Huckabee on ‘thin blue line’ flag ban at Maryland police station

  1. Last time I checked the Police Department is supposed to be a apolitical organization. The individual officers can have whatever political opinions they want but the organization as a whole is supposed to be non-political. The Thin Blue Line flag is a political statement whether you believe it or not. I'm fine with them ban it. Would you be upset if the kid brought a a BLM flag to the police department and they ban it.

  2. 1:41 OH PLEASE!

    Fox News, you'd better start to at least PRETEND to care about corruption, because America has been smelling the smoking gun for over a decade now and we're getting of tired of you Alt Right news jerks spinning this as a momentary lapse of reason!

    This soulless pedophile of a bureaucrat you guys are referring to knows FULL WELL what he is doing, and it's NOT something benign like "merely stirring the political pot!"

    3:53 ARE YOU SERIOUS…??
    It's BECAUSE Obama desecrated (euphemistically worded "got elected to") the office of President that we are now in this mess!
    Was America going to jump down the throat of Socialism or Communism without first getting a taste of the forbidden fruit??
    This is not rocket science, Fox News, and we know you guys aren't that stupid!
    Only two types of people REFUSE to see a smoking gun in front of their faces: the TRULY stupid; or else the DANGEROUSLY CORRUPT!

    So which of those are YOU, Fox News!

  3. Liberals hold on to out dated constitution and old flag!!BLUE LINE FLAG is the new American flag!! Liberals always crying for rights!!Take the land,build the wall,and protect the mideast oil!!TRUMP 2020

  4. I hope orders for thin blue line flags increase by a million percent now! The lawless left and their socialist $hithole followers need to self-neutralize in an empty field somewhere. Not one of those losers would be missed. Trump in 2020 is a guarantee.

  5. Guess Fox doesn't want to talk about the impending impeachment, huh. What…no car chases? Gonna bake us a cake later? How about a reprisal of Hillary's emails or Obama's birth certificate?

  6. Progressive liberals aka Democrats do not believe in reality or limits. For them, anarchy, lawlessness, exceeding the limits of reality and unbridled excess is their world. To them, if a man wants to be a little girl, he can be. If a mom wants her baby dead, she can have that. If a criminal wants to break laws, he can, and shame on police…etc, etc.

  7. God help the innocents , we need the police but in areas where they are causing problems for the police just being there , the police should leave crime to the public and as crime gets worst the public would be screaming for police to return , most would not be able to fend off a criminal .

  8. Elizabeth warren forgot to include free healthcare for illegal aliens. Now the cost will be infinity dollars and taxes will be 100% on everybody.

  9. What else can one expect from Montgomery County, MD? They care way more for their illegal, voting population than they do for their citizens and police. Between them and PG County they're making MD more of an S***Hole than ever before.

  10. My god… they sound like a bunch of emotional democrats. Every single argument was emotional, not one having to do freedom or the law.. If we want to teach respect to the flag then EVERYBODY needs to respect the flag. Especially law enforcement and the blue line flag is just as wrong as putting bombs where the stars are to protest our involvement in war…Aside from that, a large potion of the population see the Blue Line flag as a symbol of the elitist mentality of the police. Most cops are good but they do a terrible job of policing their own and the public knows it..

  11. The thin blue line is saying that the blue wall of silence which is not saying stand up and say and do what is right. It stands for the blue wall of lies and cover up the actions of that one corrupt cop out of 100 good cops. That in powers the dirty cops to take bribs let the drug dealers know when they are hip to them. That blue line means that if a cop is offered a bribe instead of worrying about get in trouble they know that blue line is their gang and those who are good up standing cops will have to fall in line and look the other way at their breaking of laws.

  12. I'm a Republican and a trump supporter but you have to ask yourself if this guy was an Arkansas governor wouldn't he have questions about the clintons and what they did involving their state police and the kids dying on the tracks and all of the deaths and the corner who cannot autopsy and his fake results you just have to ask yourself what is is

  13. When you need a ticket call a cop otherwise they are unneeded.
    They don't protect and serve they are ticket pushers nothing but extortion of taxpayers to get a pay check. Just look at the statistics crimes are very rarely solved by police. They only write tickets for those things like seatbelts wow i feel so much safer that i know someone is out the exporting taxpayers on their way to work.

  14. At the end Huckabee started to speak the truth but they shut the interview down as soon as he spoke the truth about the American public school system which is not teaching the kids the truth about this country or any other country for that matter. The public school system is nothing but a indoctrination camp for the next generation of ignorance and stupidity of the American slave.

  15. I disagree, the American flag should never be disfigured for any reason, only the military has the right to alter the flag.

  16. Maryland murdered a gun owner because of red flag , keep the blue line out of my country’s flag, Combat veteran and american

  17. How about we get rid of the millennials, snowflakes, and Hollywood actors, too? We could start by making all the big mouth actors, who swore they would leave if Bush was re-elected, and then if Trump was elected leave. Some were offered a free plane ride to Canada one way. They wouldn't go. They're all talk as long as they have a script. Common sense and brains is definitely not to be found! Haven't seen much good to come out of California except avacados. So sad.

  18. What would you say if the police made their own flag? What if another group wants to paint the flag with their own stripe? Leave the flag alone. Red white and blue is good enough for me.

  19. Fox News should be ashamed of the way they manipulate and create falsehoods. They know that their faithful viewers are poorly educated and mentally weak. Fox news knows that Trump followers do not know up from down, wet and dry, so they create alternative realities that of course they believe. Playing with people's ignorance is not right!!

  20. The dicusting dems don not shy from hurting the feelings of a little innocent kid that just wanted to show his gratitude and pride. These people are borderline sociopaths.

  21. Do these clowns realize the thin blue line flag is considered desecration of the flag in violation of U.S.C. 8(g)? The law says: "the flag should never have placed upon it, nor on any part of it, nor
    attached to it any mark, insignia, letter, word, figure, design, picture, or drawing of any nature."

  22. They want evil .. this is who wants to run this country .. Evil .. this is the left .. l hope you don’t need a guy in blue ..

  23. I would like to thank Marc Elrich for making any and all Democrat responders into Republican voters overnight. I would also like to thank all mentally ill SJWs everywhere for grabbing headlines, making donkeys of themselves and making Trumps re election a certainty.

  24. I have always supported the police and the hard job they do but if good cops don't do a better job of kicking out bad cops people will believe they are all bad. When you see video of a 250 pound cop punching a 90 pound woman unconscious while 4 other cops let him the average person loses respect for all cops. When an unarmed man is shot 17 times by police while laying in his bed and the cops are protected we all lose respect and trust for the force. department

  25. We would receive inferior care, and it would break our nation. Social Security was jeopardized when U of A began borrowing from the SSI Fund.

  26. How did this become a story about Democrats? This reminds me of how the right wing of the American propaganda machine would run a story about MANBLA and then immediately follow it with a story about Hilary Clinton. It idea behind this propaganda technique is to trick people into transfering the negative feeling they have from the first story onto the second story.

  27. This is out of control. What is in the photo is great and beautiful. The local jerk who got this off track needs to be tossed.

  28. people need to dethrone illegitimate politicians who are determined to eliminate any protection or means of defense. the left openly now butters up and sides with thuggery as all communists do.

  29. American Patriots and most people in America would not disrespect Law enforcement. I don’t know where these scumbags come from.

  30. cops are just people, you treat them with respect, like people, and usually they respond like people, unless they are psychopaths which can be a problem, lots of cops turn out to be psychos with immunity, it can go all wrong sometimes.

  31. The Thin Blue Line phrase is conflated with the Blue Wall of Silence, because it symbolically paints a second tier of citizenship on the flag, which is unamerican. The Blue Wall of Silence is a suggestion to engage in conspiracy, which is a choice to turn a blind eye against lawlessness when it comes from within the police force, which again is unamerican. Having a citizen police force is a strength of our nation in the form of liberty. Considering that planting evidence is a thing which has ever happened, you might be able understand why some people would be pissed, if they thought their own government was sporting symbolism (mistakenly) thinking it implied the Blue Wall of Silence.

    You're not going to persuade anyone if you're don't tackle this issue head-on. Frankly the symbol was a terrible PR choice, because it's literally painting blue over the ordinary flag which stands for the rest of us mere ordinary citizens; it's already a hard sell to try and claim that isn't meant to communicate elitism, so good luck with that. You can educate people about the difference between the two expressions. Or you just be upset and complain in ways that nobody who disagrees with you will be able to understand to begin with.

    Either way, it's just an expression of emotion on either side, so it's mostly an excuse for adults to cry and act like children for a day, because the other big-kids didn't like their art project.

  32. What the hell does Nancy Pelosi care she's got enough money to take care of herself her children and her grandchildren for the rest of their lives she don't care about the poor you can't take Medicare and give it to everybody you're just not enough money to pay for it so quit being stupid

  33. Hay, I'm all for supporting our law enforcement…. But I don't think they should alter the American flag in any way! Make your own flag. The American flag should never be altered. It's for all Americans, not just cops!

  34. There's a difference between supporting the police and violating US Flag Code at a police station or any government property. US Flag Code states "(g) The flag should never have placed upon it, nor on any part of it, nor attached to it any mark, insignia, letter, word, figure, design, picture, or drawing of any nature."

  35. democrats want slaves and no law and big walls round there property. who have 4 or 5 gaurds.. pelosi and co are trying to bring america to it,s knees . they want back to clean my pool garden and house for 2 bucks per hour .. this is what they were gettting before trumps america. now you work you get paid at lest the going rate.. and the democrats hate this. plus they can,t do dodgey deals and make millions out of it

  36. There is no thin blue line anymore they're dressed in black like the gastopo they're the new Gastopo it's all over like that swamp everywhere

  37. I have nothing against the blue line. It’s the only person that will walk right into the grips of hell to protect anyone. Let the blue line remain as a reminder we Americans stand together.”

  38. Oh! Civics class removed from schools across the map didn't teach kids how local government works instead it replaces the thoughts with money is something that is just printed when needed.

  39. the funniest part is what Huckabee said in respects to the police is exactly what President Trump is to said have done…. 1, shows disrespect to all the children of the land by under-funding education and environmental agencies 2, emboldens people with biases and those who harbor hatred, disregard and lawlessness i.e. white supremacy groups and Russia

  40. Publish the county executives cell phone number so when there is a break or police are needed have him come over and get a gun, knife or bat pulled on him and see what he does to earn his taxpayer money.

  41. I make a motion to start letting cops bust some heads open when getting assaulted.And I mean the politicians telling them to stand down.why they are taking it,is beyond me.not for a paycheck.Need union leaders not in democrats back pockets

  42. What if the Maryland and NY city police went on strike for a week? That includes protection of mayors and county executives.

  43. Its the rotten cops not the good cops that we don’t respect as long as they don’t abuse there power we’re fine but they tend to act like tyrants more all the time! And yeah the blue line flag in my opinion is a desecration of the American flag ! I love Trump 99% but the police need to be re-educated on the constitution and they work for the people until we break the law!

  44. Fact, there is no democrat party they are The New Socialist Party proof of this is, most on the left running for President are stone cold socialists case closed. This party insights violence and corruption this is a sad fact from their new party. The party is over, shut out the lights.

  45. They should put Biden and Pelosi in the same old folk's home. Neither can speak without stuttering / getting confused.

  46. Fox news is giving the illusion that they are christian. Just look at fox channels sinful "family guy" and "The simpsons". These people are jewish supremacists who want people to hate christians by associating them with conservatism, pro war conservatives and police. Youtube search "PROTOCOLS OF ZION" audio book.

  47. democrats are SCUM, there is no other term I can think of that is more accurate.
    Many of them are Traitors as well.
    Others are anti-America socialist.
    Any not in one of those groups, are brainwashed useful idiots of the Deep State.

  48. Cops have earned the hate. They are not anything like the cops were when I grew up in the 70's and 80's. They are mercenaries today.

  49. The bottom line is that we in America are faced with evil against good. We cannot allow evil to take over our country. If we do, America will die!! We need to choose good people into office. We need to get rid of these corrupt politicians. Go to the poles and vote good people into office.

  50. In the last few years many people have lost all American pride. It's truly a shame that people who benefit from all the gains they have made in America, where else could they have gotten these gains.
    These people don't understand or just don't give a dam just want profit.
    They have no desire to work for it and nothing but distain for America and our future nor theirs it seems.

  51. The flag of the United States of America is Red, White and Blue. Not Black, gray with a 1 blue stripe!!! Get that crap off my flag!!! And that goes for ANY other cause that seems to crop up weekly!!!!

  52. Pelosi's speech was horrible even in the early 90's. Why do you vote for someone who can barely even complete a sentence and just mumbles part of every sentence? I am not saying you have to vote Republican, but at least vote for a democrat who can actually talk.

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