I don’t believe in Religion; Is Religion important? #UnplugWithSadhguru

Sadhguru: I didn’t know
questions were so popular (Few Laugh). See, with all due respect to all the religious people… See, religion essentially means belief in something. Whenever somebody says, “I’m a religious person,”
they refer to themselves as “believers.” Yes? “Believers.” “Believe” means what? Means you do not know something,
but you’re not willing to admit, “I do not know”, so you believe it. I am saying, if you do not know something,
why don’t you just say, “I do not know”? Hello? Is it okay? Participants: Yes! Sadhguru: I do not know something, I say,
“I do not know”, because “I do not know” is a tremendous possibility. Only when you say “I do not know”,
the longing to know, the seeking to know and the possibility of knowing
becomes a living reality in your life. Everything “I do not know”, I believe. This has led to a whole lot of things. One thing it does is, it brings you confidence. “I believe!” means it brings you confidence. But confidence without clarity is a disaster. This is a disaster that is unfolding in the world
in many different levels. People who don’t know a damn thing, who can’t see
what’s in front of them, they are super confident. It’s dangerous. If you cannot see, at least you must be hesitant, isn’t it?
Hello? If you cannot see, you must at least be hesitant. But you cannot see, but you’re confident. This is what belief gives you –
confidence without clarity. How do you arrive at your belief? There’re many ways. Can I tell you a joke? Is it okay, it’s a serious question? Participants: Yes. Sadhguru: Is… are you okay? Participants: Yes. Sadhguru: You’re looking so serious,
I’m scared of you (Laughter). This happened in New York City. A eight year old boy
came home from school in the afternoon. At home, he had a very progressive mother.
Obviously, she was single. He came home and asked,
“Momma, is God man or a woman?” See this is a big debate in America. Is God a man or a woman is a very
big debate in America. You know in the last election, they tried to settle it
and you know what happened (Few laugh). The mother thought, being a progressive woman, she thought through this, all this gender politics that are going on in the country and after much thinking, she said, “Both!” Then the boy went into deep thought. After sometime, he came back and asked,
“Momma, is God black or white?” You know in the previous election,
they tried to settle this issue (Few laugh), because racial politics is a very big thing. She thought through all the racial politics
that are going on in the country. After much, much thinking, she said, “Both!” Then the boy went into profound thought. After much thinking, he came back and asked,
“Momma, is God straight or gay?” She thought through all the politics concerned
with that aspect of life, and she said, “Both!” Then the boy jumped in joy, “I got it! I got it! It’s Michael Jackson (Laughter/Applause)!” I don’t know how you arrived at yours (Few laugh). You must understand, this is a Godless culture. In this culture, we always told you,
“Your life is your karma.” Yes or no? Participants: Yes. Sadhguru: You’ve forgotten. In this culture, we always told you,
“Your life is your karma,” this means your life is your making. There’s nobody managing you from there (Gestures). Your life is entirely your karma. You are tall, you are short, you are capable,
you are incapable, you can do something, you cannot do something, we say,
“Ayyo karma (Laughter).” We are… we’ve been telling you forever,
“Your life is entirely your making.” But this we have turned it into somethingelse and
now we are also start looking up, Upar Waala! You are all engineering students. You tell me, is this planet round or flat? Participants: Round. Sadhguru: Really? It’s round? Participants: Yes. Sadhguru: Some of you saying no. This girl (Laughter). Is it a round planet, I’m asking you. Participants: Yes. Sadhguru: Yes. Is it spinning? Participants: Yes. Sadhguru: So you are not even on the North Pole,
you are at this Chennai. Here, if you look up and the planet is spinning,
you are inevitably looking up in the wrong direction. Hello? Participants: Yes. Sadhguru: You don’t even know which is up. In this cosmos,
do you know which is up and which is down? Hello? Is it somewhere marked “This side up”? Can you ever figure out which side is up in this cosmos? Participants: No. Sadhguru: No. Then you’re looking up at what? When you do not even know what is up, how
do you know who is up (Applause)? Does it mean to say, I created the universe? No. Obviously before you and me came,
everything was here, isn’t it? So now you must at least say, “I really don’t know.” The problem is, somebody is a theist,
somebody is an atheist. They are not different people, just different clothing,
same nonsense (Few laugh). One person believes what he does not know
in a positive way, another person believes what he does not know in a negative way. Both of them are believers of something
that they do not know, isn’t it (Applause)? what is the problem with the human being
that you cannot admit “I do not know?” It’s so wonderful of you,
so human of you to say “I do not know”, isn’t it? If you do not know, if you realize that you truly do not know,
your intelligence will be always alert, it never sleeps. Always, every moment of your life. Even in your sleep, it’ll stay awake,
if you realize “I truly do not know.” This believing has made you just eat pongal and (Gestures) (Few laugh) you know, just become lethargic. The world has become lethargic. When I say lethargic, not physically, intelligence
has become lethargic, because they believe something. Everybody believes some nonsense. Can we be straight enough,
the youth of this nation, I am asking you. The youth of this nation, are we straight enough to say,
“What I know, I know, what I do not know, I do not know.” Is this okay with you? Participants: Yes. Sadhguru: The youth of India, I’m asking you. Participants: Yes!

  1. அற்புதமான விளக்கம் யோகியை. தமிழ் யோக கலாச்சாரமும்(Culture) ஞானமும்(Wisdom) அறிவியலும்(Science).

  2. I usually hate preaching but i am totally convinced with Sadhguru's logics!Thanks Sadhgure for being with us..Naman Sadhguru ji

  3. Since 2018 I came across sadguru…today I feel that's the best thing ever happen in my life …thank you sadguru for being in our lifes…..

  4. What was the question that was put to Sadguru? Why that part has not been uploaded? I think that it is foolish to edit and remove the question posed by someone to Sadguru and upload only reply given to the questioner.

  5. we indians don't have any religion we have dharma's like sanatan dharma, raj dharma, manav dharma, kshatriya dharma and many more on different aspects of life . Dharma means law's not religion .

  6. Sadguru prays and believes God Maheshwara (Eshwara)…So he supports Hindu God…
    Sadguru's answers are same even though our questions are different in Hyderabad or Vizag or Chennai… He is not a god man..He is just normal Human but he was Psychologically Stronger than many of us…We can Only Learn Yoga, Meditation, analysis English Grammar and Some Logics… We should not depend on anything godman like these…Because they can't do miracles as you think…Dont depend on anybody. Just Keep an Aim… Focus and Work hard…You can Achieve any thing..

  7. i define belief in a different way, I am able to believe something when i am able to experience and understand it thoroughly like i can explain it to a six year old too. My belief is alive, conscious not the blinded one. Thank you

  8. Religious beliefs has given justification to harm others, it has been the cause of great suffering for humanity. Imposing our beliefs on other's is the worst act of violence.

  9. While there are many different types of atheists out there, atheism itself only means that you do not believe in the claim that a God exists. That's not the same thing as believing No God exists. I and every atheist I know of are perfectly fine saying I don't know and it is possible that a God can exist, BUT I'm going to wait until I have sifficient evidence before I get behind that claim.

  10. I find him great but he is wrong for one thing. Atheists aren't believers. I don't believe in the existence of God is NOT the same of "I believe that God doesn't existe."

  11. Because I do not know I keep seeking for truth until I found this video…very true, I am really glad that I ended up here 😢

  12. God cannot be discremenated or can be found in any particular religion or in any other thing. Religion/sculptures/scripts all are human made anticipations brought into existence to discreminate peoples (known as most intelligent social species) into various groups born at different time periods in this earth by benifiting them to lead life in comfort zone. The group which creates more strength to keep its existence during cirtain period, the religion of that group spreads more in the society in that period and will persist as long it is preached through generation after generation. When people extinct so religion will slowly extinct, till any remains left. Creation of new religion will come into existence when a group of new intelligent social species starve to survive again in the socity. This cycle goes on. Today human is the most upperhand survival species in this earth because they have got the ability to live together and to bind them in togetherness using some norms known as religions, thus created. In this world different religions are created to meet their own cultural satisfaction & persist through prejudice.These groups fought among themselves to figure their culture as the supreme most in the name of religion, even try to sabotage weeker community thereby increasing its importance or majority in this population, which makes the group feel safe and secure and thereby stay in comfort zone.

    But remmember God is one who can never gets extinct nor can be created, God will come into appearance within the species only when the species can realise it's self, known as self-realization be it in any form of religion. Searching God in religion/sculpture/script is of little use, instead realise your self can make you get some place benneath the feet of that supream power by acquiring some devine knowledge. This supreme power has no attachment with this narrow minded attitude of species forming groups for their survival into existence.

    Now ask your self to judge the actual reality, come out of this illusion and preach love, spread love to reach that supream power known as God.

  13. Agreed, religion is very personal and mainly based on self study of what you believe in otherwise its called follower, many people are just followers due to cultural and society obligations which really lead to lack of self freedom……

  14. Sadhguru is a perfect human being that we are very less around us..
    What to say……

    It's just normal, and considering the natural stupidity of human being they would never understand what is needed to be understood…it would take million years but never means infinite time…
    They just live ,they die and so on…

  15. He doesn't understand atheists. every atheist say he doesn't believe in god because there is no evidence. In first part he is talking they believe something they cant see, in last part he say atheist are believers, because they don't believe in something they cant see.

  16. Religion was an important step in the evolution of humans, and hence it has thrived for thousands of years. Believing in a religion makes one civil, well mannered and socially acceptable. Moreover, the common idea of a religion is necessary to maintain harmony in a community. One should not question the very nature of something as fundamental as religion; its like saying: I don't believe in traffic lights, is it important?

  17. Sadguru do you consider Divine Sant Ramkrishna Paramhans as enlighten Guru ? and he done almost all religions sadhna including Islam and tested and enjoyed all religion , My simple question to you one can not test all religion ? Buddhism has great gift of Vipasyna sadhna , Sikhism has Ek Omkar , Jainism has Namokar , Islam has 'Allahoo Alahoo", Christianity has "Love serive and devotion " every religion has very unique beauty to offer , whats harm to take and experience all religion and do vividh sadhna which ramkrishna done why to stuck on one religion if humanity keep on changing for REAL spiritual experience , and everyone has right to change religion law dosnt say you cant change your religion Do you think if humanity start practicing different religion then there can be any so called dhrm yudh ? i feel for world peace this is only remedy left other wise it will carry on for yug and yug i feel Politics and religion is very bed mix , and yes for some year one can practice Atheism too like charwak experience , i heard atheist countries are more happiest , healthy , wealthy and prosperous if you want i cant post official survey on that also so please throw some on light on that too

  18. A forced Religion is same shitty then a Dictatorship ! Im My eyes Religions are useless because its just the Idea from Humans to rule other Humans and eaven if Religion is existing, there is no reason for a Church ! People can belive without Churches !

  19. this is so beautiful, surrender is beautiful. i really think that i do not know much, i know a bit and knowing is reknowing anyways

  20. I am born in Muslim family in turkey and I do my sadhana with a hindu master who teaches techniques from jain munis. It's crazy but that's the future I know Moksha, nirvana, fennafillah wajd and so on are also possible with Islam just Pik out sufism. But in this way I am far more rich. This is the new way of spiritual orgasm. Now people around the globe get interracial relationships and children this is an enrichment. Same with spirituality possible to meet a master from a different background.. This killing of the ego in a different surrounding will be far deeper…

  21. Hey…Guruji…its good that you say "I don't know", when you don't know the reality…but being in the state of ignorance is what you wish for…That's terrible…There is proof and there is reality…I'm a Christian not because I'm born into…but because of the proof it has…
    And what terrible example you gave to define God…Feeling pitty for you…God is not someone who is in our dimensions of thoughts…he is multi dimensional…He can't be described in our small brain…
    Its good that you don't believe in religion… Religion is not important but knowing God is…
    And when Man find no way to describe God…God took the form of man and came down to this Earth as Jesus Christ…
    Know Jesus know peace!!!

  22. Dear Sadhguru, God is Omnipresent, incase you didn't know. It has nothing to do with looking up or down.
    And the meaning of Believe is "to feel sure that something is true"… It is not "I don't know".

  23. Sadghuru is very dangerious. How can you not believing in a religion. Don’t folow a mankind, but follow the commandments of God. In my case it’s Islam.

  24. A very2 important speech… Need to spread to every nook and coners of India and the world , where we all are devided because of our belief in many things what we don't know.

  25. “The greatest purveyor of violence in the world : My own Government, I can not be Silent.”

  26. One thing for sure the inner voice is more than enough to make one who believes God not to believe so, this guy inner voice takes him off the track and simple he has no belief. But still he's a believer in himself and uses it to poison others who believes what he says.

  27. With the utmost pranams to Sadhguru, who has changed my life with his wisdom — what is the need to tell silly jokes in response to serious questions (every time)? It cheapens the immense value of his words. People are asking questions with genuine desire to know. Why reduce his answers to mere entertainment?

  28. Ah shite I was so enjoying this until he talked about theism and atheism. Atheists (generally) don’t have a positive view, like he was saying, no one can know, because the claim a god exists is unfalsifiable. Atheists just don’t have a belief in a god, we DONT believe there is no god, we simply, like the guy talking, lack a belief a god exists. But that does not mean we aren’t open to the possibility of the existence of a god, there is just so far no evidence to prove it

  29. Faith can be two types. One is faith based on evidence, which is like conditional faith. The other is faith without any evidence. Faith that is based on evidence, it can be temporary kind of faith. This type of faith is weak. It can be change now and then.
    For example: the Sun moves round the Earth, said Greek astronomer Ptolemy. But does science still believe in Ptolemys theory ? No. But Ptolemy´s theory was dominant for two hundred and fifty years. In Quran says Surah Al-Anbya(21:33) 1500 years ago (And it is He who created the night and the day and the sun and the moon; all in an orbit are swimming.) and also said in Surah Zumar (39:5) He wraps the night over the day and wraps the day over the night and has subjected the sun and the moon.

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