How to Spot a Communist

therefore propaganda is vastly more important in democratic societies in recognizing a communist physical appearance counts for nothing if he openly declares himself to be a communist we take his word for it if a person consistently reads and advocates the views expressed in a communist publication he may be a communist if a person supports organizations which reflect communist teachings or organizations labeled communist by the Department of Justice she may be a communist if a person defends the activities of communist nations while consistently attacking the domestic and foreign policy of the United States she may be a communist if a person does all these things over a period of time he must be a communist but there are other communists who don't show their real faces who work more silently by the early 90

  1. 0:50 These people see through the lies of the imperial scum that have destroyed the true American way…We built this country through revolution and we shall fight for it


  2. I honestly believe these comments are written by communists because in reality everything he said was true and it plays out everyday right in your faces. fuck you all.

  3. If he/she speaks against the political left or he/she is a yellow vest he/she might be a communist.

  4. They once asked me “Liberty what was it like to kill people” I responded “I wouldn’t know I only ever killed communists”.

  5. Gotta love the fear and hate that STILL exists today. Fucking horrid. Calling Anti-KKK protestors "Communist". Fucking deplorable

  6. How to spot a communist Look at the owner/ employee list of any silicon valley tech company… Starting with THIS one 😉

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