1. I’d like to say thank you! I’ve been watching Jordan’s videos for over a year now and I find myself ending up on your channel 9 times outta 10. You’re a great video editor!

  2. Youre fooling yourselves if thou think anyone gives a fuck about you and your plight. Fact: masters own slaves. You who write on youtube, slaves. You who ask dumvass questions, slaves. The only answer to the demogogary is to burn everything. Destroy America. Destroy everything

  3. Who cares…bitxhes. Labels…just fucking ideas of behaviour. Take away your life, then watch your ideals burn like the lice infested clothes of your ancestors gant banging your conscious.

  4. Native Americans made the observation that the more, misery, ugliness and conflict the capitalist counting corpses inflicted …the bigger the brain numbing, soul sucking numbers at the bottoms of pieces of paper became. Measuring the amount of vital forces (joy, beauty and harmony) the vampires sucked out of life with thier ignorance (greed).

  5. Capitalism can eat itself only when you abandon the principles of a free market. There’s no perfect system. Not everyone will win .marxism is pure retardation. It’s evil, and inhumane with zero growth for the individual or society. Only idiots promote Marxism over capitalism.

  6. Bread ..human made provides sustanence. One can only eat so much bread and it molds rather quickly so share it or the other that is the choice most fail to realize have a nice day.

  7. How kill Japanese death gods? Lol. Double tap? Lol.
    Japan is under no obligation to convert to the west's Civilian-Jesus God. The crime rate is almost non-existant. They also exceed Jesus's expectations in terms of the brotherhood commandment. The issue is self-value, in the sense of overclocking humility (they need some Jesus cosplying protestantism. And yes, that is the plot of Naruto, and the joke behind my avatar).
    As for Greek Motorcycle boi, the former economy minister guy, the truth is that he was advocating for stimulus spending which could/would have fixed things, although the underlying issues would have remained. Greece's taxation system is hopelessly corrupt, however there is hope, in the sense that dodging taxes is a path to Libertarian Capitalism.

    Feel free to reply and question, otherwise just accept that you (angsty hormone driven 20 year old white male demo) don't understand my (30+ white male) reasoning, and give me the upvote i have warranted by doing Peterson's job for him.

  8. Keynes said it best. His policies were of course quite Capitalist while having the advantage of being dictatorial. In the long run, such people usually please the prince.

  9. Distribution in terms of goods and services is a prime example of how our economy is manipulated to produce a false demand. A farmer stops growing his crop when prices fall so as to maintain price levels, in some instances he is paid to not grow a certain crop. In the supermarket food is thrown away rather then lowering it's price to sell quicker. These are just a few there are many other examples of market manipulation along with false advertising by banks on interests rates!!!!

  10. I have a better idea. I TRULY non profit system that's ran local per 10,000 people would bring in about $10 million/month & that would cover medical, all insurance, roads etc for those 10,000 people.

  11. If everyone produced a little more than they consume we would have a abundance of everything instead we talk and do nothing. But the people that do more that they consume have an abundance of wealth!!!!!!!.(Think)

  12. Marxism can't be cast into one single sector of ideology since its a gathering of variety of ordeals and it is malleable enough to be sorted out or edited or could be polished. dis proportional is only one issue of it, but outcome wise and taking in it's effects on the rest of the matters, the burden of maintainence or preservation for these produced goods is extremely heavier than being dis possessed because one you set the train track in that manner, it rolls too often for its passengers to sit put on the ride. in fact, capitalism not only affects one single individual but because it appeases the exterior requirements which is our instinctual leaning of the primary craving, we are bound to incline towards it also it starves you of human yearning which was the purpose of craving to begin with. comparatively speaking, once we arrive at a question of what is more horrible and less horrible, then we are simultaneously questioning what is more valuable and what is less as life and you can't avoid taking an objective whole scale measurement because it affects the entirely of things and it becomes a matter of prioritization and importancy. so balancing of what you weigh on and how much you weigh on it is of extreme significance

  13. The institutions of "Fatherhood" and the nuclear family, are complete frauds and were violently and mercilessly imposed on many functional Matriarchal clans by the creators of the abrahamic egregor, who are also guilty of gaslighting those healthy, sane communities by relentlessly accusing them of all of the atrocities that they themselves commit.
         It is in fact the wilful participants of this resulting patriarchal hell-hole world who sacrafice their own Children and those of their neighbor's for comforts, pleasures, and illusions.
        Fools who think the exploitation and rape of Womyn for entertainment is their god-given constitutional right.
        Fools who consider the lives of impoverished Womyn and Children on foreign soil expendable, conveniently cursed by their loving and merciful "God", while simultaneously worshipping the greedy, lying, two-faced traitors on their own soil.
         Fools who wait patiently to be rescued from a government which they demand obedience to, in no way hold accountable, and kill and die to protect.
         Fools who demand they have the market cornered on morality and honor while admitting their "God" demands obedience to  men who gravitate to and succeed in positions which are by design above the law and in no way held accountable to the people.
         Fools who have no problem torturing and murdering the Earth and rape-breeding and extincting Her inhabitants to satisfy their gluttonous appetites, beLIEving their invisible sky-daddy will simply make them a new one someday.
         Fools who think they are going to an everlasting party for their willingness to abandon genuine discernment to promote their nonsensical, mindfucking agenda, while the vast majority of everyone else who hates them and their "God" because we actually use the eyes our Mothers gave us… are tortured mercilessly for all eternity.
         Fools who are not only okay with this plan but fucking giddy and joyful about it also in this life, while refusing to see this hell-hole real world which they are used like tools to create and maintain for everyone and every living thing around them
        Personally, if there is an afterlife, I would rather weep and mourn for all eternity the innumerable tortured, slandered, murdered, and forever silenced victims of the abrahamic egregor and its "fathers", than spend one second partying with them in heaven. For the record.
         There can never, EVER! be genuine peace until there is genuine Justice for the innumerable slandered, tortured, murdered, and forever silenced victims of this hell-hole patriachal world.
         Justice will only ever be possible when Female born Womyn and their allies rise up and mercilessly slaughter every adult male human being until the Earth is truly safe for Womyn and Children.

  14. Wealth distribution is the oldest and largest endeavor. Starting at the tribal level, continuing through city-states and nation states. Historically it was done by looting someone else. Now it's done by Government on behalf of the have nots.

  15. We're the most complex extension of nature at the time being, A.I. will likely eventually surpass us in that regard, our systems are extensions and abstractions of what's already going on in nature.

  16. Capitalism doesn't self destruct, it needs the governments help. The 08 crises was caused by debt. Debt is not capital. Capital comes from savings and has no counter party risk. Debt is nothing but counter party risk and when the other party fails, you fail too. The whole system is one gigantic scam folks….. but it's not capitalism. I wish JBP would get up to speed on the difference between money and currency. This is a blindspot for him. Probably the only one as far as I can tell…. so… well…. there's that.

  17. stacked deck un level playing
    field crony trickle down fraud
    being the economic theories
    dependent upon political

    orifice as modern day
    wannabe monarchists
    behaving as parasites
    dealing corrosive down
    stream corruption as the
    inefficient dinosaurs that
    beg their demise by hoarding
    as obese bottoms claiming
    to be tops dangling gated

    commune abscessed
    pustule hemorrhoids
    as dirty dealing paws
    ensconced within the
    till of other wise sense
    the common good that
    believes in a fair shake
    as perversely indentured
    parasitic entities piss ant
    lord by charlatan maneuvers
    peddling marketed misnomers
    the not so great fools gold

    whore begging its demise
    artificially propped on
    life support temporarily
    so by shell game finance
    doubling down upon the
    worship of deceitfulness
    begs further misadventure
    whilst earning disgrace as
    the undermining leeches
    of this experimental
    republics hope to
    some day become
    actual meritocracy
    as the fulfillment
    of our mutual
    dream cycle
    the promised
    land realized
    by the hope of
    blood sweat
    and tears

    pure capitol
    has no place
    for parasitic
    by cronies
    upon political
    orifice as the
    of yesterday
    trickle down
    into cess
    indentured in the
    till castrating the
    off sprung down
    stream distorting
    the lens of pristine
    true by exploitative
    extortions of reality
    mediocrity being
    the insanely
    of belly up
    bend over
    pawn rubes
    so easily
    out of actual
    time true as the
    walking ape chimp
    being fools errand
    rituals of the occult
    navigating by implanted
    beliefs behaving as black
    hole parasites as the reward
    claiming fulfillment literally
    trashing the delicate eco
    systems with nary a care
    in the world to effectively
    fathom en massed foot
    print damage as required
    to sustain biosphere life
    by interdependent
    molecular trading
    associations as the
    essentially sacred
    other species now
    accelerate into
    mass extinction
    the walking ape
    bets on the whore
    the best prospect
    being meritocracy
    rewarding principles
    of light traded as
    truth by foundational
    archetypal templates
    earning grace by the
    prospect of quality
    parenting which
    must now occur
    engendering global
    citizenship by just
    cause preparedness
    facing embracing
    passing through
    threshold challenges
    by ongoing examination
    stabilizing the birth rate
    by equitable partnership
    must prevail as stewards
    of the planet unite wether
    right hand conservationists
    or left hand environmentalists

    the evolution of belief by
    priority navigation which
    stands upon bed rock
    foundations of moral
    integrity which is the
    basis of intelligence
    informing reality as
    conscious awareness
    expands by qualitative
    fathom knowing the
    costs involved within
    this garden of
    finite resource
    this paradise

    the advent of the
    blossoming of
    adult judgement
    not further held
    hostage by
    the whore
    that is false
    belief worshipping
    deceitfulness begging
    misadventure earning
    disgrace so yesterday
    actually learning from
    history as the gathering
    of knowledge continues

  18. Financial crisis roots were in a socialist impulse.. the Clinton and Bush jr administration forced Fannie to extend home ownership to less qualified borrowers under threat of civil rights litigation. Resulting in the ‘bad paper’ everyone was so anxious to get rid of.

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