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  1. What camera setup was on the gimbal, as the images/video from the olympus had much better focus and colour.

  2. Hey Professor Bruce, I need a mobile photography video. And it's the best way to grow your channel. You'll get millions of views from India itself 😊

  3. Maybe I’m nitpicking, but holding the camera with both hands while tracking and running would’ve produced more stable shots 😁

  4. Thanks.Interesting. Personally I find that just as an overly shaky piece of footage may take me out of a scene ( unless it's supposed to be shaky pov stuff ) so will an overly smooth shot as we don't see the world that way naturally so we're taken out of the moment and become aware of the camera and not focused totally on the subject. I think a lot of very fine camera moves can be achieved by practice and knowing the shortcomings of the equipment. Gimbals are very clever and usually quite expensive but it's not always necessary…All those crazy shots in 1982,s The Evil Dead were mostly done with a steady rig constructed with some straps and 2×4 wood planks! ;D
    P.s. I'm not suggesting people take a bit of wood planking on professional shoots! 😀

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