1. Is Adventure Time anti capitalist propaganda, I've only watched the gay parts

  2. I would say up front that ALL organizations beyond the 150 Dunbars Number is going to at some point default to an Oligarchy. In fact Oligarchy or a small organized minority ruling the majority IS the default government throughout history. This would include Monarchy, Democracy, Republics, Communism and Imperialism. It is simply a matter of water running down a hill. That is the natural power gravity controlling politics. I see most if not all of Marx/Lennon theories which were formed long before any analysis of human nature went into the mix to be BS.

    Also the term “Capitalism” is a pretty broad term and the better term should probably be Globalism. As such the function of “Monopoly” is more or less the function of 1) Government Control over the Market, and 2) early successful companies limiting their competition through “Regulation”. And finally we have the Rothschild Bank or global central banking, which has been a monopoly for hundreds of years. So that would be the first Trust you would need to bust if you wanted a truly free market.

  3. I find concentrating enough to read theory kind of difficult sometimes, so I really appreciate these videos. Thanks, RR 🙂

  4. I just about spit up my drink when that corporate propaganda video called contracts between private companies mutual aid , AND that it was "non-hierarchical."

    I never imagined leftist rhetoric being appropriated in such a laughable parody of itself.

    It's like saying, "we already have universal healthcare! Anyone that wants it can just pay for it."

  5. "…It is a most reactionary method of consoling the masses with hopes of permanent peace being possible under capitalism, by distracting their attention from the sharp antagonisms and acute problems of the present times, and directing it towards illusory prospects of an imaginary “ultraimperialism” of the future. Deception of the masses—that is all there is in Kautsky’s “Marxist” theory."

    Is Steven Pinker is Kautsky of today?

  6. @12:54 Living standards increased sharply since the 20th century. Seems like Lenin was pretty much wrong.

  7. Watching this 6:30am can't sleep, lost one of my part time jobs. Really liked it. Made me feel better. Thank you.

  8. First video of yours that I've seen. Two questions:

    1. This stuff goes way over my head. Where should I start if I want to understand Lenin's ideas and his marxian background?

    2. Why is there a dog in this video, lol?

  9. Love it! I can't pin it down, but out of all of BreadTube that I watch, I've been most impressed by the improvement of your channel as time has gone on. Not only was this a fun collaboration, but it seems especially focused and informative. Thanks for the work you've been putting in!

  10. God Wilson was such a bag of dicks. Also Adventure time is surprisingly woke apparently XD. Nice stuff my dog, lots of laughs and knowledge here

  11. it's hilarious how on the nose that adventure time bit is. it's just cops! just literally cops. they really do not beat around the bush. i love it when kids shows get subversive and real like that. MORE COMMIE CARTOONS, THANKS

  12. Yeah made in Vietnam, made in China…capitalist neocolonization. Maybe somebody shouts establish workers states in those countries along Marxism Leninist lines.

  13. David Harvey said join an anti capitalist organization. LOL I cant believe he said that. As someone who knows what capital is he would know that there is no such a thing as anti-capitalism. I believe what he meant is you should join an anti-oligarchy organization.

  14. i know it's not the point of the video, but i was wondering what the source for the "hey i know you, you're that jaywalkin punk anarchist" clip comes from, i can't find it on my own

  15. When talking about Lenin and his relationship with Kautsky, there is a very useful article in the Weekly Worker by Lars Lih called "VI Lenin and the influence of Kautsky" that is really good at highlighting exactly what the context and implications of Lenins oft repeated references to and polemics against Karl Kautsky was. A cursory read of Imperialism, State and Revolution, and the Renegade Kautsky might give someone the idea that Lenin saw Kautsky as some total hack and opportunist with nothing to add to the socialist movement, in the same fashion as someone like Bernstein. Lihs article gives some good analysis of works like those mentioned above, and also gives the background information for them, and details just how influential as a thinker Kautsky was on Lenin and how much respect the latter had for the former.

  16. “Capitalism wants…”

    No. No, it doesn’t. Capitalism doesn’t want anything because capitalism isn’t sentient.

    This is the trap you guys consistently fall into. You’re mad that mean people use capitalism to their own selfish gain. What do you think happens to these human beings under communism or anarchy? Do you think they disappear? lol

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