1. I paid $34.99 free shipping and no tax Xbox one s 1tb with all cables wireless controller and headset

  2. I wonder what's the point of buying refurbished if it's only 20-30 less than brand new?! If it's half price or at least 100+ it makes sense but I wouldn't risk otherwise

  3. Buddy works in the bestbuy warehouse and said that they have less returns on refurbished than they do for regular sales. Apparently every refurbished system is tested, but obviously new ones aren't.

  4. If I every buy a Xbox I will buy refurbished. The first owner did all the quality control that seems to be lacking, and then the problem was fixed.

  5. This is an actual refurb job and not what some people botch together in a minute and call it fixed/refurbished.

  6. my guess is they put it new cases on the game pad and console and give you new cables since thats cheap and then replace any thing thats single unit like the HDD and optical drive then put that old pcb's again in new cases

  7. Just save enough money and buy a new one . I don't think you need to look for saving when eventually you are going to waste another hundreds of dollars on games :).

  8. Honestly, the price difference to me isn't large enough that I would purchase a refurbished over a new one. I mean if 20 or 50 dollars is breaking the bank then you probably shouldn't be buying one to begin with. I thought those refurbished would be at least a hundred dollars less then a new one (I have never priced once since I only play on PC) but come on. That isn't even a real deal from what I am understanding.

  9. but…. for $50 more u have a brand new one, i dont think its a good deal, its aweful, it is a 2ndhand item., it should cost 1/3 of its original value, it is electrical 2ndhand item, even worse!!..

  10. Wait? $379 for a refurbished and $399 for a brand new one??? I would just buy a brand new one, $20 is not that much

  11. how could a refurbished console ever be better than a brand-new one. come on, do not push that limit. it is just not logic.

  12. People who buy refurbished to save $20-50 are just plain ridiculous, maybe not on other products but for a gaming console, you're just being an idiot buying used or refurbished

  13. I assure you there is nothing "pro" about console game systems… the marketing teams are the pros for unloading garbage gaming systems to the blissfully ignorant public as usual. Sometimes I wish I could return to the matrix, but I prefer to remain woke no matter how painful it is… new or refurbished the system is still worthless…

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