Husband & Wife Fight about Religion! (Heated)

You got the address right? Yeah, babe, but I think this GPS thing is broken Really? Why? what’s it doing? It says there’s only one way to our destination Huh? That doesn’t mean it’s broke. What are you talking about? Just one way? That seems so…narrow narrow? Who wants to follow directions when there’s only one way to get there? Okay, like honestly, I’m not really too sure I… …I Get it. It’s just…I just can’t believe in a GPS like this. I’m gonna throw this crap out the window What!? No, no, no stop! Wait! What are you doing? Stop acting cra…(seriously?) Hey, whaddo you meme? Really? You’re gonna defend a GPS over your wife? Really? Seriously? I’m not defending the GPS. I just… Really? Then why don’t you just go be with your GPS since you love it sooo much? Whoa, I don’t… You want to marry the GPS? Marry the GPS! Go! Marry the GPS! What? No, stop. I just don’t understand why bothers you so much that there’s only one way to get there Okay, look we have two options: We can either follow the road to get there, or we can follow any other road and not get there It’s honestly that simple. Why on earth would that offend you? Because it’s so narrow-minded We should be able to take any road to get to our destination I hate this GPS. I hate it. I hate it The GPS is just trying to help us by telling us the truth Here we go again…you know what? Just have the GPS do your laundry from now on! Seriously! It’s just given us a fact It’s not narrow. Facts aren’t narrow. They’re just facts. Yes, they are! Facts are narrow? Yes. Facts are closed-minded, hateful bigots! But facts… Feelings don’t care about your facts! But… The GPS shouldn’t be telling me facts! Who does it think it is? If it cared about me it would either not tell me facts, or lie to me! Are you saying… Yes! Yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying! This is so weird… (Crying) Hey, hey babe, don’t cry (Cries Intensify) Well, I guess we can go to the post-modern store and get a GPS that won’t give us any facts and that way it will let us drive around in circles forever until we run out of gas (Cries Stop) Really? Of course! Anything for you, babe? Aw, babe Let’s go How do we get there?

  1. "OK – we have 2 options: We can follow the road to get there, or we can follow any other road – and not get there." BRILLIANT!

  2. Feelings don't care about your facts. LOL Great stuff Jon. Your video are getting better each time. And it's so awesome to see your wife involved. Keep up the great work bro. I'll have to share this video later.

  3. Friendly atheist here, who actually did get some enjoyment out of this video. Just wondering though, how many people only use one GPS to get where they are going and have never considered that another GPS may have another way. Or their GPS takes them to the wrong place, and they didn't have any idea until they got to the incorrect destination. Or better yet that all GPS systems are wrong because you have entered an address that does not exist.

  4. Comparing a belief in a gps telling you a way to a destination and believing in god is not the same. You can not prove god with tangible facts only “faith” which is literally believing in something without proof. Atheism is just saying “you can’t prove god so I don’t believe in it” find me facts. Atheism is logical, faith in god is illogical.

  5. Before you can ever begin to claim (with this SUPER FAKE "heated debate") that the one way is EVEN AN OPTION to the "destination", you MUST FIRST DEMONSTRATE that the "DESTINATION" ACTUALLY EXISTS.

    No, instead people like you just say "I know I have the 'truth' and you just need to take my word for it."

    Please demonstrate evidence for your "destination". Or else, you may as well take any route and not get there at all, if it doesn't actually exist.

  6. But… The GPS gives me alternate routes to the same destination, which may take less time or have less traffic… Do the people who made this video even know how it works?

  7. This has got to be your best video ever! "you chose x over Me!", "Let (insert logical thing here) do your laundry!" How many times have us husbands heard things like that? I know your wife is just acting though, I'm sure she would never do that, right?

  8. Poor analogy here. I don't think they have actually used a GPS. Of course there is more than one way to get to "the store".

  9. Haha, that was great. Yes I can hear the Atheistic Leftist mob screaming and chanting now, “FEELINGS DON’T CARE ABOUT YOUR FACTS… FEELINGS DON’T CARE ABOUT YOUR FACTS…”

  10. Right ON,..there's ONLY ONE AND ONLY TRUE NARROW WAY TO TRUTH/GOD Almighty,..and that's YAH is Salvation JESUS YAH'SHUA. Amen to Him Who's AlphAOmega The AMEN…Hail YAH !..HalleluYAH ! never allah or etcetera ! ! !

  11. Dope message you sent out in the vid man. This is one of the best ways to counter the claims of an atheist who loves sugar coated stuff about the purpose of living.

  12. That GPS is the TRUTH.
    GPS= God’s perfect Son ( Jesus Christ ) 🙏
    I’m on Fire 🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  13. I so glad that the identity politics police have not visited your comments section. You are a beautiful family.

  14. Postmodernism is so like Hinduism (rehashed as Sanatha Dharma nowadays). Hinduism accepts every viewpoint except the ones that go against its narrative while still claiming to be open-minded. Shashi Tharoor a famous politician in India said in an interview. The west teaches tolerance but Hinduism teaches acceptance. But the only problem is acceptance doesn't mean that people (Hindus) can convert to other religions. The Christian converts are called as 'rice-bags' (since it is believed that missionaries offer rice to poor Indians and that is why they convert to Christianity). The Christian converts or the pastors and their wives in rural areas are beaten, stripped and paraded naked and cases are filed against them for disturbing peace along with violation of anti-conversion bill (basically anybody can accuse Christians of 'forcefully' converting Hindus Christianity). Sadly many people who claim to be Christians in India don't support missionary activities citing that they disturb peace as it would cause Hindus to get upset over the conversions.

  15. So… I’m amazed that everyone championing this analogy doesn’t seem to realize that a GPS ‘does’ give multiple, legitimate routes to a destination.  And if it doesn’t, it actually most likely ‘is’ indicative of a malfunction.  For your analogy to work you have to compare it to something that actually ‘does’ only have one way to its goal, thus being a proper equivalency and making her character’s position actually seem unjustified.

  16. I must be missing something … religion is a fact? because I don't know any religion that is a fact aka "proved to be true"

  17. My girlfriend of three years isn't religious at all and I am a devout Christian. She said my religiosity concerned her until after dating like four months when it occurred to her that she has a man who does not lie, cheat, steal, play games, and treats her like a queen. She once said, "Gosh, you tell me you're at church and you REALLY ARE at church." LOL

  18. Love this demonstration about certain aspects of life we are in denial about. I also love this you did with your wife.

  19. Very funny video but some people are just like the woman who don't care about truth and some men who will compromise because they love their wives more than GOD. I think Adam had the same problem Eve.

  20. The truth is the truth no matter what u do or feel. I like the parable u r using to discribe the only way to get to our Father in Heaven which is through Jesus Christ alone. Nice one.

  21. "1+1=2" is sooooooo narrow! Why not "3", or "200", or literally an infinity of other numbers? You mathematicians are so hateful, arrogant, closed-minded, and bigoted! O_o

    Last line: "How do we get there?" LOL! XD

  22. She reminded me of Joe Biden saying they choose truth (as they see it) over facts. You two make a great couple by the way.

  23. Terrible analogy. There is almost always more than one way to get somewhere. Granted some ways are faster than others. It's up to us to try to figure out the best way to get there. Further there are many modes of transportation. The quickest route may even depend on weather conditions. Your analogy is supposed to be based on facts and the only fact is there is barely a single established fact in the Bible. You believe the Bible is correct because your feelings tell you so and no other reasons. Keep in mind also that sometimes a GPS can be just dead wrong. It's happened to me several times. Often a GPS needs to be updated. When was the last time the bible was updated? This analogy truly does not fit and even if it did, GPS's have nothing to do with superstions. They were developed using the same objective experimentation and science that you defy. So by your logic, if science can develope a device that can lead you on the best route to your destination, well I imagine at least your bible might still be good for… um….. STUFF?

  24. That was awesome guys funny well done and true hey I'm originally from Jersey we have a saying close to yours YOU KNOW WHATAMEAN 😁 anyway God bless keep the faith

  25. Navigation systems get you to your destination using tested science, that has been proven to work. Christianity makes up a destination, aka heaven, and then makes up directions to get there. Then Christians expect the whole world to accept their made up nonsense, and use another made up place, called hell, to scare the world into following their made up directions to the made up place lol. FYI, Islam does the exact same thing with their made up destination. This video is so stupid!

  26. In this case, it a normal woman. But in reality, we are all "criminals" under God's Law.

    Imagine a judge giving an option to the criminal for pardon, and the criminals says, "Give me more options, or else I'll take the punishment"
    The judge would be Doubly Just in punishing such a Criminal.

  27. Awww, that was cute! She's so sweet and cute and lovely, I really like her!
    I only just found your channel and I think it's absolutely amazing! I love the way you're talking about Christianity and I love your general attitude. Just subscribed! Keep up the great work! 🙂 ♡

  28. Another piece of absolute crap Jon. If you get lost maybe you can ask the talking donkey. Can someone point out the FACTS in the bible. 9ver 1400 pages & very few facts. Most of the people in it are fictional & so are the events. You have 4 different versions of the GPS, one says go right, another left & the other two say straight ahead. Watch out for the 4 headed monster just before the end of the journey.

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