In For Wars: Capitalist Puppet vs. Anarchist Robot

truthfully that is enough wealth to go around especially if the vast majority of wealth is not tied up in the hands of disgustingly wealthy capitalists [Applause] before America can be truly free it needs to be free of people who whine and complain all the time just because they're being oppressed so we have this commie leftist robot Krabat c'n accusing Elon Musk of being a greedy capitalist Elon Musk of all people the real-life Iron Man you know what these leftists really don't get is that it's the workers who are exploiting us capitalism I mean I'm the one who had the guts and the tens of thousands of dollars it takes to start a business and I'll have you know I pay my employees enough money to survive do you know how much money it costs to survive let me tell you bucko it ain't cheap yet these communists think that workers should earn more than just the bare minimum to survive what alone I tell you I just don't understand if these workers really want to make more money so badly why don't they just have more money then they can start their own business and make even more money anyway I'm getting worked up here sorry folks so today I've got a little surprise for all of you I'm gonna go faced a robotic face with this a knocko loser myself that's right folks today on the show we have none other than crow Botkin the anti-communist robot joining us via video here's that coffee yes for mr. Frank Hayes for this thirty minutes ago we're streaming live get out of here you nincompoop sorry mr. Frank it was the coffee to your liking it's fine now screams I'm sorry about that folks anyway let's welcome mr. Crewe Botkin to the program glad to be here Frank hey me is that a real-life robot I told you to skedaddle gluon sorry mister I tell you ladies and germs it is so hard to find good help these days anyway Kropotkin at that Tesla press conference last week you really laid into Elon Musk I mean you really chewed him out I gotta say I merely spoke truth to power isn't that what your show is all about and the truth eh so you think it's true that capitalism is inherently exploitative clearly it is well let me ask you both brain just what's so exploitative about giving someone a job you're paternalistic characterization of employment under capitalism is inaccurate at best Frank you aren't giving workers jobs you are stealing excess labor value from your workers in the form of profit I know yeah capitalists make profits I've heard this all before anyway workers consent to their wages don't they I mean nobody holds a gun to a workers head and says you gotta work for this amount or I'm painting your brains against the wall under capitalism one needs money to survive and most workers live paycheck to paycheck so the only options presented to workers are to work for capitalists and have their labor value stolen or receive no money and starve this gives merely the illusion of consent in practical reality it is a highly exploitative and coercive relationship it's ridiculous there's nothing coercive about employing somebody hey Frank you think I could talk to that robot I've always wanted to meet a real-life robot interrupt me one more time carrot breath and I'll put you out on the street I'm real sorry please don't fire me I really need this job right now so pipe down sorry sorry sorry anyway like I was saying employers do not have any kind of coercive power over their employees so you believe that your workers are okay with you getting rich off of their labor value while they struggle to make ends meet I cry me a river some folks are winners and some folks are losers that's just a fact of life but there is enough wealth for you to have a comfortable life and your workers as well Frank this is not a zero-sum game we're playing of course it's a zero-sum game there are gonna be Habs and they're gonna be have-nots that's just life you suck it up buttercup Frank with modern technology we are able to produce such quantity of goods that every worker on earth could leave comfortable lives but this comfort is artificially restricted from the majority of humanity so that a small group of capitalists like yourself can live in exorbitant luxury what kind of fairy tale are you living in punched it ain't you ever heard of survival of the fittest yes certainly in nature there is a strict limit on resources which leads to competition between species but technology gives our species the ability to create far more than we could ever hope to consume just look at the housing market in the USA where there are more than five times as many empty homes than there are homeless people why then does anybody go without shelter because they're lazy bums it is because capitalists toward these empty houses as investment capital selfishly monopolizing resources that could be put to good use by those with the most need so you're saying we should just give people something for nothing I'm saying exactly the opposite Frank I'm saying that we should stop giving lazy entitled capitalists billions of dollars when that money should rightfully go to their workers ok Robbo Robin Hood so in your fantasy land everyone can be a millionaire if it weren't for those mean old capitalist taking all the money is that what you're saying it's not just a matter of capitalists taking money capitalists also reduce agricultural and industrial output by restraining production look at how many companies artificially limit supply and increase prices to strangle as much profit as possible from every sale what what's going on when we seem to be having some technical difficulties here I'm not sure exactly Bob can my goodness it seems like Elon Musk has hacked into our video feed beau holy mackerel welcome to the show mr. musk hello you are musk so we meet again drew bachchan did you really think you would get the last word I am here to school you on socio-economic philosophy all right then go ahead Elon Musk yeah mr. musk this robotic blockhead here was just trying to explain about how capitalism is bad and socialism is good that's a load of malarkey ain't it actually Frank I am a socialist just not the kind that shifts resources from the most productive to least productive pretending to do good while actually causing harm true socialism seeks the greatest good for all huh that doesn't even make any sense Elon I should probably articulate the philosophy underlying my actions it's pretty simple and mostly influenced by Douglas Adams and Isaac Asimov Dunblane ism of Marx was a capitalist he even wrote a book about it okay huh Ilana I hate to do this to you but I'm gonna have to cut you off now you're just not doing our side any favors here no wait I have more to say socialism versus capitalism is not even the right question what really matters is avoiding monopolies that restrict people's freedom Frank please don't cut me off sorry lines say goodbye next time Kropotkin next time oh that guy is the worst yeah tell me about it excuse me mr. Frank what is it this time well I just realized I forgot to put the milk in your home well ii wonder get outta here before I lose my temper hello Frank wait did we really just close this bit with a Jetsons ending how these videos are getting worse and worse

  1. It limits scientific development too. Industry Giants pay Congress to hush scientists looking into the health and environmental risks of things like processed meat, sugar, tobacco, pharmaceuticals, and fossil fuels, leading to a terribly high fraction of the US population being scientifically illiterate.

  2. this is total communist propaganda. They are pointing out the extreme cases. When financial oligarchies break our government to get away with murder. this is pointing out criminal activity trying to say this is regular activity. In America somebody could start a company that paid the workers a percentage of the profit there's nothing stopping them. Somebody wants to start a company by the worker and for the worker. is there some kind of law against this.

  3. Capitalism is a mental disorder based on vaporware (money) that has become a permission slip of survival.

  4. if you filled the empty houses with the people on the street (they have done it before) soon the houses would be torn apart, full of shit (even though they have a toilet they could use) soon need to be rebuilt. Know why people are homeless? they have burned out their family and friends.

  5. Krobotkin: Capitalists hoard housing as investment capital, selfishly monopolizing resources that could be put to good use by those with the most need.

    Me: Hahah, the horses name is Glue.

    I fucking love the puppet shows.

  6. Only on YouTube will you find a skit puppet show explaining economic philosophy. God I love this platform!

  7. When I see people proudly displaying InfoWars bumper stickers, I do not want to live in this world anymore. It's embarrassing.

  8. So your point is everyone is evil, but Musks modern Idea of socialism might be a way to create an actual working system?
    Does Musk know that his system is a self-threatening one?… Well, better than an inherently self-destroying or an inherently self stoping system of economy.

  9. I want to take Glue home and give him all the food he needs for absolutely nothing in return :'( excellent design for an exploited worker character; the name is particularly emotionally engaging

  10. They always diss on capitalism, but they never talk about solutions. Yeah, I get that capitalism has it's flaws. What kind of solution is there?

  11. Artificial restriction to prop up profits through actual destruction of crops:

  12. Why are “capitalists” always portrayed as though they do no real work? Just because they don’t do manual labor doesn’t mean they do no labor at all. The majority of these so-called capitalists are small business owners who do actually take risk and truly work hard. Sure, there are some capitalists in large corporations who are expendable, but these few people surely shouldn’t be the focus of an entire ideology..

  13. Was it intentional to make the robot look like a Hasidic Jew? Also Alex Jones character is way too rational and nice compared to real Alex Jones

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