Hypnosis for Past Life Regression

  1. I saw a man he has a big built, he was not that handsome and he was middle aged while I look like 18 wearing a National dress of the philippines. He was pushing the swing and I was laughing. I looked beautiful and petite.
    Near the swing was a white mansion.
    The play was near the sea.

    After that I awoke and have a headache…

  2. I saw that i was a young lady in my mid-30s. I was riding on a camel. And i had lots of jewelry and gold beads on my hands. It looked like it took place around Egypt during 50 B.C (Before Christ) and my supposed spouse kept calling me "Crea" (not sure if that's how you spell it??) I also had two children. I know only one of them is named "Adom." The last thing i saw afterwards was my past life/Crea getting water from a basket made out of reeds and other materials.

    I know that my past life isn't that relevant to anyone reading this but i thought i may share to prove that this actually works!

  3. I was a white woman with blue eyes and blond hair. I had my hair in an arrangement of twists pinned up In a style. I was wearing a silk dress a wine red color and A long coat with beautiful embroidery in gold,red and blue and I had three gold bangles on my right hand. I was bare feet standing on cold marble floor in front of a huge floor length gold mirror. I was in a bedroom with a large four poster bed and a beautiful window over looking a garden. I was looking in the mirror laughing because this really caught me off guard. I pushed open the big Wooden French doors and walked out on the cold marble floor leading to the front doors also large wooden French doors but with glass at the top. It lead to a path lined with beautiful flowers. The air was cool and it smelled so clean and the sun was shinning bright. I saw a man driving a horse and carriage but I dint speak to anyone. I also had difficulty seeing the house from the outside. I took off my headphones before it was over because it freaked me out a bit. It was so real. Now that I know what to expect I will try it again.

  4. I slept while listening to it and saw me at the age of mabye 15 happy with my family and I was laughing. it was nice

  5. I was a young African woman named Mazeet, I don’t know what year I was in. But at the moment I was wearing a red dress and a hat with a pin in the shape of a red cherry looking thing.

    There were circular huts with straw looking roofs, and a forest surrounding us. There was dirt and tall grass around the village.

    I only had a mother at the time from
    what I perceived and seemed to be pretty introverted.

    What an interesting experience!

  6. i don’t know if this was real but, i was a woman- in egypt. it was weird yk? i had bracelets up both of my arms, and rings all over my fingers. i had a few men and women behind me, i was holding a torch for some reason. it was hot- and then it switched to night, and i was being chased by a mob of people. not the same ones that were previously behind me, but all i know is i was chased and beaten.

  7. Guys, don’t overthink it by scrolling through the comments. It was a great experience, mine was mind blowing. I’m still trying to wrap my mind around it.

  8. I found out i was a warlord during the sengoku period and i was not a very nice person i rejected anyone who i felt was worthless or weak i was famous because i was good at strategy and i was a skilled with swords.I was about 5,5 in height and i was in shape.

    I feel ashamed for my past life i surprised i am a kind an helpful person in then life it sounds like i was very manipulative and arrogant in my past life.
    I only talked to my past self once they just said"Help" them or him idk it was a blur but looks like i died getting stabbed in the back which is creepy because i have a birthmark on my back😯
    I might do this for a 3rd time to find out my past lifes name and etc.

  9. I think I was a pup I had a wagging tail and I was playing and then I saw a lion with a mane and another without one but then they started growling at each other the female lion gave up and then the big lion killed me that’s all

  10. i was a russian girl named natalia. my mother died from a disease when i was very young. there was a famine going on at the time (holodomor i think?) and my sister passed away. i was around 7 or 8 years old. i was from a rich family and i remember wearing a fur coat with a red dress. it was winter and we joined another group of people looking for food. i was very curious and wandered off many times and my father was very worried about losing me, like my sister/mother. after the famine, i went to work in a factory and died in my sleep from a heart condition at a young age, like 14 or 15.

  11. I was a man from somewhere in Southeast Asia (I’d say Laos but not sure). I grew up in pretty intense poverty and joined a dangerous gang to make money for my mother. I became indebted and was murdered (stabbed to death) by that same gang. I was left bleeding to death in some alley. Sweet.

    But I remember owning some pretty sick shades.

  12. First attempt: I was 36 minutes into it and my eyes kept fluttering I couldn't keep it closed, I'm trying again later
    2nd attempt: I was 10 minutes in and it was going to well, like perfect then I told myself I can't do this and got up.

  13. I tried, but all of a sudden this weird fear I’ve never felt before occurred and I felt a huge pressure on where your ‘ 3rd eye ‘ should be. I felt like falling down and something terrible happend, but I was so scared. My heart beat raised I could feel my blood pumping all over my body. I couldn’t handle it. Funfact : I had a huge birthmark there.

  14. I was a 17-19 years old girl wearing a blue dress and had black curly bob hair. I lived with my grandparents in a wood house at village and i was an only child. And then i saw a boy at my age with blonde hair and green eyes smiling at me, he looked so charming and i felt like i had an emotional connection with him. I'm an asian now and then but I didn't recognized the language in my past life and my name was weird i can't even spell it correctly. I stopped because my cat started meow-ing because she wants to go out of my room.

  15. The first time I did this video I saw myself in ancient China, maybe in the now Beijing area. In this life I'm a white American. I felt like I was a warrior woman who helped my husband gain the crown. It started out feeling like I was reminiscing about my youth on horseback with my black hair flying in the wind, the adrenaline before a battle, and men shouting around me. I had a moon face, fierce eyes, and was pretty. Then it flashed forward years later walking the palace with my servant or lady-in-waiting. I remember the reds and greens on the walls and the hardness of the marble floors. I had big feet in that life and I do in this one as well (4'11" and wear a size 8). My husband's newest concubine (i remember she was a teenager) started making fun of my feet and my servant began to beat her for it. "How dare you speak to her that way!" I stopped my servant, chuckled, and made some comment about how these feet have traveled further and done more than a mouth which has only ever ran. The biggest takeaway was feeling happy and content in that palace. And when i died my husband was by my side, which was unheard of for an emperor, as he was my best friend and grateful to me because if it hadn't been for me he would never have won. We had no children and i don't recall a feeling about that other than maybe ambivalence.

    I keep trying to go back to that life to see more. It totally explains why I feel a deep connection to China and long to visit especially the palaces and temples. And maybe why some Chinese dialects make me angry and some are soothing.

    Very interesting regardless.

  16. Sometimes I wonder if a lot of supposedly inborn mental illnesses such as schizophrenia, or bipolar are actually caused by past life traumas, considering scientists are still looking for the set of genes and/or enviromental causes around illnesses like this. That is, if they’re not caused by lower entities or both of these factors really. I wonder.

  17. i could not see myself but i found myself under very deep blue ocean with fishes around me swimming i was so scared then my sis entered the room & i opened my eyes……since that day i did the hypnosis, im so attracted to blue color and idk whyy

  18. At first I was a white woman walking with a blue eyed man on the beach, laughing. Then I got to the ship/cloud part where I was in the desert with reddish brownish sand walking with a tall black African man, talking. Idk. Weird.

  19. i was a teenage chinese girl and i lived in Miran (Xinjiang) China. I had a younger brother (like 4-6) and i loved him a lot. if anybody was a little boy in Miran and they had an older sister, maybe wearing a white dress, please i wanna find my brother i was basically his mom and he died very young.

  20. Apparently I was a Chinese woman a couple hundred years ago and when I was younger I had a nickname similar to pork. I had a daughter as my first child and she got taken away from me so if anyone was a little Chinese girl who was taken away from her mother. Hello and your Mom misses you a lot

  21. i was a 16 or 17 year old boy named Calvin in the late 1800s or early 1900s and someone held me underwater and drowned me and i was in love with a girl in a red and white polka dot dress and had pearls on

  22. Def cool was starting to get there til i had to itch my neck and couldnt resist the urge to itch while relaxed. Will try again

  23. I Just Want to State, I Took Lessons In Parapsychology More than 40 Years ago, and This Experiment IS True!!….I Have Seen People Regressed In Front of Me, and the Interviewer Took Notes the Whole Time…Afterwards, He Handed the Notes to the Participant to Check Out Their Previous Life!!…It IS True!!

  24. I'm scared to do this. I need another person beside me to do it. I don't know why but this just makes me really uncomfortable. At the same time I really want to find out who I was in a past life because I feel a weak sense of self and I also feel as though knowing who I was in a past life would help me understand the reoccuring problems I have today. It's like we all have this karmic debt from the past. This may sound stupid but I just feel guilty all the time even when I don't have to and I know I don't have to but I just can't help it. Does anyone else feel the same? I need help and insight on this.

  25. I kept thinking of the sea And only my feet were in the water I felt the weaves and my left leg started shaking for just a hot second then I left like this burning sensation in my left let but it did feel painfull what does this mean ?

  26. i looked like a a man with beard in his late 30's . A guy was beside me saying 'Raja' just that and the next moment we were at a café . then , fast forward to me getting hit by a bus. The place looked old but i can't see where .

  27. I think I did it wrong.At a point in the video I couldn’t hear voice and all I saw was black.So it was like I was sleep but awake at the same time.But for the aftermath I feel like taking a loooooooong nap🙂

  28. I remember clearly i am a old man its was 1804 somewhere in america .. there was a girl hug me i cleary remember the feeling when she hug me i feel love a lot of love and she's my daugther or grand daugther.. she called me john… then i look at out side i see houses all are the same color skyblue….

    Its true or its my imagination

    Btw im from Ph

  29. I dont know what happened, I fell asleep and had a weird dream. Unlike all of you guys i have no clue what i looked like, because i was in first person. i was on some sort of crowded platform of people, i think they were waiting for a train but i wasnt focused on that, i was looking for my mom, i knew that somehow, and between people i saw my mom being dragged away by 2 police officers. The police officers outfits looked old. My mom was crying, she had red-blonde curly hair, almost like my current moms hair, and my mom looked young, she was wearing a dress, but I dont remember the color. I was crying out for my mom and tried to chase them, but a third police officer stopped me and I looked up to see his face and the dream ended. It was so weird

  30. I was just very angry because they killed my horse(and later me but that was way less significant). but than again my sister kept making noise so im not too sure how focussed i was..

  31. So apparently I was 17 name Naela some people called me Hayley I was from Europe medieval time I lived with my grandpa 👴🏾 my best friends name was Stewart my lovers name was kitt , I lived in a big village ! There was a riot happening and I wanted to show my grandpa and Stewart that I could be a warrior so I fought the beast taking over the town! I found kitt when I was hiding in a cave he apparently was a prince 🤴🏽 in my last moments I was running through this bar and was looking for kitt and a drunk man hit me in the head with his mug and I fell and snapped my neck and obviously died ! So that was interesting 🤦‍♀️

  32. Idk about you guys, but at the part about being born I started crying so hard I could hear myself whimpering. I was so sad it was unbelievable.

  33. I kept on seeing colours and then had glimpses of me swimming and a child coming to me for help. Then when he spoke about a light I realised I was staring at a street lamp and could only focus on that, it was night time and winter, it had just rained I was cold. I was in a city walking over some kind of bridge, and it seemed to be in a busy Western world city, but the era was definitely the 1930s. I was wearing small dainty heels, a long pearl pink satin pleated skirt and a big cape kind of coat. I think my hair was pinned up and I felt glamourous and skinnier than I am now, I had dark brown hair. I was waiting for someone I think a man called Bert and I don't know why. I have a feeling he was my lover, but In this situation I felt very lonely and unsafe, men kept on walking past me and greeting me. In the end I went home to my apartment down a backstreet alley, inside it was very homely and quite glamourous. I have a feeling I was in this city to accomplish a dream but I had no family around. I think i'm from a well off family but they don't support my dreams, so I have almost been rejected, I am 24ish and I have a feeling that my dream is to be on stage. I have had to rely on myself to accomplish my dreams but I don't know if I ever become as successful as I want to be. I drink a lot and keep a lot of secrets. I think my name was stephanie, and I had one really good friend called Mila who was blonde and very beautiful but she didn't live in the same city as me. Then I kept on seeing Bert knock on my door and witnessing our love life but I think he didn't treat me well, he seemed unreliable but passionate nonetheless. I couldn't see how I died but I seemed to be quite lonely, and secretive. I could only really visualise this early part of my life.

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