If you believe that Islam is the Religion of Peace. Watch this🤮لا اقدر ان اصف السلام الذي يشع

Thier women ,Money,souls,and all things that own Are allowed for Muslims to Take 😱 The question is remained All The people who pray What they do The rest of the talk is very long The question whis is remained If all thier Money, Women, and And what so ever Are allowed to be taken “Halal” How we can Take it from them? How we can ? One young man With beard with his wife walking With Niqab The entered the market and He looked around him ,he found Toothpaste then he stole it If he asked me what if it is legal By Islamic law . I will tell him It is your money and Halal 😱 Good , but when you took it the Benefits that you gain Are less that the harm it can cause So it is recommended you don’t This my opinion. This brother or sister May be taken to the court of infidels Evil And they Will be judged And they will say He has a beard Is this the Islam and its morality Is this the picture The pic of Islam That you want sent The great picture That Can be disfigured For toothpaste Or paste or maybe less Is it what Supposed to be If it was a must Give them to The fighters on the way of Allah

  1. ربنا يبارك فيك اخي الفاضل اشكرك اشكرك اشكرك ربنا يعوض تعبك في كشف كذب الإسلام ورسوله ربنا يحميك انا حعمل له داونلود

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