I am the man! [ANIMATION MEME] 🤠 Social Media Humanized

Um, hold up. No, I ain’t too flawless. And no, I ain’t the best. And no, I don’t say sorry. And no, I ain’t perfect. But I am the man. I am the man. (woot) (WOOT!) Shots fired. (funny ironic tiktok memes that are actually funny noises) (clean rare vine compilation noises)

  1. Hey! 😀 Just wanted to clarify something because I screw up too much 🙂

    Sorry that VK doesn't have the best design in this animation meme as it's essentially a personification of Russia. VK was originally going to look exactly like Facebook except with sunglasses ….buuuuuut i thought an ushanka would look cute and I kinda ruined it from then on.

    Yeah, I used Google Translate so it most certainly isn't perfect (I regret not waiting to verify the translation with my friend). For those trying to figure what it says, it's: "Facebook is your dad's rival? They seem lame."
    (…haha cuz facebook and google (basically youtube's dad) have a bit of a competition. and vk points out that facebook is lame because… well, vk is quite literally a cooler russian facebook!…. heh idk sorry :p)

    Thank you for reading!

  2. вк- Facebook-соперник твоего отца верно?Они кажутся хромыми
    приложение гугл хром остановлено

  3. VK? Интересно что он тут делает. Ведь видео для иностранной аудитории…

  4. Vk: Facebook – copernik tvoego otsa? Oni kajutsa hromimi. Соперник твое отца? Они кажутся хромыми. Боже, перевод ужасен, не хромыми, а тупыми)))

  5. Why do i like something on this theme for the first time? And why is it so true and beautiful and looks like it was made by god?

  6. Тут ютуб представляет себя офигенным

    В то время в реальной жизни:
    *Ютуб скатывается по горке под названием (очищаем ютуб) *

  7. Y E S
    I know YouTube is messed up currently, but a messed up app is better than a meme and song thief, right? (TikTok… >:v)

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