I Tried REAL Rowing!

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  1. I can’t believe you haven’t sculled before! Here in London the teens learn (as standard) to scull first, before they learn to sweep. Thus every (sweep) rower can scull! 😅

  2. I hope that you make a series of this. As a sculling coach in training it would be nice to hear the coach a bit louder. But the view is very similar from a cox point of view which is handy. Here in the Netherlands, we train them first sweep rowing if they learn it while in school. If they learn it at an association, then we teach them first sculling. Which is mostly done in a C2 or C4 and sometimes C1. With youth, we start with skiffs as they are less afraid to fall into the water. I hope that you enjoy sculling as much as you did with sweep rowing!

  3. Sounds like rowing outdoors in the early am might be quite beautiful. Hopefully there will be a time when you can just go row (no instructor) and bask in that early am scenery. Have fun.

  4. This is so awesome! I rowed for about 10 years on the ERG before I had a chance to get on the water. I know am on the water through the summer until the lakes freeze. It is amazing feeling. What kind of scull do they have you in? I wish I had someone to coach on the water here. There are some places within 2 hours I think and just need to bite the bullet and go get that coaching. That is a new goal for next summer.

  5. Ok, next year you can finally do our famous long distance single skiff race in Austria Wörthersee. (16km)

  6. For me sculling didn't come easy. UGH. I so wanted to sweep. But now that I'm sculling my sweeps are getting better.

  7. I rowed on water, both sweep and scull, for several years. Beautiful, yes, but sooooo time consuming as a regular work out. Plus the weather is your enemy.

  8. What are your thoughts on the Biorower? It's marketed as the most accurate replication of rowing on water. It can replicate sculling and sweeping.

  9. Would be a great benefit if you could edit in some footage from a second camera when your coach is demonstrating an action and please get him miked up 😎

  10. Absolutely loved this. I have long dreamed on rowing on water. However, I will say I didn't get the reason why the hands twisted on the stroke until the feathering comment was made. Then it all clicked into place.

  11. Stuff that, I like going forward 😉. Stick to kayaking and canoeing. Anyone wanting workout tunes- Dr Krapanshitz on Spotify.. to compliment Shane’s mix. Under Zwift ( and no, I don’t take myself too seriously). Row on, Ride on but mostly Rock on🤟👅👀

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