How To Social Engineer An ENFP?

hey guys it's CS just of a CS Joseph dot life doing another episode for season 21 how to social engineer we just finished with how to social engineer en TPS and talked about the risks of Stockholm Syndrome that ent PS end up being a victim too and to the point where they're willing to lie cheat and steal for the sake of their abusers because their abusers utilize them in such a way to create loyalty and it's that kind of loyalty that will basically get in the way of you know well it's what completes the social engineering attack so anyway today's episode we're going to talking about enfps and while enfps are pretty similar to en TPS because they have at least half of the cognitive functions that an intp would have they have a completely different approach to how they go about doing things in terms of how to social engineer them now like with en TPS obviously emulating a specific type or actually being a type or having a type that is the subconscious of the type Nebuta like necessary to utilize for the sake of social engineering enfps yeah that's definitely legitimate do the same thing in en TPS and that type was the INTJ but with enfps wow that was like word salad with enfps it's a little bit different we're using the infj archetype in order to attempt to social engineer and ian's or an ENFP so let me see if I can bring up my GPS so I know where I'm actually going there we go so that being said ENFP is known as the advocate they are they're the starter type and formative initiate movement all about movement all about progress because they're so progress oriented so process oriented if you keep them focused on the process they won't really necessarily look at the outcome and because of that it leaves them open to attack now I have one or two scenarios that we're going to be covering today regarding enfps and how to social engineer them and some of these scenarios are derived from anecdotes some of them are not so we'll just leave it up to the audience to figure out – which ones which but as for most the information that we go through or go over it's a it's pretty similar in terms of you know like I do make send a lot of anecdotal stories to try to convey the social engineering method itself so anyway their starter types or temperaments are idealist which means they're affiliative always focused on doing the right thing they instead of what works they're abstract so they're constant looking at the what if instead of the what is which you could also use to your advantage as well because if you get them focused on the what if they won't realize that you're taking them down right in front of them etc from a social engineering standpoint and they're also a very interest base they're constantly thinking about what's in it for me as well as what's in it for the other guy fairness does not necessarily mean that much to them yeah sure if we could turn into a win-win that's fine but they're definitely willing to do a win-lose as long as they're the winner and that's one of the difficult aspects of enfps that you know everyone else just kind of has to be aware of you know they're definitely willing to do a win-lose scenario if it means they're the winner because by no uncertain terms at the end of any kind of agreement or business deal or however they go about approached approaching things the ENFP will come on top damn it and that's basically how they approach life in general that could be business that could be relationships that could be divorce it doesn't matter they always ensure that they will get on top another thing about enfps is that they're very good at surveillance and it's not just necessarily surveillance in terms of like installing security cameras or watching your every move their rolodex is so large and so powerful that they basically command gigantic social networks where everyone knows everyone information and having information and brokering information and sharing information like sales leads for example connections and everything is the main currency of an ENFP and when you're attempting to do a social engineering attack against an ENFP archetype you better make sure that you have your butt covered in that area because if you don't they'll know exactly what you're up to and they'll actually discover what you're doing in fact they will see you coming when you're attempting to social engineer that they will always see you coming so what you have to do is do something completely different sure you know similar to how ent PS are our social engineered you know by INTJs when an infj approaches any and FB the infj can really get them to let their guard down because remember when it comes to SI inferiors it's all about getting them to let their guard down so how how exactly do you cause a an ENFP to let their guard down well there's a lot of different it's a lot of different methods that you could utilize but it usually comes down to making them comfortable and remember you know from our from our specific method you want to make sure that you're getting the optimistic functions on your side while simultaneously making sure the pessimistic functions are basically either ignoring you or just happy that they're optimistic functions are being handled right so what this means is specifically for an ENFP you want the expert intuition hero and you want the expert at thinking child on your side extra thinkin child they they just really got to be around smart people and extraverted thinking child if you're coming and approaching the CFP and if they feel like you're dumb if they feel like they're smarter than you they're not gonna have any respect for you and then as a result of that the social engineering attack is going to fail this this can be an issue like if you're like ti inferior for example for like an e sfj or an ENFJ going to attempt a social engineering attack on an ENFP it might be a good idea for you to partner up with somebody who has a stronger TI like a TI child or a parent or even a hero might be more appropriate because those cognitive functions really jive with te child te child there's no choice but to respect those functions and because of that te child will end up being on the side of your side basically because th I'll just be like oh this person's smart I should probably listen to what this person has to say etc that's kind of where it's all about right now remember E&M fees are all about personal brands right they're all about their own personal brand their own reputation their own status status reputation their personal brand is absolutely everything to them that's why Robert Greene who just happens to be an NFP row in the 48 laws of power one of his laws so much depends on reputation guard it with your life right it's because your reputation can actually save your life and produce tons of opportunities for you on a regular basis and enfps are aware of this more than anyone right so that means any time you're going to attempt to social engineer an ENFP they're gonna be thinking what's in it for me like literally what is it what's in it for me we need to convey to them is that their status will increase their reputation will increase that's their value will increase right there is an increase there's a growth there that makes them look good that makes them feel great about themselves that makes them enjoy that status that they have etc right well status is everything to an ENFP and if you're able to convince them that by them doing what you are coercing or social engineering or manipulating them to do for you will increase their status they're all for it they are all for it because like Ian TPS enfps are actually really vain well welcome to si inferior si inferior is all about vanity because it's all about what makes Si inferior comfortable right it's all about what makes them comfortable and ENFP is all about how they feel and what makes them comfortable right it's all about them and you know and that's the thing so that's that's what leads to the depravity because they're so focused on their selves they're not even paying any attention to anybody else especially because you know se Diamond doesn't care whether or not other people are comfortable because si inferior cares about whether or not they themselves are comfortable right in as much as it is E&T peace it is not the NT peace job to make other people feel comfortable it is not it is everyone else's job to make the intp comfortable it is still the exact same for an ENFP it is not an ENFP job to make other people comfortable people need to be making the ENFP comfortable and if the ENFP in a social situation or whatever is not comfortable no one's going to be comfortable because that se demons going to come out because remember guys when the inferior function is ignored right the demon will come out and if an ENFP is uncomfortable they're either going to destroy reality they're going to destroy the moment they're going to destroy the social interaction there and whatnot to in a bid to try to get attention from other people because ENFP see that if there's no attention on them then their personal brand or their own sense of self-worth has no value te child needs attention right they absolutely need as much attention as they could possibly get so that's an issue that's a problem right so what do you do in that situation you know how do you how do you social engineering and ENFP well the answer is as I just said previously you need to emulate or actually be an infj we're having an infj subconscious by being an infj are having infj subconscious or Alize going on if your right to emulate infj the ENFP will let their guard down they'll let you in let you in on their inner circle let you take advantage of the rolodex there are connections they'll even be a little bit more charitable to you they'll go out of their way to you and then they'll they'll feel loyal to you and they can get so loyal that they will follow you over a cliff and they will literally believe everything you tell them and I mean everything te child will believe everything you tell them much to the chagrin of their family much to the chagrin of of anyone around them right you know it's kind of interesting because NF P's infps enfps they could there it's funny though you look at cult leaders right and NF PS are typically like if you're going to take all the cult leaders in the world and stick them in the into one place and then count and figure out and type all of them guess what the majority of them would be n FPS right why is that well remember enfps are really good at selling they're really good at sales they're really good at selling people on ideas right because te child was all about getting people to think new things or to think differently because of that people and believing what they say it's a it's a very good sales technique it's a very good sales tactic basically and and as a result of that enfps are like oh hey yeah I got all these people sold you know they're amazing they got the sales pipeline going maybe that pipeline is a people pipeline for their cult who has no idea you know like no idea here but that can't happen right I've actually been the victim personally of an ENFP lead cult a religious cult in my life and that has definitely happened so like it's a thing it's honestly it's honestly a thing to be aware of but they're so good at sales and why is that relevant it's relevant because when someone can sell other people something they can be sold themselves they can be absolutely sold because from their point of view if I could sell their people then there's definitely something out there that can sell me you see what I'm saying and it's because an ENFP especially in their immature youth they get sold on things they get sold on ideas they get sold like like typically you look at all those people doing Amway or AdvoCare or ACN 5linx gosh there's so many multi-level marketing companies aka pyramid schemes up there have you guys ever wondered that they are you know enfps predominantly NFP s talking about leadership and and passion and all those guys on stage you know talking about all these things right typically there are n FP s en F B's they're amazing at selling anything they could sell the gum off the bottom of their shoe they're fantastic social engineers and because there's fantastic social engineers and fantastic manipulators in of their own right well guess what those enfps end up you know at risk for social engineering themselves because they sell others they too can be sold see I don't get it why often people think that enfps can't be sold or enfps can't be manipulated or they can't be social engineered it's the same kind of thing with Ian teepees right Andy's the Pathfinder types as I call them the Pathfinder types cuz they're all about trying to find the best possible path for everyone right kind of like the shaman there the shaman types and peas well they're not alphas it's funny because Ian's peas try to become alphas but they're not alphas their beta is at best and they usually start out as omegas and really really weak and then they become the super strong beta the difference is is that unlike the Alpha who is the chief of the village the enp is the is the shaman of the village just as respected as the chief and just as influential and and in some cases powerful but remember the chief of the village is all about what is it's all about power and they're married to that village they can't go outside that village but the shaman of the village wields instead of power it wields influence and the thing is that's what he and FPS are they are influencers so who influences the influencer who watches The Watcher right ah that's the thing that's that's the strategy right there you have to become the influencer of the ENFP because the ENFP to get those ideas from somewhere that te child is a collector of ideas right they have to get those ideas from other people right and then once they have those ideas they could confer those ideas upon others and then they're literally manipulating the thoughts of other people to get those people to do something for them and such a way that the ENFP benefits more than the other person typically especially in immature enfps now every now and then you'll get a really mature at ENFP there's all about charity for example I was dealing with an ENFP recently and I didn't really like the guy at all but I had a better opinion of him when I found out that he pulled out $80,000 out of his own pocket to pay his staff this last month and even though sales have been really slow things are not going really well you know and and he's in real estate right so and it's interesting my friends tell me who are very very intelligent and I've been keeping track of the market for decades at this point and they're like oh yeah man we're in a some recession now and he's been in the recession for about four to six weeks it's no wonder that houses are not are not moving right now it just seems like we're not but we really really are and I think people are I don't know are they waking up to that I don't know I'm not a financial expert but when it comes to this real estate ENFP he's he's having a really hard time he's absolutely struggling and to watch him pull out $80,000 to pay all the payroll for his own people out of his own pocket it's really amazing to me now whether or not that's actually true because you know this is an ENFP we're talking about we should probably verify that right but giving you the benefit the doubt let's assume that's true that is very charitable right and that's the kind of charity that enfps are capable of so guess what you could social engineer enfps into being charitable I don't know how many times I've seen enfps out on the street trying to get trying to raise money for charity right constantly running raising money for charity and then and then they themselves can also be sold into being charitable it's kind of interesting to see that so anyway so what is the method what is the method the method is to emulate infj and infj is the highest compatible type with enfps their cognitive functions introverted intuition hero matches directly with expert intuition here I've written tuition arrows trying to consume introverted intuition here oh it loves the willpower that it provides the FE parent of the infj is trying to find someone who's of high moral fiber which is the FI parent of the ENFP etc the te child of the ENFP is looking for TI child of the infj and the SE inferior of the infj is trying to make the ENFP si inferior happy and and comfy and cozy and create loyalty and gain loyalty from the ENFP right so it's a match made in heaven these two types love being around each other these two types feed off of each other and they help each other grow together that's why it's a fantastic relationship so all you have to do is either be one or emulate that type because as a result of emulating it all the cognitive functional needs that the ENFP has is being met right so let's actually look at the method so remember the hero function and the child function those are optimistic functions within the ego and the pessimistic functions are the parent function and the inferior function also knows the aspirational and remember each of these functions are on a cognitive axis with each other right not to be confused with cognitive orbit cognitive orbit is something completely different cognitive orbit is when you have a function in the ego linked to a function in the shadow that's cognitive orbit the cognitive axis is when you have the parent linked to the child and you have the hero linked to the inferior what that means is is that when you begin your social engineering attack what if you do if you make a decision or you do something to push or pull one of the cognitive functions and the enfps ego then the other function will be affected directly by that right so there you go how do you get past the pessimism right so you want to make them comfortable immediately off the board because that si inferior insecurity is going to be the biggest problem and then you have the FI parent the FI parent just absolutely has to feel good about everything and it is really hard to convince fi parent you have to go out of your way because it is so pessimistic without it feels and quite frankly it's selfish so you have to appeal to the selfishness you have to appeal to the vanity you have to appeal to the increase of status for the ENFP you have to make him feel really good like he's making a great decision like this is the best decision of my life right so that's that's the thing so the idea is is that when you're when you're emulating infj you are putting forth all of that cognition all of those functions introverted intuition here ofe parent di child and SE inferior to make sure that the cognitive needs of the ENFP are being met and then as a result of that they are receptive to Inception and you could basically insert feelings and thoughts but mostly feelings into the heads of the ENFP and then that will create loyalty loyalty to you in such a way where they will be willing to fall off a cliff for you so the scenario let's talk about the scenario right now the scenario the scenario itself is a very interesting approach because the scenario while the scenario itself is actually based on you know recent events I had a bunch of different ENFP scenarios picked out but I'm gonna go with the more recent one because it's very very practical and I don't necessarily want to paint enfps in a bad light I had another scenario where I could have it was involving an ENFP who's social engineered their way into a company and ended up taking a ownership of the company out from under a family etc and then what they did in response to get the company back from the ENFP but this other scenario I kind of wanted to look in the direction of a charity situation and so basically if I had just mentioned the real estate agent he put forth eighty thousand dollars to cover the payroll of his employees at his real-estate firm absolutely a good approach you know I'm very thankful that he did that it showed the very nice charity side I've been hammering on the device of the ENFP depravity for quite a long time so I wanted to actually look at a more charitable approach the here's the situation given that at this real estate firm sales are down in fact sales are down from last year in a big way and quite frankly it's not looking good this year so in FPS when they're in those situations and they're like wow you know I'm starting to get backed in a corner here we really need to make more money because this firm is going to end up being shut down and they become worried about their own future right they become worried about their own future because they have ni nemesis ni nemesis worries about their own future and then they realize they have to be watching out for everyone else's future at their firm which does not give them an opportunity you know it it offsets their focus is my point and based on that they need to know what to do now so they start making decisions they start doing research and remember if they can get sold on something they start believing it and they believe it as gospel truth until proven otherwise because there's so strong with their te child beliefs so this particular ENFP went to some leadership training seminar the guy there said you know do this do that if anyone disagrees with you they're not your friend or they're your enemy or you know all that you know kind of cultish point of view and they eat this particular real estate ENFP he ate it up he completely ate it up much to the chagrin of his employees and whatnot and some of his employees were concerned about the direction that he was going because he came at them and he's like oh hey how about you do a you know how about you increase your productivity and this isn't a productivity increase without increasing their pay right and then it's like whoa whoa hold on that's that's a bit of depravity there man you're getting pretty selfish there you're not gonna pay us more but you expect us to do more with less right well that that happens often with enfps in the workplace when they're when they're back against the wall and the E&F he's like well Fe Critic I deserve that because I paid out of my own pocket 80 grand last month to keep this place afloat instead of laying people off so I deserve you working more right well after after going through you know all of the things that would need to be done to increase productivity it was discovered that the strategy with which they were using to stay productive with and to be able to bring in more sales was not actually working and so the specific employee who the specific employee who worked there at they're an SF P for example who worked for this ENFP who was responsible for helping them increase sales for this real estate firm had to make a decision he had to put it all on the line it's like okay do I go to my ENFP boss and just tell them that there's just no way that this is gonna work or I do what he says because he could potentially fire me like what do I do right and I know the best way to move forward I know how to approach things I know how to go to him and be like hey here's the direction we actually need to go don't listen to that guy and that seminar listen to me here because here's what we really do and this will actually bring you in sales it will create brand equity for your brand and for your real estate firm and people will be really interested in well when the ENFP is listening to this other guy and he's like already drinking the cultish kool-aid you know when this other guy says if you don't listen to me and people tell you not to listen to me they're wrong automatically I just tuned them out doesn't doesn't exactly help like that's a literal first line from this guy right so what do you do in that situation well I mean the employee himself he already realizes that his job is already done anyway because if he can't increase sales anyway the company's done for as is so he kind of has nothing to lose so at this point it's either he walks out on the ENFP who it who was charitable to own the previous month and and paid out of his own pocket or he actually attempts to a social engineer the ENFP into going into a completely different direction for the sake of the firm and so begins the social engineering scenario so based on that we find ourselves in this situation an SFP emulating infj for the purpose of changing the mind of an ENFP in an attempt to save his own company from himself because the ENFP is focused on ramping up productivity quantity thinking that's going to bring in more sales while sacrificing quality remember you can only do things cheap fast or right and the ENFP is willing to do it cheap and fast and it doesn't have to be right the problem is with that loss and quality sales are not going to be coming in with that much more effort which will eventually lead all the employees of the firm to lose respect in the ENFP because they're being worked really really hard and the ENFP is getting matter and matter it matter that more sales aren't coming in because they're completely ignoring the quality instead of the quantity and that for some reason like quantity is more important well that's how that's how the enfps work we have is DJ subconscious which is basically the bean counter type they're like little mini bean counters you know so the strategy was is to convince the ENFP to use a different sales strategy entirely one that is proven and one that will work the problem is is that the ENFP can't see the forest for the trees actually can't see the trees for the forest because it's te child and thinks that oh well this big guy who is a billionaire I'm gonna listen to what he says what do you have you're not a billionaire why do I need to listen to you it's that typical te child syndrome of listening to people of bigger brands and big names instead of actually looking at the truth right they would rather look at the reference point that hey this guy is a billionaire I should listen to him not the guy you know down the street right who actually might know what he's talking about that's an issue so what do you do in that situation what is this SFP to do what is the SFP to do well emulate infj so he walks into the enfps office and so begins the social engineering attack okay so SFP goes in and he sees that SI inferior who's already pretty uncomfortable and it's just like hey how you doing you know hey I brought you this right and he brought in some doughnuts got some doughnuts right in the office in the morning brought you some doughnuts because I know you like these kinds of doughnuts he got in these maple bars with bacon on them you know what I'm saying yes I'm literally talking about maple bars with bacon on my YouTube channel right now that's just what I do apparently maple bars so an ENFP is like already pretty happy about that Wow man thank you this is really great he already started stuffing one down his face and whatnot you know it's the ice has been broken Ian's FPS just a little bit comfortable and that that's showing is any hero that he's wanted right and so this SFP is like hey I wanted to run something by you it's really important I think it's gonna be really good and give us a solid foundation for the coming year or 2019 and this ENFP is like okay yeah that sounds good yeah you know I definitely want to hear what you think right because yeah and the the SFP is like well well here's the issue you know let's look at some of our numbers sales are down last year in fact we're just go look at lat last last quarter we do utilize this strategy for sales here this strategy for sales here in these areas okay yeah the problem is is that we're not seeing much what's return on our investment in these areas so I'm suggesting we go into it we do a pivot then ENFP is like what we can't do a pivot because we're just going to increase the quantity of our productivity well that's not gonna work the NFB is like well why 9 well the reason why the reason why is because well obviously it's a wrong strategy the strategy is you know we're going to just emphasize quantity and throw all quality out the door like it doesn't mean anything at that point I mean have you ever seen like those ads where people are just like so stuffy or it just doesn't make any sense it doesn't actually convey trust they're not trying to add value right this SFB she's trying to convince the ENFP a I'm just trying to add value we need to add value to our audience we need to add value to our potential customers to cause them to fall in love with the locale that their homes are in and not just teach them how to flip and sell and buy homes because that's not necessarily relevant to them when they're trying to get a new place to live they need to know or would want to know right that they're not going to get shanked down the street and their children can play outside safely in these neighborhoods and that is the kind of information that this ENFP and this firm should be communicating to customers but the CNF be again can't see the trees for the forest because he's so focused on the money instead of the people he's focused on the depravity and not the charity that's the problem so emulating infj hey I've just made you really comfortable you know and this is what I want to tell you this is what I want to share with you you know and check out these numbers see a te child is all about numbers if you can prove to te child that the numbers are in their favor and show hey this is what other people charge for this service they get better results with us and if you are going to multiply that by 10 for example and an increase in productivity it's going to cost you ten times more you can't do that right well that SFP is going to walk out right so expert intuition it's all about needing to be wanted right needing to be desired right and if this SFP is not able to show that wealth and he's gonna stay uncomfortable so the SFP is like hey you know I have the opportunity to walk out on you right now because I feel I could be disrespected but you know what I don't want to you've done so much for me you've been loyal to me mr. ENFP and I really appreciate that and I would like to show gratitude gratitude is everything to an ENFP it's what Fe critic desires the most because enfps they they sit around they think that they're like the most valuable person in the world they literally think that they are super valuable and that they do believe that they are better than other people because of FI parent because they're good earth than other people and because of that I have such a nice personality and you know y'all should love me and give me special treatment because I'm a special snowflake that's a very valuable person right now right they all have that pre-madonna point of view especially the immature ones it goes away with age does it become more and more charitable and realize you know as they say in church the law of the harvest give and it shall be given to you I don't know how many times I've been manipulated by ENFP preachers telling you that and trying to get my money you know what I'm saying anyway so this sfe emulating infj comes up to the ENFP he's made him comfortable he stated what he wants and he wants to continue making carnival wants to continue to give him a good experience be like mr. ENFP i want to give you the absolute best sales experience for your firm ever and this is how we're going to do it this is what other people are doing already that with their successful firms look at this guy he's made X amount of money last year with his firm this whole firm brought in this many sales from last year and they're using this method here's a nether here is another firm who's did using the same method focusing on causing the ahta our audience our potential customers to fall in love both the locales and adding value to them before actually going for the sale before even talking about buying and selling homes we do this right and it has generated even more brand equity and look at how many followers they have an Instagram look at how many how much engagement they have on Twitter look at how the livestream on Facebook they have all these different approaches that we're not even doing and we're doing traditional sales techniques there aren't really leading to conversions we need to pivot we need to change our game this is what other people are doing so as SFP provides reference points provides all these facts these TI facts emulating TI child in a list to this ENFP to consider and provides references guys you want to convince an ENFP to make a decision you provide them reference material that backs up your point of view and what you're saying after providing them that reference material they have no choice but to disagree what are they gonna do go verify it ha and ENFP is not going to go verify it the NFB is gonna be too lazy to call up those numbers right this SFP could have even provided fake references seriously fake references in order to cause this ENFP to make this decision it happens all the time to enfps people providing fake references all this is TE child you provide a list of references real or not doesn't matter and they're like wow wow look at what all these other people are doing and look at these numbers that these people are bringing in Wow Wow that sounds like something I want to do that sounds like an experience I want to have si inferior why aren't we already doing this we want to do this right any hero and I feel really good about this fi parent right the AFP starts dreaming right dreaming of all the possibilities of success and this SFP who's emulating INF GA that's what they're doing to the CNF be getting them to dream about success right cuz enfps they're dreamers just like infps are like the dreamer type of enfps dream – right it's not about facts it's about beliefs they see what their status will look like in the future what it will look like down the road and that's everything to them that status is everything to them so based on that the conversation moves forward you know here's my reference points I want to give you the best possible experience and if we change our sales strategy to mimic and emulate what these people are already doing and already having success in their territories we will have success in our territory and this is what I want to do I want to make this happen here is my plan here's the references real or not and why can't you make that decision mr. ENFP right and then the ENFP is like okay yeah yeah I think it's worth a shot you know what you really know what you're talking about you've got all these reference points I can see your passion for this plan because you're passionate any hero I'm passionate ni nemesis see and that cognitive orbit is handled because the ni nemesis is a little even though it's an optimistic function it's still in a pessimistic side of the mind and then I nemesis is worrying about his own future if he's like you know what I want to take a chance I want to take a chance on this new sales strategy for my company so that we can move forward with it because I see your passion I see your passion and I see your reference points any hero optimism I see your passion T child optimism I see your reference points and all of your data and all of your facts etc yes I feel really good about this I feel really great about your facts because tini child sees all those facts if my parent is like oh yeah Wow if I parent is like I feel really good about this because you're providing all the facts that my child needs to see all these reference points all these references all this data all this input Wow and you thought about it you processed it you removed that you separated the truth for the lies for me thank you so much you verified for me awesome I trust you I feel really good about this and you know what I see your passion and your passion makes me comfortable makes me feel safe makes me feel secure you've been working for me for a long time and I know you're committed to giving me a good experience mr. SFP but I see your passion for this idea I love this idea this sounds great let's do it and then the SFP gets approval and it's moved and then moves forward with putting out this new sales strategy across the entire team implements it and guess what sales do go up with a potential recession looming on the horizon but they make sales go up within this real estate firm and it no longer becomes a firm focused on quantity but of in terms of their sales strategy and their marketing it's all about quality and adding value to the customer that's how you get an ENFP you have to get their critic to be focused on doing the wise thing and the wise thing is to add value to your customers for free no frills no gimmicks right just like you know the United warehouse furniture store when I was in the 90s got all of those commercials right adding value it's not a gimmick it's just hey I'm being charitable to you by adding value Tai Lopez an ENFP does this all the time gary vaynerchuck an ENFP does this all the time consistently they're always adding value to their customers before those customers are actually even customers because any person is a potential customer and they understand that and SS FP was just trying to get the FE critic to realize I need to be adding value to my customers and giving them quality over quantity I don't need to communicate with my customers ten more times a day I just need to be focused on giving the best possible communication one or two communications to my customers that adds value that helps them feel and solve problems that helps them realize that their children are going to be safe in that neighborhood and that all their needs are gonna be met if they live in that neighborhood in order to close the sale about the house or assist them in buying and selling or doing investments etc that was the goal so there's SFP was successful here's another scenario another scenario in my life I graduated I graduated from college in 2008 one hundred and twenty thousand dollars in debt and we couldn't afford where we lived in Federal Way Washington my my now ex-wife and I and we moved to Bellingham Washington had a job prospect up there and worked at a I ended up working for a dock at the port and getting paid the most money I've ever been paid in my life doing IT for a company who specialized in baby furniture and then well there's an ENFP boss there and he made a huge screw-up on her schedule that cost us a lot of overtime and then he took our timesheets and edited our timesheets for us he filled out our timesheets for us and he screwed us out of 8 hours of overtime and I called out my ENFP boss at the time in front of all of my co-workers I called him out and I'm like are you kidding me and then you know what he did he fired me because I broke the first law of power never outshine the master and I also went after his reputation so much depends on reputation guard it with your life and I was fired I had nothing I never kanata grocery outlet for minimum wage barely getting enough hours to scrape by I was on the edge of homelessness and then some random co-worker told me about this guy who came from LA and then he was living in Seattle and whatnot he had his own deck waterproofing company construction company looking for someone that new computers someone who knew IT and gave me an address and said you know just just talk to him he'll probably give you a shot little did I know that this guy was also an ENFP this guy was my ENFP mentor my first mentor my very first mentor professional mentor manhood mentor was an ENFP and I owe this guy a lot so I went in and I'm figure like you know I need to go for broke with this guy I got my suit on I literally got a suit got my tie on everything I created a PowerPoint presentation why you need to hire me basically and then got my laptop and I went right over to the local as actually a thing as a Fred Meyer local Fred Meyer and I got fresh-baked apple fritters and various other assortment of doughnuts and then I just drove right over to that address this is just this is on my first day off I did this nothing was scheduled absolutely nothing was scheduled there was no no anything I was unexpected anything and I just drove right over to his office and I went to the office building went upstairs to where his office was open the door someone and the the person the Front's like hey are you here to see I'm here to see Jeff the the ENFP guy you know right and oh yeah yeah he'll be in about 15 minutes are you okay cool I'll just sit in his office and I sat in his office you know apparently like they thought I had a meeting with him or something when I really really didn't got a love social engineering right and then he comes in he comes in to the end of the room and I stand up like hey my name is chase I really want to work for you I heard really great things about you and like instantly he's like whoa hello wow this kids passion wow he really wants me any hero is very happy okay Wow and he brought me doughnuts too I feel good about doughnuts I like doughnuts as I saw inferior you see a recurring donut theme and you know what he starts eating donuts at his desk and I plopped on my laptop in front of him I got my reference points ready with my little PowerPoint presentation on why he should hire me and consider me for his IT manager I walked him through the whole thing he asked me a bunch of questions like how did you know I need an IT manager well someone that goes to church with you give me your number in this location and he's like really like yeah and Here I am he's like wow that's fantastic and he brought me Donuts you already had all your reference points figured out you may be super comfortable you made me feel one as company and what we're trying to do and and yes I absolutely someone who understands IT and and I showed him because remember when you're emulating infj you have to show you have to show what you're worth you have to show that you know and I showed him a lot of the different things that I've done on computers from an IT standpoint and he immediately hired me he hired me there and I started the following week and I was able to quit my minimum-wage job and I started making many more dollars an hour right off the bat very very thankful very grateful for this man who did this it turns out he was also the owner of the Bellingham Bulldogs a semi-pro football team which ended up winning the championship and I assisted him with this football team whenever I could have and as well as anything else that he had going on as well as church and whatnot and because of his influence I was able to gain a lot more status for myself I was also able to bring him additional status help to you know develop his IT infrastructure for his company helped them increase sales created through his tutelage I used technology to create a sales lead generation system for him and it worked out absolutely fantastically but he took a risk on me and I social engineered him I came in clean-cut and proper looking good to make a really good first impression because introverted sensing inferior is all about wanting to be made comfortable with a good impression and I gave him a very good first impression so much so that he appreciated that I made him feel good but I feel good with hiring me by providing reference points and data and information that shows specifically yes I am hireable for the position that you want to hire me for IT manager I could do IT management this is what I do here's what I've done in the past it was like my little visual resume etc I nailed and I'm a te child very happy because I went so far as to create a presentation out of it and I presented it to him at his desk impromptu everything and it worked out and the fact that I was willing to put on a suit and tie and to bring him Donuts and come to him with no guarantee an absolute shot in the dark and it was shooting from the hip and it was absolutely very risky nothing official made him feel wanted made him feel desired made him feel that I was passionate for him and then as a result he became loyal to me right then and there and then he decided to take a risk as a result of being loyal to me and hire me right then and there and you know it's great I had tea i parent is te child he'd constantly be coming to me for advice he's like wow you're a really smart guy he asked me for advice all the time and I would assist him and then we helped build that company up yeah eventually the company went down but that was circumstances outside of anything I had to deal with and everything to deal with the fact that the other partner in the company was hiring people that they shouldn't hire and then stealing customers and embezzling money from the company and it just went all downhill from there and then eventually we all lost our jobs and I ended up homeless for two years after the fact but up until that point it was you know it was an absolute fantastic position and having IT manager on my resume was super helpful for me to land my next job which is working for a value-added reseller in Seattle super-important all because I social engineered an ENFP into hiring me and that's how I did it I showed my passion for him and his company I showed my desire to make us any hero happy thus because I made us any hero happy his si inferior was instantly comfortable with me I was giving a good experience I also made his assign fear you're happy with my presentation the fact that I was well-dressed and well-kept and I provided donuts and I made his te child happy by providing all the reference points necessary within my presentation and then as a result of that his fi parent felt really good and he felt safe and secure in hiring me the power of social engineering that basically allowed me to undo the wrong that I did by the previous ENFP and then I was writing all the wrongs and I was hired again and I got an IT management position out of it when I wouldn't have previously that's the kind that's the kind of power that can come as a result of social engineering and social engineering and ENFP absolutely important so that's the method you follow emulate infj give focus on giving them a good experience share your wisdom and reference points with them make them feel good make them feel like it's the right thing to do to hire you because you know they're affiliative that it's the right thing it's beneficial to them get them to see to want the vision so that they they see your passion they see that you have a plan that they don't have to verify anything on their own they don't have time to verify they're just focused on the process and then he moved quick he hired me on the spot that's the power of social engineering and that's what I recommend you do if you're going to attempt the social engineering ENFP you can take these techniques and apply them anywhere not just in career or professions but in relationships and parenting and education even in medical it doesn't matter but this is how you do it and I got lucky I went from one depraved NFP to a very charitable ENFP one that I am forever grateful to to this day and I'm very thankful and I do not take for granted the risk that he took on me so anyway we found this lecture useful helpful educational please subscribe to the channel here on YouTube and also on the podcast leave a like and a comment below while you're at it if you liked the support our Channel please support us on the podcast the link is on the podcast or below if you want to support us on our patreon and gain additional patron perks as a result of being a patron of this channel and to help us change the world with the technologies we're planning on releasing to everyone as a result of our patreon please subscribe to us on patreon the link is also below in the description if you want to get on our discord for the Q&A sessions if you want to get in to our meetup group those links are also below in the description so yeah guys I know that I often rail on enfps because they can be super mega selfish and super depraved all the time but you know what at the end of the day with their super powerful social networks and their huge rolodexes they're very powerful people to be around and it is awesome to have an ENFP in your corner because they will optimize everything for you they will work hard to give you a better future they'll be diehard loyal to you they will make sure that that your reputation is intact remember so much depends on reputation guard it with your life and enfps are masters of reputation and having one in your corner they can increase your reputation to open up new opportunities for you every single day they are super super valuable people provided that they are not being corrupted by their own sense of depravity and instead remain charitable and all you have to do is hold them accountable to that and make sure that you are giving them a good experience show them that they're wanted show that them that you actually care about them consistently and then make them and then provide all that reference points and research and intelligence that they need for proper decision-making so that as long as the numbers make sense to them they're ready to go because they're super super rash because they lead with their beliefs their beliefs are everything so anyway that's enough for right now so I'll see you guys later tonight have a good night

  1. Just want to ask a question relating to your content before @18:26 (where I paused to type this haha) : do you think ENFPs are self-serving then… if we do things for others but intrinsically do it ultimately for ourselves? Fellow ENFP myself, at least I've tested the same 4 times, I'm interested… but still testing it out for now.
    Great thought-provoking video

  2. Yo this video is fucking me up. What's happening. This is major insight on my personality. …….wtf….nothing matters then? What's happening

  3. This… this won't work on all of us. Especially if we are aware of our weaknesses and what makes us impulsive. Don't assume we're all like this. You will be in a world of trouble if come across "the wrong one".

    I despise MLM schemes because I was once manipulated by them. If an ENFP learns from their mistakes these tactics won't work well. It'll be like hitting Hulk with a plastic bottle and Hulk crushing you just for the fact you thought a plastic bottle would cause any physical pain to them. Even though you weren't a threat.

    Be careful about what you assume about ENFPs. There are some you can do this on (the majority) and there are few you can't. Don't get cocky, stay alert, and analyze them to see if they can be socially engineered (you'll know when you get anxiety from trying it on them). There have been many times I have played dumb and appeared as the victim, but that wasn't the case.

    You can bring me donuts. I will be truly happy about the donuts and I will praise you for the kind gesture. But I am already thinking "If there was a way to bring my guard down it would be that way. Wonder what he/she is up to?". You won't be a red flag, but you'll be a yellow flag for caution until I can see what is going on beyond the surface.

  4. BTdubs I do think it's hard to social engineer ENFPs enough to really change us too much because we are most influenced by people with good character. The more the person shows us that they have strong values and value us, the the more we trust them. The more the person shows us they do not, the less we trust them. And it IS a very genuine process. Always looking for consistency in words and behavior. I think the problem becomes that sometimes we don't speak up when something hurts us. At least that was the problem for me. I am sensitive to other peoples' needs and assume others' are just as sensitive. That fear that someone is purposelly hurting us starts to become reality the more someone does something that to us is "obvious" they shouldn't do to a friend/partner. e.g., "I would never do that to them and im not reacting well, they must know that..". If we dont address the pain early than that pain starts developing into anger. Anger that someone I cared about didn't care as much as I did. And then we actually start believing this person doesn't care about us and the more we collect data the more sure we become until the anger overflows and we we feel justified to cut it off… It's actually pretty sad when you think about it. I think I stil use the same data collecting process but now I actually address what hurts me with people from the beginning. And if they choose to ignore it, I just start hanging around them less. So I still have huge expectations about my friends/partners but I assume if I ask and they dont give, maybe their IS a reason they can't give that to me/maybe they aren't capable of that. But I want the people I completely trust to be capable of that. I'll just distance myself now without blaming them. I do that more for my own protection and theirs honestly. No one needs a resentful enfp around lol.

  5. When is the infp social engineering video coming? Any idea yet? Thank you for the intelligent, informative, thoughtful videos.

  6. You already reached 15k subs in one year. Congrats !! Really great job reaching this number by informing us about a psychological scientific theory. I think the field of jungian psychology could become a necessary thing for the society in the future. I like the way you can explain this complex field with its important categories to the audience. I have also explored many other sources but I come always back to your channel because of the quality of your videos. I have watched the whole "how to type yourself and others" playlist multiple times and figured out my type but after an period of time I wanted ro reverify so i could finally be sure. I would really appreciate to hear the opinion of an trustfull source. Btw english is not my native language so excuse me for possible problems emerging reading this comment. Keep up the great work it already helped me understanding people in more differentiated perspektives.

  7. Brilliant, just brilliant.

    Points to keep in mind with ENFP:

    Te child reacts to my Ti positively. Yes, once I shared my ontological view of reality and got so excited explaining the new scientific theories I've found to further my understanding there was a definite switch in her perceptions of me. I thought she wouldn't/didn't appreciate such information.

    Very reputation focused. Absolutely see this.

    Oh shit, Se demon makes so much sense in hindsight to how she worked with others. Absolutely all about her own comfort, and not at all concerned with other's comfort. Was so confused about this because I was thinking in terms of her Ne/Fi which portrays as an SJW tendency, but didn't understand the Se demon and how it explains her seeming lack of concern for others in the here-and-now, when it isn't in the Ne realm. This produced the strangest sensations in the Fe field.

    Oh, Te child explains her need to stop and talk with random people. Se demon explains why she doesn't notice/care if she notices that someone else is uncomfortable with this random interaction, and continues on past the point of Fe comfort limit and it is curious watching people's reaction to this use of Te.

    Holy shit it just dawned on me. I have somehow naturally slipped into a more INFJ role when I'm around her. She naturally makes me focus on my Ni more, and I've been establishing Ti guides to develop my willpower more through this. We also speak in the ethical perspective of Fe and commiserate on the perceived failure of others in this realm. My Ti being dominate has a lot of influence over her Te child, which is why she started acting so charitable in our last interaction. (This natural tendency to sometimes embody the mirror version of other people's cognitive functions explains my chameleon tendency! Even more powerful if you start to consciously arrange yourself in relation to people whose functions you can mirror to further individuate the unconscious aspects of the mirrored functions. fuck yeah.)

    Yes, the bipolar ontological nature of reality unfolds and is expressed through individuals through the pattern of their greatest strengths being simultaneously their greatest weakness when orientations are shifted. I believe this is why I felt drawn to perceiving my own and other's actions in relation to the maxim of, "what we resist, persists," for so long.

    Absolutely focused on perceiving the best path for me and interested in helping me achieve that path.

    Optimistic functions are Ne/Te, pessimistic functions are Fi/Si. Create cognitive axes. (Cognitive orbit-when an ego function is linked with a shadow function.) Si inferior insecurity needs to be eased, Fi parent needs to feel good about decisions. Have to appeal to selfish, status seeking aspects of Fi parent, and reinforce. (So for ENTJ…Te/Se, Ni/Fi. Must ease Fi inferior insecurity (express your value for his "good person" traits), and appeal to Ni (asking questions about things he's already processed through the unconscious so as to allow him to feel powerful through Ni), to get him through negative land and firmly situated into optimistic Te/Se land.)

    Ni nemesis worries about the future of self and evinornment.

    (As an owner, paying already earned salary to his employees out of his own pocket isn't charitable, it's baseline contract fulfillment. Though I guess how I could see how the ENFP would view it that way, it's such a weird, fucked way of viewing reality lol….Blah, had to….)

    Fe critic makes sense in their ability to discount and be critical of what others need from the underlying social currents (Fe) to feel comfortable and produce efficiently. Jesus, I'll remember to not follow her anywhere where she'd have direct supervision over me lol.

    Yes, gratitude. Need to continue to develop overt actions of gratitude in every aspect of my inner and outer life as much as I can currently. Totally see the snowflake.

    So basic propaganda techniques work coupled with data points, verifiable or not. Actually, I'm well studied and passionate about a certain subject she automatically discounted, and all I really seemed to have to do was be passionate in my explanations, logically consistent, and impress upon her that I had readily available studies/reputable sources to back up my claims, or I wouldn't even be making the claims and she was already almost thoroughly swayed.

    She does love donuts…

    She's awesome and I enjoy learning how to operate in the outer world better through her influence. I'm grateful she's my friend.

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