot of territory. Make sure you’re in the right
state. Make sure you’re in the right city. Make sure you’re
in the right neighborhood. Make sure you’re in the right job and
by all means, make sure you’re in the right church. Make sure
you are hanging around the right people. Amen. If you’re where
God has sent you, it makes no difference what the
circumstances are when you get there. If you’re obedient to
God, the blessing of God and the spirit of increase will cause
you to excel and rise above and they’ll begin to look at
you like the Philistines looked at Isaac and they will
envy you because they will see what your God is capable of
doing, hallelujah. Come on, give the Lord a shout of praise. Got
any more? All right, come on let’s give God some praise.
Stand to your feet. Hallelujah. Glory to God. Say, the blessing
of God, is on my life. The spirit of increase is on my
life. I’m leaving here today and on my way to experience
more and more. That’s the God I serve. He will
increase me more and more so more and more, here
I am. Come on me. Give the Lord a shout,
Hallelujah. Thank you Lord. ANNOUNCER: Adventures In
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enjoyed the broadcast today. If you did, why don’t
you write to us and let us know about it? If this ministry
is helping you, if you learned something from the lesson today,
if you were touched and the Holy Spirit began to speak to you and
talk to you, why don’t you share it with us and let us know how
much this broadcast meant to you? We have been believing God
that each and every one of you, our partners, are going to
flourish in 2017. That’s the word of the Lord that has been
given to me, that the faithful shall flourish. I’m speaking
that over each and every partner of this ministry. If you’re a
partner, I want to challenge you to believe God that you are
going to flourish this year like never before. Also, let me
remind you of our special package entitled, Increase God’s
Way. This book, I wrote a number of years ago, talking about our
covenant of increase. How that you can walk in your covenant,
how that you can apply it on a daily basis, and how that you
can expect to increase in every area of your life. You know, I
made this statement in this book and I’ve said it many times, if
you’re not experiencing increase in your life after coming to the
Lord, that is a violation of your covenant rights. If you’re
not experiencing increase, then if I were you, I’d get fighting
mad at the devil because he is the one that’s preventing it.
You get fighting mad at him and let him know that that’s going
to stop right now. That you are supposed to increase in every
area of your life. This little book will teach you how to get
in position to receive that. Then once again, this little CD,
Increase By Association. You know, it’s who you associate
with that has everything to do with your outcome. Many years
ago … In fact, this is my 48th year of ministry and many years
ago, the Lord taught me how vital and how important it was
with who I associated with. You know, I’ve been privileged
to associate with great men of faith, Oral Roberts, Kenneth
Copeland, Kenneth Hagin, T.L. Osborn and many others. Men of
faith and they imparted into my life and as a result of my
association with them, increase has come to my life. You say
well, I didn’t get to know Kenneth Hagin or I didn’t get to
know Oral Roberts. Well, you can get to know them by feeding on
their material. Get their resources, get our resources.
We’re people of faith and when you begin to associate with
people of faith, you’re faith is going to increase. Get these
products. They will help you greatly. Thank you partners, for
all that you do to help us reach the masses all over the world
with the uncompromising Word of God. I speak increase over each
and every one of you. God bless you and don’t ever forget, your
faith will overcome the world. ANNOUNCER: Next week- JERRY: Got
some great things to share with you. I have taught on the prayer
petition many times on this television broadcast and it is
one of the teachings that people respond to more than anything
else that we talk about. Obviously, prayer is important.
The prayer petition is the prayer I learned over 40 years
ago, over 45 years ago now. Seems to be the kind of
prayer that produces the quickest results in the most
impossible looking situations. (Music)

  1. Thank You 🙏 Brother Jerry and Brother Jessie For Your Teaching On Increase and I Take in the Name of JESUS 🌈❤️🌈

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