Increase By Association Part 2

(Music) JERRY: Welcome, everyone, to our
broadcast today. Thank you for joining with me. I’m Jerry
Savelle and it is an honor and a pleasure to be able to come to
you each and every week and share the Word of God with you
that I’ve lived by for 50 years now, changed my life, and praise
God, I know it will yours as well. I’m talking about the law
of increase by association. We began this study last week. If
you were not here or you were not available to watch it, then
I want to just refer to some of the things we talked about and
then get on to some new material for this week’s study. The law
of increase by association. I learned this 50 years ago and
the Holy Spirit led me to Proverbs chapter 13 and verse 20
and I want to read that to you. If you have your Bibles
follow along with me. “He that walketh with
wise men shall be wise, but a companion of
fools shall be destroyed.” Notice, “He that walketh
with wise men shall be wise.” That’s what I was
reading that day 50 years ago in my guest bedroom when I was
first preparing for full-time ministry. And the Lord said, “I
want you to begin to refer to this as the law of increase by
association.” So I wrote that down on my notes and then I
began to be led by the Spirit of God to go through the Bible and
find out how this law works. And it was such an interesting study
and I’ve been talking about it, preaching about it for all these
years now, and praise God I might add, it’s still working
for me and I believe, praise God, if you will begin to
appropriate this principle, and just like I did, then it will
work for you as well. So notice here, this association business
works both in the negative and in the positive. In the
positive, it says, “If you walk with wise man, you’ll be wise.”
In other Words, if you walk with wise men, you will increase in
wisdom. But then it says, “But a companion of fools shall be
destroyed.” Another translation says this way, “Hang out with
fools and watch your life fall to pieces.” That’s the Message
translation. The Amplified Bible says, and this is funny, “Make
friends with stupid people and you will be ruined.” Amen. I
kind of like that. Don’t hang around stupid people. Hang
around wise people, because as Kenneth Hagin used to say, “Who
you associate with, you will imbibe their Spirit.” In other
Words, you will absorb what’s on them. You’ll take it in and
it’ll be on you. So be careful about who you associate with.
Now, once again, “He that walketh with wise men shall be
wise.” Now the Word walketh here is, as mentioned on last week’s
broadcast, it doesn’t mean just moving in a forward position.
No, walketh here means to pursue a course of life. If you pursue
the course of life that a wise man pursued, then you will
increase in wisdom. If you will pursue a course of life that a
prosperous man pursued, then you too will be prosperous. If you
pursue a course of life that a anointed man pursued, then you
will increase in the anointing. So once again, it’s not just
walking in a straight line. That’s not what what we’re
talking about. It’s pursuing a course of life. Now, that’s
exactly what I did. And I mentioned this last week, and
for the benefit of those of you that didn’t see the program, I
mentioned that there were four men in particular in the early
days of my Christianity that I began to follow, I began to walk
with. First of all was Kenneth Copeland, Kenneth Hagin, Oral
Roberts and T.L. Osborn. These four men became my mentors. Now
they had been living by faith far longer than I had, because I
was just getting started. Now Brother Copeland, he’d only been
living this way for two years when I first met him. But Oral
Robertson and Kenneth Hagin and T.L. Osborn had been living this
way for many, many years. And so they became my mentors. I began
to observe their manner of life, and I began to pursue that same
manner of life by reading their books and listening to their
recorded materials, watching Oral Roberts, particularly on
television and listening to what he said. And then immediately
after the program was off, I’d turn to my wife and I’d say,
“Now we’re going to do that. We’re going to act on that.” So
I was pursuing a course of life, and the Bible says that if you
pursue a course of life of a wise man, then you will be wise.
So that’s the law of increase by association. Now let me say this
to you once again, the Message translation on the negative
side, it says, “Hang out with fools, and watch your life fall
to pieces.” That’s what’s happened to a lot of people.
They’re following the wrong people. The Bible says in the
book of Hebrews, “Follow those who through faith and patience
inherit the promises.” There’s nothing wrong with following
certain individuals. Somebody said to me one time, years ago,
“Well, you know, you need to quit following Kenneth
Copeland.” I said, “Why? I mean what he’s doing is working. Why
wouldn’t I want to follow him?” “Well, there are other
preachers. You should follow more preachers.” I said, “Well,
I am. I’m following Kenneth Copeland, Kenneth Hagin, Oral
Roberts and T.L. Osborn. That’s four. How many do I need?” These
four, it was working for, and so I began to follow them because I
could see in their lives that they were inheriting the
promises. Why? Because they were men of faith. They were men of
consistency. They were men that did not waiver. They did not
give up under pressure. And so I found in the Bible that God
blesses people like that. God blesses persistence. He blesses
consistency. He blesses diligence. People that give up
under pressure, I’m not going to follow them. I was a quitter
before I came to the Lord. I don’t want to be a quitter after
I come to the Lord. I found in the scripture it says, “If you
continue in my Word, then you will be my disciples indeed, and
you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.” So
that little Word continue, the first time I read that scripture
in John chapter 8, it got as big as my Bible. It literally jumped
out of the pages and into my heart and the Holy Spirit said,
“Son, you’ve always been a great starter, but you’ve never been a
great finisher.” And he said, “If you don’t develop the art of
continuing, then you’ll never be what I want you to be.” And so I
began to focus on continuing, not just starting, but
continuing. And I came to this place in my life where I stood
up, I turned to my wife and I said, “Quitting is no longer an
option in my life.” Now, she’d seen me quit in the previous
three years. She saw me always looking for the path of least
resistance, but never again. I said, “That’ll never be a part
of my lifestyle again.” And so I made the decision that quitting
was not an option. Now, where did I get the example? Because I
saw it in Kenneth Copeland. I saw it in Oral Roberts. I saw it
in T.L. Osborn. I saw it in Kenneth Hagin. Later, I got to
know all these men and I preached with them, and became
partners with them, and I’d been in their homes, they’d been in
my home, and I had a great relationship with them. And one
of the things I noticed about each one of them, they just
wouldn’t quit. They wouldn’t give up. If anybody had any
right to give up, it would’ve been Oral Roberts. I don’t know
anybody in our generation that went through more adversity in
his ministry than Oral Roberts. I mean, the press was on him
constantly. I mean, people hated him. They had negative things to
report about him all the time, most of which were lies, but yet
he just kept on. He just kept on. I’ve watched people
criticize Kenneth Hagin for preaching faith. Sometimes
they’d say, “Why don’t you preach something else?” And I
like what Brother Hagin would always say, “Well, when you
learn this, we’ll move on to something new.” He just wouldn’t
quit. He wouldn’t compromise. He wouldn’t waiver. That’s the kind
of people you need to follow. And I made my mind up and I
determined in my heart that that’s the kind of person I’m
going to be. I’m not going to quit. I’m not going to give up.
You say, “Well, has there ever been any opportunities?” Are you
kidding me? There have been plenty of opportunities, plenty
of opportunities to say, “It’s not working.” I’m not going to
say that. Plenty of opportunity to say, “Well, I might as well
just give up.” I’m not going to give up. I know that God’s on my
side and I know that he’s working behind the scenes. Even
when I can’t see what he’s doing, I know he’s working
behind the scenes and I’m not going to give up. And praise
God, that determination has been good for me because I have never
been forsaken by God. Praise God. Every financial crisis that
I’ve ever experienced, he’s got me out of it. He’s given me a
major breakthrough, and praise God, I believe since he’s
already done it before, he will continue to do it in the future,
and so I’m not going to give up. And you need to make that same
decision. Now where did I learn this? I learned it from
following men who practice it themselves, and I saw the
results in their life. I wanted those kinds of results and I
made the decision I’m going to follow what they preach and I’m
not going to follow somebody who’s always giving up, always
under pressure, always begging for money, always saying, you
know, are changing the message going with whims of doctrine.
Instead of sticking with the Word of God, I am determined
that I’m going to stay with the Word of God. I’m going to stay
with the Word of faith and here’s the reason why. It
worketh. Hallelujah. It just works. That’s plain and simple.
It just works. Now, let me get back. I get to preaching about
this, and I get out on some rabbit trails, Brother Hagin
used to say. Now listen to 1 Corinthians 15:33 from the
Amplified Bible. This is on the negative side of associating
with the wrong kind of people. It says, “Evil companionships
and associations corrupt good morals and character.” You see,
if you’re following a ministry that doesn’t have good
character, doesn’t have good morals, then if you keep
following that ministry, you could fall the same way they
fall. I’ve seen this happen so many times where maybe a pastor
began to get into sin. I know pastors that even have committed
adultery and the associate pastor, because they were so
close to that pastor and they were in association with them,
eventually the same thing would happen to that associate pastor
or another member of the church. You need to be very careful
about who you associate with. Don’t associate with people that
are always giving up. Don’t associate with people that are
always slipping into sin. Don’t associate with people who are
always compromising. Don’t associate with people who are
always trying to satisfy their flesh, looking for ways to get
around the scriptures. No, follow people who have made a
decision that they’re going to not only preach the Word of God,
but do the Word of God, live the Word of God, and they’re going
to do it for the rest of their lives. That will put you in good
stead. Now, holding fast to the Word of faith, and not changing,
and not following winds of doctrine is a must if you want
to increase God’s way. If you want to experience God’s best,
then you need to stick with the things that the Bible says are
good doctrine. Amen. That’s what it says about the Word of faith.
It’s good doctrine. Now, people are saying today, a lot of
preachers are saying today, “Well, that faith movement is
over. That’s not the message anymore.” Well, somebody needs
to tell God because he still thinks it’s the message, because
the Bible says the just shall live by faith, and I don’t find
anywhere in the Bible where it says for a season. It’s a
lifetime commitment. Live by faith. Follow those who set the
example of living by faith. I’ve been living this way now for 50
years, and praise God, I find no reason why to change because
it’s still working and many people, in fact, I didn’t ask
anybody to do this, I just preach the Word. I just live it
before them. And there are thousands of people all over the
world that are following my example, and they’re getting the
same results that I got by following these men that I
mentioned earlier, following their example. So it’s
important. I’m going to say this again. I want you to write it
down. It’s important. Who you associate with has everything to
do with how your life will turn out. I want you to say that with
me. “Who I associate with has everything to do with how my
life turns out.” Say it one more time. “Who I associate with has
everything to do with how my life turns out.” Don’t forget
that. Praise God. Now let me go to a some examples in the Bible
of increase by association. In Numbers chapter 27, Numbers
chapter 27, you’ll see this in the life of Moses and Joshua. It
says in verse 18, “And the Lord said unto Moses, ‘Take thee
Joshua, the son of Nun, a man to whom is the Spirit, and lay
their hand upon him.'” And verse 20 says, “And thou shalt put
some of thine honor upon him.” And then it goes on to say in
verse 22, “And Moses did as the Lord commanded him. And he took
Joshua and set his hands up on him before the congregation, and
he laid his hands upon him and gave him a charge as the Lord
commanded by the hand of Moses.” Now notice Joshua is in
association with Moses, you might say. And so he’s followed
the ministry of Moses, and now it’s time for Moses to to pass
away. He’s done everything that God’s asked him to do and now
it’s time for him to die, and now Joshua is going to take over
and bring the children of Israel into the promised land. But
notice Moses was told by God, “Lay your hands on Joshua so
that something that’s own you will come on him.” And then if
you’ll look in Deuteronomy chapter 34, Deuteronomy chapter
34… Let me find it real quick. I’m breaking in a new Bible and
the pages are still sticking. Deuteronomy chapter 34 it says,
“And Joshua, the son of Nun, was full of the Spirit of wisdom,
for Moses, had laid his hands upon him, and the children of
Israel hearken unto him as they did unto Moses.” So notice this
was increased by association. Moses laid his hands on Joshua
and Joshua wound up with the same Spirit of honor, the same
Spirit of wisdom, the same Spirit of authority that was on
Moses. It was increased by association. Now you can see the
same principle with Elijah and Elisha. In 1 Kings chapter 19
Elijah finds this young man by the name of Elisha and he throws
his mantle on him and says, “Follow me.” And so Elisha did
so. And the Message translation says, “I’ll follow you.” And he
said, “And you’ll become my right hand man.” There began an
association and then in 2 Kings chapter 9, or 2 Kings 2:9-15,
when it was time for Elijah to be taken up… I’m getting the
stories all running together. Elisha said, “I want a double
portion of your Spirit.” And so Elijah said, “Well, you’ve asked
for a hard thing, but if you see me go up when I’m taken away,
then it shall be.” And of course, you know the story. When
Elijah was taken up, his mantle fell to the ground. Elisha saw
it, and he went over and picked it up and put it on, and then he
said, “And where is the God of Elijah?” And the same miracles
that had happened in Elijah’s ministry started happening in
Elisha’s ministry. It was increase by association and
those that observe this, they said, “The Spirit of Elijah doth
rest on Elisha.” So once again, increase by association. You’ll
find the same thing happening in the story in the Genesis chapter
30 with Laban and Jacob. And here’s what Laban said, or
Joshua… I’ve got all these stories running together. Jacob
said unto Laban, he said, “For it was little which thou had
before I came and it’s now increased into a multitude, and
the Lord has blessed thee since my coming.” In other Words,
Jacob is saying to Laban, “You didn’t have very much until you
met me, but the moment that God brought me into your life, you
have increased.” Notice, it was increase by association. So you
can see that this principle not only worked in the Old
Testament, but it worked in the New Testament as well. The
Apostle Paul, he had a son in the Lord, referred to as
Timothy, and that same Spirit that was on Timothy, the same
Spirit that was on Paul came on Timothy and he said, “You have
become a partaker of my grace.” And not only that, but he said
the same thing to the church in Philippi where they had entered
into partnership or association with him. And Paul wrote a
letter to them and said, “You are now partakers of my grace.”
In other Words, “The same Spirit of grace, the same Spirit of
favor, the same Spirit for miracles and breakthroughs that
is on my ministry has now come on you.” It’s increase by
association. It’s a principle. It’s a Spiritual law that is all
over the Bible. And the good thing is it still works today.
You know, when I entered into relationship with Kenneth
Copeland, that same Spirit of increase that’s on his ministry
is on my ministry. When I entered into relationship or
association with Kenneth Hagin’s ministry, that same Spirit of
faith that was on Brother Hagin is on this ministry. And when I
entered into association with Brother Oral Roberts, that same
Spirit of of miracles and healings and deliverances that
was on his ministry, his own mom ministry. And praise God, when I
entered into association with brother T.L. Osborn, that same
Spirit of evangelism that was on his ministry is on my ministry,
Praise God. And when you enter into association with my
ministry, the same grace that’s on me will come on you, and the
greatest grace that is on my life and on this ministry is the
grace of favor, the favor of God. You become a partaker of
that same favor. The favor of God has followed me every day of
my life for the last 50 years. The favor of God has opened
doors that no man can shut. The favor of God has changed rules
and regulations and policies for me. It’s absolutely marvelous,
and the favor of God is on my life in such a profound way that
I’m referred to all over the world as Mr. Favor or Dr. Favor.
They see the favor of God, and praise God, those that enter
into association with our ministry, then that same Spirit
of favor comes on them. I’ve got testimony after testimony where
people have declared and said it boldly, “Brother Jerry, when I
entered into partnership with your ministry, the same favor
that’s on you has come on me.” And they have began to tell me
testimonies that I’m telling you are astounding. God is no
respecter of persons. Now it won’t come on you just because
you heard me talk about it. Remember, walketh means to
pursue a course of life. If you walk in the same pursuit of life
that I have by being a doer of the Word, not wavering, not
compromising, not quitting, that’s my lifestyle. If you
enter into that same pursuit of lifestyle, then the same
blessings will come on you. The same favor will come on you. The
same breakthroughs will come on your life. So I want to
encourage you, prayerfully consider about entering into an
association with this ministry because I know that it will
bring great benefit to you. It’ll be a blessing to our
ministry, but it’ll bring great benefit to you as well. Once
again, I have testimonies from people all over the world who
could sit down and tell you some of the greatest stories of
increase that they’ve experienced, and favor that
they’ve experienced, and they testified to the fact that it
all began when they entered into an association with this
ministry. Now, not just my ministry, but you pray, you need
to be associated with ministries that have taught you the Word of
God, taught you how to live by faith. If it’s Kenneth Copeland,
partner with his ministry. If it’s the the Oral Roberts
ministry, his son Richard still carries on that ministry,
partner with them. I’m still a partner with these ministries,
even though three out of four of these men have already gone to
Heaven, but I’m still blessing their ministries. I’m still
partnering with their ministries and I’m still experiencing the
same increase by association. So prayerfully consider becoming a
partner with this ministry. If you’d like to know more about
it, go to our website,, ask about
partnership. All the information is there and I’m telling you,
you won’t regret it. You’ll be thrilled. And I’m not saying
that all this is going to happen to you in one night. No, it’s a
process. But if you’ll stick with it, then praise God, your
life will never be the same. I have a man that is a son in the
Lord to me. He told me one time when he first entered into
association with our ministry, he was hundreds of thousands of
dollars in debt. And he said, “But I kept listening to your
teachings. I kept coming to the meetings.” He eventually came to
our Bible school and he kept listening to everything that I’d
taught. He kept applying it, he and his family. And he said to
me one day, he said, “I just want you to know, praise God,
when I first came across your ministry, I was hundreds of
thousands of dollars in debt. Today I’m debt free, and I
attribute it to the partnership that I entered into with your
ministry and began to follow and pursue your course of life.”
Well, it’ll work for anybody that’ll put it to work. So
prayerfully consider about becoming a partner with this
ministry. I want to pray for you right now. Father, I pray over
every person that’s heard this teaching today, has been
listening, and I pray in Jesus’ name that it will lodge deeply
in their hearts, and regardless of whether or not they partner
with our ministry, show them and reveal to them the importance of
partnering with some ministry that has been instrumental in
bringing the Word of faith to them and having an impact in
their lives. So you pray in Jesus’ name about who you ought
to partner with, and if it’s this ministry, we certainly
appreciate it. We welcome it and we’re going to be praying for
you to experience the same Spirit of favor, a partaker of
my grace, in the name of Jesus. Thank you. And I want you to
watch this message now about some resources that we have for
you, a increase package that I know will be a
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living in increase and walking in the
blessing of God today. JERRY: I really appreciate
you tuning in today, and thank you for giving me the
opportunity to share the Word of God with you that I believe if
you’ll put it to work in your life, it will change your life.
You’re going to be so thrilled with what God will do for you if
you become a doer of the Word. Now, let me close this session
out with some things that I want to read to you from Philippians
chapter 4. When you read Philippians, consider it because
it really is a partner letter from the Apostle Paul to the
church in Philippi, which were his partners. They, and he
mentions it in here, that they had communicated with him
through offerings from time to time, and so he’s commending
them for that. And then he says in Philippians 4:19, “But my God
shall supply all your need according to his riches and
glory by Christ Jesus.” This was written to his partners. Now,
verse 17 is what I really wanted to show you, not because I
desire a gift, but I desire fruit that may abound to your
account. He’s talking about their offerings. He’s saying,
“I’m not looking for a gift from you. That’s not my purpose.” He
says, “What I want is fruit that may abound to your account.” Now
listen to the Message translation, “Not because I’m
looking for handouts, but I do want you to experience the
blessing that issues from generosity.” His primary goal
for writing this partner letter was to let them know, “I’m not
begging you for money. I appreciate your support, but
what I’m really interested in is fruit that may abound to your
account.” In other Words, “I’m interested in you experiencing
your harvest.” That’s the reason why the Apostle Paul mentioned
how important partnership was, not because he’s looking for a
handout, but because he wanted them to experience the blessing
of harvest. That’s what I want for you. So prayerfully consider
becoming a partner with our ministry. I’ll see you again
next week, and until then, remember, your faith will
overcome the world.

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