How To Social Engineer INTJs

what's up ego hackers it's CS joseph with CS joseph dot life doing another episode for season 21 probably the dopest episode of season 21 do you know why because it's like literally how does social engineer INTJs you know the type that the archetype according to Jungian depth psychology Jungian our analytical psychology well the archetype that most people maintain is unsocial engineer able and well quite frankly they'd be right about that most of the time but don't worry folks everyone's ego is hackable everyone is social engineer Bowl no one is weak against manipulation and do not forget all manipulation or all social interaction is a form of manipulation do not forget that so how does social engineer INTJs season 21 episode 12 I believe at least i think it's episode 12 it should be episode 12 we're gonna be diving into a a little bit of inj this and how to social engineer INTJs so let's talk about like why most people think they're unsocial engineer Bowl don't forget the virtual advice the INTJ is well it's paranoia versus you know being trusting INTJs can be the most trusting of all the types off to the point where they can almost be gullible right and it's that goal ability because the thing is as soon as they decide that they trust somebody that's like that's it like they trust them they trust that person like with everything all the secrets everything there is an absolute total abundance of you know anything goes in that friendship or that relationship etc and it's just something very important to the INTJ you know throughout within the context of their relationship right so based on that you can know with confidence that you know if you're in a friendship or relationship with their INTJ and they do trust you they absolutely do trust you think there is no black and white there right except for when their paranoia gets in play which is their vice and their paranoia usually develops because if you guys remember from season think of season seven playlist here on the youtube channel and on the podcast in season seven we talk about their virtual advice but just kind of a little bit of a refresher why you are INTJs paranoid is because the very early stages their life they basically or will believe anyone they'll believe anything that anyone tells them and they're extremely gullible they learn that over time people lied to them and because they're being lied to that that paranoia develops now that paranoia can be a healthy amount of paranoia but then that paranoia can be unhealthy right there's a lot of examples of healthy paranoia and unhealthy paranoia but really remember the Weisse that exists for each person can be a good thing and as much as the virtue for every person can be a bad thing okay so like for example the virtue of an INTJ being so overly trusting the someone can lead to gullibility and that's a bad thing but then the vice of paranoia while it can protect them and keep them out of danger it can also lead to self-fulfilling prophecies that end up destroying friendships or relationships etc on a consistent basis and can contribute to the lack of growth that they have as human beings for the rest of their for the rest of their lives basically and it's this level of personal growth this balance between who to trust and who to be paranoid about is really like what separates the men from the boys or the mature versus the immature of people who have the INTJ archetype which is very interesting because I mean if you think about it the INTJ archetype like it's one of the most rare on this planet 1% of population between men and women with women being like even rarer among the INTJs out there INTJ women are pretty rare it's probably like less than I don't know one for every 400 people on the planet I would say statistically speaking based on various encounters that I've had with INTJ women but you know definitely not so another reason people think int okay so sorry let's get back on track here so paranoia because of their level of paranoia as their vice and how it usually protects them it usually saves the INTJ from being social engineered or manipulated or ego hacked basically and that's great and because of how paranoid INTJs get it's extremely hard to manipulate them it's extremely hard to put one over on them to the point where it's an extreme amount of effort that has to go into actually doing it an extreme amount of effort and it's a lot of effort like the amount of tryhard that goes into manipulating or social engineering an INTJ is just absolute pure insanity in some cases due to the levels that the hoops the amount of Hoops that INTJs force people to go through is absolute insanity like for example I was in a relationship with an INTJ woman recently and the amount of Hoops that she had me going were just absolutely daunting you know and it's just like ya know it's not a good idea so you know among other things you know that the relationship ultimately ended and you know and I moved on but yeah I mean like it's just that se inferior and security I need to see consistency et cetera well being consistent over a huge period of time well that can actually lead to being you know very difficult for people especially you know people who are intending on having relationships with INTJs and you know if they have bad experiences with people there as a demon is permanently it's permanently etched on their si demon and they just can't they just can't help but remember all the times they've ever been screwed and guess what INTJs are extremely guilty of very guilty of projecting their past relationships on to other people because they start comparing their past relationships with other people past friendships as well with other people on a consistent basis it's really annoying that they do this and I absolutely hate it when they do this and they get hypocritical about it because then they get all mad when you know when the person that they're with is doing like talking about their past experiences then they accuse the other person projecting their past relationships onto them it's so funny to me and they're very hypocritical about it like it's it's it's really annoying actually but they do this and they do this because of their paranoia so anyway it's extremely difficult to social engineer INTJs due to their paranoia advice because it exists to protect them from being ego hacked or social engineered or manipulated even though they are often manipulated on a regular basis and INTJ for example is not immune to advert right they're not immune to being coaxed into doing impulse decisions or impulse buying etc they are not immune to that that can happen right so they definitely are open to manipulation and social engineering just like anyone is the difference is is that you have to be willing to go for their pressure points mentally and the problem is though the difficulty is is that their pressure points it's extremely high effort right it's almost like you're climbing a mountain with them every single time but it is possible it is doable it is achievable you know it just takes an insane amount of endurance to actually achieve and you know to complete the con of an INTJ it's extremely extremely you know difficult another thing about INTJs is that INTJs themselves arm can be amazing con artists in the same way that an intp or an ENFP or an infj could be amazing con artists those types in my opinion are the best at being con artists those four types with the INTJ being potentially second best or third best depending a you can argue that the ENFP is second best or you know you can argue that the INTJ is second best but it just really depends like which application of con artist 3 are we talking here a good example probably the greatest INTJ con artist in history is a man by the name of Frank Abagnale there's a movie about him called catch me if you can and it's basically how the INTJ manipulates things is that they take advantage of systems right systems and then the people who had here to those systems and they lured those systems over other people there I was actually watching recently a video about Frank Abagnale and Frank Frank was keep delivering this lecture and a series of YouTube videos about him talking about how he would manipulate the systems of various people to become like a an airline pilot and he just utilized their system because their system was hackable basically and I mean like the systems procedures I mean how he acquired a an actual bonafide a suit that they that the pilots use when they're piloting aircraft etc and how he got the number of an account number of a particular pilot and basically assumed the role of that person and then he became a pilot for the day basically and co piloted a plane with somebody and then he learned how to pilot an aircraft just by observing etc and then that became his skill he could literally go anywhere essentially and it was a very interesting social engineering attempt and watching his social engineering attacks and he explained his social engineering attacks by minute but manipulating systems around people right whereas you know i'm an entp I don't necessarily manipulate systems I can't do it because I have int J shadow but I primarily manipulate the hearts hearts of others you know manipulate their hearts whereas you know the INTJ manipulates the mind of other people that's why they're called the masterminds they met they mastermind two people by inserting thoughts or changing thoughts or processes in order to get what they want right nothing wrong with that that's just kind of their style of social engineering that they actually do it prefer such as the way that how does social engineer intps with emulated INTJ that's what happens and you guys can watch that episode already so anyway and like how that developed Stockholm Syndrome within the INTP but INTJ is they're a little different and like I said it costs a lot of effort a lot of long-suffering a lot of endurance because with an INTJ design about the short con although some short cons are possible for example with getting them to make an impulsive decision but for the most part if you really want a social engineer an INTJ it's all about the long con the long con is everything long con is is what you have to do always be prepared for the long con when it comes to INTJs because they see so far in the future so you better be able to see further than they can in their future basically what you can do with expert intuition hero it is possible to actually see in that direction because when any hero is around ni0 any hero can absorb ni hero and see as far as ni hero sees basically along alongside each other so it is possible for any hero to provide that futuristic fate manipulation and manipulate the fate or the future of an INTJ such that the long con is complete right and that's basically how you con an INTJ you do it by emulating emt-p right and i'm an entp so this lecture is gonna be really interesting because this gets to talk about a little bit more about my social engineering style and my seductive style when it comes to you know doing performing a long con on an INTJ for whatever point or purpose right so remember it's it's extremely high effort it's all about the long con and if you want to find out examples of you know INTJ con artists Frank Abagnale as played by Leonardo DiCaprio and the movie catch me if you can it's an exceptional INTJ story for those of you that don't maintain that he's an INTJ you're out of your mind he is just watch these lectures that es FB subconscious comes out makes tons of jokes and whatnot he's an excellent public speaker in the same way that Rush Limbaugh is an excellent public speaker not that I like Rush Limbaugh but the guy is an INTJ so but anyway just to you know give you guys you know an opportunity to make comparisons and see how they work you know from a con-artist point of view watch the film watch the Frank Abagnale lectures I think it would be very enriching for this audience to do so with that in mind we already talked about trust versus paranoia don't forget the interaction style their direct their responding their movement this makes them a finisher type INTJs procrastinate a lot for cross nation is one of their biggest issues because they just don't know where to start but they know where to finish so you got to force them to start something so that they know how to finish it appropriately that's why you know when you're dealing with an INTJ if you really want to set them up for failure you can take advantage of their procrastination this is one thing that you can do and we'll talk about this a little bit more but knowing that an INTJ procrastinates you can pile on a bunch of work on them at the last minute and that and then they'll fail because of that and then you can destroy their reputation with that failure in front of their fellow co-workers and then though it ultimately lead to them getting fired and then you want to deal with them anymore that's one of the best ways to defeat and the INTJ was in their career you just set them up for failure by taking advantage of the fact that they procrastinate otherwise to bet proper manage an INTJ what you need to do to prevent that from happening on the other side of the coin is realize they have a propensity for procrastination so what you do is you would give them small amounts of work with shorter deadlines and just a bunch of deadlines with a bunch of mini tasks per deadline spread out over time instead of having them do a bunch of work all at the last minute with one singular deadline and a bunch of work and different tasks all do on the same deadline essentially because if you do it the other way that's setting it up for failure and then they will fail and their quality of work will go down whereas their quality work stays high if they have one task one deadline spread out amongst multiple tasks and multiple deadlines over time so just from a professional management point of view great but if you're like a co-worker and you don't like an INTJ you want to make them fail and you have some kind of power or you can influence others to pile up work on them before a big deadline pile up find ways to pile up as much work as you can on them before a deadline or maybe create a situation that only they can solve because they're usually selfish with some with their fi child about only things they can solve because they're so focused on their self-importance etc within the workplace and when they're so focused on their self-importance right they usually have certain things in the workplace that they themselves a response for because that's their domain etc so go influence that one thing to break at the last minute causing them to fail on their on their deadline and just do it over and over and over again and then point out their failures to the co-workers to destroy their te reputation and then they get fired then you have to deal with them anymore you see what I'm saying that's how you can get rid of INTJs it's very nice just burn them that way and then you won't have them in their life in your life anymore because of how you know pretentious they can get or how self-important they can get or how irreplaceable they can feel etc so yeah just understand that there's ways to take them down just like those ways to take down everybody and that's one way to do the take down for an INTJ set them up for failure and then let them fail like there's no type out there other than an INTJ and the uni and FJ that you can just give them the rope to hang themselves and they don't even realize they're doing it right and that's how you perform the long con with the INTJ you just give them rope to hang themselves give them the opportunity to fail and they will fail because they're human even though like INFJs the INTJ is so focused on bein perfect at all times and how dare we get in the way of their perfection that they barely become aware of their imperfections at times at least a prideful more immature INTJs do this accept the more humble and more mature INTJs out there do not do this right but if you have an immature intg on your hand well I mean it might be your social obligation and/or duty to do this to them so that they learn a very valuable lesson right and then you set them up for failure and then they fail and then you expose their failure and then they get fired and then you don't have to deal them anymore and they have just learned a very big valuable lesson about their life maybe they should be procrastinating all the time right I mean if you have an INTJ child who's currently getting educated or in some kind of educational institution guess what procrastination is their bane of their existence and you can easily take advantage of that at anytime very easily take advantage of their procrastinate 'iv tendencies and destroy their career if you decide to you see what I'm saying again even INTJs are weak too and are subject to manipulation because the thing is while you may not necessarily be manipulating them you can be manipulating the system that they are adhering to or the people around them that could cause them to fail you see what I'm saying it's just really causation of failure right so yeah they're direct responding movement their finisher types and remember for at procrastination is a problem for the finisher types it's especially bad if INTJs because I have five chocolates like oh I'm not in the mood to do this right now and you can take advantage of their mood because fi is all about mood and I don't care about how this audience is like no I fine it's not about Mayo it actually it really is about mood sorry that's where a person's mood exists as much as it's where their morals exist and their moral principles exist and their moral fiber and they're good or bad decision making well guess what it's also where their mood exists you know I don't know how many times ever heard an es f p fi parent or an ENFP F I can be like I'm not in the mood to have sex right now I'm just not in the mood for it like okay if I parent okay you're not in the mood for it okay bye you know you don't I mean like like things like that right mood because fi users are all about their mood and how they feel about things that they don't feel good about something or if they look bad god forbid they look bad see what I'm saying like sometimes in order to motivate an F I user you just gotta make them look bad you know what I'm saying and then they're motivated to change only after you've made them look bad and quite honestly when you make someone look bad that is the equivalent of shaming and sometimes you just gotta be willing to shame people for the sake of changing them for the better because until you've shamed them they will not change right so be advised so pragmatic they are pragmatic they're all very independent they just do what they want and that's fine if you take away their freedom of choice if you take away their ability to want things that's not exactly a very good situation for them as well they're very systematic they always have a process or have a system to follow at some capacity and they are abstract all about the what if constantly about the what if like what if you're going to cheat on me what if you're going to screw me over later what if you're talking to this person does that mean that you're gonna start dating them and then you'll be cheating on me what if this happens what if that happens you know what if I get this new job you know are you still gonna want me around what if I there's they just constantly what if I what if I what if I what if I what if I Ni Ni and I what if I what if I what if I at all times right this is the INTJ way it's because they are abstract or systematic they're pragmatics which means they are an NT aka the intellectuals right and if anyone says rationals take that QC crap and throw it in the dumpster rational let me tell you something ent PS or n T's and intps are also n T's they're not rational they're actually logical because only NT J's are rational because of T because that's where person's rationale exists so stop calling the N T's rationals people like seriously stop calling them that they're intellectuals and stop mixing the word intellectual with the word academic like seriously get your definitions straight there different they're not the same okay so just because you're some NFP or some STJ who's very academic it does not make you an intellectual being intellectual is an NT sorry that's not for you guys you guys be academics will be the intellectuals okay so how incoming criticism for being self-important here on the lecture for the CS Joseph no I'm just trying to be accurate with terms and if you guys feel bad about that well I'm sorry it's not my fault that the truth is taking you down a notch it's not about that as you making that choice it's not me making that choice I'm just trying to stay accurate okay because I'd rather be correct than become like some emotionally manipulative person who is just trying to make you feel good instead of telling you the truth when telling you the truth is what you need to hear so that you can grow up and change see what I'm saying and be like a better person that's what I need I need criticism consistently on a regular basis and without criticism well guys it's not gonna work out I need criticism so keep the criticism coming if you know what I'm saying keep it coming right gosh I love driving on this road this road is a highway 20 it's fantastic lots of winding road got some rain going there sometimes there's cows in the road which is calls gets a little interesting I actually had that one time I was had a head-on collision with a cow once that was fun called 9-1-1 on that it's also some boulders every now and then that show up as well especially when it rains mudslides I also like two years ago the entire countryside was black because it was burnt burnt like a Kris when I think that like seventeen firefighters lost their lives during that as well that was pretty sad and I'm very thankful for all of the firefighters that risk their lives on a regular basis and likely a lot of them are SPS and SJS who do put their lives on the line to do that and I would might add the majority of those people are men risking their lives just saying you know for all those like feminist anti-feminist people out there like let's not let's not spit on our firefighters please I actually like really appreciate them and the sacrifice that they're willing to make to keep everybody safe and save homes and whatnot and not displace families so anyway fire sucks and could definitely risk people's lives so anyway I'm gonna turn up the heat here just a little bit it's a defrost going so I don't like not do anything I think correct here so anyway let's talk about the actual techniques necessary to social engineer an INTJ and you do that by emulating and ENTV so emulated entp you emulate my type you know it's really interesting about the intp with that I accept a subconscious no one else is willing to lung suffer more than an aspirational is ffj subconscious what that means is that the INTP has the endurance to pull off the long con when it comes to an INTJ oh and for all of those INTJs who are watching oh gosh let me tell you something I really hate this constant criticism that I get from INTJs I really really hate it like they're like like especially like when I'm trying to like market and they're like a roof of a relationship for example with an INTJ woman I just got to say to all the INTJ women watching this right now it's like oh you're like this social engineer and you read all these pickup artist books and you you know you're so manipulative and it's all about narrative and is there anything about you that's real you know I'm saying because they're talking about my mind in sincerity advice you know that's because you know people typically they don't understand me and I can't just be real with people if I am 100% real with somebody they're going to hate me that's why I have to wear a mask with everyone I'm around I don't wear masks with INTJs especially like you know if I'm in a relationship with an INTJ woman in my life you know and which you know having that opportunities fantastic the mask comes off because then it's I okay I could trust her and I could trust her to put up with the real me and see and see the real me right but the thing is typically the people I don't do that and which leads to like all these habits like social engineering and embellishment and lying right and being insincere with people right cuz guess what folks that's what I do and I do that because I have to protect myself right and then you know of course if I'm trying to get in a relationship with an INTJ woman right or even or any inj for that matter I self you know we're the same kind of obstacle you know with an infj as well because they have you know similar paranoia tendencies because of their expert intuition nemesis but based on that it's like they've come to know that I know you me and analytical psychology I know deaf psychology I know ego hacking I know social engineering I have all the pickup artist books read for example like like I'm this person right I'm a very capable social engineer I've even demonstrated social engineering in front of them just to see how easy it is to ego hack somebody like that and literally reduce a grown man to tears tears of joy I've done this right and and had these examples of behavior right well in doing so it's like okay well how can that INTJ ever use that virtue of trust in my direction you see what I'm saying like how can they how can they trust me the entp especially like and no offense when I'm saying it's not trying to be arrogant I very well could be the world's foremost expert on this on the subject matter especially on social engineering ego hacking in this capacity I'm not talking like the Kevin J Mitnick version of social engineering which by the way if you have not read the art of deception or the art of intrusion what are you doing with your life and also regos from the wires while you're at it like literally every book that Kevin J Mitnick he's an intp ever wrote you need to read those books an art of deception and art of intrusion are an actually social engineering textbooks they're actual textbooks read that understand it protect yourself folks protect yourself because social engineers are out there and there's people out there like me who have these skills make an ego hack anyone and get into any system because guess what folks people are way easier to hack than systems way easier people used to pick locks and be contortionists and you know an escape artist but guess what you know good luck you know some of those are pretty ironclad you ain't gonna be able get out but the people who have the keys hacking them to give you the keys is way easier than hacking the system and trying to get out some other way right anyway the point is like I have to deal with the fact that when I get into relationships you know switch the INTJ women they're like you have all these skills how do I know that you're not trying to manipulate me and it's like this endless thing and it's so annoying and I hate it like I really hate it but it happens with every single one of them and I recommend I recognize that because of their paranoia it comes with the territory and then in a healthy relationship I realize that because of the INTP long suffering of Si aspirational I can get through it I can put up with it I can endure the paranoia such that then they realize that I have a pattern of consistent trustworthy behavior and then they're willing to trust me and then they stopped behaving that way but let me tell you folks is the most annoying thing in the world right so guess what and it's been that way with every single relationship I've ever had with an inj every single one of them it's always been a point of discussion and I'll admit it also was a point of discussion with the ENTJ I was with as well but just from a relationship standpoint it is a concern it is an issue it's also like you know it's like you know I break things down into cognitive functions a lot and guess what well that's just my life you know I am this science like that's how much it permeated me right so anyway why am i supplies as relevant it's relevant because it's an example of the long-suffering required to actually pull off the long con when it comes to an INTJ right you know I guess what I even recognize that this particular lecture is potentially going to you know cause me drama when I'm conversing with INTJs in my life forever and ever but guess what it is what it is I'm here to tell the truth I don't care how people feel about at least of all the INTJs because I'm here to tell the truth everyone could be ego hacked we need to understand the methodology of the ego hacking right here and now right so that's what we're doing so how do we pull this off remember folks how do you social engineer anyone what is the various what is the ironclad surefire method and social engineering somebody well if you have to do it and you break it down in terms of cognitive functions right you have the hero and it's on an axis with the inferior so it affects one affects the other the parent function is on the axis with the child what affects one affects the other right that's how it works that's how we know it works right so if they're all on if they're all effecting each other with one way how affects each other the ANU aware of optimism versus pessimism which means some functions have a positive charge and a negative charge right the ones that have a positive charge aka optimistic is the hero and the child because when the mind is first developed the hero and the child actually develops first it's the parents and the inferior function that developed later because they're pessimistic functions they're very skeptical when your social engineering someone their skepticism is that boundary is that obstacle that you have to overcome right it's exactly what you have to overcome you know gosh speaking about doing YouTube videos and causing difficulties in relationships when I was with that ENFJ for four years for example I did my season seven virtue invites the intp lecture and she watched it and I talked about sincerity verses in sincerity you know and the intp propensity for lying and then she thought I've been lying to her for like the previous three years of our relationship the entire time and that turned into a huge drama long I grow so tired of having to explain myself over and over and over to my friends and my family and my relationships about this science like I'm here to tell the truth folks just don't assume that that's what I'm trying to do to you like seriously someone's got to be here to talk about this like stop trying to blame me like it's not about that just got to understand that doing my duty here I'm doing my work because for the greater good you know in the same way that Gellert Grindelwald in the recent film fantastic pieces to crimes of Grindelwald he gave his speech before all of the wizards and said you know it's for the greater good that's what I'm doing here folks the ends justify the means this is for the greater good and let me tell you something with a very super powerful INTJs that exists in the world who have made the world a worse place and not a better place they need to be eco hacked for the greater good so I'm teaching you the methods so that you can do that right now see what I'm saying all the Henry Kissinger's of the world eat your heart out see what I'm saying because folks you never ever let a crisis go to waste so anyway because they're a mastermind doesn't mean that their minds cannot be mastered so remember pessimistic functions parents and inferior versus optimistic functions you really want to make sure that the pessimistic functions are on your side if the pessimistic functions on your side the social engineering attack is complete and you've basically completed your objectives and the person will eventually do what you want them to do and you will get the desired outcome after the social engineering attack how do you pull this off okay well avoid the pessimistic functions and Ranbir although extra intuition emesis is a optimistic function The Critic is like a is a pessimistic function because it's in the shadow the shadow all argue itself is pessimistic so you think about it this way the hero is plus plus because you have the optimistic ego and optimistic function suppose plus plus but the parent is plus minus because it's an optimistic side of the line it's the ego but it's minus because it is a pessimistic function when you go into the unconscious side aka the shadow it's a little different you have the paestum it you have the pessimistic side of the mind with an optimistic function like an emesis so it's minus plus right and then you have minus minus for The Critic which means you've got to be careful the critic is that double minus critic it will destroy you it will absolutely own you if you are not careful because it's a minus minus function it's the same with everybody right so how do you deal with that well I really hope I could finish this lecture on time because I'm running out of battery power here but let's keep going so so just be aware of you know in order to get the functions on your side and when your ego hacking them you want to avoid the pessimistic functions because the pessimistic functions are very skeptical if your intentions or what you're doing and they will find you out if you have evil intentions towards anyone basically so you want to focus on making the hero and the child very very happy right so how do you do this well you emulate entp why do you want to emulate ntp because emt-p is basically the golden pear type of the INTJ the ante P can read INTJs like a book and guess what INTJs can read intps like a book but as long as intentions are being properly concealed let's say that the MTP is following the 48 laws of power and the 33 strategies of war and the art of seduction Wells mastery and the 50th law and the laws of human nature all those books by Robert Greene and if you haven't read them yet what the hell are you doing with their life please get that handled please folks read Robert Greene every book he ever wrote it is worth it I promise you so it's like like the ultimate written documentaries of all time about power and intrigue and in seduction super super mega importance make sure you're doing it right so again these functions you got to watch out pessimistic optimistic very important right so as the NTP you will want to target the hero function and the child function first once you get the hero function on your side the inferior function is no longer insecure and then once you get the once you get the child function on your side the parent function is on your side as well just by default because if you are demonstrating to the parent that you're able to keep their take care of their inner child then the parent will be like okay well this person is responsible with my child we're good to go no need to worry about it right well that's the thing about fi child it's one of the easiest things to hack because what is fi trial all about because it's optimistic and it's a child's like a little kid guess what the INTJ sense of self-importance is super high to the point really getting negative pretentious they get mega selfish they can get mega lazy they can get mega moody and as long as you seek to make them look good and feel good about how their performance is going and how you know and increasing their status their self-importance etc well then the INTJ will literally be eating out of your hands right you start like for example if you can elevate their life and elevate their status and introduce them to important people so that they themselves feel more important because you're introducing them to important people ha ha you've got them see what I'm saying like status and a lot of TV parents watching this one I don't care about status and credentials that much actually your actions say otherwise all of you are like trying to go get that one credential that you need to get to that one level and I know that you focus on that one credential but for some reason you guys maintain that getting that one thing instead of actually being having mastery on a subject complete mastery on a particular subject where you like to do you know a daisy pick or cherry pick with your ni hero and focus on that one thing that I want you to read a book and read the chapters that are relevant to you move on to the next thing instead of actually mastering the entire subject no wonder you lose skills because you don't use them see what I'm saying because INTJs guess what they get too lazy with trying to master that one thing unless it's absolutely important fi child to them remember you can always appeal to the self importance of an INTJ to get the parents on their side you know and to get the inferior on the side all you have to do is give them choices let them do what they want guess what how do you do that well you perform as an ATO's gambit the Zanna toast gambit because it's antihero guess what this is where the long con comes in the Santos gambit takes a huge amount of effort because that antihero can last a long time and the Santos gambit is just you provide them choices that's all this you provide antihero with a lot of different choices and you let them pick the choice the thing is is at the end of the day whatever choices that you provide them those choices benefit you in the end that's known as these Anna toast gambit Xin Atos gambit look it up the Zanna toast dammit you perform as a nettles gambit on the INTJ and their antihero thinks they always have a choice but then they always end up choosing the choice that benefits you in the end it may look like to them that it benefits them right now in the moment whoo wait that's another thing you can take advantage of because they live in the moment they're expert at sensing sometimes they're not always aware of the external consequences of their actions because they're so focused on the moment then it makes it a lot easier for you to perform as Anna toast gambit on the INTJ because that's how you get them to break that impulsive behavior and that's why INTJs can be weak to certain forms of advertising because it applies it actually directly applies to performing as Anna it's a scam but that's why there's certain email campaigns out there that you send an email to an INTJ and they're like men you sent another one like okay men third one fourth one I'm a little interested in fifth one a little interested it just increases their interest and it compounds over time until all of a sudden you've got them and then they make it an impulsive decision right there in the moment right it's all about slow cooking so for example you throw a frog and hop boiling water the frogs gonna jump out but if you slowly rise the temperature of the boiling hot water of the water to a boil in that pot the Frog will die that is the zanatos gambit that you are doing to the INTJ you are slowly turning up the heat and they don't even realize because they're a flick acclimating at the same level the heat rising they don't realize that the heat has got them and that their life is in danger they don't even realize it because that is the Zenit DOS gambit because guess what they're they live so much in the moment they're not even keeping track of their past decisions that they've already made and they don't even see the pattern they're not even remotely able to see the pattern because there any nemesis is too weak right they can't even see the pattern of the decisions that they've made with you leading up to that point because here's the thing you have you give them a cool of decisions and this is level one right you've just given them a pool of decisions okay I choose this one and that leads to this pool of decisions or I choose one and that leads to this pool of decision then I choose that one this leads to this pool of decisions I choose that one that leaves this pool of decisions and then no matter what decision they make guess what they are going to the outcome that you want slowly narrowing them almost like a funnel right where they're ni is being narrowed down into a funnel towards the decision you altima team to take and you've got them see what I'm saying the zanatos gambit that's how you defeat an AI hero right you give them choices and choices and choices and choices so long as those choices ultimately end up benefiting you in the end and they're not really aware of it because they live so much the moment they may get paranoid of it but because you're consistent with them well not so much an issue right well what's an example of that so let's talk about scenario because we haven't really talked about scenario and the battery's running out here so let's talk scenario tricho scenario where an INTJ would be manipulated right so let's see what is what is a good scenario well here's a good scenario an INTJ being manipulated by an intp because the emt-b is trying to get intellectual property from the INTJ based on a true story right so INTJ owned a company had an algorithm right it was a special algorithm as an algorithm for blockchain technology that allowed them to basically create a form of hedge fund right a form of hedge fund with with blockchain technology a fantastic idea and they also and if I remember correctly it wasn't so much of a hedge fund as much as it was also like a bank at the same time but they had these really interesting proprietary algorithms and you can't patent an algorithm they're actually very trade secret of all you can't you can't patent an algorithm you can't trust me I've tried so this ion TJ had these you know had these algorithms at this one time this ENTV got involved their company and whatnot the entp was actually hired and working in secret by another company and this was basically an industrial espionage situation where this entp got into this company and their objective was basically to get a hold of the algorithms between the blockchain technology so that they could deploy their own banking system you know and that was the mission and the INTJ just needed somebody you know to help them out and guess what the NTP was very helpful right to that end right so INTP deployed as an NCO scam 'but while simultaneously appealing to the self-importance of the INTJ so that the INTJ would let their guard down and get to the point where the INTJ virtue of trusting would trust the entp absolutely thinking that the ntp was 100% diehard loyal to the INTJ such that the INTJ allowed the entp access to see the algorithms behind their blockchain technology and well the intp succeeded in getting access to that information and once that ntp had access the information and transmitted it to the competition as the ntp was originally hired to do so and the ntp was originally loyal more loyal to the people that initially hired him instead of the INTJ mark basically that information made in the hands of that INTJs competition and they created a competitive company and ultimately they were able to get first to market and ultimately put out the other INTJ out of business specifically as a result of theft of those algorithms as a result of performing social engineering attack which guess what it's very hard to prosecute folks very hard to prosecute because there's a lot of plausible deniability in there because of a social engineering intact produced and provided that subtly see what I'm saying good luck defending yourself against such social engineering attacks and good luck proving that in court good luck industrial espionage is a thing folks here's another thing you know it's really funny though like sometimes those social engineering attacks can buck backfire if the aia if the entp in that situation ends up becoming loyal to the INTJ such that the INTJ effectively turned the entp back on the other guys the ante P fuel oil T with the INTJ actually were filled the industrial espionage and then they turned it around but then again the INTP could end up at that point playing both sides simultaneously to their advantage which has happened in the story Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy the story about George Smiley I recommend you read that story it is absolutely exquisite and it talks about social engineering and how a covert operative ends up becoming a double agent and playing both sides for his own benefit and or survival right that's a situation that can happen there so just even though when the INTJ thinks that the ante P Spy is loyal to them that ENTV Spy is still playing them you see what I'm saying because we playing both sides their own personal benefit you see what I'm saying that's a thing – so INTJs don't get all smug and confident that you can actually pull that off and make them loyal to you because guess what they may not still truly be loyal to you at the end of the day right be careful this stuff happens right and remember people could still emulate INTP doesn't necessarily have to be an INTP right so anyway the emt-p comes to this INTJ right and starts making decisions and demonstrations of loyalty right off the bat to show si discipline the show si loyalty to the SI inferiors to the SE inferior is not afraid that the ante P is disloyal which this makes the ni hero a lot safer a lot happier the NI hero has a higher level of desire for for the intp it makes the INTP feel wanted as a result and then the NI here and then what that does is that the NE hero of the intp is able to deploy the Santos gambit to the NI hero and that Santos gambit will be pools of choices little decision trees to the INTJ to ultimately leave the INTJ into giving up those blockchain algorithms for that banking system right the investment making system that they want in the blockchain so that the competition can get that intellectual property specifically to create a competitive solution to the INTJs solution and then the first market with it such that they end up destroying the INTJs business right that happens so the anti-hero the anti-hero is presented with the XANA toast gambit from the entp a lot of different decisions and and because they don't really keep track or not keeping track of these decisions because of their si demon and they just forget because they live so much in the moment as much as they live in the future that paying attention in the past they're not able to keep track of each decision that they've made that the intp is ultimately leading – the intp getting those algorithms they're absolute their final objective right that's an issue so something to be aware of folks that is a thing be careful right be careful of that so while simultaneously after performing these Anna toast gambit and making those demonstrations of loyalty to get se inferior comfortable to get antihero working on it just fine that te parent is still there and it's looking for consistency because te Parian s the inferior psyche okay is this a ntp person being consistent because here's the thing folks this is what makes it really hard there's a lack of consistency at all the int jus will be on guard and will not trust the INTP or the emulated ntp you have to be consistent and that consistency may have to take place over weeks and weeks if not months but remember at least the INTJ is a movement type so it shouldn't take more than a few months maybe 90 days worth of consistency for the INTJ to find a bit okay this person is consistent they're trustworthy I can I could definitely trust them and then they start opening up with that trust virtue instead of that paranoia advice right that paranoia advice that's holding back the INTJ in this interaction okay so based on that just more to be aware of so in order to make the INTJ happier as a result the entp starts appealing to the self importance to the int of the INTJ and it's like hey you're doing really good work the INTJ over here's the entp talking very highly of the INTJ to others talking about how brilliant the INTJ is and how intelligent they are and how they're very good at what they do and how they perform very well whenever you're talking very well about really good performance of an INTJ that makes their es FP subconscious feel really good about itself makes it super happy because the SE inferior doesn't have that performance anxiety anymore the performance anxiety is lifted the FI child feels really valued feels very valuable very good the status is increasing amongst the people because it's like wow the entp thinks very highly of me and is telling other people though everyone's gonna start thinking highly of me and that means that could feel good about myself and increased my self-importance yay which also leads to them being selfish just saying watch out and then and then that just causes the NI hero to desire the intp and desire that that that ENTV to be around them more often the entp it's a demonstration of loyalty to speak so highly of the INTJ to others such that their pride goes up that fi child pride they're taken and just like literally this ego stroke right because what INTJ out there doesn't like their ego stroked right and the intp knows exactly how to ego stroked the INTJ the INTJ gets ego stroked they let their guard down they don't even they're not even aware that there's a xanto's gambit happening you know they're a little paranoid at first about the intp and the ENT views intentions but the ntp is showing consistency there there they're showing that they're loyal then the INTJ tests the intp test the en tepees loyalty pushes the entp away but the entp keeps coming back almost like a loyal little puppy dog and the int is like wow he keeps going back even though I'm kind of being a dick and he's still speaking highly of me to other people and I definitely want to entp around this is absolutely fantastic you know I definitely can trust this person this person is all in with me they're absolutely here you know to go all the way they think so highly of me I feel really good about them they know that I'm a top performer I've been trying to convince these people that have a top performer for so long but they instantly know this about me already and I'm making them comfortable every time I do something for them they react positive to me this entp is always reacting positive to any experience or anything that I show the NTP they think I'm brilliant they think I'm a good person you know I really want them to be around and they're constantly giving me choices and opportunities for improvement and making things better and you know I I just trust this person I trust the NTP you know and I want to show him my brilliance even more I want to show this entp I just how brilliant I am so I'm going to show the ante P my algorithms ah social engineering attack complete so yeah I was like my demon coming out you know what I'm saying anyway that's how that works all right folks let's break it down okay so the ante P got in there and is like okay I need to get to here on my side so and that it works both ways right you can if you want to get the hero on your side well you can also hit the inferior function to so they hit the inferior function with a demonstration of loyalty showing that the you know talking really good about the performance of the INTJ stroking their ego fi child you know targeting the self-importance of fi child speaking highly of others showing demonstrating through action and word and word and deed that the INTP thinks highly of the INTJ and the INTJ ultimately lets their guard down as I've just demonstrated to you also simultaneously while any nemesis's they're questioning the intentions the INTP the INTP is actually like because the ENTV at first will come off as like you know whoa you're like you're way too into me or you think I'm way too important this is this is too much the people like you just don't exist this never happens to me people don't think highly of me in this way that any nemesis is questioning the intentions of the intp at that point but the entp is consistent and the intp keeps it up and the intp doesn't change which causes the INTJ to realize over time the entp just might actually be legit this person may actually be really into me and really trust me in this manner wow I've never had that before wow this is something special wow this person might be my best friend or this person might be the best lover I've ever had right those kinds of things right something to be aware of right so just to understand how things are different you know in that regard any nemesis at first you know is hat made happy once s the inferior realizes how consistently entp social engineer is being in there social engineering attack and thus any nemesis let's go because it's still optimistic at the end of the day he may not actually have bad intentions towards me after all and then TI critic is there to verify everything that the entp does and verify that consistency so as long as the ENT PA stays consistent with their narrative and doesn't change their narrative or their story – guy critic you won't have to ever deal with the double negative of TI critic and then as a result social engineering attack complete don't have to care about the S the FE trickster and the si diamond you don't have to care about either because as long as the INTJ is being consistently praised about their top performance and that the entp is reacting positively to everything the int chase shows them then just wow then they're like ho mind going I'm so mind blowing about what you're showing me etc the INTJs s the inferior is happy because yes the inferior is like wow I'm obviously performing well I don't have to be anxious or afraid that I'm not performing well around the CNTV who's very brilliant person sometimes I feel like they're more brilliant than I am that the more intelligent I am but they think so highly of me so I'm obviously performing well for them right now so I can just let my guard down there I don't have to be afraid of that anymore and then thus the sed psi demon doesn't come out and all of a sudden that entp is just eventually over time gotten into the soul of the INTJ and literally broken them you see what I'm saying like literally broken them open you know what I'm saying and then they get the algorithms we have to integrate once we got the proprietary information we wanted for industrial espionage mission social engineering attack complete and so that's how to social engineer INTJs folks watch out the Zanna toast gambit will ultimately lead the INTJ down a path that they do not want to go even though they feel it is the path they want to go and they do not have the ability to keep track of those decisions over time because it's their si demon which is the long-term memory they're only short-term memory or the future memory for their own personal unconscious of where they want to go themselves in the future that's the direction they are going right so watch out for the Zanna toast gambit watch out for appealing to their self-importance watch out for appealing to their performance anxiety etc because those are their weak points and anyone can do these things and cause the INTJ to all the sudden give special treatment to people they should not be giving special treatment – so anyway folks that's it for this episode if you found this episode useful helpful educational enlightening please subscribe the channel here 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  1. As an Istp I normally wouldn't click on this video about Intjs. But I cracked up when I saw the thumbnail so I had to watch the vid. You lecturing us while driving with a big ass whiteboard on the passengers seat, that's blocking half your side window is just hilarious. No fucks given, things need to be done no matter what👌

  2. You can't "social engineer" us. We allow ourselves at times to go along with you but it's based on probabilities (ie – there is a chance what you have to offer might be of benefit). You might think your manipulation is working… but we are aware of it and going with the flow because sometimes that is required for progress.

  3. I was doubting whether or not I was actually INTJ, (pretty young, still mentally developing, etc.) but you said procrastination is the bane of INTJ’s existence (or something like that) and am now convinced

  4. I think we're susceptible to the "ego stroke" because we're not flatterers, so we don't expect anyone to flatter us either, making us more likely to believe we've earned those compliments.

  5. 21:40 I agree with this so much. This is so logical to me and so many people don’t understand it.

  6. Just last night I watched this INTJ do an amazing musical performance, so I (genuinely) complimented the heck out of it. She basically melted. My only regret is that I didn’t get to film her performance. So hey INTJs, not everyone is out to get you. 🙂

  7. jajaj I am the only one studying and working tonight, so you could not be more inaccurate this time, also I wish I considered some of your all ifs, but thanks, I rather be on the alert, your pitch drives me mad!! Thanks, again !! you are really funny !!!

  8. Me, now: Decide what you're willing to sacrifice in the eventuality of betrayal and protect the rest from everyone. Paranoid mode on.

    Speaking seriously – thank you for pointing out those flaws, I learned a lot about myself.

  9. This just popped up on YouTube…I am INTJ, and all this is so true, I AM prideful and am immature, unaware of my faults. Will work on my procrastination tendencies, cause if someone tried to sabotage my work I might mentally crumble..

  10. Well, as long as the choice isn't going to bite me in the ass later it can benefit you but I'm usually aware if it is or not and have thought about if it's gonna end up with me getting in trouble eventually so maybe re-think that.

  11. Great job, it's all true. My favorite type of individual to speak to is ENTP, so this was very intriguing. I am very appreciative of ENTPs because they are one of the few types to intuitively understand what I am like, as you stated. Another thing to get me as an INTJ, enough to make me leave a job or screw myself over in some way, was a series of illogical decisions made by others that impacted me which I could not change. Having so many emotion-based decisions occur wherever I was at drove me so far up the wall that I just had to leave the situation I was in. I am a very young INTJ so I am still a bit sensitive to this aspect of society and I haven't yet found a buffer to alleviate how much it makes me lose my mind.

    Regardless… This video made me realize a lot about myself. I've never really considered how much I procrastinate, and the fact that I say "I need my PhD" rather than "I need to know a lot about physics." (37:05) Thank you for pointing this out to me.

  12. I'm glad I didn't let a former coworker of mine who was an entp seduce me. She was 6ft tall, & pretty but I wasn't into her at the time because I was crushing on her cute enfj friend.

  13. Is social engineering, & narcissism the same thing? Are intj's, & enfj's romantically compatable? & as an intj I've had more trouble getting along with istp's than any other mbti type. P.s. great video keep up the good work.

  14. @ 16 minutes in. So in seeing a personality trait that is causing someone negativity in their life, the answer is to exploit it to destroy them instead of trying to better them as an individual and stretch their limitations so they get along better in the workplace?

    This is dark, man. You mention the selfishness of the INTJ while in 'their domain' while ignoring the selfishness of the individual who needs their domain to not be encroached on so greatly that they go and get someone fired through intentional, long term plotting with the intent to cripple someone on a psychological level. >_> Dark.

  15. As an INTJ woman, I find this fascinating due to times I get too focus on an end goal and views that there are people and ways to manipulate me to ground me and to listen, learn and reevaluate my path, goals, and choices (hopefully for the better and not for only personal gain on their end). It's also good to become more aware of our weaknesses.

  16. Actually, academic and intellectual are so highly related they are basically synonyms. You have to be actively engaged in some kind of intellectual work to be an intellectual. You can be an intellectual without being an academic. For example if you're a writer or some kind of analyst etc. But, they are closely related. It's very rare for an academic to not be an intellectual. Enough with this anti-intellectual thing in modern culture…

  17. LOL, you crack me up. What was with the detour into firefighters. LOL, true to the ENTP. Gotta love you guys. But anyway, I know you are conflicted about receiving criticism because first you asked for it and then you got upset and said you hate it. But okay, you asked for it. You said you need criticism. You say that sometimes you have to shame people to help them grow but I wholeheartedly disagree. The way you speak to someone, tone of voice, choice of words, matters. It communicates whether or not you really see the whole person and whether you respect them or not. There is great value and maturity in saying things in a way that is beneficial and caring rather than hurtful. You build trust with people when you stop assuming they are idiots and questioning their motives and instead giving them the benefit of the doubt that they DO want to grow and respecting them. Most people are actually doing the best they can and it's overkill and overly harsh and destroys trust to think you have to tear them down to help them people grow. Contrary to the cliche, you don't have to be brutal to be honest. In fact "brutal honesty" is not really honest. It is very one-sided, seeing only the negative when in fact most people are basically good. Your philosophy is a very lazy way of thinking about it. I have watched some pretty brilliant people pull great growth from others without shaming them. It takes skill though.

    ENTPs have a difficult time with this because you have Ti parent (so you think you are right) and Fe child. The reason brutal honesty does not work as well as kindness is because brutal honestly makes the assumption that the person is intentionally doing whatever it is that you think they are doing wrong. Brutal honesty is inherently underestimating of others. When you approach someone with the assumption that underestimates them, then you are not seeing the whole person but instead seeing just a negative side to them. That is YOUR flaw. I challenge your assertion that it is fake to see the good in people. It is actually dishonest to come at someone with an automatic underestimation of them because an honest perspective would see both the good and the bad in them. You are smarter than this Mr. Joseph. I challenge you to rethink your philosophy. Delve a bit deeper into human psychology. It's not fake to see the good in people. It is there if you are willing to see it.

  18. INTJs are the biggest con-artists ever… it's scary… They're totally… it's almost psychopathic. They have no sense of remorse, or any feeling of like, this is wrong. If they can come to a point where they can legitimately justify such behaviors to themselves, where their conscious is totally fine with it. There is no limit… It becomes like a way of life. They'll just live out whatever con they come up with… And yes. They are very good at it when they go down that path. And yes. The paranoia… They do end up messing things up for themselves and others because they don't really understand people in an empathetic sense. They don't really understand the internal lives of other people or themselves. They can just understand things based on observation and reasoning. So I think that's their weakness 🙂 By the way, all INTJs I know are soft on the inside. So, they can be manipulated. Regardless of whether they are manipulative themselves or not. Some INTJs are not particularly manipulative. But regardless, they all have this weakness that the emotional inner worlds of people are foreign to them. So they can become the victims of manipulation too. Especially by more extroverted or more bubbly people 🙂 They'll usually underestimate these people, but their way of going about things is different, and it's off the radar of the INTJ, and then… I've seen this happen quite a few times 🙂 Their weakness is emotion. They don't understand it. In themselves. And in others.

  19. Okay, FIRST of all, an ENTP lecturing an INTJ about procrastination is hilarious! You guys are the worst at that. LOL OMG, you guys procrastinate and avoid your work like the plague and then when you are finally FORCED to do some work, you guys LOVE to pile work on other people and then you try to take the credit for it. But everyone sees through you doing that, ya know. But regarding the work style, yeah, you are right that I do prefer my tasks to be spread out in smaller chunks. I can get analysis paralysis if I get too much piled on at one time. But I have learned to deal with that by just breaking things up into smaller chunks on my own and then holding people accountable for not sending me their stuff in a timely manner. Not my problem. The way I see it, a lack of planning on your part does not justify and emergency on my part.

  20. It's so true about us being procrastinators because we don't know where to start. I've had to develop techniques to help me deal with that. Also I think we procrastinate because we are preserving our energy. That's what I do. I know once I dive in I am in for the long-haul and I don't want to jump the gun and waste my precious energy being inefficient with my time. I wait until I'm ready. That's interesting about mood being Fi. That sounds about right. And YES! about the difference between academic and intellectual. It cracks me up when people think they are intellectual when they are actually academic. INFPs are like that. I ADORE INFPs though so I think it's kinda cute.

  21. Regarding a short con on an INTJ, I don't think it's really possible, with me at least. You mentioned getting us to make an impulsive decision and while it is true that we WILL make decisions that appear to be impulsive, they are actually quickly calculated. It's not because we are being conned. I am highly aware when I'm being conned. But I'll often go along with it anyway simply out of curiosity or for fun. I am not offended by someone trying to con me because I can see what they are doing and I feel more powerful than they do so I don't have any resistance to them doing it. In fact, I'll play dumb and let them get away with it at times. Also, when it comes to making an impulsive decision to buy something for example, I am well-aware if I'm being manipulated but I'll often make the purchase anyway due to the desire to please my inferior Se. It's more about satisfying that pleasure. The manipulation just so happens to be going on at the same time but is not what is motivating me. I often make the decision to give in to my Se whether someone is trying to manipulate me or not.

  22. "Just because they are a mastermind doesn't mean that their mind cannot be mastered" C.S Joseph

  23. "What's up ego hackers?" LOL I like that. I know my Ti critic comes out sometimes on YouTube and I just want to say that even if I haven't shared it enough, I really do appreciate all the work you put into these videos. They are SUPER informative and there is nothing else like it on YouTube. I come to C.S. Joseph when I want to go deeper into MBIT. So, thank you for that! Great content!!! And you nailed it pretty well on this video by the way. Most of those statements are very true about the INTJ.

  24. Weeeeeelll, you may THINK you are using a long con on an INTJ but I promise you that we are holding back what we know, at least that's how I have always been. I see through ENTP manipulations "of the heart" on a daily basis. You guys are so funny. You are so obviously manipulative which I find it amusing and quite entertaining. It's so cute. Because I am Ni dom, I will just sit back and observe you trying to "con" me or others and I will be amused and curious about the techniques you attempt and will take mental notes, even at times trying to keep a smile from showing. I will never let on that I see you though. I don't feel paranoid by you doing it because know you can't get to me. I'm too aware that you are up to something and I'll put safeguards in place to protect myself if your intent is malicious. You said Ne can absorb Ni but you can only absorb the Ni that we share with you. There is a lot more going on under the surface than you realize. You have no idea.

    Okay, I just watched the rest of the video with the example of the INTJ giving up the algorythm. I guess some INTJs are susceptible. But to me it's so obvious when the ENTPs I know are brown-nosing. I have a coworker on my team at work and he and I have worked closely together for 5 years and I would not trust him as far as I could throw him. Many of my other colleagues have my trust but not him. I've seen how he works. We actually get along very well and work together very well but I see his compliments and brown-nosing for what it is and I don't take it to heart when he praises me. I smile big and thank him for it so he probably thinks he's softened me up but he hasn't. I am always suspicious of him because I know his motives are very selfish and he has no qualms about breaking with moral behavior. There is no way I would give him (or anyone else for that matter except my wife or parents) anything of great value to me such as a proprietary piece of intellectual property. I CAN see younger INTJs being susceptible to this ego-stroking though. It's true that we do love to be told how smart we are. I probably might have been susceptible to it when I was younger. But being older, I have much broader perspective and keen awareness and my intuition is rock solid. And I no longer need approval from others now that I've attained an internal sense of self-worth. I don't care what others think of me anymore. I am on a personal mission at this point in my life and I compete with myself.

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