I’m Not Accepted for My Religion

I’ve always been one of the only Jewish people
in my town. I’m not super religious. My parents didn’t force their religion on
me but I still believed in it. In elementary school a lot of kids went to
church and there’s nothing wrong with that. Everyone’s allowed to have their own religion
but they didn’t really see it that way. And a lot of them would you overhear their
parents or they’d hear churches talking about how if you didn’t worship their religion
you would go to hell. And I don’t think anyone realizes that kids
learn and they imitate what they see. So of course I’d be on the playground or doing
whatever and kids would come up to me and tell me that Jewish people were trying to
take over the world and that we were all super greedy money hogs. And that if we didn’t worship their religion
we were all going to hell. And I was the only person who faced hate it
was also Muslim kids a lot of them were told that Muslims were terrorists and that they
still probably had contact with people who did 9/11. I used to actually go home and I would cry
because I thought I was going to hell if I didn’t go to church like I asked my parents
to go to a Christian Church before I even knew what that meant. That’s not the way kids should be introduced
to other religions they should be introduced as religion can be a good thing it can bring
people together. And it was before I even knew what the cross
stood for like I’d see people with them all the time and wondered with the t-shaped
necklace meant until one of my very very close friends who went to church explain to me what
it was. My parents just said that some people believe
in different things and they have a right to believe. it’s like ice cream. If you force your belief down my throat I’m
not going to want it but some people like different types of ice cream or different
types of belief. And that’s okay that doesn’t make them a terrible
person but what does is telling other people that they’re terrible just because they like
a different ice cream flavor than you. You know I don’t hate Christians or Catholics
or anyone. I just wish that someone had told these kids
not to repeat the things that they heard – Anti-semitic or Islamophobic people say. Like before people even knew what the word
Muslim meant they knew the word terrorist and before they even knew what the term Jewish
meant, they just knew were bad. I remember back in middle school when they
told everyone about the Middle East they had said Jesus was a Jew. And everyone gasped and was so shocked. To me it made me realize how stupid everyone
was being. Everyone’s hating each other just because
of religion. In high school no one really gave me any problems,
except for one girl but I didn’t really care at that point. Anyone who judges somebody off of what they
think is going to happen after we die isn’t worth your time.


  2. Hey idiot bullies I wanna tell you something. There is no god when we die there is nothing but darkness. But if you think god is real that’s ok just don’t bully other people with different religions. You fucking Assholes

  3. You sick bastards believing on people living in the clouds
    MY religion is better
    It's Called Shrek Cult
    Shrek is love Shrek is Life

  4. Man people be stupid and it's sad this kind of stuff happens I'm not super religious I'm Baptist but I respect others beliefs and even practice some of them along with my own like Buddhism so when I hear or see this kind of stuff it ticks me off

  5. as a jew in Israel i can tell this is one of the reasons we can't survive without our country. people always hate us because they hate someone who can't believe at some things in their religion's. our religion was the first after that people created another religion because some jew die and then the god revived him to tell them not to make a religion out of him… what's happened? they make a religion out of it (#logic) and then some guy had a spiritual dreams and didn't understand them and this is how the Muslims created. guess what…. after allllll that people still look at us and think we copy them and bullying us. im not even strong into the religion but still get hate. i hate my fucking life i was born in the most unlucky religion in the world. gg God i can see how u love me -__-

  6. Well…
    When it comes to religion, i say i'm catholic and i go to a catholic school, however, my experience with religion hasn't been a good one, i got in trouble because i was blamed for a broken mother mary picture, and it wasn't me, my friend said I was going to hell because "I broke it", my professor wasn't comprehensive about it either; I always thought that people with extreme religious believes were really passive aggressive with other religions and it bothers me.
    A LOT

  7. I’m Christian, I’m a child of the Almighty God and just because I’m Christian doesn’t mean that I’m like those people who instead of trying to win back souls to the Lord they get a lot more focused on winning arguments. The truth is that God loves you endlessly and no matter what, God will always keep loving you. If your a thief God still loves you. If you worship a different god, God still loves you. If you gay God still loves you. You see Christ came here to die for you because he loves you. And of course you should follow the laws of God. Jesus spoke about the truth and who would go to hell because of being gay and a thief. And so many people hated him because of the truth. What I’m trying to say is that when people tell you things like “repent of your sins and turn against homosexuality” they aren’t trying to hurt you they speak of the truth like Jesus did and so many people hated jesus because he would tell them to repent so they would have eternal life. And there is a complete difference between what I said a little bit up, and “ewww your gay your going to hell.” There two different ways, but they both say the truth. God bless and God loves you

  8. I'm christian protestant and I have one catholic friend that I love very much, and he tries to fors me to convert to catholicism many time. I feel unconfort in that. He says that I'll go to hell for being heretic.

  9. It's about the same story with wicca.
    People randomly tell us "ew, you don't believe in our god(Usually Jesus)", "You worship satan", "You do evil witch crafts!"
    And on and on, this a case of an extremist.

  10. I’m a jew, and I go to a episcopal school. We have chapel every Tuesday, and on one Tuesday, they talked about judaism. No joke, everyone in my grade turned around and stared at me. It made me feel really awkward.

  11. Same thing happened here except I'm an Athiest. And I don't give a shit about people who tell me I'm wrong. I don't care, it's my mind. I do what I want.

  12. That's one of the problems in our modern society nowadays. Toddlers/young kids like that tend to repeat (as in say) what is going on in the world before even knowing it. Toddlers/kids can be very mean each other. I had some friends when I was like 6-8 or so being rude to me in the first years of primary school (I'm surprised I even remember), toddlers or kids like that tend to do/belief what entitled people/parents do/belief and also tend to do what their parents do. Toddlers can say very mean things to others or do without knowing that's not right or feeling anything. I'm not a boomer or anything or saying toddlers/young kids are evil and are the problem in this world (though they are kind of rude though), I'm saying about the parents and the people like anti-vaccers, people who nag people because they have a different religion, belief, skin colour, sexuality orientation or other basically entitled people who show up in the news (most oftenly in America {just sayin' the news are very popular there}). People who found a job or something so they can live and still be spoiled, were spoiled (because they could do anything when they were young AKA people who carried on or took their rudeness to others/people who want to command other people {for ex. Entitled parents} AKA Controllers {as in like type of people not like xbox/ps4 controllers}) and well still believe they had a crown on thrir head or started to believe/act. But uhh… yeah that's it. Also children after primary school begin to understand certain things and actions and begin to act slightly more mature. After high school they actually act more mature and grow up (as in grow up physically and mentaly) like they leave their past behaviour and get a new but that might sometimes happen after college. Some people just don't at all and carry their habits/behaviours with them (because they get a fine job somehow or their partners care about them and keep them alive) and well they become entitled people/parents.

    Edit: sorry for you have to read this thing, I was mad and had big brain time at the same time.
    Also sorry about all the /s or whatever
    Also Also Nearly all of you know all this crap and all and but I was just mad like angry at the time I watched the video and just wanted everybody hear my opinions so yeah…
    P.S. What were we talking about again?

  13. people: jews are evil
    Me: Jesus was a jew. Christianity is just a big variant of Judaism. so you are being mean to your own religion.
    people: got roasted
    By the Way, I am a Christian, and hence my Real name is Christian.
    Christianity is basically Judaism except differences exist within them. so basicly Christians are jews but a different version.

  14. We made the word 'relegion' into to things. A good thing and a bad thing. Jesus said that there is only one way and it's His way. Yet the devil creates all these religions to lead us AWAY from God. Believe what u believe but when the time comes it'll just be you and God.

  15. "That Jewish people were trying to take over the world. That we were greedy money hogs."


  16. Dont insulting other people religion or god will sent you to the helliest hell for your entire live, so be nice to each other

  17. Christians Jews and Muslims are believing the same religion and mostly believe the same thing which is very sad smh ps i am a methodist

  18. Omg Ik how this feels kinda…… one of my friends was of a different Religion than most people in my school and she was getting bullied I told a teacher and can I just say It was such a Relief to have everyone come to school the next day and apologize

  19. I come from a Christian family, and don’t understand how some kids are like this. I know many kids from my church who hate on others because they have a different religion, but we’re actually taught to love them no matter what! One of my best friends from first grade was actually Muslim, we didn’t hate each other, we just didn’t agree with each other’s beliefs. And lots of Christians like Jews, they’re not a lot different from us (cough, Jesus was a Jew, cough) they just don’t believe in the second half of the Bible. So, yeah, I don’t understand why all the religions are judged. Muslims aren’t terrorists (my first grade friend would cry when we talked about 9/11) Christians aren’t these stuck up freaks who hate on Harry Potter, social media (IM ON YOUTUBE RIGHT NOW!) and other religions, and Jews aren’t bad at all.
    In other words:
    *go anti-Hitler league*!

  20. I know how you feel I'm the only Hindu in my class and because of it I keep getting left out of activities in Spanish class and whenever I try to talk to the kids they just tell me to go to hell and then there's the fact that I'm part of the lgbtq community and since seventh grade I've been worried to tell the kids in my class because I think that will make them hate me even more

  21. Sorry but those beliefs are all invented stuff. Especially islam. You can think muslims are cute in your Christian countries but they are the dictators in islamic states.

  22. My grandfather was harrassed in a trip to Poland in 1939 during the nazi occupation of Poland because he believed in god

  23. You know in the bible you actually don’t go to hell for not believing in The Christian god atleast. It’s said you go to purgatory which is temporary hell basically the waiting room before you go to heaven is probably the best way to explain it believe on whatever you want as long as you aren’t hurting anyone who is innocent

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