I'm Not A Communist

in practice communism is not as advertised that which is meant to liberate the people ends up enslaving them single party politics for the greater good fail to account for party influences power grabs and neo establishments you end up deposing one tyranny and in depending another communist regimes are typically rigid in their philosophy and we need to change their opinions lack flexibility and therefore change is a slow process there is a lack of genuine representation so the party is meant to stand up for the people meant to represent the good of the people however doesn't truly represent the will of the people it claims to know what's best for society what's best for all people by making people equal it is representation of sorts doesn't account for genuine needs in many cases very often focusing on rhetoric on the rigid philosophies they have rather than a real worldview there is a distinct lack of freedom freedom to innovate as well freedom speech is lost freedom expression practically freedom of thought and what comes with this restriction is the ability to actually innovate to actually come up with new ideas try out new things because of party limitations the lack of healthy competition business competition advancement change it leads to stagnation most communist regimes without changing their political philosophical views radically end up stagnating in tradition and ideas of progress that do not deliver on their promises breaking from strict party perspectives is essentially a crime speaking out against the party that policies the party even if you only differ to a small thing three can be a criminal offense in a great many communist nations typically human rights are secondary to a communist nation it's acceptable to obliterate people torture people in prison people work people to death in the name of the greater goal the greater good you can sacrifice one today or a thousand today as long as you save a million tomorrow if that means killing a million people or working them to death then that's perfectly fine if it ends up saving a billion people in the future so in this way human life can be devalued by the idea of the utopian dream the very real problem is the cult nature of a communist society the way which communism imposes conformity slaves the mind slaves the ability to think beyond certain parameters limiting options to progress causing stagnation and preventing society from moving in to the potential brighter future of a communist utopia in many ways communism is self-defeating by definition

  1. When you don't know what Communism is so you call it Fascism, because you don't know what that it either

  2. "In Practice", I state this at the beginning of my video. The pro-communists ignore it to be apologists, the Anti-communists think I'm dismissing any merit in the broad ideology.

  3. i'm not communist but 1 life is always less than 10 i did not get were you were getting with that point.

  4. Socialist ideology is actually retarded. All the liberals think taking from the rich and giving to the poor will work wonders but all that does is make everyone poor. Nobody has anything because it's all been taxed and seized. You're not allowed to own anything, speak your mind. I can't believe people, American people really want Communism (a system that has never worked) to be used in AMERICA.

  5. It makes everyone equal and does not allow a person to be rewarded base on your contribution.

  6. We do live in communism. To understand that, first you need to understand the following: you are not "we the people".
    Take the concept of 'democracy'. What did 'democracy' mean, when they invented it? It meant "rule of the people". But what did 'people' mean, in antiquity? 'People' meant someone who was neither a 'noble' nor a 'slave'.
    You see, a slave, was not a human, a slave was like cattle, used and abused to work the land, bound to the people or the nobles. Nobles were not human either, they were of the gods!
    And this brings us to our days. What are you? Are you a noble, a slave, or people (human)?
    In your opinion, you are part of the people, you are human. But that's your opinion!
    In the opinion of those who created the united states of America, you are not part of "we the people". You are a slave.

    Communism, is the concept that the land, the means of production, are shared by the people. Money, government, the state, are disbanded. Does this ring a bell?

    Corporatism is communism. The people hold the land, the means of production, in common. They are shareholders. Are you a shareholder? No. You are a wage slave.
    Can you see that the states and governments, have no power over the Corporation? If you can't see, then read about the International Finance Corporation, which has power over state. The state is today, subordinated to the Corporation. The means of production are held in common, by We the People, as shareholders.
    Money. Take a good look at the plastic square in your pocket, you call "bank card". You think that's money? Money means gold, silver. Not electronic impulses on a plastic square! Money ceased to exist ever since the gold standard ceased to be. It's not gold anymore, it is paper, quickly becoming exclusively electronic impulses.
    You slave your life away, in exchange for electronic beeeps!

    So, you can see how the money, government, state, private property, exist no more. The means of production is held in common, by the people, and is administered according to their common interests. The government and the state, may have power over you, but they are irrelevant for We the People, who govern themselves, regardless of the state or government.
    Corporatism is Communism
    you are slave

  7. http://www.marxistsfr.org/history/capitalism/white-book-capitalism/index.htm

  8. this video is bull shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. you aint talking about communism here your talking about authoritarian capitalist dictatorships.

    CAMBODIA? Ha ha thats was NOT MARXISM cause DENIED THE INDUSTRIALIZIN, some absolutely necessary in Progress in both, a Capitalist Society and a Socialist Society.

  10. Maybe communism doesn't work, but if the ideology was and still is very acceptable is because capitalism doesn't work either, I mean, why the Russians or the Cubans or the Chineses or the North Koreans or many other countries decided to prove with other economic ideology if capitalism works?

  11. the thing is that the problem is not communism, the problem is the people , thats why capitalism is better

  12. Communism is doomed, because most people lose their freedom, innovation stagnates, and a few bureaucrats enrich themselves at the expense of everyone else. Unregulated Capitalism is doomed, because a small number of wealthy elites buy up the government, corrupt it and make the rest of us slave for shrinking wages until the economy collapses when the workers can't afford to buy anything. The ideal is Regulated Capitalism where Big Business and Big labor hold each other in check. Wages are kept reasonable, but not to the point where businesses collapse because operation costs are prohibitive. The problem we have in America today, is that Big Business pretty much owns the government, and many people don't earn enough money to buy things, while a small number of oligarchs horde their billions. Not enough money is circulating because it's being horded, pure and simple.

  13. What makes Communism Flawed isn't the way it's runned rather the way it opperate. you cannot ask everybody to give up what they have for everybody else as human beeings having private posession makes us feel special and so it free us from the feeling of dread when we think about what's next.
    As for the Lost freeddom you're speaking of it simply isn't the case. If they worked like this in the past it's because they had too. communism can't compete with the need of posession inside all of us. So they had to stop us from looking elsewhere, where capitalism is in place.

    The video you made isn't about why communism doesn't work right Robert W. Lester ?
    It is about why it didn't work.

    Communism CAN work BUT for it to work the needs of us all need to change. we would need to work for each other.
    Communism will work when we dont have the need for money anymore, when Buying a good wouldn't be just to buy a good but for survival. … but then again … thats not what Marx said … i could go on about the difference between what we think is communism and what was the origin of it from Karl Marx. But it'd be too long.

    So here you go … my take on your video … not a bad one tbh … if you want to know why bad rullers are bad.

  14. Isn't a lot of what you say not Communism but things a leader has done (Stalin for say) and your just saying it is communism, Pretty sure your not forced into work physically, or are killed n whotnot for having different views n such, thats just something Stalin set up himself, nothing from the book. I get some of your points, but again stagnation and innovation? The USSR didn't win the space race or invent soo much or win a war just by existing, if it was stagnating I'm pretty sure results would be flipped.

  15. we are not blind when mad rich want communist and only loyal to the party..but not much they end in grave with billions cursed spelling from entire world, back to religion and start for freedom in religion, kill or against them not more than kill monkey race under red party

  16. not really. Terrible conditions can be imposed by anything authoritarian, capitalist, corporatist, communist, whatever. Communism is still the one which does not have explicit dependencies on such conditions. Communism can exist without a concentration of power, a vanguard party or coercive hierarchy of any kind. Capitalism cannot. Capitalism absolutely means forced concentration of power and wealth. Capitalism ended long ago anyway. You're living in a world of debt, war, prolonged fossil fuel dependency, centralized (manipulated) banking and other forms of corporate overlord servitude under the threat of incarceration, exile or death.

  17. Communism worked in the Soviet Union, it was almost as rich as the UK in 1970 without exploiting countries from the third world and being a multi cultural state

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