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Hi all! This is Shelly from Koi-Fly Creative. I’m excited to talk to you a little bit more about the magic of Trello Trello is one of my favorite free online apps that lets you easily organize and manage projects It can do anything from helping you project manage at work to planning your wedding. But today I’m going to show you how you can utilize Trello as a social media editorial calendar, but first let’s look at Trello’s UX. Trello uses a unique system of boards, lists, cards, labels, and checklists to help you keep everything organized and tidy Once you get the hang of it it really becomes a breeze to manage your blog or social media and see everything you have going on at a glance. As you can see here, these are some boards I have going on right now. Once you click on these boards, you can see the lists in them. These lists are subcategories that you can add in your boards and they house your cards during each of their stages. The list that I have from my editorial calendar are post idea draft ready for review and schedule date back for revision approved scheduled in HootSuite published and other events Whatever inspiration I have can go in the back of these cards a theme a photo a caption anything like that Once my inspiration is a little bit more fleshed out, I usually move the card from draft to all the way down to approved. When you click one of your cards the back of the card will look a little bit like this First you’ll see the title of the post. Below that are these labels. At Koi-Fly Creative, we use these labels to see the big picture in which strategies and tactics per post are helping us reach our content marketing goals You can click on and off which ones apply. To change the labels go to the right and click on the labels tab here You can add or change any that you’d like. We also utilize labels to determine which platforms are best for each post. For this post, which is promoting a blog post about our photography, has the drive traffic to label which is one of our strategies and blog post release and announcement labels, which are a couple of our tactics. As you can see, we labeled this to be going out on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Below the labels, you can assign a due date or the date the post is going to go out, as well as the description. In our descriptions, we always make sure we have a post caption, hashtag list, and anyone we have to remember to tag. Below the description, you can add any attachments associated to the posts such as photos links or Google Drive or Dropbox files. Below the attachments section. You can add a checklist for processes or approvals that need to be made. Here, we can see the process this blog post had to go through before publishing the social media post What’s cool is that if one of these steps need a bit more detail to plan, you can click on these three dots and make a step its own card on your board. Finally, anyone on your content team can make any comments or edits they like in this comment section. Now, all you got to do is create your content and Trello will help you figure out what to do with it, and when. If you like this, and want to learn more about marketing tips and tricks, subscribe or check us out at

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