How To Social Engineer ESTPs

hey it's yes justice es Joseph dot life doing another episode for season 21 episode 3 how to social engineer es TPS but before I get into that let me remind you that we have a coaching giveaway coaching session giveaway it's on Instagram the post is still there like that post leave a comment and make sure you're following us on Instagram to be entered to win the winner will be chosen like this weekend sometime ish we'll see I think it is this weekend but anyway that will be awesome to finally meet that person and the winner when that happens so I'm looking very forward to the you know the final the finalists I guess of that giveaway so anyway with that being said I'm gonna try to keep it a little bit lean tonight it's not like I'm gonna be leaving any information out but in terms of this lecture I'm just trying to be more conscious of time and just kind of see how we can go with it but I mean of course I'm just gonna go off-script like I do anyway and hashtag tangent my way to the finish line because that's what I do I'm not about going straight it's like yeah and then we're gonna get there so anyway also if you've noticed I'm kind of shooting like on a different piece of technology right now so let's kind of see how that works out I no longer on the iPhone 7 so we're going to see how this thing works out and hopefully the quality and the sound is dope I'm really hoping so and it's from my point of view right now it kind of looks like it to be honest so I'm kind of happy about it yeah definitely definitely working for me so far hopefully it works for you but we'll find out when we get there anyway how to engineer est pcs teepees aka the persuader they are direct initiating control part of the in charge slash structure interaction style and they are also the artisan aka SP so artisans are all about ESPYs and how do we know they're an SP while we know they're an SP because they are pragmatic so they're very independent and instead of like interdependent interdependent is more of an affiliative approach there were social rules social norms or or rules in general that are not necessarily social for example like laws processes routines etc affiliative people ask permission not forgiveness where it's pragmatic people like EST PS always ask forgiveness and never ask permission and also like they never apologize it's like super rare and for some reason STPs have this huge pride issue with apologizing to people because apparently they have to admit their insecurities when they apologize for some freaking reason who knows you know maybe if they would realize that sometimes when you apologize engaging and going forward that humility causes other people to be more endeared to them and more loyal to them but gosh it takes a long time for you know the STPs especially est PS to figure that out well one day they will maybe yeah when they're mature basically so yeah they're pragmatic they're very interest-based focused on what's your angle man or what's your interest in this well what's my interest of what am I getting out of this or what are you getting out of this that's very interest focused so these people is TVs a very interest based they're also concrete concrete means they focus on the what is and not necessarily the what if in fact they avoid the what if like the play and we'll talk about why that is in a few minutes but they are all about the what is there the master of the what is because they have se hero so make sure you respect that when you're trying to social engineer then and then also they are their interaction style is direct initiating control control means that they can go at their own pace they take their time everything has to be under control if it's not under control they're going to freak out and that lack of control if there's any chaos present they're just like wow this is bad and I'm losing my freedom and then wow so they have to like control things because if they don't control things then they're not going to have any freedom and if Annie STV doesn't have freedom well that's when they're going to turn into a giant green rage monster yes I'm quoting a Marvel film when I say that go Tony Stark anyway so just be aware that you don't want to make you no se raging you know Berserker estp mode come out so make sure you always get all the freedom and they want allow them to keep things out control they're very initiating as well so they have to go to other people to get what they need instead of necessarily waiting for someone to come to them and then keep them in the loop and keep them informed as to what's going on and then also they're very direct all about you know they're willing to be direct or be directive or give orders when necessary in order to keep things under control in order to keep things moving in a positive direction it's not necessarily movement oriented its directive it's just like hey what are we doing here hey why am i spending my time on this hey why are you spinning on your timers hey what are you doing it's that it's very direct and they're trying to figure out what's going on so that they can make a decision and move on to the next thing basically think of the estp is like the ideal person that you would want to be like a foreman on a construction site basically or someone who leads their wolf pack to victory that's kind of a very estp approach definitely not Donald Trump and for those of you out there that still maintain at Donald Trump's an es teepee I laugh at you you know and I thought in your general direction I mean seriously like stop doing that if you want to understand a little bit more watch season 20 episode 1 where we actually learn how to type Donald Trump appropriately that'd be nice then you come to realize that he's actually an ENTJ and not actually an estp so might want to check that out but regardless today we're going to be focusing on how to social engineer est peace so let's get into it so here is the estp mind or soul on paper white board so based on that we have se here oh so it's all about being aware of the physics you know because se uses physics so SES being aware at the moment what is happening right now what is that guy doing over there or how are those people reacting to this thing right because they always have to look at how others are going to react to a situation or for them to gauge their own reaction because they are worried about how they react to things with their si nemesis so they always want to see how other people are going to react to something especially like with food hey you know I need you to taste that because you're like my taste tester so that I know that if you have a good experience though that means I want to have that good experience too because you know I can see what you're doing there with my se here oh ha ha yeah I know I it's kind of interesting how es teepees use everybody else's their taste tester it's kind of I mean quite frankly I find it annoying but that's what they do and guess what es FPS do the same thing because hashtag se hero but anyway you have t.i parent all about the logic the logos if this then this they are aware of the true/false and they care so much about what is true what is false true false is everything to the estp because they have t.i parent their inner child is the same child that i have all about making the people feel good and and have balloons and candy and give all those balloons of candy other people make them feel nice and give them a hug and make them feel valued and cared for and all those warm and fuzzy things right after they identify the fact that you're weak and probably you're going to punch your lights out because they think for some reason that punching you is going to make you stronger right I was sorry that's just the est P schoolyard bully oh yeah I've been the victim of that a few times of course I mean that would make sense because like I was basically the fat kid in high school the entire time because lo and behold when I was like 15 years old I was on the verge and going in high school I was like on the verge of like 300 pounds like that was like insanely scary not something I recommend I think I actually weighed 287 pounds exactly at that point in time not what I would recommend and they have anti inferior oh they're very insecure about what they want and that's one of the biggest issues of the est piece is motivating them to do things because good luck motivating is TP because they just never know what they want because they're so afraid of wanting the wrong thing this is kind of what the reasons why est PS especially you know when it comes to romantic relationships they got a try like an est P man that guy's got to try a lot of women because he just doesn't know what he wants and you know I may as well just try them all until I figure out exactly what it is what I want for example that's just one loose example although their virtue is you know chastity and being like super chaste and chase doesn't necessarily mean not having sex at all chaste actually means they can still have like one devoted lover for example and that's still considered technically chaste per se right because it's within you know these social affiliative boundaries of sexuality etc that is generally accepted by humanity as we know it right so that's still technically che so that chaise ness basically allows them to you know be devoted to that one lover per se for a long or indefinite period amount of time right but up until that point when they're just cherry picking as much as they can I mean that's how it is I mean let's be honest my cousin his black book is well over 400 names I think it was maybe even at over 600 at one point in time he's an estp you know so you got definitely has that vice of nymphomaniac present so if you don't know what the virtue and vice of the estp is chastity versus nymphomaniac or as some would say in a comment section recently hypersexuality look I get that nympho mania is more feminine that's fine but you know what I'm gonna use it as the vice anyway because like it makes a lot of sense doesn't necessarily mean it has to be a feminine word besides est pees technically have a female in their head it's called the I have J subconscious and that's like very feminine so like I don't care from using Fenneman terms but thank you for your comment I appreciate the criticism but no still sticking to nymphomania on the vise on this one so yeah check that out for tuned by Sibley with Season seven check the estp episode it might be season 7 episode 2 I believe so it's learned about the version vice that you use TP might help you social engineer them anyway so yeah they're afraid of what they want we talked about worried about the experience that they're going to have they're very te credit very critical towards statistica's critical of other people's thinking to the point where they actually can are at risk of thinking that other people are stupid they say animal so far as the IACP just stupid zone people they're actually willing to listen to what people hear but then after a while they're just gonna just turn them off and then just move on to the next thing because they just can't handle it and then of course there's fi trickster EST PS have no concept of moral behavior at all of course then again neither do i because i also have fi trickster ya morals we don't do that and they don't and then there's expert intuition demon which is basically that one thing in their head that makes it impossible for them to even consider the what-if because they're so focused on the what is because of SE hero these people are not about the what-if so anyway that is the estp profile now let's talk about the actual techniques involved with social engineering these people so remember when you're going after somebody what is the first thing you need to do oh yeah that's right you emulate their highest compatibility type that's what you want to do that's the best strategy that you can utilize when social engineering somebody emulation and emulating their ideal highest compatibility type which is the highest TJ okay there shadow right so you want to emulate the is DJ so let's put it mister is TJ or miss is TJ in this particular example so there is the is TJ woman and she has si hero and then she has te parent and fi child and any nemesis followed by or any inferior excuse me foe by se nemesis GI critic FB trickster and n I demon yes we have her functions and those functions directly mapped to these nice if you don't know how the cognitive functions are mapping in this manner I recommend you watch season five cognitive synchronicity because for example expert sensing is always trying to find introverted sensing and consume introverted sensing or create intricate sensing x-ray thinking is trying to find introverted thinking expert feeling is trying to find introverted feeling expert intuition is trying to find introverted intuition this is cognitive synchronicity right so watch season five to learn more about cognitive synchronicity although I would like to say you know from a compatibility standpoint yes those are really important but that's just natural you know if someone's nature basically it is possible that from a compatibility standpoint to have relationships with other people that you don't not necessarily have as high compatibility with due to maturity and camaraderie basically and the more you know about like for example this science the more mature you are as a result you actually can have relationships and successful loving romantic amazing relationships even friendships etc sexual relationships or whatever was but he was not necessarily your highest compatibility right for example there was a someone recently he was like oh yeah i'm an entp and I'm married to 9 SF jey and then yeah you're right it's absolutely freakin hard until all of a sudden everything clicked one day 10 years into our relationship and we just understood each other then it's been great fantastic ever since okay sure so it takes a lot of acclamation there but the point is is that it can be done so whenever I talk about compatibility with this like off-script thing just don't freak out and if you haven't watched the social compatibility lecture in a lecture series I think its season 12 wow I'm like literally marketing instead of actually explaining a content tonight my bad not really anyway so x-r it's sensing definitely match to internet sensing TI maps to expert thinking and v maps introverted feeling and an eye maps to expert intuition demon okay great so hi CJ so what is that what is the scenario here so let's do a scenario um so let's say that this e is TP the is TJ woman has got her estp husband basically at this point it'd be like hey we need to go on a family vacation it's time we go on a family vacation and the estp is like yeah okay it is time to go on a family vacation the problem is the problem is in this example this is TP has a day job he also has his own company that he runs at home right this is actually a big issue for him and est pees when they're in that mode they can at times become like these insane workaholics right and it's usually because they're fu child is trying to go out of the way to produce and and and make things better and and make other people feel good especially their customers so they really really really really work Oh a lot and it's really I don't even know funnily enough there is EJ's shadow just puts them in this mode where they're like oh hey I really need to chill right now I need to take a rest and whatnot but yeah for the most part definitely they can go to like workaholism mode and then burn out after the fact it is a thing so in this particular marriage we'll say that this is teaching woman is trying to get her estp husband to agree to go to vacation well they already agreed to the thing is now is is well where are we going right and he has no idea he has no idea what he wants to do no clue why well because of am i inferior and she's trying to motivate him to go on a vacation she because she has si here oh it was exactly the kind of experience that she wants to have on vacation right and quite frankly she kind of wants to go to Disneyland with her and the kids it's the first time their family has ever gone to Disneyland and they have three children and he's been working pretty hard and she's like you know what I feel like we need a good Disneyland so we're gonna go to Disneyland but the thing is is that he's not sure that he actually wants to go to Disneyland he's thinking about maybe like going camping in Yosemite or potentially going to Universal Studios in Orlando Florida there's a lot of different options and he just does no idea what he wants to do and he's really insecure about it and he's never done it before and he just doesn't in just like little he just doesn't want to deal with it so the problem is though is that in their relationship he has full control over the finances it's not like she can just unilaterally make a decision and book a vacation she has to get his buy-in 100% during this marriage so what does she do right well like what does she do so this this scenario is actually modeled off of an anecdote that I observed of a couple of these sabes types a few years back so this is kind of like real-world application here just so you guys know so yeah he had no idea you had no idea what he wanted to do for his for for vacation so that became foam so now in comes the ISTJ woman she has to attempt to social engineer her husband or ESCP husband into actually considering or wanting to go on vacation because she's not going to force him because she's not going to pressure him because ICJ's do not like being pressured in doing things and they worry that sometimes that they're over pressuring other people and she is definitely not going to pressure him but at the same time she needs to get him to realize that it's his idea and his desire to actually go to Disneyland with the children for example so she has to begin a social engineering campaign to try to convince him that it's kind of his own idea and open up the purse to be able to go to Disneyland right and he's brought up a lot of comes you know well what if one of our children is too young and then I have to go on the rides what if it's too expensive what if this what if that what if that you know for someone who's very concrete gosh I love this hypocrisy about est peas for people who are so concrete they're constantly like well what if this happens well what if this happens well what if this happens right hilarious anyway I see here oh okay so how do you do this you emulate the cognitive functions right so I'm just showing you a specific is DJ estp marriage in situation but let's assume for a moment that this is not actually an ISTJ woman in relationship with this guy but this is actually an ENFP right so ENFP woman was married am and she needs to go into her ISTJ subconscious in order to get him to consider because she's always trying to motivate him with any hero and and i inferior just feels like so crazy right so I know that we kind of just did a little switch there but bear with me right so put it right here infp going ISTJ mode for the sake of this relationship and yes I do know a few enfps married to est peas it is a relationship that can work so the plan of attack how do you motivate the estp to make the decision to go to Disneyland that is the question and open up the purse strings to be able to do that right open up the purse got at that purse gotta get that vacation that we really really desperately want how do we do this well remember you have to go in and you have to convince the pessimistic functions to get on your side and for the ESCP that is the TI parent and the anti inferior of course the NI inferior is a really big one right now because that's literally what's inhibiting him from being motivated to do this because it is acting childs like well well what about my customers well what about the business what about you know and it's just like okay yeah I get there people there but you know you two you need to have like a vacation to you know what I mean so that's just kind of the directions goes so here's how you do it you go to the estp extra incensing hero is all about giving other people good experience so the ENFP has to go is CJ mode and just be like yeah you're you're doing a really good job you know thank you so much for making me comfortable right you basically have to immediately state from the beginning how comfortable you are how comfortable the estp is making you that's like the first thing you also have to demonstrate loyalty because se hero is all about loyalty so by making sure that you demonstrate loyalty and show that you have a really good track record of basically suffering without a vacation over the last two years and BAE and bring up hey you know I think we've done pretty good I've done pretty good for like the last two years you know mister estp husband of mine going on vacation we deserve a vacation and I'm here I've been uncomfortable with like not going on vacation I'm becoming on karma but I've been pretty comfortable pretty so far and I haven't raised an issue and it hasn't been a thing I really feel like I deserve this right that's kind of the direction you want to go with the estp because expert sensei hero is all about loyalty so si hero basically needs to demonstrate loyalty when you're emulating the ISTJ always demonstrate your loyalty always prove your loyalty so when you start talking to me as TP you got to be like hey I've been doing all these things for you okay I've been loyal to you I have never had a problem with you I've always been consistent for you I've always been comfortable with you you have always made me comfortable right it's very important because that will cause the ni in fury to realize okay yeah she's got a point she's been very consistent okay sure yeah here's another way of looking at it the FE Child the other optimistic function Fe child you know it's like hey so imagine it imagine if his huh imagine if the estp was married to an Fe user right and this F a user woman was like how did it go up to me like hey I feel this when she doesn't do that she's constantly trying to get him to feel something even though he can't because he has Fi trickster good luck that's not going to work so based on we have every child and then Fi so emulating a fight you gotta tell the estp hey you know I feel really good about you you make me feel so you make me feel really good I feel really good about us going taking the children to Disneyland right and you just make it about your feelings you may not necessarily care about your feelings you know as your social engineering this is TP against their will to go to Disneyland per se but if you're just making to be like hey I feel really good about this I feel I deserve this you make it about you with the estp you make it about how you feel and how you feel is a good thing how you believe it is a good thing right it's very important ci parent very hard to get past how do you get past TI parent because it's very logically pessimistic it's like yeah well that's nice that's that those are nice that do you think that but I don't care what you think I care about what I think right here's how you get past TI parent and remember in order to be successful in taking down estp you have to get past the pessimistic functions optimistic functions they kind of generally will go with you straight away just by default but you really need to get past the pessimistic functions because once you have the pessimistic functions you have all of the functions basically at that point because the optimistic functions will follow the lead of the pessimistic functions it's very very important you understand this so T e to the TI parent so the is TJ literally you have to emulate is TJ right so at this point you're emulating is TJ and you are producing this is gonna sound weird literal statistics showing how how much happier families are after they go to Disneyland right how how is a rite of passage for children to go to Disneyland for example or you know statistics that show you know relationship success as a result of going to Disneyland like literally all you have to do is do research gather up a bunch of reference points or a bunch of reference material and take it in front of your estp and just be like hey here's the facts it's only gonna cost this much it's only gonna take this much time here's the hotels like if you plan the whole thing out for the estp ahead of time include with oh by the way here's the additional benefits we're gonna get I mean you kind of like literally have to become a Salesman almost to the estp at this point but that's literally what you're doing you're gathering all of the reference material you make sure you have your all your t's crossed well if your eyes dotted the entire vacation plan ready to go because that way it just shows all the due diligence is done there's no stress in it and then the estp is not like having to use their own eyes TJ's shadow to try to plan it themselves it just stresses them out and they never want to do that so they're just automatically gonna say no right you want to avoid that so when you're emulating is TJ to motivate the ESCP and agreeing to taking the family to Disneyland vacation you have to provide reference points you have to provide data you have to provide information and it has to be organized like a te user would so okay here's the date that I that I feel like we should go on the trip I feel like we would want to go on the trip excuse me here's the dates here's the list this is where we're gonna stay this is like the best hotel it's gonna be a really good experience I'm gonna be really comfortable in this hotel literally state because you're ambulating SI that I'm going to have a very good experience at Disneyland under these circumstances under this plan because remember to get past the TI parent you have to have a sure-fire plan iron solid rock solid plan otherwise they're not interested because the only way they're going to be safe to feel safe or secure enough in wanting to do this this trip with you you have to convince them by showing them all of the everything is planned to the T this is how you get past T&I parent in an est P so you plan it out oh we got these dates we got this hotel we're going to go up this park on this date we're going to go that Park on that day and they literally have the entire thing figured out so you emulating the is TJ needs to go to the estp be like hey here's all the plans and then all the sudden TI parent though pessimistic is like okay yeah you've got a really good plan there and of course like esc peas always do they're gonna adjust the plan just slightly for them of course but at least you have a very nice well-thought-out well documented plan it's almost like you're submitting a proposal to the estp because of course if you do that there as a hero will like that because it's like wow you really put a lot of effort in this I really respect that you put a lot of effort into this proposal it's weird but that's how est peas work if you hand them a proposal that's really well thought out and well organized and every little detail about every little possibility about every little nook and cranny about the trip and the plan and you give it to them they're like oh wow okay yeah I want this because they see that you put a lot of effort into it and they want to honor that effort with their se here oh wow this person is very loyal to me and they definitely know what they're doing and anyone because wherever you see because all about how others react anyone would react really well to a proposal from their woman about this trip anyone react react to all the effort that they've done so I'm going to react well to it because that's how est bees work right so then you have anti inferior how do you get them to want things well so you have that plan right we're talking about that plan to get past their TI parent well guess what that plan here's the same here's what you gotta understand about anti inferior you always have to give it a choice see that's the thing when you're emulating ISTJ you have to emulate any you have to emulate any inferior so you emulate any inferior and you give them options think about it this way if you have an est P little girl and it's time for her to go to bed you do not tell the estp little girl that you just I'm to go to bed right now you don't do that you ask your CP little girl and you tell her hey it's time for bed do you want to go to bed right now or do you want to go to bed in five minutes and then she'll choose go to bed in five minutes you're good you wait five minutes you come back to her ok it's bedtime no daddy no but you said you want to go to bed in five minutes okay yeah I did and then off the bid they go see that's how it is TV's worked so to get past anti inferior you have to give them options so what you do is strategically speaking that plan you know with your te parent emulation that plan for the trip that you did you actually include actually plans for multiple trips in your proposal where it's the same trip so it's basically the st. like like look at it this way you tell the estp you can do whatever you want as long as it's within this little box you're gonna have full freedom within these boundaries so think of it that way with your extraverted thinking you can have full freedom within these boundaries that's literally how you at the frame run is TPS right so that's what you do you get your plan together and then you okay we have trip to Disneyland a trip to Disneyland B trip to New Zealand C trip to Disneyland D and trip to Disneyland / Knott's Berry Farm e right for example different plans but it's still the same plan just a few tweaks here and there and costs are different and what not and the estp has full choice seeing the cost the dates the times the hotel differences the park days with different parks potentially all of these options and they just feel so much secure about it and it really takes away that worry that there is i nemesis has why because guess what you as emulating is TJ the SE nemesis of the is EJ is actually giving a good experience to the estp by providing all these plans with different options right now let me tell you a so many when TI apparent yeah that's something I'd like to because let me tell you I hate I hate just as much as es teepees hate playing vacation it's really difficult and it's really nice to be able to delegate that to somebody else and then like there's options whatnot but even it like but the thing is that the difference between me and E is teepees I don't necessarily have to have a lot of options like the SUV does I'm kind of cool if it's just like one main thing and then as an entp I'll make some tweaks to it that I would like to add to it for my own personal Flair and I'm good to go so wouldn't be as much effort as it would be with the STP but the issue you would be like oh yeah far out man look at all these options so yeah we're definitely gonna be going to Disneyland with the family now and they're like super motivated all of a sudden you're like yeah even though over the past year and a half it's taken you so many conversations trying to motivate them to take the children and you to Disneyland it's a big issue well this is like sign like a Disneyland commercial my bad anyway so just understand you have to have a plan right to get past that it's all about the plan and then to get past the anti inferior it's all about options options options options when you're doing your social engineering attack on the ASTP you have to hit that TI parent you have to hit that in AI inferior because any once you win guess what because anti inferior is linked to SE hero it's even better because then all of a sudden with them motivated they're going to execute the plan that you gave them and they are going to not only go to Disney but they're going to seek to give you the absolute best Disneyland experience of your life because as you hear is all about creating memories and then they're gonna try to make it as memorable as possible so memorable that they never ever forget it so that you know their wife for example never never ever forgets it or their children never ever forgets it all because you as the social engineer provided the plan with all the options and they chose the option and they have for some reason in their head even though you technically did all the work they are they maintain that they're the ones giving the best possible experience for their family even though you did all the work but doesn't matter I mean at least you got what you want right you know a trip to Disneyland with the children and your estp husband right but that worked out just by you know what it means make sure you have a very solid well researched well referenced plan anytime you are going and you present that plan to your estp and you provide them options if you do not give them options options the most important part if you do not give them options they will automatically say no so you can't do that you have to remember the big picture you control the big picture let the little estp play around in the small picture right that's the power of ISTJ emulation emulate the ISTJ hey you can do whatever you want as long as it's within these boundaries that's the key to beating the e is TP once you've got the anti inferior you automatically have the SE hero on your side once you have the TI parent you automatically have fu child because it's like hey we have this amazing plan right here and then they used to be psycho yeah the kids are really gonna like this FB child is so excited about making the kids feel good and and feel valued and and having an se hero is really great about you know given the best possible experience that the children – and this is gonna be really great and we're gonna have fun and we're gonna do everything we're gonna eat everything including the churros at the churro wagon you know what I mean or the McDonald's french fry way in which for some reason that discontinued years and years and years ago and it was like literally right outside of like Thunder Mountain yeah I need to stop at the Disneyland commercials I really like Disneyland sue me anyway although I haven't eaten at club 33 yet I definitely want to one day but I didn't eat at the Blue Bayou which is also dope the Flying Dutchman I recommend that dessert so yeah so as a hero so here's another thing if the estp perceives you as somebody who is disloyal to them or someone who's like wavering and something or someone who's unsure that's the kicker when you're going to engage the SE here of the STP you better make sure you are sure you are 100% sure that your goal is that trip to Disneyland with the kids and the estp right that that's the goal that you are 1% sure and that you are sure about the plan you are presenting if the estp detects a lack of surety at all and if any amount of insecurity at all the estp is instantly not interested why because the is each a shadow requires security it requires safety you have to provide these things and the estp is relying on you to provide the safety and the security because you are sure because s JS right s JS provides safety and security for EST PS although II his TPS make s J's feel safe and comfortable and that's very important obviously but it's another thing on the other end that they also need to feel safe themselves because they're just trying to make you feel safe so that when they see that you feel safe then they feel safe right so if you're coming back to the ESCP you're trying to social engineer them they're not even gonna pay any attention to you if you are not sure because if you are not sure it leaves open this huge date of what if you got to keep the est P in the what is so you make it about the plan not about like if you leave anything out of the plan it would be like oh they're not really sure and then because they're not sure then that's not something they're gonna want to do see that's the thing about EST PS in order to motivate them to do anything you better be sure about what it is you are trying to motivate them about if they detect any form insecurity or lack of surety you're done you're completely done and they won't even consider anymore instantly tune you out nothing going on alright so let's talk about the shadow how to get past shall we kind of ready talked about the SC trying to deliver that really good experience to the SI nemesis take care of that worry also make sure that when you're presenting your plans the estp for whatever reason that is use that emulation of Ti make sure that UTI and verify and re-verify over and over and over again that the plan is a surefire as it is because if you want to motivate estp is you have to present them a surefire plan especially even if you're gonna try to manipulate them out of money or trying to get them like on an investment scheme of some kind all you have to do is prove oh yeah other people have gotten rich off of this before it's not just a get-rich-quick scheme even though it's like a total scam oh yeah these other people over here and here's the sure our plan that they followed if you can present that plan and look good while doing it and a pure appear as sure appear as verified appear as well planned and well thought out and well referenced with an amazing auto you know an amazing bibliography for example they'll be convinced and they'll think oh yeah because anyone would react really well to this guy anyone would be willing to invest with this guy anyone would be willing to book a Disneyland trip with the kids after it with a plan like this you know for example I'm just using the Disneyland trip as an example here but do you see my point it's applicable to anything these social engineering methods are applicable to anything when it comes to est Peas watch out for their TV critic they will critique that plan completely with a fine-tooth comb and if anything in that plan is off or if you're unsure about anything in that plan or if there's something not verifying that plan instantly throw it out the window they don't care anymore and they'll just know like literally you've just been tuned out it's like a mini door slam not gonna happen they're not interested okay and then with their Fi trickster you don't really have to worry about it because they're not really aware of their fi trickster and morals does not necessarily it's not really a priority of them in that lower Priory okay yeah sure so you can kind of avoid it but here's the issue the ex rate tuition demon that would be a problem because again you have to make sure that they're focused on the what is the what is is the most important part what is is everything now the big you know evil what if is right here on their demon you want to avoid the demon how do you do that well yes you have to give them options with their ni inferior which is important options are a big deal but if you don't have all the nooks and crannies like like your plans got to be so sure fire that it's rock-solid in their eyes right now okay sure there are a few things you could get away with you know because let's be honest is TPS are not exactly the best at handling fine print right and fine print squirty crank is but te they have such a low awareness of te that guess what EST fees are at risk of being you know taken for a ride in terms of fine print situations so when your social engineering them yes you can't nail them on fine print guess what enfps do this to EST PS on a regular basis it's all about the fine print now TI apparent at certain times from the ECU standpoint they can as they mature learn about the risks of fine print because they want to make sure beyond a shadow of a doubt that this is exactly what they want and that if the other person sure I need to be sure to write so there's actually a sureness reversal there that you have to be aware of to get to put one over on the EST P or to motivate them to do something or a social engineer there to do something again you have to provide options and have that rock-solid plan very very important make sure you give them an experience but again that it can be done through the rock-solid plan that's why I did like they're the primary thing here ite critic will go through everything with a fine-tooth comb that's ok as long as you have verified and you went through it with a fine-tooth comb that every option of the plan every version of the plan that you provided is good it guess what you can make mistakes you can actually make mistakes in this area with your plan do you know how the more options you provide them to look you could actually have some mistakes in there because if they see a mistake one of the options those throw out the option but the plan is still there you're still in the game with the estp you're still there they could still make a decision you know because ultimately your goal is to to the trip to Disneyland right so you haven't lost the war if they just get rid of one of the options all they found a mistake there's there's there's there's a lack of verification here or you're not I mean there's there's there's too many what-ifs here and I'm not good with that that that option okay okay they got rid of the option but you're still in there and then guess what since you provided that most offers you know what they're usually gonna do instead of throwing all the options because they see that you've gone to so much effort as a hero knows and Effie child knows that you've gone through so much effort and they don't want to make you feel bad after there's so much effort through this big proposal to the estp because they're gonna feel guilty guess what they're more likely to agree to it because you've gone through so much effort to provide them that plan and all those options so when your social engineering and estp by putting in so much effort and verify and having this rock-solid plan and providing them options right so they can make the choice they're actually likely going to yes they will make a choice that favors you this is known as the Zanna tous gambit very important xanto's gambit and this is one thing that when you're emulating ISTJ you want to do the Santos gambit is how you take down is TP social engineering wise it's like it doesn't matter what option you place in front of the estp every decision they make leads to you winning the game you win the social engineering you winning right because when you provide a surefire plan and that surefire plan it's a bunch of options so they say oh no this plants got too many what F so this plan is not going to work you know and then you give them a through F options and they get rid of four of them and you're down to two options left right a b c d e f and then guess what well only a and c are left but the fact that you went to that much effort guess what they're just going to choose it's just like that little girl do you want to go to bed now or do you want to go to bed five minutes notice how the decision is not necessarily going to bed or not the war is you want them to go to bed but the battles are the choices that you give them but guess what we're Carla's at which battle or which choice they choose you still win the war it's called a Santos gambit that is how you take on Ernie is TP so they're gonna feel guilty that you went through all the effort to do this and guess what they're going to pick one of the options and you have just won the war that is how you defeat an est P in a social engineering situation because every child will feel guilty and si hero will be like wow you put in a lot of effort and if they don't choose and not good and besides you went through all that effort you seem really sure about this okay because you're so sure about this this makes me feel secure with my SI emesis okay yes that is something I want to do I want to choose this option and bingo you've just won the war your estp has agreed to take you and the children to Disneyland and he's already pulling out the credit card and you're good to go you've just won awesome remember the Zanna toast gambit everything I've just talked about is literally the Zanna toast gambit look it up XA n a TOS and then G a mbit/s Anna tose gambit it is very important it is the core strategy as to how you defeat and social engineer and estp or like how to motivate them etc that's how you do it and you emulate ISTJ you perform the Santos gambit and you will beat them every single time because guess what they don't want to let you down they don't want to feel guilty they know you put through all that effort and you seem really really sure about it to them so because that okay well I guess that's a decision that I'm going to have to make and yeah I I definitely want to do it this way and then then they do it and then all of a sudden they realize that you know even though it was your plan they think it's their idea and they're they're giving the executing your plan and giving a really good experience to you and the children yeah and it's the best trip ever yay even though like you technically did all the planning so yeah performing the Santos gambit and you will succeed at social engineering and estp if you found this lecture useful helpful educational enlightening insightful please subscribe to the channel here on youtube and on the podcast leave a like while you're at it and also comment if you have any questions about es TPS or anything in the comment section I will do my best to answer your questions as I usually is like I read all the comments also if you haven't joined our discord yet please join a disc or the link is in the description below so that you can get in on our Q&A session live streams every two weeks I'm gonna actually do them every week eventually we're getting we're just we're beefing up we'd get more I've streams available and you got some new equipment right now we're playing with it I think this video actually had to be edited just one slight thing because for some reason the camera decided to stop working 38 minutes in or something like that but we're gonna get it fixed and it's not gonna really inhibit anything here it's just you know re-recording something after 38 minutes kind of sucks if you know what I mean but doesn't matter it is what it is it's the price you pay for learning new equipment because you know I'm an SI in fear you're asked to make every single mistake in the book before I actually get it right if you know what I mean because trial and error and failure and embracing failure is the way to success for en TPS and technically enfps but it is what it is so awesome well with all that being said I got a lot to do tonight so I'll see you guys tomorrow have a good night

  1. Persistence is key when dealing with pessimism. case in point a problem we are now dealing with is two cats and fleas. He wanted comfortis I want diatomaceous earth , cinnamon, tea tree oil, catnip oil, dawn soap, apple cider vinegar and flea traps. Yes my plan is more effort but it costs less and is safer for the cats. I have won him over because I am doing all the work and buying the stuff we dont have. The YouTube video on flea traps is not how he prefers it to be so we have changed its design to be somthing he is happy with. So I get what I want and he is content. So yes what you are talking about works.

  2. One tip for dealing with organizing an estp that I have found to be helpful is get up earlier. If you are up 2 to 3 hours earlier and get everything nice and ready for them when they get up. They especially like having a nice meal ready when they get up.

  3. Good point about maturity. I have a estp that has survived being an adrenaline junkie. So although he has alot of trouble dealing with me being in the past and the future as opposed to the present he loves ths effects of me planning. I have to be about twice as organized as I am inclined to be to compensate for his lack of planning but his loyalty far outweighs this behavioural patterning.

  4. Wow…LOL…so what do you think about this…I am an ENFP and I have been waiting for a social engineering video about INFJ, But I decided to watch this one, because due to extreme circumstances he is almost always "in the grip" (ESTP) anyway. I have been trying to understand why an ISTJ has so much power over him…..LOLOLOL…NOW I get it!!! 😂

  5. Your critics are full of shit. How can they not see it? If. If they find out their type for sure, then watch or rewatch your videos, they can’t deny the validity. If the videos for their type don’t ring true, they must not be correctly typed. Some alternate types might seem close, but the correct type will be comprehensibly nailed by your descriptions. I do think DSP is onto something in that some people self-type “upside down.” I did (INFJ). Then I explored the intuitive types one by one and nothing “stuck.” It wasn’t until my family told me everything I do is “Se,” that it even occurred to me to bark up that tree. Your videos, nailed it perfectly. So again, your critics need to recognize. Oh and I’m happily married to an ISTJ for 21 years after…let’s call it, “some trial and error.” OK, a lot. -ESTP

    P.S. How does it feel to be The Guru?

  6. This is literally what I do! Omg this was so on point!! Planning option a b c trip to Disneyland. Oh ya and there is the Universal studio version I have to talk him out of by letting him decide by my research chart that the kids were sized perfectly to enjoy Disneyland but Universal is so exciting lets do another trip when the kids are older. . . Lets enjoy this Balanced well thought out Disney trip which is your favorite version the budget friendly budget neutral or the most kid friendly version Hahaha

  7. I think after listening to your ESTP play list my husband may be an estp I thought he was an enfj but after I'm not sure any more hmmm:)

  8. The automatic “no” is a real thing and can be very frustrating. I can personally attest that if you can convince them that your idea is their idea, it works! Remember, pride must take a backseat when they take credit for your idea. The important thing is that they said “yes!”

  9. Absolutely, direct, initiating, control, concrete, pragmatic, interest.

    Come up with ways to help him engage the ability to admit fault without having it affect his self-esteem negatively… Find ways to impress upon him the separation between his identity and his behavior.

    Chastity/nymphomania virtue/vice. Make sure he has a constant supply of condoms.

    Se hero (optimistic): the current moment; wants to know how others are judging current situation; never drink those weird concoctions he makes (in case you needed the reminder…);

    Ti parent (pessimistic): logos; true/false;

    Fe inner child (optimistic): making people feel good; make sure he isn't punching people like Chase;

    Ni inferior (pessimistic): insecure/afraid about what he wants/wanting the wrong thing;
    Be aware of moments when you can help him clearly and calmly analyze choices. Good to do a zen walking meditation before hand.

    Si nemesis (optimistic): worried about his own reaction because he has to gauge other's reactions through Se to get a handle on his Si;

    Te critic (pessimistic): critical of other's thinking; thinks others are stupid; if something is important you need to come up with a direct communication before hand to address it, avoid the informative style;

    Fi trickster (optimistic): doesn't judge based on morality; doesn't respond well to others moral imperatives;

    Ne demon (pessimistic): can't consider "what if" so focused on "what is";

    Emulate ISTJ: Si, Te, Fi, Ne, Se, Ti, Fe, Ni. Watch season five "cognitive synchronicity." Have to convince Ti, Ni. Start by telling him that you are really proud of how well he is taking care of his responsibilities, and that is making you feel very comfortable with his decisions. Remind him of your loyalty to him and his development. Fi—>Fe is about talking about your feelings, not his feelings. You feel that his decisions could hurt/help him. Te—>Ti provide statistics that support your position. Benefit analysis. Who, what, where, when, why. Fully planned. Ne—>Ni provide choices (but not so many that it triggers Ne demon).

    Don't expect him to have fun brainstorming solutions or plans. Wait until you are sure of something and are able to express your surety. Verify solution's surety over and over. Tell him lots of other people have benefited from this, lots of other people have tried it this way and it works.


  10. It's very hard to work for an ESTP boss as an INTP (consulting in a software project)

    I have especially trouble with the following points:
    1. being micromanaged (meanwhile I am not even telling him what I am working on for not being said how I should solve it)
    2. being interrupted while explaining my ideas, often with completely new facts that he didn't tell me before so I have to rethink everything and can not counterargue immediately.. and he hates uncertainity..
    3. not being appreciated for my analytical skills
    4. too political, not solution oriented
    5. gets aggressive in discussions
    6. not aware at all of what future impacts his decisions might have

    He has good attributes also. But I think I can not apply my full potential. For everyone else I am the expert, for him I'm just an unorganized standard analyst. Rather appreciates the ESTJ, which has no expertise or analytical skills at all, but good at reporting him timetables for solutions made by me.

    I hope to meet some other ESTPs, but currently this is the view I have based on the one person I know. Thanks Joseph for helping me understand why he is that way. Since then I can see the situation objectively.

  11. This was super helpful! I watched it to prep for an ESTP convo tomorrow. I’m not sure if I’m even capable of emulating an ISTJ, but I feel better equipped than before I watched this! Thank you!

  12. Wouldn't it make more sense to replicate an ESTJ so that the optimistic functions like the optimistic Te hero help the pessimistic Ti parent and the Ne child helps the pessimistic Ni inferior?

  13. Well since I am not a native English speaker I maybe have misconfused your real meaning but saying that ESTPs have not a moral behavior I find it false. They (we) act according to our values, I am a man of values not every time but I much as I can. I dont take my decisions according to my values but more of a logical calcul, still I refuse to do something that may goes against my principal values. Like stealing, being a trash or a bullying the weakers.. Still the non-principals values can be banded if needed. Like there s like a month ago I've made fake official documents because I dont have them officially and everything could have been stop because of this and I convinced the secretaries to close their eyes and accept my not really official documents. So they did.
    It is a exemple of an ESTPs behavior I believe but saying that we dont have value I can't agree upon this. We do have core value.

  14. Lol I just noticed I do the ISTJ already naturally. Selling in my own name when I want something. Explains why I’m so good at organising although I’m a P. I’m always the one organising everything from A to Z for my group of friends. I do prepare a proposal that only accepts one answer lol

  15. You lost me at Disneyland. Me: What ISTJ wants to go to Disneyland?! Ah so she is ENFP. Ok, makes total sense now lol

  16. Do INFJ’s naturally social engineer people? These are the only lectures where I find myself saying “I already know this” but, had no idea how to make sense of it. Ni is a tricky little thing I have to catch up to my thoughts. It’s just as beneficial as it is difficult but, at least I can navigate my way out of conflict somehow. In any other situation when I try this it’s insincere, I forget how and it doesn’t work.

  17. This video had me laughing so loud with the truthfulness. Just…wow. We really have our hands full with these ESTPs.

  18. thank you so much Joseph. For someone like me who cannot understand social ques this social engineering videos are very useful; because it allows me to speak to personalities I would usually try to avoid.

  19. Just awoke from one of the wildest dreams I’ve ever had about an ESTP who I had a very strange & intense hot/cold relationship with. Hadn’t thought of him in years, and now just woke up with my heart beating out of my chest, digits numb, and what felt like an electrical storm passing over me (wasn’t a sex dream, just very indicative of the kind of chemistry we had). The first thing I did was laugh maniacally out loud, the second was pull up this video👍None of my peers got it at the time as they couldn’t see for the life of them why we were drawn to each other. The best I could do at explaining it was to say “he’s me in a parallel universe” or something trite like “there’s a lot of me in him and vice versa”. Fast forward a few years when I came upon Jungian psychology in my collegiate studies and of course found out I’m an INFJ (we’re each other’s subconscious types). Wondering if anyone’s had or heard of a similar experience with the subconscious. I’m sure it’s happened millions and millions of times; just curious from an anecdotal standpoint. 

    Also I would argue that the whole alpha-vibe is a very superficial one in some cases. I.e. My current boyfriend, a mature ENTP handily mopped the floor with this same ESTP ex a few years ago at a party when he (the ES) tried to show him up before he knew who he was actually dealing with 🤣

  20. I went from stressed to excited in going to Disney, just like you described. I wish I could send these pointers to everyone that works with me and it be totally acceptable (cause ya know ESTPs do what people think is acceptable )

    More comments: You typically associate ESTPs as male, unless talking about their vice. You stated a female as the subconscious, does that make all ESTPs’ conscious a male?

  21. 7:50…. You we're the fat kid? stooop! Pounds go up….pounds go down a Souls beauty is eternal. Got to love a late bloomer❤

  22. Are you going to be able to keep this up at a few videos per week for years to get through all this content?

    PS – audio/visual is better. Make sure to stand off to the side when showing the board so I can fully see what you're showing ( just when you're explaining something on the board).

  23. Wow now I know why it's so exhausting working with an estp. I just want him to execute my plan and all I get is no. Picture quality looks great btw.

  24. Yes, very true, I can be easily manipulated with options.
    "You want to go to bed now or in 5 minutes?" works with me.

  25. hi chase, really enjoying the series! i know that you'll eventually get to it, but i had a quick question about introverted types-

    is it harder to engineer with them, since their 1st and 3rd functions are introverted ( therefore fed by another's extraverted counterpart ), yet the more cynical 2nd and 4th functions are extraverted, feeding outwards ? i understand cognitive compatibility, but does it work the same way for introverts as extroverts?

  26. there is a question if u can help, i think ur good at this stuffs just latly im learning about shadow functions, most of times i typed as ENTP, and im caring and warm its explained by Fe , but at same time i'm very moral deeply Moral so i dubted that i'm en ENFP after hearing that ENTP's lack of moralty by that blindspote Fi as 7th fuctions, i like sport and and im skilled at sports so that make doubt about ESTP, but im procrastinator ,and i it clear that Ne is so strong in me and Se in real life is weak,PEAPOL are amazed that i cant memorize well roaeds of streets i pass by it many times, cus im in my thinking when im walking, driving eating, even when im swimming lol, and im pterry sure about my kind of thinking is Ti, and clear that im perciever and and procrasitinator, and messy, nd have many interstin my life, and i get distcarted alot, and in studies, im kind who act wat if, why we didnt do that that way for other informations, i have master degree in pruduction of hydrocarbbons, and i work in that field, and i also study politic since and im very interested in psycho, and im willing to study it hope u can help?? i will apreciate thanks

  27. Whoah. BLUE?! Taking big risks, there, Chase. Stepping out of your comfort zone. Slow down there, cowboy; you're playing with fire. Colorful fire. 🌈🔥🎲

  28. Hey C.S. Joseph I love your content you are by far my #1 youtuber when it comes to knowledge on MBTI. I wanted to ask if MBTI relates to how intelligent one can become or how athletic they can become and if it is then why is that?

    Also if that is the case how would you rank the mbti types in terms of intelligence and athleticism?

    Keep up the amazing content by the way your videos are 🔥🔥🔥🔥.

  29. "Hypocrisy about ESTPs, so concrete" It's not like ESTP who don't know typology would claim to be concrete and therefore want to not say "what if" 😏
    We got our egos and the unconscious can be alright for some. So… In order to properly pull this off in general, anyone should practice emulating especially their seventh and eighth function?
    I think you helped me a lot with this lesson in particular, I got an ESTP "comrade" to convince of a few things =) Of course, in both of our best interests! 😉

    I'm looking forward to the episode on ENFJs, but really to all other episodes to come this season. Because I think everyone should know how people most easily screw them over. Now that I am at least aware of the principle, I think I retroactively caught an ENFP socially engineering me. The best part is, there was another ENFP, a friend of mine, sitting next to me, who was completely onto them and called them out on their "bullshit", as he put it. But I was so optimistic about the first ENFP that I talked my friend into letting me give them a chance first.

  30. Or the ENFP can pay an INTJ friend (a small fee) to develop a written plan with options and then use her natural sales skills. A number of ENFPs have mentioned that they hate developing plans and/or doing things such as taxes because it stresses them out.

    But then they can always go back and add their own small print.

  31. A few takeaways I got out of this.
    1) ESTPs want: To believe you're comfortable with them. To believe you're loyal to them. To have choices/options. That you are putting in a lot of effort/diligence by having thorough, well thought-out plans.
    2) Give the ESTP options, even if the most favorable options (to them) still work to your advantage (e.g. do you want to go to bed now, or in 5 minutes?)
    3) Produce statistics/research which prove that your plan is good for them
    4) Make sure your options and plans leave no room for uncertainty (ISTJ emulation)
    5) Be certain or at least emulate certainty. If the ESTP thinks you are insecure or iffy about one part of the plan, they may abandon that whole part of the plan.

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