Human Nature & Socialism

in most people's minds anarchy summons up visions of a lawless hellscape or only the strongest and most brutal people can survive something like the purge in fact the second purge movie literally has the subtitle Anarchy but I don't want that it's obvious that in a world where only the strong survive I'd be burned for fuel on day one how could I want something so incongruous with my effete soft boy lifestyle what I want is socialism but like without a state also it'd be mad decentralized we call this framework anarcho-communism hey real quick here's the definition of socialism I use so we can be on the same page common ownership of the means of production which is to say that the stuff needed to make the stuff needed to survive so like factories tools and farms and that kind of thing are owned and controlled by everyone that depends on them rather than privately owned by whatever ding dong had the money to buy them sounds pretty good right but if you ask centrists and right-wing goofballs about it oh it works on paper but it'll never work in real life there's just one little thought terminating cliche that prevents socialism from ever working in the real world Attila the Hun Elizabeth bΓ‘thory Mozart Andy Dick Marie Curie Camus Tilda Swinton Napoleon Octomom Nelson Mandela Sonic the Hedgehog all human all possessing the same mercurial essence the unseen irreducible inalienable quality of human nature that makes their actions and behaviors exactly the same if you think about it socialism can't work because people are simultaneously too greedy and too lazy that may seem like an oxymoron but it isn't because well anyway that's a pretty dim view of humanity if you ask me I happen to think that mutual aid is a factor of evolution the Assumption Weiner's make is that socialism is somehow based on everyone sharing stuff with no protections in place if somebody tries to take all this stuff because it's all based on the honor system I guess all the stuff is just put in a big pile and people can come and take whatever they want so one person could take everything and everyone else would be hosed but socialism doesn't just mean everybody sharing things it means that if everyone in the community needs something nobody gets to own it privately and as a consequence of that people kind of have to share things let's look at a very realistic example I've cooked up with my good good anarchist brain say we have some rich pervert let's call him Dave the capitalist because of his inherent rational self-interest he covets material wealth in his village the greatest producer of this wealth is a big fidget spinner Factory all the rest of the people in his village need those fidget spinners to soothe their nervous energy under capitalism Dave gets to buy the factory assuming he has the capital to do so then he owns the fidgets spinners and everybody has to pay him to get one and since they have no other way to self-soothe he can charge whatever he wants that's called inelastic demand he can bilk the poor fidgety peasants for everything they have and live high off the hog on his fidget throne under socialism there too get to keep the factory if everyone else needs it sucks for Dave right how's it gonna feed his capitalist family oh wait it's fine because all of the things necessary for survival like farms and shelter are owned in common so he has just as much right to food as anyone else presuming that he shares in the labor of producing it but how would the peasants take away the factory they just walk in and take it because the police and military wouldn't back up Dave's property claims because property claims wouldn't exist and ideally neither with the police or military socialism doesn't break down if people refuse to share because you can't hoard things from people if nobody respects or critically defends with force your right to privately own things if other people need them to survive human greed isn't a big problem for socialism because the economic system doesn't incentivize it or protect it but it's a big problem for capitalism though oops 1% of the global population owns 50% of the total wealth on the planet a lot of the jobs people do now would be completely irrelevant in a nan comm Society we wouldn't need anyone to work in advertising or finance we wouldn't need managers middle managers presidents vice presidents executives account managers brain specialists thought leaders lobbyists or any of the other parasites that capitalism makes essential nowadays a lot of jobs just straight up don't need to be done at all David Graeber writes about what he calls Jobs quote in the year 1930 john maynard keynes keen Keynes predicted that by the century's end technology would have advanced sufficiently the countries like Great Britain or the United States would have achieved a 15 hour work week there's every reason to believe he was right in technological terms we are quite capable of this and yet it didn't happen instead technology has been marshaled if anything to figure out ways to make us all work more in order to achieve this jobs have had to be created that are effectively pointless huge swathes of people in Europe and North America in particular spend their entire working lives performing tasks they secretly believe do not really need to be performed the moral and spiritual damage that comes from this situation is profound it is a scar across our collective soul end quote there's a whole lot of human energy that could be redirected to more useful purposes and that's not even touching people who want to work and be productive but can't find a job or the idle rich who literally do nothing but granted there are a lot of jobs that are difficult and require specialized training here's the thing though I really don't want those jobs being done by people who are just cashing a check I want my doctor to genuinely care about my health and be passionate about learning and practicing medicine there are probably a lot of very caring intelligent and fastidious people who can't become doctors under capitalism because they can't afford the training and imagine just imagine the way specialized fields could be Ellucian eyes if everyone with the necessary drive and talent was able to participate in those fields and those without those qualities didn't feel compelled to participate in them and junk everything up just to get a paycheck every doctor that's ever pushed pills on you because they had a sweetheart deal with the manufacturer every therapist has ever stalled to build more hours every lawyer who defends exxon-valdez when they have an oil spill every cabdriver who took the long way to your destination every salesperson who tried to push a useless extended warranty they all did it because the point of their job is to make money not to help people not to service human need but what about crappy jobs well I guarantee for literally every job no matter how difficult dangerous or disgusting there are passionate people who genuinely want to do it and plenty of competent people who would be willing to do it if it needed to get done and sure maybe you say nah me I'll just sit around playing video games you cannot do the labor necessary to have everything you need to live a life of leisure playing video games on your own you can't making your own food alone would be so much effort that you wouldn't have much time left over to research how to solar power your xbox at some point you're going to require someone else's help and why would people give it to you if you're not willing to help others when they need it but if everyone works just a little bit we can all blow the rest of the time doing anything we want to do you could spend a lot of time playing video games or you could stay the course in capitalism generating endless reports that nobody reads to justify the salary that you need to pay rent to your landlord who literally does nothing but sit on their butt and collect checks from you your choice I guess ultimately I can't prove what human nature is I can't prove people are fundamentally good or hard-working but even if we weren't I think it's worth challenging the assumption that the way people behave now is intractable and unchangeable I don't believe there's such thing as human nature where flexible animals human beings are really really good at adapting to new ways of doing things we need to get better at the reverse adapting the way we do things to be better for human beings we're good enough to live in a better world we need to fix the mess that capitalism has made of our lives we can fix it and we will fix it because humans have the capacity to be compassionate and hard-working and compassion and hard work are all that is required if you think Humanity is defined by selfishness and cruelty let me ask you this if people are so fundamentally crooked that they cannot be trusted with freedom because they will abuse it how can they be trusted with authority over someone else early look at me look at me hey but tell people to LIKE and subscribe tell them tell them to LIKE and subscribe to thought slime on YouTube comm Carlie Charlie I don't ask you for much please man please Charlie I put so much work into this video

  1. Although I want a more socialized economy, I don't think you fully fleshed out your concepts. Just like how capitalism has been taken advantaged, how will your social order not be taken advantaged? Should it require an "appreciation," or "assistance" currency? So maybe objects don't matter as much as labour or assistance. What happens when people cheat the system? How would one know when one doesn't contribute to society? Capitalists do have legitimate concerns about the structure.

  2. Recently found this channel. Are they sarcastic or satirical? What are their motives? Because they said they do not believe in human nature which is objectively true. Like it can be easily proved

  3. I clean my room.
    I don't get money from it.
    I do it to sustain my room not for profit.

  4. In the natural State like in trouble nomadic societies. People tend to be extremely altruistic and selfless. It's been like that for most of human history that we take vare of one another regardless of weather they provide a benefit or not. TRAY the explainer did a video about disabilities in pre-historic times, Showing that tribes provided for those who could not work. So it is completely natural for people to behave very altuistically because it's inherent to our psychology and provided great benefit to our survival as a species.

  5. BULLSHIT! I own a $3 million dollar medical electronics company. Everybody needs the equipment to work and I have tons of broken equipment and it requires zillions of hours to repair.
    The guys who fix the most are paid the most. Incentive is everything. Socialism destoys incentive and creates a mediocre society that eventually collapses. Or is all of human history wrong?

  6. Good video but i do have a caveat. Human nature is not as maleable as you we have got some impulses that are part of us whether we like it or not. That said this does not have to cpntradict human what anarchists should focus more on is how social status comes in. Being wealthy may be awesome but most ceos and high profile proffessionals work insane hours without really utilising their wealth outside of using it as a status symbol. This is what i think drives people to succeed. Not money or unjustifiable power but importance. Greatness. That ceo working 80 hours a week is not doing it out of meaningless greed but because their business is their meaning in life. Providing value to others and being recognised as valuable is the drive in great men. Not vacuous wealth.

  7. Power-seeking is human nature. Any economic model will ultimately be hijacked by those who are skilled in manipulating or dominating others. The only tepidly effective measure is to have checks and balances in place that create a half-assed stalemate among the most powerful factions, which is pretty much where we are.

  8. @2:07 Why do you imply that people can't be lazy while also being greedy? Those traits are not mutually exclusive.

  9. @6:20 Missed opportunity to put a pic of Scar from the Lion King over the cover of a Collective Soul album. Oh well.

  10. I do believe humans adapt, but it takes a while to undo conditioning. I also don't think that the best way to get to socialism is by just overturning government completely. As we have seen, that often causes some major problems and strong authoritarianism. I also think you need some sort of police, it just doesn't have to be the ultra militarized version that we often find in the states. Managers can be coordinators instead of taskmasters, so I do see a need in some areas for managers. They would just be held accountable by all the people instead of 'the boss above'.

    Honestly though, I think the best thing that happens by openly talking about communism, anarchism and socialism is that right now it's the 'unthinkable' section in an Overton window. But we can see that over time, we can move the window further and further left and since I don't want to even think what's still on the right side with Trump as president, that's a very good thing.

  11. Anarchy and Communism are the honor systems, not socialism. Either way it's just a power vacuum waiting to be filled. One thing we do know about human nature is that it's not perfect. So long as there are flaws, and nothing to stop flawed people from getting together to take from others–it will happen. That's just causality, or Murphy's law if you prefer.

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