INCOME Gold Guide + INTEREST + WIN LOSS STREAK - Teamfight Tactics Economy + Leveling Strategy TFT

hey guys it's redox welcome back to another team fight tactics video today we're gonna talk about economy gold and leveling up when you should be doing all these things and how experience points work this is gonna be the economy and experience guide now how how the income works is you gain when you first start and start the game the first round you'll get to hold and you can see in the passive income it stays +2 gold on the bottom hand inside of the screen here you get +2 gold every turn that's what it means that you it's just a passive income you'll get no matter what now there's also another type of Gold cost gold category called interest and says max 5 I'm gonna get to that in a bit now it's something I talk a lot in my streams and in my other videos I sometimes give you guys tips on how that works but basically the interest bracket max 5 right now is a plus 0 why because in order to get interest and that's extra gold per round you need to be at the double-digit numbers so the first interest you get is at 10 gold you get +1 gold the next round and if you have 20 volt then you get plus 2 gold if you have 30 gold ya plus 3 volt if you have 40 gold plus 4 gold 50 gold plus 5 gold and that's the max and that's why I say it's max 5 you can only get max interest of plus 5 gold every turn and that's what it means so as long as you hold that amount that large amount of gold in your bank you will constantly get a passive interest rate so it's like the bank if you guys have ever opened up a bank account it's exactly the same thing and that's why it's called the interest and we're gonna be fighting a player right so let's give I'm just gonna give some I should be giving my items to some of my guys here so I'm just gonna give them those items throughout but going back to the gold here guys keep in mind as if you get a higher amount of gold save in your bank the more interest you'll get so remember guys it's every 10 gold up to 50 gold you get +5 gold that's where you can pout if you can hold 50 gold every turn that's a lot of income you're doubling your income you just see my passive income has gone to +4 goal I believe the passive income will cap out at +5 goal so it actually goes up from too bold to four gold and then I think it goes to five or six and it stops there so that's how much you get every turn no matter what as the game progresses the interest goal you need to hold a certain amount of gold to get the bonus or you don't the win-loss streak that's the third category and basically if you win constantly you'll get a win streak gold bonus if you lose constantly you will also get a loss streak gold bonus as well so it's very interesting on how that works and I'm actually unlevel myself up here we learn um put up mordekaiser and why did I level myself up that turn because I was sitting at 4 out of 6 experience points from level 3 and then I got close for now so I can put 4 units on the board and basically every time you spend for a goal yet or experience points this is a very important concept to understand you know what to spend your gold I just needed to roll for more gold and then get to the next level and having one loved one unit one more unit on the board is like huge advantage now you don't always have to level yourself up you can save your gold and try to get yourself an income going on with the interest extra interest gold but it's better for me in this case to level up because I was under 10 gold anyways if I'm under 10 gold I'm getting no interest anyway so there's there's no point now I just want to rounds and you can see my win-loss streak gold went from 0 to +1 because I've won two games in a row I'm on a win streak bonus and this win streak bonus will go up as I win more games continuously and a passive income has gone to +5 just like as I expected and and once again guys +5 gold is really where it caps out with the passive income I believe it doesn't go any higher than that so +5 gold is how much you'll get every time from now no matter what and an interest Gold I'm not a 10 gold yet so I will not be getting +1 +2 gold and whatnot the win lots the win-loss streak bonus I'll be getting the winning streak the bonus of +1 gold next turn so I'm getting a total income 6-volt if I win this round now if I will lose this my win streak bonus gold will actually stop but I think I should be able to 1 here the Garan red buff and the veins here they're pulling off through oh and I just realized I got a third mordekaiser wasn't paying attention to that that was talking about the income and economy and right now I'm sending up four out of ten experience points so you're gonna have to constantly watch your experience points your gold your income you don't have to think about all these continuously throughout the game at the fat first it's not going to be easy for you guys to completely grasp this and think about the solid time but as you get better as a player you're going to really just understand that that that when when you need to spend income you to spend your goal to level yourself up or to refresh that's the other way to spend gold but we're not gonna be refreshing anytime soon yet and not refresh and all in the beginning of the game if you ever refresh it is a huge mistake and you're really doing yourself you're really hurting yourself by doing that if you refresh in the beginning of the game you're wasting a goal a good player will never ever refresh this early into the game and the reason why I say this is because you want to ideally start to get some interest goal going up the player that knows how and to how to get the interest gold fast is going to be the better player always so I'm gonna level myself up once in a under 10 gold I could save I can sell some units to get +10 gold but it's not I mean plus one goal next turn but it's not worth it and I was sitting at six out of ten experience points so we're gonna buy somebody here it will put a board on the board get some more nights on the board here as I'm level five now I was sitting at six out of ten experience points remember guys +4 gold you spend for gold you have four experience points so six plus four that's ten and that gets you from level four to five I can put a fifth unit on the board and it's going to insure me out of a win here just with the extra units but maybe not this guy's being is pretty strong with the guinsoo's and titanic hydra and my Fuhrer is decided to just afk on the board sheets starting to move out but I still got the scooty red buff would guarantee he'll pick me out the red buff is a really good item so I did choose that with the chain best and the Giants health belt we've got the third Garen so we've got a two-star Garen going on and now you can see I'm sitting at ten gold and I'll get a +1 gold next turn and you can see my win streak bonus has gotten +2 goals because I've won already over four games in a row and I believe it's every two games you win you get another extra gold and it caps out at plus three gold I believe I could be wrong on this so the plot the win streak gold tends to cap out at plus three gold from from what I know now I could buy one of these guys here I could buy the volibear because I kind of I am kind of going for glacials so I guess I'll buy two volibear once again I'm staying under ten gold it's not a big deal because you know +1 gold and not getting that extra +1 gold next earn it's not a huge deal but let's say my interest bulb was going to be at 50 and 50 if I was holding 50 gold I give a beginning plus 5 bolt if I go from +5 both to 0 which means I spent all my 50 gold in this turn then that's a lot of interest Gold loss what ideal you want to do is hold up a lot of income a lot of bank a lot of a lot of money in your bank so you can get a lot of interest every turn and if once you're sitting at you know 30 gold and above so 30 40 or 50 I would try to hold it and try to get the golds as much as you can each round now the only time I would recommend you hold 40 or 50 gold because that's a lot of gold you're not using keep in mind too dumb out if you're not using any gold you're not buying units you're not threshing what you're going to do later on in the game which means you're not finding units that you most likely need for your units energy so your units are not getting stronger if you're holding gold that's the downside the only downside is you're not going to be able to level up your notes because you're not spending gold and you won't be able to search for stronger units to make your team stronger of course or fit and get that last synergy going on and that's very important fundamental concept in the game as well if you want to win so you really need to be aware of how you spend your gold and you have to think carefully and that's kind of one of the trickiest parts of this game in the beginning is understanding how to use their gold wisely it's something a lot of new players you know don't really know how to manage you know it's like managing money someone just gave you money you'll most likely to spend all your money that's usually the first reaction people get when they first have a large amount cash because they don't know what to do with all his money they can think oh I could spend all this money and you know there goes there goes my safe he's not a big deal right because it's newfound money and it's the same thing when you first start this game you're just gonna be I used to spend a lot of money without trying to get the income without the interest but the interest is super important just like in real life saving money saves lives saves your life and you get to retire a lot sooner so that's my tip to you guys try to save as much gold as you can I've seen at 20 gold I could level myself up here but we are not going to do that I'm just gonna put I guess I'll know I'll keep the mordekaiser's for now not really getting the unit's that I want I'm at 20 volts I'll get plus 2 gold next turn I was thinking about leveling myself up here it would have costed me I'm at six out of 18 experience points so it'd have costed me four times three twelve gold so I would have been losing the +2 gold interest cuz I would haven't had eight gold remaining so there is a difference between +2 bold getting next turn and getting zero gold next turn so I decided to not load myself up here and I still have not lost a single round I have a really good synergy going on with Knights and Nobles so you know I don't I'm not really in a position where I need to spend gold I mean honestly I would only start worrying about this stuff once you're at below 50 health points because you're gonna start you losing health points to too fast and you may end up losing the game I'm a plus 30 gold and once again it's exactly the magic number I don't want to spend any goal notice how I'm just keep banking on my on my total income so I'll be getting the win lost Street bonus it seems like it taps out a +2 gold actually not +3 so it taps out of +2 and the interest I'm getting +3 passive income is +5 so the maximum income I'm getting right now is 10 bolt so it's 5 plus 3 plus 2 but if I have 50 gold I can get 12 gold per turns so that's really cool I may lose to this guy he's got a lasondra with zeke's herald and he's got a glacial build yeah so it looks like this is where my win streak is going to end if I didn't want to continue my way street I would have leveled myself but you know what that's fine I guess I'll lose the win-streak gold here so I'll lose +2 gold I guess it is hefty but it's not too bad when you think about it's only +2 so I still got a +8 goal there I lost the game there's some I win strict shriek bonus stops it goes he resets back to zero so that's how would a street class win streak bonus gold works gets the other braum and I think it's time to level myself up so I'm going to spend 8 fold so I'm using I'm managing my gold wisely and I guess we're gonna put some units here well we'll put the glacials and I'm thinking of giving the spear of show gin on Ash yeah let's do that so I just gave her a spiritual Jen after casting where he gains 50% of its max mana per attack she gets to fire her arrow her enchanted crystal arrow more rapidly with the sphere of shogen so it's a really nice item it's just I need to get a 2 star ash going on because the 1 star ash is very very weak she's very easily killed and she doesn't do as much damage right now I'm just kind of using her more as a stun bot but I may transition into some glacials here with the pool and so on this place your relations of course or meadow now I won my game there so my win streak bonus it's gonna start to come back as if I keep winning more games from this point on remember guys every to win you get +1 gold and then the win streak win streak bonus gold caps out at +2 gold it seems so that's what it does so most of your money is not made from the win streak bonus gold it's made from the passive income +5 gold and your interest so interest I think is the most important part of getting your economy ramped up and banking on the future of the strength of your champs the future of your ability to find a strong champs okay I guess we'll get the aurelion sol and i think i'm gonna sell the aurelion sol for a giant spell because i actually have a negative i believe let me just check i haven't a trance cloak right yes I do and the reason why I got the Giants belt here is because they combined it to a really good item called a zephyr and the Zephyr is just simply amazing guys on start off combat banishing enemy for 5 seconds I always like to go for this item if I can get another mordekaiser and yeah we'll put all our units like this I really want a Liotta that will work with Brahm but anyways yeah once again I'm holding off on my gold I'm sitting at a healthy 87 health I'm above 50 health points so I'm not worried now these assassins are gonna end up killing my ash here and the vein here but at least one arrow is fired off so I should be fine and so I I'm at 37 gold so I'm getting +5 volt plus three gold eight gold in total I'm getting interest of three gold I'm gonna try to bring it up to fifty if I can but I would only hold at forty or fifty gold if you're winning really hard and you're like winning literally every round because you need to you need to be spending gold if you're not winning hard you need to be I would say just stop at thirty gold and spend anything above 30 gold if you're not winning a lot because if you lose a lot you'll just lose so you see I want two games in a row my win streak bonus is back at +1 gold will get the lasondra Ford of course we'll get her for the elementalist frozen – I'm gonna actually refresh spend some gold here I just refreshed once because I was going to set up 43 here if I buy a champion I was most likely set a forty gold I want to be above forty gold right now so as you guys can see my interest went from plus 3 to plus 4 because I'm at 40 and I should be able to still win most of these guys now this guy has his own glacial but this is the guy I lost to lissandra zeke's herald static shift with the new zephyr and the sphere of shogen Ashe should be helping me out here but looks like I'm going to barely lose that lissandra's frozen tomb it just keeps freezing everybody so is the ash of course and it looks like yeah we'll lose this guy is the only guy I have lost to so far I believe I don't think I've lost any other players the same player of the illusion too so I'm aware that that's the type that's the guy who's gonna be a problem now I'm at 50 gold and I'm getting a max gold of plus 5 so a plus 5 and 5 so it's gonna be 10 gold no win lost streak anymore because I won and that I lost so then once again it reset it resets every time it does that now keep in mind let's say you're losing a lot then you'll get a lost streak bonus gold as well and the thing is if you lose a lot and you get the extra +2 gold but then you win one game then you lose that bonus so it's funny how that works sometimes it's better to lose many games in a row but of course the negative side effect is will lose a lot of health points and you'll most likely get kicked out of game theory early so the loose streak gold bonus is good it helps it's supposed to help players get back into the game after losing so if you get the additional 2 gold but it's not a lot of fold I would really not bank on the win-loss streak goal too much but it's nice to have it's mainly the interest gold and the passive income you'll always get no matter what so now I'm at above 50 gold I don't need to be capping I don't need to be saving 60 gold right because remember guys it caps out so I'm just gonna buy some champions I'm gonna refresh as well this is when I start refreshing when I'm above us a large amount of gold I got to reposition my units though yeah I got to reposition my units first we got the other bully bear did I have only up to old bears right now gets the other mordekaiser and I'll just spend my gold and you can actually spend your gold here as you guys see some fresh refreshes to bolt and you're gonna need to start using this at some point got to start from and there's another mortiser I guess I'm you know what I might have to sell my mordekaiser though cuz more Kaiser he is good but he doesn't really fit in with my comm mordekaiser doesn't really fit in my cob it's too bad I'm not getting any veins right now because my veins still sitting on one held so once again I'm above fifty gold so I'm gonna spend it oh my god I gotta get rid of more Kaiser huh I don't know I'm gonna hold off on the mordekaiser for now okay I am starting to lose because I have mainly I still have a very weak – weak being maybe I should have just got this three star tried to get a three star mordekaiser up probably was a better idea there's three star Cossacks and three start Kassadin is got to get through here okay I'm gonna just I'm gonna spam the Refresh next turn I didn't refresh fast enough that's right because I'm really choked on who I should be selling I should be also putting braum on the board this Brom because he's two stars I still kept my one star brought there by accident so I'm definitely not playing the best right now so I do apologize about that was playing well in the beginning but then I just kind of started messing up here getting another but the other problem will sell this Brom for now I have 70 gold actually I'm gonna love with myself up and I'll put an extra you know on the board that's going to help me out a bit a bit more I would say right now we can get another Zephyr to put it on the mordekaiser for now so we have to Zephyrs which I also could have built way early on in the game my apologies so we're gonna banish two champions for five seconds he's got a double twin SUSE beans he's got a Tristana with a shogen sword spear of shogen interesting I guess she gets she gets to use are exposed to shot a little bit more here and they're just too strong like his ad carries are just first of all two stars three items another to start rest on of a spear of Shogun yeah ad carries are just better than mine so I've got the nice tanks going on but you know once again right now I'm staying at 48 gold I could be sitting at 50 gold I could sell somebody but I don't need that extra one gold I mean plus four and plus five gold same thing I'm just keeping myself healthy and high and yeah that's really what I'm trying to do I guess we're gonna get the kill cuz it looks like we're yeah we're gonna get the kill I could get the bf sword with kindred I mean I am going for quite a bit of Rangers but I think I'll try to go through Nobles here try to go for a full six Noble build with glacials I don't know it's gonna be there six glacials or six nobles that's aw that's kind of what we're doing right now so at the kindred actually would have worked well with mordekaiser but I think I'm gonna sell my mordekaiser even though it may not be the best choice got another ash finally you know what yeah just off to keep the Morse Kaiser for now got another polar bears from put bully bear on the board we got another Lucian dam or Kaiser okay so we're gonna wait got another bully bear just need own order like lissandra or something like that well got Leona that's good Leona is good should I sell my kill selmak Yura put the Leona on the board and it looks like we're gonna beat this round it seems the glacials are the new bully barrier dishes has helped a little bit but this Nidalee is very strong but yeah we're gonna be fine we're gonna be fine okay so I'm at 39 gold what have you nice if I was at plus 40 so my interest dropped two plus three gold so it's plus five plus three plus two because I was losing so notice that time I was actually I lost two games I lost like three games in a row or something like that so three or four so I got the lost streak bonus of plus two gold but now I won so I don't get plus two gold anymore for losing will refresh once again finally to star ash I just got to put find a place for Leona damn do I got to get rid of the board Kaiser looks like we're not going forward anymore so I'll give the Zephyr to to fully bear so I got the Guardian bonus going on so plus 40 Armour to all my units so they're super tanky and I think I'm gonna yet I'm gonna go get rid of the mordekaiser's I've already I mean if I wanted to go for Kaiser I should have got him at 3 stars when I had the chance but that time you know I made a decision to not get him so and hopefully this this this mega gnar is a problem y'all have mega gnar always a problem so is this portal right here in the back triple item honor now I'm at 30 health so I'm getting to a dangerous point I think I may need to start spamming oh you know what this is a crimson Raptor face ok so another tip is for neutral monster phases as long as it's not you're not at the infernal Drake phase which is the next next neutral monsters after this I would say hold your gold because your neutral monsters are very easy to be it's essentially a free round for you to not spend any gold so I'm not gonna spend any bold right now I'm exactly a fifty one gold I get the maximum trust of five gold so I'm not gonna spend any ball until next term because I know I'm gonna beat them why spend gold when you don't have to remember that's the best way to spend your golden if you don't need to spend gold don't do it hold it in the bank that's always what you do so that's what I'm gonna be doing right now I know I'm gonna beat these guys with ease so we're gonna be fine and I got a nice recurve bow I can give it to my ash my veins still have one star oh my god another Giants belt in a rocker bow oh no nevermind that's not a negative negative now we're gonna spend gold to starless honor to star vein finally mother Ashe time to get rid of the mordekaiser's how many Brahms do I don't have enough prompts okay that's all we gonna do and I'm gonna take out the fiora the said Jonny's gonna be more important the curveball and ash so she's gonna attack faster I have four glacials 30% chance to stun and yes I love such a Wadi she's very good but this guy has backs to the wall right now and he has very strong units blood thirst frequent sues on Ash oh yeah I'm not gonna beat this guy I said Johnny literally just sat there the whole time it's gonna be a very close game Wow I think the spirit show just is better because you can see ash oh my god this ash is just pulling she's got actually gonna win oh my god y'all the spirit shows in NVP beat a guinsoo's bloodthirster I don't think he expected me to beat him even myself I'm shocked I beat him there you're not a 2-star bully actually lissandra is better than statue Ani because my lissandra is at two stars now how much gold up now I'm gonna refresh we're very close to a three star fully bear yeah we're very close to a 3 star volibear so we're gonna keep buying to find a bully bears all right we're gonna we're gonna hold off now Giants belt I'm gonna make my bully bear more tanky and this ash is amazing she she really carried that round like that round I was supposed to lose like all of my guys died but ash killed like four to five guys by herself incredible the spear shogen has to be one of the best items on her and the recurve bow would guinsoo's that's kind of what I'm gonna be going for oh yes anyways +3 Gold astern because I'm sitting at 35 I think I should have kept myself a plus at plus 40 gold but I really want to throw a bear right now another salon II so looks like we're gonna go for glacials because we're getting more glacials and Nobles I mean we are getting nobles but the nobles are not as good yes 3 star woolly bear y'all oh my god we got we got the beef we got the beef everybody and I'm at 32 gold I think this new three-star holy bear is gonna be a very strong add-on I don't think I'm gonna need to spending gold right now so I'm gonna hold off and get the interest goal remember guys don't spend gold if you don't have to and yeah this three star bully bear is gonna be a very good addition to the team so I'm gonna hold off we should be able to beat this guy like this guy barely scratching my volibear volibear is so tanky my god and the double Zephyrs I have really good taking out two guys with five seconds just always keep that in mind yo that's a really great ability and we're gonna come back in this game so we'll anivia is the final glacial unit I guess we're gonna go for anivia or we get a BF sword we go for Aleutian or fee or oh no he grabbed the Entebbe okay that's too bad or we grab the Liana with a BF sword so Leona will be at two stars he grabbed the Leona before me I guess we'll grab the Aleutian Bob we grab the fjord doesn't matter I just wanted the BF sword I think I should grab the Leona yeah that was a mistake but Leona would be a sword is bad out of probably sold her for the bf sword anyways but I would have gotten more gold with her okay so I spend a bit more gold here okay I bought the Lucian and then I sold it silly me I mean I didn't buy the other Lucien okay we got the bf sword sort of divine on ash her volibear zeke's herald zeke's herald would I be good actually I'm not a huge fan of the sort of divine but I'm gonna just give whatever items I can to win now this is the guy I've always kind of scared of losing to but this is the guy we won miraculously and I think we'll beat him again this time but he has a lot of strong items he's ash got another PF sword and that's the jawani Morelos and chambers so he's cutting down health as well here whew she's actually gonna win yeah okay I've got a reposition I think I'm gonna put all my units towards the right hand side there's just way too close to fine I don't like it almost have a three star ash – which would be really nice okay we're gonna stop spending the gold all right yeah I'm gonna reposition my units like this because I think for that guy I need to keep my guys far away I mean I don't know if that's gonna be better but I've got to try something else here right these other guys I'm not worried about and I'm gonna keep myself plus 20 gold I feel like I should just leveled myself up maybe I'm a Emmett 20 out of 20 experience points next turn because I'll get 18 plus 2 remember guys to experience points per turn so I need to get 26 more experience points so that's 4 times 7 20 I'll need I'll need to spend 20 no 4 times 7 yeah yeah I'll need to spend 28 5 exactly the right amount of gold to level myself up but that's using all of my income I'm gonna see save my gold because once again neutral monster round this is the one monster round where I would be careful of if you're not sure if you're strong enough to beat the fertile Drake I would just buy champions because you don't want to lose to this round neutral monster rounds remember always try to win them neutral monster rounds should always be like technically a free win but this round is a bit trickier than the other ones but I'm not going to spend any gold and once again at neutral monster rounds I try to hold off my gold so I get the extra passive income go get rid of one euro so I get plus 3 gold next turn come up to 28 to 30 sometimes you sell units like that I don't think I'll ever use fear again so got rid of her I think we're gonna go for 6 glacials and not 6 nobles right so so that's what we're trying to do here got Negatron we get another zephyr y'all it's a double as f triple triples effort hey collect as many zippers as you can why not I'm I love with myself up so I have 10 gold now very low on gold will put the sejuani we need 1 we need the anivia and we have a full glacial build comical and on should I put the kale instead of deed no if I take off bean I lose to Ranger bonus so I want to keep my kale ok I'm gonna I could you know I've gotta buy the bronze I don't need the extra one gold I took out three guys who ducks up triples efforts oh my god this this item is so dumb like Darren decided to just stand there for a little bit huh this is the guy I lost to but I'm gonna beat him now and he also rude positioned his units cuz remember he was actually on this side and that's the reason why I moved over here but he decided to move all of them over here but the trip wasn't Burciaga the trip was efforts oh my god I think I think that was the trick triple Zephyrs get the sejuani we roll a bit here because I met it I'm not only at 13 health so if I lose the next round it's over I have to spend all my gold or I don't have to but come on can we get an ash not a single lash there's too many ashes on the board I think the other guys all have ash I believe so I think it's it's pretty much down to who's got the better glacial bill going on here and I think I've got the I'm not getting any anubias which is very unfortunate no this guy doesn't have any yeah she's going for voids and demons and bleep masters and Draven but I think I'll beat him here my build is way stronger they think for late-game she's built as pretty good though but my glacial fries yeah he's got a nice Imperial double the damage right with ravenous Wayne whoo that's gonna be a close one and I can't crit on Draven oh wow yeah I keep in mind he's got the phantom dancer he actually beat me there I was surprising I thought I was gonna beat him huh got a reposition all my units together alright let's do this refresh nope not getting lucky with my refreshes yeah I mean I think I maybe I should start saving my gold instead I'm not getting a single leo no this guy should be able to be he's the guy I beat glad a plaid a problem with but no longer I think the problem is going to be Scarl March the first-place guy the guy just lost – yeah this guy's not a problem I'm spending a lot of gold and unfortunately my RNG is not very good this game because I spent a lot of gold refreshing I'm getting nobody that I want and I need an enigma really really really needed an idiot here and no one knew beyond the shared draft phase either just perfect so I think I'm gonna I might just end up losing do I go for the kindred or bully bear ha he was gonna go for the kindred I got him I just grabbed whatever he was trying to get I mean none of these champions that I really want the items on them were okay if I can get another Zephyr to be nice okay this is really it I really need to be getting somebody good you know I'm gonna get the warm logs on bully bear I need every item I can and I'm not using kale anyways oh we got the Leona wait ah that's when you hit the reroll too fast I was panicking oh my god that Leona is gonna cost me I could have got a two-star Leona I rolled into her and I refresh I'm so stupid always phantom just did his phantom took 3000 health off my bully bear keep in mind he has a more Kaiser and a kindred so basically kindred and Mort Kaiser abilities to make a unit 200 health can we beat him no oh yeah we gonna actually beat this guy this time he go for yes we made it No that extra Liotta could have been made a difference between winter loss oh my god y'all that was so close he literally had three health points I had six that was neck to neck oh my god and also I got very unlucky that round actually even without the Leona at two stars it wouldn't have mattered the main reason I lost was my bully bear my strongest unit had went from 3k health I gave him literally all my items to to to just 100 the reason why is because he had the Phantom bonus kindred and morph Kaiser saps a random enemy champ to a hundred health point and they chose my strong the sky so my volibear was already weak very weak from the start there was like I would have won that round basically if bully bear started off with 3k health and not 100 so I would have be first place even without the two star Leona out of a first place here but anyways that's it guys I hope you guys enjoyed this video as you guys can see I start to refresh a lot when I either to either of these two situations okay if I start losing a lot and I'm at a low health point so if I'm going from below 50 health points I need to start refreshing but never refresh early game doesn't matter if you're losing a lot in the early game just do not ever touch the refresh button you're wasting to Bowl as you guys saw at the end there I got very unlucky with RNG I got no ashes my ass was very close to three start once again would have made a difference yes I got a third Leona that was a mistake on my part but I mean the biggest reason I lost that game was because my bully bear got his health SAP SAP to a hundred and so then the refreshing gold I also use it if I'm winning a lot and once I'm over fifty gold then I start refreshing because I'm winning a lot I can bank on as much gold as I want I'm gonna beat the other players in terms of economy which means I have way more gold that I can spend on on my units to make my team stronger which is very important that's how you win games the more three-star units that you have the better synergies the better meta builds you got going on you know like glacials and whatnot the better way better chance you have to win so that's what I do I will found one a lot I go all the way up to fifty gold for forty gold and then I refresh and I also level myself up as well in times where I have enough gold to level myself up and still have some gold remaining in the bank for interest I usually don't recommend you to level up let's say you're let's say you have 40 gold in the bank but it costs you exactly 40 gold to go from level 7 to 8 and you spend all that 40 gold you're losing +4 gold for interest next round that's terrible don't do that it is a common mistake because yes having an extra unit on the board is extremely powerful but it's not worth losing a +4 goal to interest because you want to spend all that gold to level yourself up it's actually better to refresh if you use about 10 goal to refresh you keep yourself at 30 gold for interest or 20 gold and you might get a champion in that you can upgrade to and just keep the same amount of units it's much better to do that and get an extra Champion slot and not even have let's say the right units to place on the board and you lose all that extra interest because you need to have a lot of gold saved up in the bank to get interest interest is very important if you want to be a good player you need to know how to save your gold and that's how as long as you have a lot of gold in your bank that's how you're going to get yourself in these top three positions if you're in the top three position you're gonna go up and rank so if you're playing a ranked mode you're going to get you know + LP LP points towards your L oh so you don't always have to be first place you just have to be in the top three even fourth place is good if you're below fourth place you start losing some LP points depending on the MMR but if you're in the top four you're usually safe so it usually means your your your winning and it's not too rtin to the top four position but anyways I hope you guys enjoyed my economy and experience guide so just always try to kind of follow the tips that I gave you guys in this video because these tips really work and I am a I'm a I would say I'm a decent player I always usually end up in the top three Frank you're not first in a lot of cases but second easily and once again second place means you you wander if you're playing ranked mode you're going up for sure if you're in second place so anyways thanks for watching this video guys I hope you guys enjoyed my economy and leveling up experience guide as well you guys saw it got to see some nice triple Zephir action with how the glacials which is an amazing build but thanks for watching guys remember to rate comment subscribe as well and check out my other videos and check check out my youtube stream if you have a chance and I'll see you guys next time

  1. can you make a guide on how to deal with the bugs in this gamemode too? like an assassin not jumping to the farthest target but instead the strongest target? or you champions running across the map to target another krug instead of the literally in front of them

  2. Subbed, because u just have learned me to maintain gold. In early i was constantly refreshing but i didn't know what i was doing. Awesome guide thanks.

  3. At 16:47 you have no room on your bench and you bought two Braums with one click to upgrade him to 2-star. How did you do that?

  4. you are talking about the same thing 500 times, i already understood what interest and win/loss streak mean….tell me about other aspects of the game

  5. Nice video 👍 but man you are very slow and indecisive .. for example: you could have sold the Kayle many times for better income and the giants belt ( double GB —> warmogs on volibear ) getting the 3rd zephyr was actual something you cannot wait for and getting the warmogs later was actual luck. nice explanation tho 😊👌

  6. It was actually refreshing to see you make mistakes and talk about them, then also come in second place. I feel like its better to learn from watching losses than watching youtubers that only ever upload the games they play perfectly. You should make some more guide videos like this that focus on other things more than gold like early decisions that lead you to building an end game composition. Subbed

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