How to Use Hootsuite Streams for Social Listening

Hootsuite’s Streams offer an easy way to
engage with your audience, and keep track of social activities happening across all
your social channels. In one place, you monitor things like conversations,
mentions, keywords, and hashtags and respond right away, rather than visiting all your
social profiles individually. If this is your first time in ‘Streams’,
select an option and pick which Stream you want to add. If you’re unsure, we recommend starting
with My Posts and Mentions to see how people are directly engaging with your brand on social
media. Click Add to Dashboard to finalize. After this, additional streams can be added
as needed. Once a stream is added, notice that the engagement
metrics for each of your posts are also visible. From here, you can easily engage in conversations
by resharing, commenting and liking posts. Search Streams empower you to undertake on-going
monitoring of things like hashtags and keywords. Once you set up your searches, the search
results will be continually updated in the streams. Different networks can be searched in different
ways. Those with Instagram business accounts can
search up to 30 unique hashtags in a seven day period, and then easily join relevant
conversations. For Facebook, you can set up streams to monitor
the activities of your competitors or strategic partners. You can search Twitter using relevant keywords
or hashtags. For example, monitor positive mentions using
terms that include your brand name and the keywords “love it”. When adding search terms, do not use commas
to separate terms. Instead, use spaces, which provide results
that include all terms. To pull results that contain either term,
type ‘OR’. If you’re looking for a specific phrase,
use quotation marks. Another tip when selecting your search terms
is to spend time thinking about how people mention your brand day-to-day, such as popular
abbreviations, as well as any common misspellings. Once you’ve selected your terms, click Search. After a Stream is live, you can modify your
search terms if needed. Within a hashtag stream, you can filter even
further, by follower size or additional keywords. Now that you have a number of Streams set
up, notice that they are housed within a tab. Tabs are useful for organising streams. You can add multiple Tabs to group streams
together by social network, campaign, engagement or search type. Each tab can hold up to 10 Streams! To create a new tab, click the plus sign and
rename it. Now add streams, within this Tab, in the usual
way. Many Hootsuite users start out by creating
a dedicated tab for each of the social networks they manage. As you gain experience with Hootsuite, you’ll
likely start organizing your tabs and streams in a way that best fits with your social media

  1. In the updated version – can you comment or like on the posts that you are following? In the old version of this video, I see that you could comment and like Instagram posts directly on Hootsuite. Is that not available anymore and that's why this video was updated? What is the update on this?

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