I Want You to be an Anarchist

I want you to be an anarchist you're probably thinking oh my goodness this guy said anarchy he wants me to be an anarchist that must mean that he wants me to blow things up that must mean that he advocates for chaos and violence and destruction and blood and guts and Mad Max in the Thunderdome and killing galore rampant crazy no that's not what I want as an anarchist I am a connoisseur of compassion I am a liberator of love that is my conception of anarchism anarchism does not mean these things that you think they mean let me tell you anarchy means without government means without rulers specifically and Archy it's a greek term and means without our key means ruler so it means without rulers now don't get me wrong anarchy has picked up a lot of really nasty connotations over the years it has now I've been associated with I hate to say it really been associated with political disorder but that is not what it actually is based on the literal meaning of the word so don't buy into all the propaganda and all the nonsense let me tell you what anarchists are really about and why I want you to be an anarchist I want you to be able to cooperate with me to work voluntarily with me to make this society this world that we live in the best damn place possible it doesn't mean I want to destroy things it means I want the world to get better I want it to be a much more beautiful place and no it's not a utopian agenda I don't I don't want the world to be perfect now that would certainly be ideal but I just think it's better it's nicer if we're able to live freely of our own volition without authority figures telling us how to live and actually committing violence against us and so this is what I mean when I talk about Anarchy and talk about wanting you to be involved with me it's the one of the most dignified and decent things we can do we should be allowed to collect rainwater of our volition if we want to we should be allowed to do any kind of job we want without a license with market controls and people making choices on their own we should be able to carry our guns in public if we have guns it's not anybody's right to sell our rights back to us who has those type of abilities where does that authority come from magical pieces of paper I don't think so and yes we should be able to grow gardens beautiful gardens with fruits and vegetables and food in our front yard without having to worry about mandatory codes and neighborhoods there is no reason why these things shouldn't be allowed to exist but we live in this fascist state where these government goons tell us how to live our lives they tell us how to cooperate they hold our hand from cradle to grave with a gun with their other hand on a gun to our head and we can't do this we have to live and love we have to enjoy this we have to revel in this mystery we call existence so let's do it I want you to become an anarchist I want you to join with me be with me can you empathize with me and make this world a much better place a much freer part place now a lot of you have been deceived into this idea that anarchism is also a political idea but actually anarchism is very apolitical we don't look to manipulate and coerce people into doing what we want them to do obviously we don't want the bombs and the explosions and the bloodshed like some politicians think that anarchists are like so what we want to do is just enjoy life we want to live and love to the best of our possible ability so why don't you come with us why don't you join in listen my name is sterling I am the psychologic anarchist I'm also a contributor to the art of not being government and I really hope that you will subscribe to my channel if you think that I provided you value today I would ask that I would ask you to make a commitment to subscribe I would very much appreciate that and I really enjoyed being here with you today thank you

  1. Hi ,i'm from South Korea and I never knew what anarchy was .I never knew there was such a wonderful thing.I used to see the sign at so many places and I never knew what it was .There is this singer named jacki wai (재키 와이) she is a Anarchist in South and Korea .Through her music I learned about her being an anarchist and she even has a song named anarchy https://youtu.be/QdaQ_-KTE48 she also has a song named enchanted propaganda .I love jvcki because she's showing people that the goverment is just silly and sometimes useless. Because Jvkci is an anarchist I wanted to find out more about being one .On a Korean special day(In whole Korea) People carry flags out but jvcki carried a black flag out which was very brave amazing(i think it's an anarchist flag?) .Great video btw !!~
    Sorry for my poor English …

  2. That sounds beautiful but what if the government points you with a gun and says "we don't want you to be an anarchist"? Also, I'd like to hear your definition of love… you mean platonic love?

  3. I really enjoyed your quote "They hold our hands from cradle to grave with the other hand on a gun to our head"

  4. Anarcho Syndaclist here.
    Create federations now!!!

    Libertarian Socialist here
    Time for direct action!

  5. Cheers from Brazil. Amazing video dude, that's what I'm talking about… let's keep spreading this conscious. Thanks for it.

  6. The anarchists/voluntaryists I know have a huge love for life and compassion for others and they want others to realize how full their lives can be by embracing the beauty of anarchy. <3 you Sterlin!

  7. its a proven fact that statism are for self center people who only cares about there selfs and fuck everybody else unlike anarchism that do care about humanity as a whole this fact alone destroys statism

  8. I hope to shake your hand in Acapulco,I do appreciate your approach and the work you do.I don't imagine there will be any m.d.m.a. ceremonies to go to but, nevertheless looking forward to it.

  9. Creatures, particularly humans, merit the privilege to do whatever they need. As we have natural feelings/action that are stifled by the Government. We require a universe of no police, laws, or government. Don't get me wrong America is an great nation. However, we deserve genuine freedom by living naturally, for example, a deer or flying creature uninhibitedly living. But that is only my philosophy.

  10. I was a marxist until noy too long ago. It took me a read of Bakunin's work to realize anarchism is the most pacific worldview on the market. As a pacifist myself, I am committed to the anarchist ideal.

  11. thank you for sharing this BTW.. I'm your Facebook friend and I'm following your page . Your ideas are brilliant.

  12. Given for a fact that if there will be no government, there will be no international currency and money exchange. So.. how are we going to pay? through barter? I don't agree with barter trade either since our resources are running out.

    there will no uniform and proper means of payment.

  13. I have been on youtube over 5 years. This is the first and only channel I will subscribe to. I hope we can all come together!

  14. Do you think people are responsible enough to live in such a society? I doubt.. How would an anarchy society look like? People can't coexist I believe

  15. I also very much embrace Voluntary society. The twisted definition of Anarchy comes from years of indoctrinating and doublethink. Thank you for expressing that so eloquently! I appreciate the voluntary time you and others sacrifice to promote our just cause. 💗💗

  16. It only makes sense that the 'Rulers' have convinced most people that without a 'Ruler' there would be chaos, death and destruction. Its really just self preservation on their part.

  17. Are you a particular strand of Anarchism? Like Anarcho-Communism, Anarcho-Capitalism,-Syndicalism, -primitivism, -pacifism?

  18. It is always very silly to me to see how people view anarchists and associate them with destruction and chaos when it is the government who is the ultimate creator of chaos and destruction. Propaganda has made a lot of peaceful ideas look harmful because they know if we realize our power they will instantly lose theirs.

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