HubSpot Culture

In 2006 a business maverick by the name
of Brian Halligan from Boston Massachusetts joined forces with a
humble genius named Dharmesh Shah Brian and Dharmesh both realized that
traditional business model was outdated people had changed the way they shop and
buy but companies hadn’t changed how they market and sell they came together to
pursue a single mission to deliver an inbound marketing and sales platform
that would help businesses adapt and transform into money-making machines to
build this platform they knew they would need to recruit the best of the best so they found developers who ship code
at lightning speed designers that care about every little
detail innovative marketers who had mastered
inbound sales people with an earnest desire to help account managers that
know how to manage your account and a support team that is actually supportive but they needed more than just an elite team of hubspotters they also needed
the perfect work environment one that wasn’t soul presciently corporate or to startupy. Brian and Dharmesh envisioned a place that believes on autonomy not autocracy A place that trusts its employees so much that they needed only one policy use good judgment it would be a place where work could be
done from anywhere where they give five thousand dollars a year to every
employee for tuition reimbursement where you can request unlimited free books
that will magically show up on your e-reader and where you can take a
unlimited vacations to read those unlimited books a place that has all the bells and
whistles a gym a nap room kitchens full of snacks you get the point it was a challenging journey but Brian
and Dharmesh did what they set out to do and they didn’t do it alone They now have
a company where risk takers are hired and trusted, where skill creativity and
agility mixed with a sense of humor are the norm it’s a place that not only helps its
customers grow but pushes its employees to grow just as much a place where
people not only work hard but do it with heart A place called HubSpot was that alright a place called HubSpot that’s a keeper

  1. Such a cool culture and business model. Just applied for a job in the Dublin offices. Hope I get a chance to prove myself to a organisation based on trust and responsibility 🙂

  2. this would be the dream place to work for. Work hard and then play. I love the work environment. I wish i can get a job there.
    I applied in the Boston Office. Opportunity is hard to come buy these days. God bless this company and the two owners who
    started it all. Your both Amazing

  3. Too bad they are too large now to keep it up. I just got off of a demo with Jacob Carlson. This guy never got the memo about treating potential customers with respect. He was downright rude and condescending. He wouldn't answer my questions. I have in the past been a CIO for a large financial institution and now consult. I asked for some simple comparisons but it didn't fit his plan. Too bad. The other guy he works with is a good guy.

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