Howard Schultz on capitalism vs. socialism

  1. This guy is a personification of American opportunity. He went from extreme poverty to being a billionaire he is a winner of capitalism

  2. The difference? In America the wealthy get the socialism and the rest of us are stuck with corrupt capitalism, the wealthy get the tax cuts, the get out of jail free bankruptcies, etc, the rest of us get layoffs and no healthcare because Wall Street demands it

  3. I think I heard that 60% Baby Boomers don't have a year of savings to their name. How stupid are they. They deserve no help and no social security. THEY'RE the REAL socialists. Gross.

  4. Capitalists have been riding the bottom half of the bell curve for quite some time. There at the top and sliding down fast, prepare for carnage as the majority of employment is decimated by robotics and deep learning, Andrew yang for president in 2020 he gets it.

  5. my take on socialism is you have no rights you can't do what you want to do or go where you want to go unless the government gives you that right to me socialism is a master an slave or master an servant type deal the master being the government and the people being the servant which the master being able to do whatever they want an the servant being able to do what there told… or you can look at it this way government being your parents and the people being nothing more than children always having being told what to do cause children cannot take care of themselves…

  6. This is the asshole who, a few years ago, ordered Starbucks employees to put Black Lives Matter on customers coffee cups.

  7. How does he agree that the tax cuts worked and helped the economy by having businesses spend more and was a great Boon for the economy and that out of the other side of his mouth said he didn't like them? It just kills them to agree that the president did something right.

  8. "Socialism for the rich, rugged capitalism for the poor." -Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

    Eliminate corporate welfare, tax breaks for the rich, wealthy people declaring bankruptcy ad nauseam with no cap, and bank bailouts…and I will stop believing in democratic socialism.

    Raise the minimum wage to a living wage so Wal-Mart workers don't have to get foodstamps to feed their children…and I will stop believing in democratic socialism.

    Until you can do this, f*** off, Ref***ingtons.

  9. The leftists DON"T believe what they are saying. They are only paving the way for hillary to come back and show some sanity (not true sanity, just sanity in comparison to their insanity). It's a tactic, and it's dishonest.

  10. I’d rather decide on what to do with my money myself, than have the government do it for me. Not only is it a waste of money and resources but is also a set abstraction layers that hide the possibilities of corruption at each layer. I hope that people realise that people take care of their own property much better than someone else doing it for them. I don’t believe that the government is going to route my money better than I would. They’d be much more careless with it.

  11. Funny, Schultz's coffee is dark, bitter, distasteful, overrated, not worth it, sucks! Just like him. Interesting.

  12. 40% of Americans dont have $400 dollars? how is that my problem? My family is doing just fine. This ain't Venezuela. Get jobs lazy people!

  13. It seems to me, that in all the past, it's the Middle class who finally gets stuck with paying the bills.

  14. I like him, but I dont think he understands the resistance that requires a serious fighter to get anything done.

  15. Socialism is slavery, no matter how you sugarcoat it, it is still full control by the government, it is slavery!!

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